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5 Style Trends From the 1990s That Give Fashion Nostalgia

We are always looking out for style inspiration as a fashion enthusiast and one thing which we often don’t think about is the ideas from the past. There are subtle aspects of styling in the past which are more or less evergreen and this has been a motivating factor for various style trends of late. The style trends are usually grouped together in decades for convenience and one of the most nostalgiac ones for those more than 25 years of age, are the trends seen in the 1990s.

The most striking feature of the 1990s fashion is it’s rebellious and minimalistic tone with a relaxed mood. The designs and styles of that period have been a major contributor to street fashion as we see it today. The world was on the verge of digitization and yet not affected by information technology and the internet. The basic theme of comfort and an easygoing approach towards style are the hallmarks of 1990s fashion which have apparently sustained all these years to be re-innovated for introducing a number of other trends. You can find them quite easily on the online stores and order the best fashion products using the Lazada voucher for a great value-for-money shopping experience.

Snapback Hats

SnapbackThis style is generally associated with hip-hop and rap music culture which really pulled it off with a rocking presence and made it cool approachable trend with ease. Even though one might argue that the conception of this style happened much earlier but one can’t deny the fact that it turned into a phenomenal mainstream trend in the market only in 1990s period after becoming the informal trademark of many hip hop artists of that time period.

Single Strap Overall Denim

Strap DownThe is one of the most eye-catchy trends of the 1990s and one could actually associate by the very nature of hanging one of the straps down the shoulder while keeping the other one at its place. This look also featured in many of the Hollywood movies made in the 1990s with some of the most popular actors flaunting the look on screen. This is a very unorthodox style which needs a lot of confidence to pull off but if you can manage, it would surely be the coolest style you have ever tried.


TurtleNeckThe sweaters got a new iteration in the 1990s with the turtle neck style and it was one of the most preppy trends of its time. The look was often flaunted by several music bands in their concerts and shows which surely helped it grow even more. The style had been given two different alterations, one with thick cosy light coloured themes and other was of a dark and fibbed theme. Both had its share of followers who took it as a medium of expressing their personality.


BandanaBandanas were one of the recurring styles which were used by many different style-cultures throughout the decade. It must be acknowledged here that not all the cultures that used the bandana were actually famous in the fashion spheres. One of the most notorious ways of using bandanas was that of gangs who used it as a vigil of affiliation for the gang members. But those gangs are foregone but bandana hasn’t and it tells a lot about its popularity.

Cargo Pants


The cargo pants were considered to be one of the coolest styles that trended in the 1990s and its success was mostly due to two main reasons, first because of the use in the action and adventure movies of those times and second because of the practical leverage offered by the multiple pockets. Today, we see a more trimmed and slim fitting cargo pants which are more fit than those baggy oversized Cargos of the 1990s.

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Trend Alert! Style In Your Turtleneck Like Never Before

You know as when winters start to take its baby steps the chilly breeze and your shiver body needs someone to hug you, to gigil you so tight. The warmth and coziness that hug imbibes you in, is so soothing and comfy! Nooo…! I aint talking about a guy give you that passionate hug! (Though that would work here too) However, I am talking about your warm pullovers. And one of them being the most under-appreciated one; turtlenecks!

Yeah! I can very well read and understand your facial expressions that you made while reading turtlenecks! But sweeties, calm down, relax and take a deep breathe! Yeah, yeah I know it kinda is sometimes itchy and claustrophobic when you flaunt a turtleneck.

What about I say that it is all worth it! The compliments and appreciation you will receive after you style your turtleneck in different styles and different ways will make it wealth!

And I personally believe that they aren’t that bad a trend, well actually a sartorial splendor! So, how about me giving you some tips and guide on how inversely you could style your single turtleneck and get that swag plus the grandeur?

And yes you can find all the latest turtlenecks on Zalora and Fashion Valet– the one stop destination for all your fashion stuffs! Okay, now that I have blabbered too much let’s go!

bloggif_5832dc9a9bd76Wanna look dope? The best way to flaunt the feministic bravura is too pair your turtleneck with a pencil skirt I bet, this is the best way to show off your curves and the erotic side!

tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-3If you are not a pencil skirt fan (like me!) then miniskirts are for you! no sweetheart I know you gonna freeze your legs wearing a miniskirt but pull on your stockings or jeggings with it and portray the sexier you!

bloggif_5832dbfa23956Ahaa! Too much of girly stuff? Don’t worry bro, I got something for you too! I have been innumerable time saying that denims are one thing that gels up with every damn top wear! So, if you wanna get that casual chic look, then style your turtlenecks with denims!

tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-20What about the pairing up flared skirts with tight turtlenecks? Sounds weird? However it is not! Accessorize it with a sling and heels and then the decision is all yours!

bloggif_5832db8a53951Now that you might be aware that turtlenecks have made a comeback after the 70’s. Hello, Marilyn Monroe! Ah that gorgeous and sensuous lady, how effortlessly she paired up the turtlenecks with high waist pants. Flawless is the word!

I hope there could have been no better way to conclude this piece! But then don’t forget to shop from CollectOffers to avail discount coupon codes and voucher codes. Shoutout to all chic out there get your turtlenecks and make them your season favorite! Have an up-to-the-minute winter!

Until next time,
Loads of love XoXo!