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Home Away From Home Starting from only RM63 in Singapore at TravelMob Malaysia

No matter how many times you have visited your favorite destination and have stayed in the same hotel every time. Visitor in you will always remain a visitor and never would get the chance of amalgamating in a destination that is close to your heart and that gives you an experience of another world.

CollectOffers does the exactly opposite and gives you an opportunity to submerge yourself in the culture of your favorite destination; Singapore, and through TravelMob discount code, provides you an experience of living like a local in one of the most sophisticated and exquisite holiday destinations in the world.

Not even in your wildest dream you can hire a hotel in RM63 in Singapore. TravelMob, the HomeAway part, not only fulfills your dream, but also ensures the economical fulfillment. Living like a local in Singapore is an incredible opportunity every traveler desires. Only those know nothing beyond personal comfort zone can miss this fascinating opportunity.

Singapore is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for its unique combination of the sun and the sea. Almost equally unique, Travelmob is in many ways an innovative online hotel booking platform that enables you to have a holiday home away from real home in many parts of the world including Singapore. Here, TravelMob offers hotels from RM63 only.

The entire purpose of staying with TravelMob is to engross and live the local culture of Singapore, knowing and understanding the local traditions, festivals and celebrations to enjoy every moment of the holiday in style. TravelMob makes a large selection of properties including luxurious villas and sophisticated apartments available for you to rent for a short time.

Each TravelMob property in Singapore is located in the most naturally artistic places. Your holiday home will not only offer the world-class amenities but also will bring fascinating local activities to strengthen your bond with the nature, while getting entertained. Collect the most authentic TravelMob coupon code from collectoffers.com and live every impressive moment.

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Paint Your Festivals with the Hues of Luxury with 33% OFF Holiday Packages at AirAsiaGo

Hari Raya Haji and Chung Yeung Festivals just have gone and now Singaporeans are preparing for the big Indian festival; Deepavali. In short, festival enthusiasm in Singapore is on all time high ever since Singapore celebrated the Golden Jubilee of independence this year. The shortest meaning of the festival is holidays. Have you planned yours? Not Yet?

Not to worry, with AirAsiaGo discount code, CollectOffers is here to set your mood for the festival season. Knowing well the significance of festivals in the life of an average Southeast Asian, AirAsiaGo offers 33% OFF holiday packages, which includes flight, hotel and more. AirAsiaGo offering about 325000 properties across the globe sets the perfect launching pad for a weeklong holiday this festival season.

Busting enthusiasm about festivals on the city streets is fine, but not everyone is up for it. For those looking to celebrate the festival in exception style taking family to some lavish destination, online hotel booking and flight booking at AirAsiaGo is the fabulous beginning of the fascinating times.

AirAsiaGo is known to design holiday packages that generate a perfect value for money. Besides 33% discount on overall package comes as a doctor’s order. AirAsiaGo ensures you have a marvelous time together, away from the urban vociferation in one of the most exotic destinations of the world where time stands still to welcome you to the luxury.

When you book your travel package at AirAsiaGo, there are no mix bags; it is an out and out fascinating affair with the fun, entertainment, luxury and comfort. Nope, it is not as if only pushing you into one particular direction with a package, AirAsiaGo has won many accolades only for offering the best of facilities and amenities at your favorite hotel to have maximum fun and enjoyment.

So here, CollectOffers gives you a perfect opportunity to paint your festival with rich and lively hues in luxury and comfort with AirAsiaGo coupon code. The waste would be in wasting this offer of 33% discount. Book your package now and gift your family a much deserving holidays. Do not forget to sign up at collectoffers.com, while having a memorable holiday experience, because most fascinating and exclusive offers are waiting for you.

Celebrate Festival in Your Own Style with 50% OFF Hotels at Hotels.com Singapore

The sooner the autumn begins; begins the season of festivals, no matter which part of the world you are in. Especially in Southeast Asia, festivities are celebrated with roaring enthusiasm and vociferous vehemence. Often cities are thrown out of gear and the streets are filled with the hustle and bustle. For all those wanting to celebrate the festivals in a distinct and unique style, CollectOffers brings fascinating opportunity.

Introducing up to 50% discount on hotels worldwide through Hotels.com discount code, CollectOffers provides you a privileged environment to celebrate the festivity in a style in your own comfort zone. In Singapore, you will be embraced by the Deepawali festival and in Hong Kong; you will be celebrating hung Yeung festival.

Online hotel booking at Hotels.com is the first and ideal way to build your base in your favorite destination that help you not only explore the local culture and festivals, but also help yo submerge in the liveliness and exuberance of the local culture. Rest assure, being a privileged guest of Hotels.com; you will be in the lap of the luxury and will be indulging in fun and entertainment.

The hotel rates during festival season are only a matter of imagination. Not only hard, but festivals makes hotel booking next to impossible during this season. Amidst this struggle, 50% discount and assured hotel booking appears to be icing on the cake for a festival lover in you. Hotels.com is an all-season, all-weather partner of yours for booking hotels any time in any corner of the world.

Whatever be your choice according to your needs, the budget hotel or a luxurious one, Hotels.com assures you get them book for a 50% discount and get special discount offers on sightseeing, local events, at local restaurants and for other activities. Besides, away from all the ballyhoo of the festival, you will be relaxing in a luxurious spa and entertained with many in-house activities.

CollectOffers, with Hotels.com coupon code, ensures you let the Charivari go, and enjoy your festival time in style engrossed in a luxury. Book your hotel now with up to 50% now before your family start blaming you for the missed opportunity. While having fun, do not forget to sign up at collectoffers.com for more fascinating and exclusive discount offers on hotels, holiday packages and last minute deals.

Have an Extra Dose of Happiness with up to 34% OFF Hotel & Flight at Expedia Malaysia

Those have reservation about having holidays in the winter are the unluckiest people who can afford to miss the most fascinating time of nature’s beautiful dancing. Those, who don’t find winter the most fascinating time for a holidays must be worried about the chilling winds and snowy temperature, but we are sure, those haven’t heard about CollectOffers.

Keep your eyes and ears wide open, while CollectOffers brings you a magnificent discount offer of up to 34% discount through Expedia discount code on flight plus hotel booking in any of your favorite destinations in any part of the world. Expedia is known for taking complete care of our holidays including sightseeing, car rental and other fun experience.

Let us be sure, when the world’s biggest and most trustworthy online flight and hotel booking company, Expedia is with you, you don’t worry about anything. Some fascinating time with unmatched fun and enjoyment in one of the plush hotels in Phuket, Bali, Hong Kong or Penang surely gives you much needed relaxation and quality time with the family.

Expedia knows the drill the best way to add value to your money and time both. Such is the quality of service Expedia offers that you become an advocate of Expedia. Expedia understands that your time actually begins with the booking hotel at Expedia and does not end there. Expedia designs the great hotel deals and combines best flight deals to give you an incomparable experience of holidays at the peanuts of payment.

To suit your standards and stature, Expedia offers 34% savings on a luxury hotel as well as flight and takes the burden off your shoulders. This way, Expedia gives you a chance of spending more money on shopping and things that give your family an extra dose of happiness. Besides, you may be relaxing in a sophisticated spa or a massage center. You will be relishing the sumptuous food at themed restaurants and can indulge in outdoor games or water-sports.

CollectOffers, offering Expedia coupon code, is sure about changing your opinion on holidays in winter. We won’t say take care of yourself, but we would say; Expedia will take care of you and your family. Do not forget to sign up at collectoffers.com, while you enjoy the most fascinating this winter, because more such fantastic discount offers are awaiting your arrival.

Propel Your Wanderlust With 60% OFF Hotels at Expedia Singapore

Get Set, Go…For years, this magical phrase has invoked passion, impulse and teleported us from our dreary living rooms to some breathtaking destinations. Those are disheartened with relentless monsoons and think that autumn isn’t a good idea for a holiday will find their perception on the wrong side of the table.

To offer you a snug holiday experience during the autumn, CollectOffers partners with Expedia and offers Expedia discount code with up to 60% discount on hotel accommodation in every corner of the world. Let us tell you the truth that holidays go beyond the summer of the UK. There are a whole lot of Asian destinations where you get lots of sun and a perfect feel of the autumn.

Famous fall foliage season to entice the travelers and holidaymakers alike. All that you need is a special eye to feel the beauty of the nature and Expedia to give you a completely comfortable holiday experience. Expedia comes up with a wide range of hotels specially curated for the autumn holidays that offer outdoor fall fun such as guided hikes, wine tasting and horseback rides and many other fun.

When you book hotels online with Expedia, you don’t face the price issues of the off season. Expedia, for you, reduces the hotel rates by up to 60% and gives you an opportunity to feel the real essence of life in the lap of the nature in one of your favorite, exotic destinations. Expedia gives you an opportunity to build a memory castle that evokes the senses of awakening and the feelings you foster for the rest of your life.

Cozy, centrally heated rooms, heated swimming pool, revitalizing massage therapies, exotic steam bath, fascinating beauty treatment in resplendent spas do not come naturally in life. Expedia, with 60% discount, ensure you enjoy the every bit of luxury you deserve in your hotel itself – and at a great price.

Propel your wanderlust, get ready for the mesmerizing autumn holidays and save up to 60% on your accommodation with Expedia coupon code available at collectoffers.com. While you enjoy the extreme autumn fun of the nature, do not forget to sign up at collectoffers.com for exciting discount offers on flights, hotels, car rentals, holiday packages and travel insurance.

Get Lost in Autumn Beauty: Expedia Makes Holidays Cheaper by up to 30%

Sweltering heat will soon become a matter of the part; at least for the year, as we are soon to enter into the most cheerful season; the autumn. Holidaying in summer is quite understandable. Since everyone is going, let me go as well is often the scenario. Nevertheless, if you really want to enjoy the holidays in a vibrant environment, in the lap of the nature, you need two things.

One is the season of the autumn and another is Collect Offer offered Expedia discount code to make your holidays at least 30% cheaper. You heard it right; Expedia has designed unimaginable holiday packages for holiday lovers in the season of autumn. Whichever part of the world you want to connect with the nature and self and lively yet tranquil environment, Expedia gives you wings and the perfect nest to add new features to your memories.

Online hotel booking on Expedia helps you reduce the financial burden on holidays by up to 30%. Satisfied? Don’t be, because you will receive a wide range of privileges with your booking at Expedia. Imagine the exotic exuberance of Las Vegas encapsulated in four nights with a flight in just S$1984. Too far? Never mind.

Let us go to Taipei for 3 nights with a flight ticket in just S$633. Nope, we are not asking you to imagine for the sake of it, but this is real at Expedia. Expedia takes you to your favorite destination and offers accommodation more sophisticated that you desire with 30% discount. Expedia knows that the summer crowds will have long dispersed by September end, sipping a cup of a coffee under the falling leaves in a garden restaurant of the five star hotels is an experience none would miss with savings worth 30%.

Nope, not only nature will be close to you, but also range of attractions around your hotel will absorb you well. If that is not enough, you will be engrossed in the world-class hospitality with the facilities and amenities of truly global standards. Scrumptious food and night show at the hotel will complete your day filled with activities and entertainment.

Take a steam bath, relax in a massage center, or get the most sophisticated beauty treatment in a spa. Expedia ensures that you do not miss even a smallest of the beauties that are shaped to give you a most enchanting and mesmerizing experience of autumn holidays. Click on the Expedia coupon code available at collectoffers.com, save 30% and fly to grab the most memorable moments.

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Live by the Nature’s Luxury with up to 77% Off Resorts at Hotels.Com Singapore

Whether have plans or not, Singaporeans, who spends 67% of their online spending on travel, are known to check the online hotel booking websites regularly in search of hotel deals. Nevertheless, guys, aren’t you tired of looking at the options with a limited fun? Change your preference to full-fledge fun and entertainment to help CollectOffers to offer you up to 77% discount on resorts through Hotels.com discount code.

Autumn is not a season in which holiday should be spent in a concrete of the four walls, no matter how sophisticated it is. Autumn is the most active season and holidays in autumn must be enjoyed in the lap of the nature with all the sophistication around. Compared to hotel, a five star resort at the front of the sea in the most exotic destination fills your heart with more joy and helps fill the memory book far quickly.

Knowing the growing trend for resorts this autumn, Hotels.com makes online resort booking far more affordable offering 77% discount. The beauty of the beaches reaches to its fairy-tale heights during the fall and the falling leaves creates a perfect backdrop for romantic strolls. Watching the sun taking the deep dive into the sea in the evening from a balcony of your resort suite is a picture perfect beauty, which will quench your memories forever.

Nature is not the only thing that Hotels.com offers when you book a resort online. Delectable dishes of international flavors come first to the mind when you think of the resorts and Hotels.com does not disappoint you in offering the most sumptuous food. Besides enjoying five star services and amenities with 77% discount, you will be indulging into the extreme sophistication of beauty treatments in posh spa or a massage center.

What else you want when, Hotels.com do not restrict your options, but brings a world of resorts to your palm? Krabi or Langkawi in the Southeast Asia, Hawaii or Maui Island in America or Cairns, Guam or Saipan in the Pacific, Hotels.com offers resorts with up to 77% discount in every corner of the world.

So what are you waiting for? Next summer vacation? This is the time for you and this is the offer  – Hotels.com coupon code – for you to grab it with both the hands available at collectoffers.com and live a life king size. Fascinating discount offers on hotels, flights, holiday tours, car rentals, travel accessories and travel insurance are waiting for you. Grab them all by signing up at collectoffers.com now.

So Much for So Little: Holiday Drought Ends with Expedia Offering 31% OFF Hotel plus Flight

Are you a true blue Singaporean? You must be thinking what is there to ask about, isn’t it? But, if you are filled with the true Singaporean spirit, you must be knowing that the Hari Raya Haji holiday falls on Thursday, which opens the gateway for a short break with a day’s leave on Friday.

CollectOffers brings an outstanding opportunity for you to plan your next short break without really breaking the bank. Expedia discount code will serve your purpose beyond imagination as it offers up to 31% discount on hotel plus flight booking specifically for the last long weekend of September. Book your hotel and flight through Expedia to save handsome amount and make every moment worthy.

Expedia knows the Singaporean love for the traveling; therefore, to ensure an affordable break for every Singaporean, Expedia slashes hotel rates and flight fares by up to 31%. Moreover, Expedia gives you wings for your favorite destination, whichever that may be. Malaysia or the Maldives, India or Indonesia, Thailand or China or Australia and New Zealand, Expedia has flight and hotel ready for you and keeps 31% discount ready for you.

You don’t ask why Expedia when it comes to online hotel booking and for the flight. For not only deep discounts, but also incomparable service post booking, Expedia is the most trusted online travel agency. When you book your hotel and flight together at Expedia, your complete itinerary will be taken care of by Expedia.

You will enjoy the most luxurious accommodation in the most exotic location at a very affordable price. Being Expedia customer, you will be entitled to a number of privileges at the airport as well as at the hotel, for which other guests may have to spend some extra money. Besides, Expedia partners ensure you get extra discount for sightseeing, on food and wine as well as on local attractions.

Before November, you are not going to get any big weekend. The last weekend of September is your chance to give your family ample time and to take some of work related stress off. Grab your Expedia coupon code from collectoffers.com now and enjoy the luxurious weekend in style.

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Break Free From All Worries with up to 73% OFF Hotels At Hotels.Com Singapore

Tumbling equity markets, dipping digits of GDP and financial crisis in one or the other corner of the world have taken the shine off the sanguine environs around. But to the surprise of all, Singapore seems to have remained unperturbed and Singaporeans are still in the mood of extending the Golden Jubilee celebration. It is because, CollectOffers brings to every Singaporean an offer of 73% discount on hotels worldwide through Hotels.com discount code.

It sounds a little offbeat but not at all off track to talk about holidays or short breaks. Singaporeans are the perfect representatives of happiness and joy and know how to keep the tempo up. To complement the spirit of true Singapore, Hotels.com decides to slash the hotel rate by almost 3 quarters.

In a widespread travel market, you normally find discount offers either for a specific destination or for a selected hotels, but online hotel booking is altogether a different and unique experience at Hotels.com as hotels.com promises to take you any part of the world with deep discounts.

Whether you wish to spend a weekend at a resort in Bali or Phuket or you want to take a weeklong holiday in Paris or London, Hotels.com not only keeps hotel ready for you with deep discount, but ensures all the luxurious privileges. With over 500000 hotels at its disposal, Hotels.com ensures you build the castle of unforgettable memories.

More importantly, with hotel booked thought Hotels.com makes you eligible for all the facilities and amenities at the hotel at the extremely discounted rates. The best part of online booking of a hotel at Hotels.com is, one need not to worry about the budget. Hotels.com offers hotels to suit everyone’s need and everyone’s stature.

Though Hotels.com coupon code, CollectOffers ensures you have the best of cheap luxury holiday experience and you make the most out of your time off. Let us assure you no other online platform will ever offer you up to 73% discount on hotels. Grab the code and have a holiday of your choice in your favorite destination.

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Fill the Void between Life and You with AirAsiaGo Offer of RM0 Airfare

‘What Next’ was the topic of discussion among us, travel editors at collectoffers.com. Amid the discussion, we saw an offer flashing on our own coupon website, which gave add fuel to the fire of already enlighten discussion. AirAsiaGo Malaysia comes up with an idea that is second to none. Just by booking a hotel at AirAsiaGo, you can fly with airfare starting from RM0? Is it real? Well, yes, check it out using AirAsiaGo discount code.

AirAsiaGo; as we all know is a joint venture between Expedia – one of the biggest online travel company – and AirAsia – the famous budget airliner. Given the support it derives from Expedia and AirAsia, it is able to offer rates for hotels and flights none can compete with in Asia. With over 325000 properties at its disposal, AirAsiaGo offers the cheapest rates for Luxury to budget hotels in any part of the world.

If you go by the recent reports, suggest that online booking of hotels and flights contributed 67% of total in Singapore. Also, about 40% of overall online spending was done over travel in Singapore in previous years. Such figures reflect the success story written by AirAsiaGo, which has contributed immensely in fulfilling the dream of many Singaporeans of enjoying a luxurious stay in exotic locations without really creating a hole in their pockets.

AirAsiaGo offers diverse options to choose from; location wise as well as room type, hotel types, flight and cabin types as well as options for even an airliner. Since, Singaporeans are more inclined towards short breaks on a long weekend, AirAsiaGo gives you an opportunity to fly without paying a penny, with only booking a hotel; that too at a promotional rate.

Instead of giving wings to thoughts, give yourself wings to fly to your favorite destination and give yourself in the hand of nature for a couple of days to explore the real essence of life and enjoy the life as you always wish for. Collect the most authentic AirAsiaGo voucher code from collectoffers.com and fill the void between life and you.

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A Full Belly Equals Happy Heart: Groupon Singapore Offers up to 62% Off Seafood

The universal truth is; the Asia is a heaven of finely-crafted delicacies, and an absolute treat for the taste buds of those value diversity and understand taste more than on their tongue. Collect Offers, to give a due credit to Singaporeans for turning a city-state into a food heaven, joins hands with Groupon to bring you exceptional discount offer worth up to 62% on delectable seafood of Singapore through Groupon discount code.

Groupon facilitates the most desirable and luscious journey to the food heaven to enjoy the best, the freshest and the most delicious seafood in the most gastronomic restaurants and hotels in Singapore. Singapore Seafood Republic, Kim’s Place, Windows on the Park, House of Seafood and many more top-of-the-cream restaurants and hotels are just waiting for your arrival with dishes you may have heard of, but have never tasted.

The Asian cuisine is a result of years of sophisticated training, and offers a perfect party for stomach euphoria. Groupon carefully selects some of the best locations and the best ambiance for you to have delight in a grand variety of flavors from all across Singapore. Groupon ensures that hotel bill does not spoil your delight offering dining deals with up to 62% savings.

Each luxury restaurant and hotel selected by Groupon offers the seamless fusion of the east-meets-west. Whether you wish to try hot and spicy, sweet and sour or something in between, Groupon ensures to provide you the most exciting journey with Alaskan Crabs & Sashimi, Lobster Set, Wagyu Set Meal, or Halal Chinese Cuisine.

A full belly equals happy heart. Groupon; while ensuring paradisiacal treat to your tongue and stomach, makes sure that you eat only healthy and hygienic food and receive world class treatment at the restaurant of your choice. Make the most of this limited time offer by collecting Groupon voucher code available at collectoffers.com to have a sumptuous experience with awesome seafood.

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Spend least; Leverage Luxury with up to 50% Discount on Hotels at Hotels.com

Only for a few it’s a matter of choice, for the rest, it is always a matter of financial convenience. We all are always desperate to bring about the change in the manner in which our individual life revolves. None of us really want to see ourselves holed up in one particular corner of the world. In the pursuit of making it a matter of choice for you as well, Collect Offers joins hands with Hotels.com to bring Hotels.com discount code to offer up to 50% discount on hotels to its members and customers.

A short break or a weeklong vacation is not just inevitable reality, but a desirable fact that must happen to everyone at some point in time in a year. Nothing can be timed well than a mid-year vacation, when entire Europe is buzzing with holiday activities due to summer vacation. Hence, to give you the best time off of the year, Hotels.com offers 50% discount on hotels.

There is no dearth of online hotel booking websites, but Hotels.com is the first among equals. The simple reason behind Hotels.com’s unmatched popularity is the widest range of options. No matter which destination you would want your family to have the best of times; Hotels.com offers multiple exquisite choices that match your needs, style and stature.

Besides enabling you to choose from over 500,000 hotels across the globe, Hotels.com gives you complete peace of mind offering up to 50% discount on your favorite hotel. Hotels.com doesn’t only make a hotel booking convenient and cash-saving endeavor, but ensure you get the best of hotels enwrapped in natural beauty and equipped with the best of facilities and amenities.

It is obvious with Hotels.com that you don’t only save huge on the hotel, but being a privileged customer of Hotels.com will be able to enjoy great discount on a range of activities in the hotel as well as outside. Although, it is wise to join the Hotels.com Rewards, with Hotels.com, you would never compromise on the best located rooms.

When the best is on the test, Hotels.com gives your mind the complete rest. The best of locations and the best of rooms with the best of discounts, you can’t miss this opportunity. Collect the most authentic Hotels.com voucher code now from collectoffers.com and ensure you shape your sojourn in a best possible way. Do not forget to sign up at collectoffers.com to ensure you do not miss a single exclusive discount deal on hotels, holiday package or exclusive last minute deals.

Make Memories Immortal with up to 60% OFF Holidays at Expedia Singapore

A hint of doubt hangs around while staying with the trends; a trustworthy companion safeguards your interests and ensures every endeavor of yours become splendid success. Especially, when you have your travel plans drawn for a family holiday, indecisiveness about arrangements can become catastrophic.

Rest assured, Expedia gives an immeasurable impetus to Collect Offers’s efforts to provide every Singaporean with an opportunity to secure up to 60% discount on holiday package through Expedia discount code.

You can never be so late for carving out some exclusive time for yourself, and taking wings to your most favored destination for a time that will be immortal to your memories. With Expedia’s GSS special deals, you can enjoy your holidays in London, Paris, and Rome in the Europe or most gorgeous destinations in Australia or New Zealand.

If you do not with to cover huge distances, fly to Southeast Asia’s tropical metropolis; Bangkok to witness the confluence of past and future of Asia, or fly to Hong Kong to witness the perfect union of the east and the west. Expedia Singapore leads you to the world’s most exotic and exciting destinations including Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, Phuket and many others to provide you the first-hand experience of richness, diversity and beauty of the world beyond the window of your bedroom.

Expedia is a provider of complete travel solutions; hence, offers most lucrative holiday packages including, hotel and flight booking, car rental service, airport transfer services and more. With combination of services, booking on Expedia becomes the most profitable opportunity. Not only it books hotels for you at wallet-friendly rates; but also, ensures you of world class amenities and luxurious experience.

You will find yourself relaxing in a luxurious spa or a massage center on a day and on the other will be enjoying fascinated and enthralling sports and activities, besides getting to witness the local attractions. All with up to 60% discount. You can make it a more cash-saving opportunity with Expedia coupon codes available at collectoffers.com. To keep getting such advantageous discount offers and special offers; do sign up at collectoffers.com.

Dream, Explore and Discover with Expedia Hong Kong: Up to 50% off Vacation Package

There are things that happen and there are things you need to plan willingly. The holiday is something you need to plan curving out some precious time from your busy life, while Collect Offers is something that just happens to everyone, who is willing to have a luxurious holiday without splurging too much.

For those wanting to enjoy the champagne at beer’s budget, Collect Offers introduces exclusive discount deal from Expedia through Expedia discount code. Expedia Hong Kong takes half of the financial burden off your shoulder; bringing an unimaginative cheap vacation package, which reduces holiday prices by up to 50%.

Either you will end up paying inflated prices for hotel or flights or you will have to cancel your vacation because of the want of availability. Expedia ensures neither you break your bank nor you cancel your trip. Expedia offers to book hotel and flights together to save up to 50%, no matter which exotic destination is your favorite one.

Huge discount doesn’t mean huge disappointment on the quality of the holidays. You are sure of best of facilities and world class amenities, when you book your holidays at Expedia. It doesn’t end at facilities and amenities, reputation of Expedia will bring you more privileges and cash-saving opportunities on a wide range of activities that you would never want to miss on your holidays.

“Spare no expense” is the usual expression when we treat our family with a memorable vacation. In fact, it is exactly opposite, when you choose Expedia to be your online travel partner. Up to 50% discount on hotel and flight leaves you will huge cash reserve to spend lavishly on things other than hotel and flights.

With cash in hand, you need not to think twice before entering the luxurious spa or a water park. You will be able to walk spontaneously into the night club or music concert. Rest assure; many good things will happen to you, but not as great as up to 50% discount on the vacation package.

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Experience the Heaven with Qatar Airways – Fly to Paris for just S$995

Enjoying the most luxurious holidays like experience in the air is an alien idea to many even now; although, those; who have experienced swear by it. 180 degree flatbeds, personal in-seat audio and video on demand system and the 10-course meal on a long-haul flight do not come naturally to the travelers. For true 5-Star services in the air, you need Qatar Airways and authentic Qatar Airways discount code from collectoffers.com.

Doesn’t matter which destination you are traveling to, Qatar Airways have the youngest fleet of highly sophisticated aircrafts to take you to the 134 key business and leisure destinations across six continents. Being part of the OneWorld Alliance; Qatar Airways offer incomparable traveling experience from about thousand airports across 150 nations with 14,000 daily departures.

To add to this most entertaining experience, Qatar Airways offer to become your gateway to the Europe with unimaginative price drop connecting the Lion City with the world’s one of the most ancient yet contemporary cities; Paris at an unheard-before price.

Now you can book your flight to Paris from Singapore for just S$995, and fly to majestic and yet oozing finger-on-the-pulse chic city of Paris; over even London with the world class hospitality. Not only Paris, but Qatar Airways have slashed the airfare to the most gorgeous destinations in Europe including, Rome, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, and Istanbul.

The award winning airline enables you to feel like a winner of a jackpot by offering a double bonanza. On one hand, Qatar Airways offer to fly you with extremely moderate airfare at S$995; on the other hand, it turns your dream of holidaying in the Europe reality, as the holiday season is blossoming in the Europe.

To indulge in the heavenly flying experience, collect the most authentic Qatar Airways coupon code available at collectoffers.com, and enjoy the ultimate experience in your own style. Do sign up at collectoffers.com to receive such and even bigger special offers at your fingertips.

Book a Hotel and Fly For Free: 33% Off Hotel + Flight Package at Expedia Singapore

Most of us are looking for the best retreat from our busy urban lifestyles, and hoping to find a tranquil place to unwind. Besieged by the routine work, almost all of us feel the need to revitalize the self and rebind the family threads. While, every one of us nurtures the dream of discovering undiscoverable with the first hand experiences, relaxation and regalement are the first priority.

We are sure, you would not want to miss the change of spending a fascinating day in a luxurious spa of a sophisticated hotel in Kuala Lumpur or a laid-back evening on the poolside after having absorbing full body massage in one of the exquisite beach resorts in Phuket.

Would you go back home and sleep, if you are given a chance to witness the exotic marine life or experience the rock climbing in Krabi? Neither will you miss the change of indulging in a range of water sport activities in daytime and a music concert in the night time in Panang.

Reciprocating to curiosity with memorable experiences is what everyone desires, but want of resources sets a different kind of challenge. Won’t you want to go if you are given a chance to fly free to your favorite destination and get as awesome as 33% discount on luxury hotel as well?

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