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Bags-Shoes Duo From Zalora All Set To Revamp Your Saturday Night Look

It is Saturday night, the night to paint the city red! Dress up, head out, party and dance all night, it’s really that simple. The heading out, partying and dancing parts are easy, what is difficult is deciding “What to Wear!” Don’t we all go through the same thing every time we want to head out to some swanky establishment?

Even if our wardrobe is “spilling over” (as visible to an outsider with the naked eye) we do not really have anything to wear. Well, let us work on this problem a bit. It would be best if we could buy a dress for every time we head out, but you know as well as I do that it won’t be feasible. Where will we keep all of those dresses! An easier way to deal with this issue is accessorizing your dress right. The right accessories can transform the dress from a mere flip of a dress to a dress straight out of a fashion show.

Shoes and bags are the most powerful ways to accessorize your dress. The right combination of shoes and bag gives an instant lift to your overall look and makes you stand out in a crowd. Check out Zalora, an online shopping giant for a huge range of shoes and bags, and all at really affordable prices.

Team up Zalora with CollectOffers.com and ensure that you get even better deals than you could have possibly imagined. The Zalora-CollectOffers.com duo is like that of bag and shoes, if worked right together, it will transform your shopping experience!

So let’s get those bags and shoes!

Zalora Buckled Peep Toe Sandals with Unisa Studded Foldover Clutch

This bag and shoes duo is sure going to turn a few heads. The buckled beauty that is these shoes can be teamed up with any dress that you like. Peep toe and buckles add a sexy allure to the shoes. Add to it the killer heels, and we have a winner! Team these up with this studded foldover clutch by Unisa to give your ensemble an edgy look.

St3p Strappy Heels with Dorothy Perkins Navy Lace Chain Clutch Bag

Wear these strappy heels to add an oomph factor to your dress for the evening. These ultra-feminine shoes are sure going to make you feel extra confident. Team these babies up with this amazing lace number by Dorothy Perkins to complete the look. Wear them with style!

Velvet Bejeweled Metallic Heels with New Look Silver Floral Embellished Clutch

If you are really looking to make a statement, then this duo is it! The silver bejeweled heels are sure to stand out in a crowd, what with the embellishments and the killer heels. Team these up with the embellished clutch to make your ensemble extra fabulous.

Let’s get to partying!

10 Essential Power Food to Boost Your Immune System to Stay Healthy as Ever

50+ epidemics in the last 15 years across the globe is just indigestible fact that we all will live with. Also, we will continue to live with the fear of more such dangerous and pestiferous diseases. While we achieved a decent success in curbing the influence of SARS, Dengue, Ebola and Chikungunya, we are faced with another challenge called Zika.

We can come up with thousands of medical terms to explain the causes, but, the fact won’t’ change. It is only our food habits that have changed over a period of time that has made us vulnerable to the tiniest possibility of virus attack. It is a globally known fact that when a human body does not get enough nutrition-filled natural ingredients, the immune system starts giving up against such disastrous medical disorders.

Enough of digging well when a fire breaks; suggests health editor at CollectOffers. The alternative to the stronger immune system is disease, which is not acceptable. So, is adding power foods to the lifestyle is acceptable? Well, none would deny, but only a few knows how to boost your immune system without spending millions on dietary supplement pills and powders.

Honestly, you don’t need to go anywhere, neither you need to spend a bomb to live a healthy life. All you need is naturally produced ingredients, organic ingredients to stimulate your immune. And, of course, Singaporeans are least worries as online grocery shop, Redmart, ensures all the necessary and nutritious food ingredients.

Top-10-Citrus-Fruits-You-Should-Definitely-Give-A-TryWhen you catch a disease, it is always Vitamin C that brings normalcy. Citrus tops the chart when it comes to boosting the immune system. An abundant source of Vitamin C, Citrus may help increase the production of white blood cells. Daily intake of Vitamin C ensures you never let yourself infected by deadly viruses.

a-pile-of-fresh-turmeric-rootsInflammation often helps disease hold strong on the human body. The calming character of Curcumin, which gives Turmeric a unique color, is found to bring inflammation and fever in control. The Anti-inflammatory properties in Turmeric help Vitamin C in fighting with the illness.

garlic-with-parsley-leavesWe all love the taste of Garlic as it adds some zing to food, but that, not it. There is no better ingredient than Ginger that fights infections. Garlic’s immune-boosting properties seem to come from a heavy concentration of sulfur-containing compounds, such as allicin. It also helps lower cholesterol.

slider-medleyMushrooms are known to increase the production and activity of white blood cells, making them more aggressive – a critical aspect of the immune system when you an infection. Mushrooms appear to pack the biggest immunity punch with one-ounce intake.

appetite-1239149_960_720Meet the supercharger of the immune system. Indeed, Broccoli is packed with an arsenal of vitamins and minerals. It is considered to be one of the healthiest natural food because it contains vitamins A, C, and E, as well as numerous antioxidants. Cook it as little as possible and maximize the benefits of Broccoli.

gingerCall it a cousin of Garlic, Ginger is one of the first ingredients that is used when you catch a disease. in fact, regular intake of ginger holds the fort against disease in the first place. Ginger may help decrease chronic pain and may possess cholesterol-lowering properties.

palak-500x480Vitamin C is the obvious reason why Spinach is considered to be one of the best power food. Although, it is the combination of Vitamin C, beta-carotene, and numerous antioxidant properties that make Spinach a power food. Spinach may positively influence your infection-fighting capability.

Oat-processing-needs-a-re-think-says-Campden-BRI_strict_xxlThe disease-fighting capabilities of echinacea are widely known, but grains like Oat contain beta-glucan – a type of fiber with antimicrobial and antioxidant capabilities – which is more potent than echinacea. A proper intake of beta-glucan daily would keep you always away from the flue and fever and helps heals wound quickly.

homemade-yogurtProbiotics are healthy bacteria that keep the gut and intestinal tract free of disease-causing germs. Yogurt is full of “live active cultures” that may stimulate your immune system to help fight diseases. Yogurt appears to stimulate white blood cells and may reduce the number of sick days by 33%.

-32872When it comes to fighting diseases, Vitamin-C leads, while Vitamin-E takes the backseat. However, Vitamin-E plays a critical role in boosting the immune system helping absorb fat, enabling Vitamin-C to take a fight against disease efficiently. A half-cup of Almonds a day would fill you with required Vitamin-E.

Immune system requires consistent nourishment, especially when the environment is getting more and more polluted every day. There are some common illnesses, such as sour throat, flu, fever, skin inflammation and many others. Fill your plate with these 10 essential power food and give your immune system a much-needed boost to ensure you do not catch the bug and stay healthy as ever.

Make your man miss a few heartbeats with your ravishing looks this Valentine’s Day

Just came across a song by youth singing sensation Selena Gomez saying ‘I just wanna look good for’ and it reminded me that Valentine’s Day is waiting at the corner and for sure every woman must be preparing hard to look beautiful for her man.

Revealing the secret why any woman wants to look at her best on the V-Day is because she wants to make her man feel how important he is to her. Also, this is one notion of showing how fortunate and proud she is to be with you. Apparently, she also wants to make you fall in love with her again.

When talking about looking beautiful, no woman wants to make any compromise. To help all ladies in looking mesmerizing appealing and beautiful we have a list of 5 beauty essential products that can anytime enhance your looks. You can also get an opportunity to save your money by buying it from CollectOffers.com as it provides ample of offers and promos.


Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer-Medium
maybelline-4115-732393-1Don’t let the pigments and blemishes come your way of looking beautiful, instead make Maybelline’s Pure Mineral Concealer-Medium 02, your friend and be ready to flaunt flawless skin.




Canmake – Marshmallow Finish Powder SPA26
115de5ac2e005056b72772Last minute touch-up is always important for any girl, so don’t forget to carry Canmake – Marshmallow Finish Powder SPA26 PA++ to give you a fresh and radiant look on your special day.




Lanieige Two Tone Lip Bar
imageTempt your man with your glossy lips by wearing Lanegie Two Tone Lip Bar. The bright and twin shade lip colors by Lanegie are your perfect partner to help you look ravishing.




Etude House Bling Bling Eyestick
etude-house_bling-bling-eyestick_soojeong (1)When words end your eyes speak, so don’t forget to highlight your eyes with Etude House Bling Bling Eyestick. The glittery, smooth and moisturizing eye stick are easy to apply and long lasting.



Victoria Secret’s Bombshell EDP for Women Spray
victoria-secrets-bombshell-edp-for-women-spray-8866-737851-1-zoomTo set the right mood, don’t forget to wear tempting perfume by Victoria’s Secret. Young girls around the world love this sexy fragrance. Embrace your inner bombshell with this glamorous blend of purple passion fruit, Shangri-la peony and vanilla orchid. Spray on for scent that lingers.



Make your shopping experience more frutiful with the help of CollectOffers.com, which provides attractive discount coupons, voucher codes and promo deals on beauty and skin care products to shoppers who have a fetish to shop and save.

Last-Minute Wishlist of Fashion and Beauty for Sparkling New Year’s Party for Malaysian Beauties

Nope, it’s not your fault, it happens to everyone, but only those can sparkle through the special night, those who overcome the panic. New Year’s night is one such special night that comes only once a year, and nobody wants to miss the chance of taking everyone by surprise with a beauty and a look that is second to none.

No matter how organized you are, tend to miss some of the items on your list for the New Year’s party. To enable you to overcome the panic and fulfill your last minute fashion and beauty list, CollectOffers has come up with an impeccable solution. Don’t waste much time and order from the fascinating wishlist now to get all that you need right before you start dressing up for the night that is destined to be yours by every means.

CollectOffers has lined up most loved online shopping destinations for you. Zalora, Lazada, Luxola, Ensogo, are just a few to name. In fact, with a full list of stores that represent the Malaysian fashion, your heart will be lost into the fashion collections and beauty products. Get, set, and go.

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Exclusive Cash Back: A Way of Cherishing and Strengthening the Relationship Between You and CollectOffers

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CaptureWith three easy steps at collectoffers.com, the lowest price loses layer further. After all, nothing brings more smiles on the face of a shopper than an extra round of cash back. At CollectOffers, you will be earning cash back above and beyond already maximum slashed down prices.

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