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‘Cleansing’ Is The Demand Of Your Blotchy Skin!

Who says we watch a nightmare while sleeping only? Looking at mirror and finding your facial skin dull and patchy is no less than a horrible dream, agree? I can hear a big yes. However, this can be avoided if we treat our skin with a magical trick called “cleansing”.

Why magical? Well, because a little time invested in this process can let you enjoy flawless skin with almost zero effort. But hang on! As facial skin is delicate don’t use just any cleansing cream or gel but only settle for the fine quality product.

Thinking where could get the best quality cleansing products? Let me suggest. Go for Southeast Asia’s leading online beauty store Althea and Sephora to bag the amazing beauty and skincare products at affordable rates.

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Micro Polish Cleanserzoom_553642d6057ba1177ca17e2ed404dc23e01ca501_1476352346_916_ren_webIts two in one formula deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin to leave it looking purified, renewed and radiant. It will also keep skin energized and fit.

Daily Essentials Pure Skin Face Washzoom_054992d20a088b098899b6a5f247ebefe4414627_1476364704_1407_balanceme_webIt is a daily cleanser that eliminates daily grime and makeup leaving your skin hydrated and really clean.

Rice Water Bright Cleansingthefaceshop_rice_water_bright_cleansing_foam_thumbnail_02The vitamin B present in this cleansing foam moistens, and brighten your skin. Rice water can make your skin firm eradicating age lines.

Apple Seed Cleansing Gelinnisfree_apple_seed_cleansing_gel_thumbnail_02Fruit extracts are great source of useful minerals for rejuvenating skin so include the Apple Seed Cleansing Gel in your skincare routine. This face wash removes flaky skin and make it healthy.

Calmia Oatmeal Cleansing Foamcalmia_oatmeal_cleansing_foam_thumbnail_02

While the oatmeal will cleanse and soften your skin, its Portulaca Oleracea soothes your tired skin.


Wilder Than Ghosts, Bolder Than Beasts: Halloween Makeup to Carve Out Your Fantasies

Can you feel the spooky air around you? Are the nights becoming darker and trepidacious? Well, don’t feel strange it’s October, and it’s ought to happen coz’ this month celebrates the most ghostly night, Halloween Night!

WOW!!! I can see party animals cheering hearing the name of the fanciest, wild and unnerving party night. If talking frankly, in adolescence I used to get frightened looking at those scary faces and was simultaneously surprised thinking what kind of theme party was this?

I know am sounding a bit weird but it’s a fact as to me and many of friends party meant wearing fancy clothes, with perfect makeup and accessories in short nothing should go over the top. But this party was something else, just the opposite of regular parties.

Painted face, fancy costumes, unusual hairdo, and no limit makeup has always been the trend of such parties. This weird styling somewhere portrays the difference between normal humans and ghosts. That makes me ask, if really ghosts and spirits party and dress up like this?

Well, maybe but whatever it is, slowly and gradually even I have started linking this scary theme party, where people break their inhibitions and turn up in their fancy avatar.

For party animals, the Halloween night says no limit for fun, no limit for wildness, no limit for dressing up, in precise go crazy, just live the moment and shake your leg or booty (your choice) 😉

Though, it’s more like any costume drama but it’s the makeup, which fills life in the character you choose to depict. Can hear a big yes! I believe that applying makeup for this night is more typical than applying in regular days as here you have to match up your look, bring life into it along with keeping it appealing.

It’s commendable to see so much creativity starting from party setup to looks. Every year there is something new and this year also it is expected to see something extraordinary.

Even I have some new ideas for you that might help you in carrying a killer look! Wanna know what? Come along!

Galaxy Makeup1Yup as the name suggest, this makeup is galaxy inspired. All you need is to use the cosmetics in colors like electric blue or purple to give a backdrop of galaxy.

To bring out the best galaxy look you may use purple pigment-flecked powder shimmers with a pearl-infused formula that resembles the night sky.

Not to forget to induce some dusty pastels to romantic reds to show the lights prevailing in the galaxy. Oops! Did I miss to say that use glittery products? Yes, use some shimmery powders and cosmetics to carry the perfect galaxy look.

Devil Lookfb7cda1ad5ed33ab19d5a22979009b3b
It’s a bit strange, but we all have our one favorite devil character in our imagination and what is near to our heart can be expressed the best. However, to define a devil character better, it’s best to highlight your eyes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To get a deadly devil look you need to have a fine quality eyebrow pencil, a kohl and dark lip color.

Cleopatra Lookcleao
Who says that looking sexy is ban in Halloween party and you only need to look dreadful and filthy? So why not infuse the magic of Cleopatra’s beauty! According to me her sharp looks, elegant style and classy makeup made her more confident and alluring so why not experiment your Halloween night look with it.


Okay what you need for a perfect Cleopatra look? Not much only a concealer, eye shadows in may be cream, gold or blue color, black eyeliner or eye brow pencils, dark lip colors.

It would look more appealing if you use a tan shimmer dust.

Barbie Lookbarbie
If these scary looks don’t really appeal you, then you can choose the Barbie look. Yeah, be the glam doll and infuse a punch of pink in the dark and uncanny party mood.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So buy one best quality eye shadow palette with all perky pink shades, one nice fuchsia lipstick and a nice eye liner and mascara to look glamorous. Don’t forget to keep your skin looking fresh with a shimmer dust or powder cake.

I hope the confusion has ended and now you have some idea of what to do this Halloween Night!

Before I Go , just wanna say, “If you’re a party freak then step on the floor, If you’re an animal then tear up the floor.” Get going guys!!!

Detan Your Skin With These Effective Suncare Products

Yeah, I know, the technology today is very forward but still somewhere you would agree with my thought that all work can’t be done sitting in the bed, isn’t it? Just because you’ll have to go out and face the scorching sunlight, my genuine suggestion to you is use some quick effective suncare products that can keep your skin glowing.

Though there are a number of skin care products, available in the market but you can buy suncare products at discounted rates from the leading and promising online stores Sephora, Zalora etc. These stores have lined up a variety of premium class beauty products to make you look fabulous.

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Here are some compelling products which helped me a lot to get a flawless skin.

Brazilliance PLUS+ Self Tanner by TARTEsgb1It is a skincare-infused version of Tarte’s best-selling self-tanner with a custom application mitt. Buy this from Sephora at discounted rate.

Luminous Body Perfecting Mousse by BECCAsgb2Give skin a hint of shimmer for boosted radiance while covering imperfections with this Luminous Body Perfecting Mousse. Always bronze and never orange, this liquid mousse formula blends in effortlessly, providing water- and transfer-resistant wear that lasts all day and night yet washes off easily. Buy this from Sephora at discounted rate.

Tea to Tan Face & Body by BY TERRYsgb3This caramel liqueur spray gives the skin a sheer bronze color with no hint of streaks or thickness. Infused with black and red tea extracts, it moisturizes and protects the skin for that elegant-looking glowing tan. Buy this from Sephora and enjoy the hefty discount.

Hoola Zero Tanlines Allover Body Bronzer by BENEFIT COSMETICSsgb4
It’s your TANtasy come true! This smooth, non-sticky body bronzer glides on HANDS FREE and blends on instantly & seamlessly for a thoroughly believable bronze. Buy this from Sephora at discounted rate.

Sun Control Sensitive SPF50 Face Emulsion by LANCASTERsgb5Lancaster Sun Control Sensitive SPF50 Face Emulsion is an ultra-light face cream that absorbs easily into the skin. It has an oil-free formulation that leaves the face soft and non-greasy. Buy this from Sephora and enjoy the hefty discount.

Bun: The Most Underrated Yet Unprecedented Hairdo Since Ages!

Creative hairdos always attract any woman’s attention and if she is like me then she would always be in awe of any other hairstyle. However, I don’t feel so distressed when I recall that there is one hairdo which I can always make and is never out of fashion. Bun! Yes this is one little pretty hairstyle which comes to my rescue every time. What? You also like me are dependent on this ever green hairstyle? Great! I think you would love this piece of blog thoroughly dedicated to ‘buns’.

I know that earlier buns were taken as the most negligible hairdo, which remained a fashion statement of a woman who has the least fashion instinct. But with time this hairstyle also got evolved and is now loved by all fashion lovers.

Interestingly, now there are hundreds of bun hairdos which can be chosen according to one’s hair quality or hair color. Yup, the hairstyle which once was just tied has now become an integral part of every modern woman’s fashion statement. I won’t be wrong if I say that it is now chosen or matched similarly like one chooses her shoes, clothes or bags!

Whether going on beach party, evening party, brunch, formal event or any other occasion there is a special kind of bun for all occasion. You still have doubt on the charm of bun? Hmmm, then you are not an ardent fashion follower!

No offences, but if you still haven’t include bun in your style statement then lady, you are a step away from being a fashionista. This season, bun has created a rage amongst all, whether they are gorgeous celebrities or the ravishing models on the ramp, all have tried this hair do to complete their look.

Whether you have brown hair, black hair or blonde a bun will look equally charming on you. Not only this hairstyle is compatible with all sorts of hair types, but is also a boon for short heighted ladies’. Women with short height if tie a bun can look a little taller! Now that’s interesting.

As I told you that there are variety of bun hairdos wooing fashion lovers, but there is one name which always pull my attention its “messy bun”. Though, the name suggest as if any girl in hurry tied a bun without brushing hair and it prove to be a hit by chance! 😉 But seriously this bun looks really amazing and is a perfect hair do to make when you are all set to chillax!

Alright, enough of the babbling about the bun, now it’s time to share with you all, five of my favorite and obviously the easiest bun hair styles.

The Criss-Cross Low Bun

Perfect for your office this hair style is very simple and can be made in less than 5-minutes.

Low Braided Bunbloggif_57e2603f0da97

Look trendy and easy with this braided bun. It will compliment your beach party look.

The French-Braided Side Bun

Party with friends and bag compliments by making this super-chic hair style in just few minutes!

Messy Bunbloggif_57e261207cb1e
Here comes the interesting one. Though, it sounds like clubbing all hair together anyways but darling, it has some creativity too. Try this out to look appealing and chic.

The Twisted Trio

Try this hairdo when going on a dinner or date. You can make it look a little more fancy with pretty hair accessories or can also carry it simply.

Well, I hope that these pics would have given you a better demonstration of how to make these cool and trendy buns?


Must Have Beauty Products For Zero Hours Or Otherwise

A woman carries her world in her purse! This statement is truer than “The sky is blue” or “Rainbows have seven colors”!

A bag is a woman’s best friend in the whole wide world. It goes with you everywhere, carries your secrets and is just there when you need it! It does not matter what the label on the bag is or what it looks from the outside. It’s what is inside that matters! Your bag is there to make you feel more prepared to take on the world.

Please note, we do not suggest you carry these things in an evening clutch! Let’s get real; those things (though supremely pretty) can barely hold your credit card without spilling it out!

Of all the things that you need in your purse like keys, wallet, cash, tampons, change of clothes, extra pair of shoes, a nice snack, hair accessories, and so on and so forth, some essential beauty products are an absolute necessity!

You never know when the need strikes and you must always be prepared for the worst! These beauty products can be used if you were late to office one day and had to get ready on your way to work. Or you have an important meeting in the evening after having a harried day. Or one of your girlfriends is having one or more of the above problems and you like coming to the rescue!

Check out Sephora and Zalora for your makeup needs and check out the amazing product collection and excellent offers they have in store for you. To avail extra savings you may partner with CollectOffers.com, which houses discount coupon codes and vouchers codes to make your shopping trips fun and affordable. Ah! Two words that we rarely hear together!

MirrorbrushYou absolutely must have a mirror in your purse to check on yourself from time to time. Is your makeup smudged or is there spinach between your teeth. Does your hair look like you got electrocuted after that bus ride or you want to touch up your makeup on the go, a mirror comes in super handy.

Lipstick/Lip Gloss/Lip Balmzoom_afc038ead82f504b1b298638d1453f41c5c754ef_1446130651_watermelon_webWe suggest all three of these should be in your purse! Who like chappy lips now, tell me? Lip gloss adds a sheen to your lips and is perfect for a touch up before that big client meeting. And if you are headed somewhere fancy straight from the office, a nice stroke of red will help you transform! Let’s get them lipsticks packing!

Creamcloseup_955d736a8c320167e463a37b8257a934cf955b38_1458031422_Sephora-Nourishing-Velvet-Cream-in-Cherry-BlossomKeep your skin moisturized at all times for that soft supple skin. In case you forget to apply cream in a hurry or have unexpected dry patches, then having a cream handy is a blessing. Another beauty product that is such a necessity but is almost never handy….weird! You’re your skin hydrated with lots of water and nice moisturizing cream.

Nail Filezoom_9da8e135a88c17890f146b645c5ca25e6ab11ee7_1443538704_GLASS-NAIL-FILES-14_WEBRemember the last time you got a chipped nail just before a meeting, and the entire meeting, all you could think or do was picking your nail. That’s what chipped nail does to you, robs you off your concentration and makes you its slave. Carry a nail file to get rid of that chipped nail and have smooth shaped nails at all times.

Get Instant Fairness With These Skin-Whitening Products

It is true that fairness is the jewel of beauty. But, unluckily not everyone is gifted with such most demanding quality. Well, you need not to get upset here as the current beauty market is nowhere less to make you look sexy, hence avails you a number of premium class beauty products so you can reflect a unique look and grab the attention of crowd.

Many times it happens that you run behind a skin-whitening product but ultimately receive an unsatisfactory result, right? Well, here your only mistake is to choose a wrong product. Well, now you can pick right foundation, concealer or anything to make your skin look dashing from globally renowned online beauty stores Althea and Sephora as they are offering world-class fairness products with heavy paybacks and also, these creams don’t harm your skin.

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Pick your favorite whitening product:

Blossom White Cushion by W-Labw1This quick-effective fairness blossom white cushion displays smooth and soft skin texture. Its rose water supplies moisture to skin to keep it moist. Its fragrance is touch of 10 flowers. Order this through Althea and get 52% off.

Velvet Two Way Cake by Witch’s Pouchw2This demanding Velvet Two Way Cake covers unevenness, pores, redness, and blemishes. It contains mineral complex powder which gives instant whiteness to skin without harming it. Buy this through Althea and get 54% off.

Foundation by Witch’s Pouchw3Use this effective foundation and get the beautiful look. It is containing aloe vera gel, squalane and phytosqualane that moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It is ideal for ladies today and vulnerable to stress. You can save 58% if order through Althea.

Perfect Cover Concealer by Witch’s Pouchw4This concealer gives a perfect look to your skin. Because of its stick type natural coverage it is easy to carry. It easily lights the skin tone. Buy this through Althea and get discount of 52%.

Eco Soul Spau BB Cake by the SAEMw5It contains Belgium purified water and mineral water that gives an intense moisture to the skin. It doesn’t irritate the skin. Buy this through Althea and get 40% off.