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Reclaim Your Kitchen!

In this fast paced world, we barely find time to sit back and relax at home. In such a situation, cooking an entire meal sounds like a magnanimous task and we end up eating lesser healthier options from outside. It’s time to up the ante and take back the control…let’s reclaim our kitchens!!!

Our kitchens are usually filled with too many appliances that were suggested by our grandmas and are ancient. Handling these appliances is a project in itself that no one is willing to undertake. The other extreme are the kitchens owned by a people who either stay alone or travel a lot and tend to have little or no kitchen appliances (the horror!). We are here to help both of the extremes and everyone in the middle!

We would like to suggest some kitchen appliances that are easily available on some prominent online stores such as Lazada, Courts and ValueBasket. These products are in tune with the current limitations of time and space and helps you do your work faster without cramming up your space.

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Air Fryerglen-sa-3041-digital-air-fryer-glen-sa-3041-digital-air-fryer-7vtlirThis is a multi-talented appliance and is sure to make your life in the kitchen easy! The air fryer can fry, cook, bake, sauté and roast all the goodies you can think of, and that too with minimal oil. You can make French fries, samosas, cookies, veggies, grilled chicken, cutlet and what not! This appliance helps you eat your favourite items in the convenience of your home and is a healthier option…it’s a win-win!

Induction Cook-Tops81YWSTyTPXL__SL1500_Induction cook-top is the poster child for ‘Keep-it-Simple’. This cooking top cooks food exactly like a normal stove and cylinder does. However, there are multiple advantages of choosing the induction cook top over the traditional option: It’s easier to clean, it takes up less space, it runs on electricity so you don’t have to worry about refilling your cylinders and it’s safer. All in all, a good investment!



Coffee Maker71+sI-y-KCL._SL1500_For those you folks who are always in a rush in the morning and cannot function without their daily morning coffee, the coffee maker is a godsend. Just pour in the water and coffee in the container and flip the switch on. By the time you get ready, you will have your steaming cup of coffee ready and waiting for you. Just remember to buy an appliance with an automatic shut-off option and you shall be all set!

Food ProcessorMultipro-Food-Processor-by-Kenwood-Black97J047FRSPThe dough maker, juicer, mixer, grinder, all rolled into one, is the miracle called food processor! The food processor is one machine with separate attachments to help you knead dough which is a very messy task otherwise. The juicer attachment helps you prepare your healthy morning smoothie or the indulgent chocolate shake, whichever way you like it. The chopping attachment helps you chop all your veggies in a jiffy that you can cook in your air fryer or on your induction cook top. And last, the grinder attachment to prepare your favourite chutney to go with your food!

So let’s get to updating our kitchens right away! Eat well and Stay healthy!


Be A ‘Smart Mom’ With Advanced Kitchen Appliances From Lazada


Summer has started and so have your kids’ summer vacations. Now that those naughty little angles are free to enjoy their vacations back home, how is it possible that they do not bother their mothers or should say their ‘master chefs’? But worry not as now you can prepare anything for them quickly with highly advanced kitchen appliances available at Singapore’s popular online shopping store, Lazada.

Before we start discussing more about the products available at Lazada, we would like to appreciate the patience off all the mothers who calmly fulfill all the unique demands of their kids. But we also know that it takes a lot of effort, so we are here to make you aware of these interesting appliances.

Lazada houses some simple yet amazing kitchen appliances that can really make a big difference to your life. They will wind up your task in half of the time you earlier took and will also portray you as a Super-Mom before your kids.

We know that as homemakers you also think of the budget so to grab extra savings you can make friends with CollectOffers.com, which is eagerly waiting to offer you attractive Lazada discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Now let’s see what innovative products Lazada houses for you all?

Fruit & Vegetable Kitchen Electric JuicerblenderKids love juice and also demand it frequently but you cannot make them drink packed fruit juices as they may contain chemicals that might harm your kid’s health. However, you may include Fruit & Vegetable Kitchen Electric Juicer in your kitchen to anytime provide your kid fresh fruit juice. Shop it from Lazada at 56% off.

Egg Boiler Electric Cookerc2Boil more than two eggs at a single go in the Egg Boiler Electric Cooker available at Lazada at 44% off. In single turn, you can cook upto 7 eggs in the cooker.

Air FryerairfryerKids like to keep munching something or the other the entire day, so make delicious snacks for your children in the Air Fryer available at Lazada. The air fryer has halogen element infrared ray and is available at 59% off.

3 in 1 Multi Snacker grillImpress your kids with your cooking skills with the help of 3 in 1 Multi Snacker available at Lazada at 57% off.

Multi CookerCapturelazadakitcehnappliancesThe Multi Cooker by Toyomi can let you cook multiple things at one time, which means no it will save your time and energy. Shop it from Lazada at 27% off.

Hurry up, and shopping these innovative kitchen friends of yours at discounted rates from Lazada!