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Transform Your Attitude and Be Your Own Force Of Nature!!

Do you think your footwear should complement your style and your look for the day? Do you think men’s footwear add great amount of style to their appearance? Do you think men also spend hours in choosing their footwear? Do you also your footwear should be cool and comfortable? Which footwear you like the most? Which brand you prefer for purchasing your footwear? Do you know there is different kind of footwear for every occasion?

Can you wear the same shoes in summers which you use in winters? We can’t even imagine of wearing those hard rock shoes every time especially during summers when the temperature is crossing all records. So it’s time to cut this warm summer with some cool trendy fashion which is refreshing and comfy and at the same time give you crisp and tidy look.

In summers we all go for everything which is cool and light whether it’s your drink or your fashion sense and when it comes to footwear we all search for the one which is stylish and at the same time keep us cool entire day. So, what are you waiting for choose from the latest trendy collection and let’s be cool this summer.

Zalora is the Southeast Asia’s most popular and prominent online shopping destination that grooms the Indonesian style statements. Zalora is a one stop center for all men and women as it Infuse all the world-class brands such as Aldo, Mango, Factorie, and much more to fill the world of shopaholic with enumerable choices from casual to party wears, Zalora gives fashion lovers the best apparels at cost-effective prices. Now look more adorable and stylish with Zalora fashion range.

Let’s explore some trendy collection of men’s footwear which you can go for this summer and slay every time:


With casual wear you can pair anything even if it’s not in the trend but you can’t do this when you are going for business party or other occasions because that will not suit your dressing style. Suede Bucks are the perfect for such occasions and especially if you are wearing cotton suit. These will give you a debonair look and let your adore you and your shoes.


Can you do jogging wearing sneakers or sandals? Of course not, nobody can wear them during workout session. These sporty slides are best for you at the time of gym or other sports activities especially near pool area as these are made of plastic which give you more cozy and comfy and also give you trendy look. You can pair these with any sport wear.


Well nobody want to wear shoes in this bristling summer and want something which is more snuggly so that they can move freely without thinking before wearing them. You can also were them at pool and beach party in summers. So, instead of wearing those boring sandals let’s try something more comfy and stylish.


Footwear fashion change in a blink and this summer minimalist sneakers top the list of men’s footwear fashion as they allow you to walk comfortably in summers because those hard sole shoes may leave you tired when you remove them. You can pair these shoes with casual as well as party wears and get the dapper look instantly. These shoes look classier on tall men especially when you move with short height people.

Claim the astounding rebate of 17% on the purchase of Men’s fashion items available online at Zalora Indonesia by using this special Zalora promo code. Shop now! Check out the latest Zalora coupon codes and discount codes at CollectOffers.

Wears Sunscreen Every Morning, Enjoy Your Body and Say Hello To Blistering Summer In Style!!

Do you also think that summers are getting hotter every year? Can you imagine of going out in such harsh weather? Do you think these run rays are harmful for your skin and face? Do you think you need a weapon to overcome this sun glare? Do you think planning a vacation in summer at hill station will save you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun? Are you also depends on sunscreen for protecting your skin in the summers?

Summer has already reached its peak this year and you must be aware of that how much harmful these run glare is for our skin and face and our skin need extra care other you may suffer from skin diseases like sun burn and tanning which are long-term damage. So if you think your “dupattas” can save your skin then it’s time to wake up as that not goanna help you in this high temperature.

There are many people who still think that home remedies can help you with this but this is 21st century it’s time to break the myth because in this blistering summer those will not affect you much so your only hope left is sunscreen (SPF) with at least SPF 30 PA+ formula which can save your skin from damage.

So, it’s not time to show your style by wearing sunglasses and stole to cut the sun glare but to use proper sunscreen to protect your skin because if your skin get damaged then none of the beauty products can regain that. Use the recent innovation in sun protection scream to protect yourselves this summer.

Althea, introduced in 2015 is a prominent Korea’s cosmetic brand which is now all set to woo the beauty conscious people of Indonesia. It provides a widest range of beauty and skin care products of world’s most promising brands at cost-effective prices. Althea customers can also avail some popular Korean brands such as Missha, Holika Holika, Nature Republic and the list is countless. The store also avails you free shipping, 100% authenticity, 30 days return, attractive discount and many more.

Let’s check out some of the recent innovation in the sunscreen which will help you in protection you from harmful sun rays:

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte

Well if you have to head out of the house daily for your work and want a product which help you to keep the moisture of your skin then Lotus Herbal Safe Sun 3 in 1 Matt sunscreen is best product available in the market. This product loaded with SPF 40 and PA+++ prevent sunburn and sun tanning to maximum extend. It quickly absorbs by your skin and gives you greasier look so that those harsh sun rays don’t affect your skin.


The brand is popular worldwide for its quality and effectiveness. The brand offers an extensive range of sunscreen for kids, men and women. They offer the highest SPF formula that is 110 which is the highest amongst all the other brands. Sports SPF 50 PA+++ is well trusted sunscreen which will moisturize your skin. This sunscreen is best known for people who travel a lot especially adventurous travel like trekking, swimming, camping and many more.


L’oreal Paris Uv Perfect Advanced 12h Uv Protector

Well the brand doesn’t need any introduction it’s already very popular amongst youngsters. L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Advanced 12HUV protector sunscreen comes with SPF 50, PA+++. It comes in small pack so that you can carry with you anywhere while travelling. It’s like lotion which not thick and greasy and give you oil free skin even in this bright summers.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion

The product is best when it has many loyal customers in the pocket and the same applies to Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion Wet Force Broad Spectrum SPF 50 which is quickly match your skin tone and moisturize your skin perfectly. The effect of the sunscreen stay for longer hours and you feel like you haven’t applied anything as it gives you oil free gorgeous look for the entire day.

Buy ECO EARTH POWER Light Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ from the top brand named The Saem availabe at the respective landing page with an amazing discount of 12%. Check out the latest Althea discount coupon codes and voucher codes at CollectOffers.

Enjoy Hassle-free Cooking With These Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Most of the times, we do not even realize how much of our day is spent inside the kitchen! Whether you have a family of two or twenty, the amount of time you spend in the kitchen somehow never decreases!

The task of cooking meals is like an assembly line, one task can be done only when the one before is finished. This requires some waiting time on our part, and patience is not a very common virtue!

So here we are, to suggest you some appliances that will save you some time in the kitchen. These appliances, mind you, do not all reduce your cooking time per se, but these are machines that can work independently, without constant supervision. Hence you can relax while they do your work for you!

If your question is from where to get the best kitchen appliances, then the answer is Indonesia’s most reputed online store, Matahari Mall. The renowned store offers every necessary household product at affordable rates.

To save maximum bucks you can shop along CollectOffers.com, where ample of discount coupon codes and voucher codes are waiting for you.

Time to check out the offers available!

DishwasherdishwasherThis is an absolutely fantastic invention for mankind. I mean, who likes doing dishes? Dishwashers have separate compartments to put in your big vessels, plates, bowls, spoons, everything. Just put in the dishes, pour in the soap and switch on the machine. Lo and behold, you will have clean utensils in some time! There are separate settings for quick wash for the extensive wash, hot wash, just choose your setting and sit back and relax! Like we said fantastic invention!

Food SteamerfoodsteamerThis appliance is done well and done right! It helps steam cook your food instead of the regular route of frying and baking. The food steamer has a timer. Just put in your food, set the timer and wait for the miracle to happen! We would suggest you invest in a steamer that has at least two compartments, so that you can do more cooking at one go. Make sure it has a bell, so that you don’t have to keep checking on it. And make sure that you use it!

Coffee Makeresspresso
Mornings are always frantic! There are very few human beings who have enough leisure time in the mornings to complete all their activities peacefully! Enter Coffee maker. These mean machines get your daily dose of coffee ready for you while you fix up your breakfast or go get ready. This machine does not require your constant vigilance to do its job, thank God! Since it is low maintenance and gives us coffee, this one is our favourite!

Food Processormagic bullet
Your kitchen is not complete if you don’t have one of these in your kitchen! This mean machine serves as a dough maker, a juicer, a mixer, a grinder, what have you! Each attachment serves its own purpose and helps you in their unique way. The dough maker gets your dough ready while the juicer gets your morning smoothie prepared for you in a jiffy! The chopper fine chops your veggies or even fruits if you like! All in all, more work in less time!

So let’s work towards reducing the time we spend in the kitchen!

To-Do list For New Parents: Bring Home the Essential Baby Care Products Must for Babies!

We understand that being a parent means loving your children more than you have ever loved yourself! However, for those couples who have been blessed with this divine gift, it’s a little difficult to understand their role and follow the rule for perfect baby care.

We know that every parent tries to pick the best product for their child whether its baby oil, diaper, beddings or anything else, it has to pass several tests to get inducted in one’s child routine.

To help new mommies and daddies to get the best baby care and other essential products for kids Southeast Asia’s renowned online store, Lazada and FoxySales is up with an exclusive range of kid’s collection.

Though buying anything for your kids isn’t expensive ever but still there is no harm in savings some bucks if it’s not hampering the quality of shopping, right? So include CollectOffers.com in your shopping spree and make savings effortlessly with the attractive discount coupon codes and voucher codes stored there.

Let’s take a look at the offers available.

Mitu Baby Oil Bottle2Regualr massage of babies is an old tradition as it is said that it makes them strong, so include the Mitu Baby Oil Bottle in your baby’s routine and help him grow stronger and healthier. Shop it from Lazada at 28% off.

Mitu 10s Extra Thick Baby Pack1When travelling along with your kid, do not forget to carry the Mitu 10s Extra Thick Baby Pack in your bag as obviously you will not your baby to face harsh touch of any regular napkin. Buy it from Lazada at 28% off.

Kiddy Towel Set 4 Fruit Sailing Day3Make your baby feel special with the soft touch of Kiddy Towel Set 4 Fruit Sailing Day available at Lazada at 37% off. You can also use this set to gift any newly born baby.

Intime Baby Bath4Another good think to gift and also include in your baby’s lifestyle is the Intime Baby Bath tub. The tub is made up of rubber hence you will not fear of any injury if your baby is enjoying bath in it. Shop it at 40% off from Lazada.

Sleeping Bag In Pink ccolbagsThese innovative bags will keep your child cool even in the warmest night, so include the Inventa Sleeping bag to your child’s lifestyle. Shop it from Foxysales at 20% off.

Muslin Swaddle 2 Pack swaddlesTo keep your child warm in the cold temperature buy the soft Muslin Swaddle 2 Pack from Foxysales at 65% off.

So if you are looking for some fine quality baby products for your kids then we hope that this blog has helped you in

Rejoice Indonesians As Sephora Offers Makeup Products At Discounted Rates!

One thing every woman likes is to take a long walk to the makeup aisle, right? But what if the makeup store comes to you? Yeah, fastest evolving online beauty store of Southeast Asia, Sephora is offering all makeup lovers hefty discount on cosmetic products.

Makeup excites all women, no matter how much they shop but every new product launched urges them to shop it. Sephora understands the love for makeup women have and has hence housed all premium class makeup products under one-roof at affordable rates.

Whether it’s a working women or housewife, no one can leave their house without their bag equipped with their routine makeup buddies. Considering how important the daily wear makeup products are to ladies, we decided to pick out 5 handy products that can easily be placed in your bag.

Ok, before we get started with the products picked, let’s first talk about savings, which is also equally important to shoppers. To get the maximum savings on your shopping, join hands with CollectOffers.com to bag attractive Sephora discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Hmmm, now that savings is discussed and you all are happy with the note of getting extra savings, now let’s take a look at the products available.

Colorful Blushcloseup_fea3a58b19c793f8c1ebf3ac12bc0ba090170202_1447845669_FUL-BLUSH-15-12-SOSURPR_WEBKeep in your bag the Colorful Blush by Sephora Collection available at 20% off. The Blush comes in shimmer and matte shades as well.

Colorful Shadow & Linercloseup_4ce8ba369e94367c734d9ce356b333f5b84af612_1460611142_Colorful-Shadow-_-Liner-35Last minute party plan? No issue as the Colorful Shadow & Liner in your bag can define your eyes beautifully. The liner from the Sephora collection comes at 20% off.

Outrageous Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstickzoom_07e1875042618e8ce6ad9f3e3fae65c9a7e8b5bb_1447842536_OUTRAGEOUS-ROUGE-LPK-14-7-BURGUNDY_WEBMake your lips look sultry and juicy with the Outrageous Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick available at Sephora Collection at 20% off.

Long Lasting Kholzoom_cb40443c4957acba7c0cf95a1881aeb79f77086b_1447839846_Long-Lasting-Kohl-Pencil_WEBEye makeup is incomplete without khol, so induct the Long Lasting Khol from Sephora Collection available at 20% off. The khol contains the extracts of corn flower for smoother texture.

Eau De Toilettezoom_5dd8aec5304cad6ed93a5f33235cb66b3b4b4dfd_1447838661_Eau-de-toilette-Mango_WEBNothing is as beautiful as a pleasing smell, hence include the Eau De Toilette from Sephora Collection in your kitty. The handy perfume stick is easy to place in your bag and comes at 20% off.

Well, now that these products are so affordable and easy to carry, you can place them in your bag and always be ready for any prompt event!

Redefine Your Fashion Statement With Impressive Sunglasses From Lazada

Planning for vacation? Are you sure you have packed everything important, such as stoles, footwear, your favorite dresses? Well, we guess you have given a miss to something really important. We are talking about your lovely sunnies, which add an extra glam to your look. In case you don’t have one or are bored with the old ones, then get a pair of new and stylish sunglasses from Southeast Asia’s prominent online fashion store, Lazada.

They might be petty but definitely play a big role in enhancing your looks. Yeah, sunglasses have the charm to effortlessly make you look classy and trendy. Whether you are at beach, mountains or on a ride with your friends a pair of sunnies can be your best travel companion.

Lazada cares for its shoppers, hence, houses numerous designer shades under one roof at affordable rates. Like Lazada we also care for shoppers and our readers, thus we want to share with them a secret recipe to save maximum on their shopping!

Shopping plus saving plus more saving is like a cherry on the cake, and to enjoy this cherry you will have to simply make friends with CollectOffers.com, which houses ample of Lazada discount coupon codes and voucher codes just for you all.

Let’s take a view at the collection.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster SunglasseshawksbillPack your bags and wear the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses available at Lazada at 55% off and girl you’re ready to explore the world. The sunglasses features hawksbill frame and olive green lenses.

Diesel Unisex Sunglasses redwhitebordBuy the Diesel Unisex Sunglasses from Lazada to put a strong impact on onlookers. The sunglasses at Lazada are available at 77% off.

Reflected Polarized SunglassesmettalGaze the world in style with reflected polarized sunglasses available at Lazada at 85% off. The beautiful sunglasses at Lazada offer 100% UV imitation.

Lacoste Glasses Women- TortoisetotoiseFor casual wear you can buy the Lacoste Glasses Women- Tortoise. The sunglasses at Lazada features plastic frame and are available at 68% off.

Bad Girl Gold pinkGold is always bold and beautiful whether it’s used in apparels or in sunglasses. Yes, include the Bad Girl Gold sunglasses at Lazada to your collection and move out in style. The sunglasses at Lazada are available at 50% off.

Classic Cat Eye Designer Sunglassesclassic eyewearYour collection is incomplete if you don’t own a Classic Cat Eye Designer Sunglasses available at Lazada at 28% off. The sunglasses at Lazada are made up of Metal + Resin.

Hmmm, why wait when fashion comes at affordable rates at Lazada!

Father’s Day Special: Revamp Your Dad’s Summer Wardrobe With Shirts From Yoox

Thinking of something cool and innovative to offer your father this Father’s Day? How about giving him a pleasant surprise by inducting some new members in his closet? Yeah, this Father’s Day you could get indulged in the overhauling of your dad’s wardrobe by gifting him a collection of smart summer shirts available at Southeast Asia’s renowned online fashion store, Yoox.

Sounds cool? Well, we bet that it will also prove to be a great idea and you will get to see your father happy and smiling! Yoox houses a collection of beautiful and smart shirts, which are in trend.

Unlike children, dads don’t follow much of the fashion trend but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to! So you can help your father be in style by gifting him some cool shirts apt for this summer season.

Now that you all are thinking so much for you father, we decided to share with you a way with which you can save maximum bucks on your purchase. Yes, join hands with CollectOffers.com and you can avail attractive Yoox discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Want to take a look at the amazing collection at Yoox? Let’s get started.

Maroon Shirt By WranglermaroonInduct some lively shades in your dad’s wardrobe by buying him maroon color short sleeves shirt by Wrangler. The shirt features two pockets and is available at 18% off.

Selected Homme ShirtbechshirtIs your dad a beach lover? Then include the Selected Homme Shirt available at Yoox in his wardrobe as it has the sense to make him feel relax on his holidays. Shoppers can get it at

Dark Blue Shirt By 8CaptureThe dark blue geometric print shirt by 8 available at Yoox is also a good piece to get added in your father’s summer styling. Made up of cotton blend fabric, the shirt is available at 31% off.

Sky Blue Shirt By 8blueSky blue is a color very much in trend this summer so include the sky blue color shirt from 8 available at Yoox at 31% off. The cotton shirt at Yoox features short sleeves and single pocket.

Check Shirt WranglerwranglerNow that you will add a plain and printed shirt in your dad’s closet why miss out a nice check shirt. Yes, buy the slate blue check shirt by Wrangler and make you father’s summer wardrobe complete. The shirt available at Yoox comes at 12% off.

Like the collection? Why wait buy them quickly for your real life superhero!

Keep Your Feet Happy With Stylish Footwear From Lazada!

You know what we fashion lovers have to face a big dilemma when buying shoes, as if we buy stylish shoes then comfort gets lost and if give priority to comfort then have to let go style. But you know what, Indonesia’s renowned online store, Lazada has found out a solution to our big problem by offering stylish yet comfortable footwear.

Delightful fashion update isn’t it? Well, then that’s why we are here for! Lazada houses some of the best flat sandals, which have elegant design and comfortable soles.

The footwear available at Lazada will compliment all your dresses and will also make you look cool and trendy. The designs of the footwear will strike all the fashion lovers, who have a keen taste for fashion.

Though such stylish pair of sandals available at Lazada ought to be expensive, but as Lazada cares for its shoppers, it has levied attractive discounts over them. Not too forget, that CollectOffers.com is also your friend, when you want to avail attractive Lazada discount coupon codes or voucher codes.

Hmmm, now when you are clear with how to shop and where to shop from, let’s get started with the glimpse of the collection available at Lazada.

Yutaka Flat Women’s ShoesblckMade up of synthetic leather, the Yutaka Flat Women’s Shoes in black are available at Lazada 55% off. The loafer kind of shoes at Lazada is available in three more colors.

Strap Sandal Xena WomenredblackCrafted out of Suede and rubber, the Strap Sandal Xena Women by Femine is worth adding to your style quotient as they are comfortable and elegant at the same time. Buy them from Lazada at 52% off.

Catenzo High Heels WedgesjjSpruce up your look with Catenzo High Heels Wedges available at Lazada at 35% off. You can team them up with skirts or cool summer dresses.

Yutaka Flat ShoesblueMove out with your friends in style or be the trendsetter in your collage with Yutaka Flat Shoes available at Lazada. Made up of synthetic leather the shows are available at 58% off.

Strap Sandal WomenredcremlinMake your feet look beautiful in the Strap Sandal by Cremline available at Lazada at 59% off. Made up of suede leather the footwear are durable and trendy.

Still, you need more reasons to shop these beautiful pair of sandals?

Awesome Twosome: At Lazada Get Heavy Discounts on Men & Women Traditional Apparels!

Like simplicity has its own charm, similarly traditional apparels have their own appeal so on the presence of holy month of Ramadan, Indonesia’s popular online shopping store, Lazada has launched hefty discounts over traditional men and women clothing.

The collection at Lazada is appropriate to wear in this month of fasting and feasting as the vibrant colors and stylish designs will make you elegant and neat. Also, you will look perfect partners because the collection at Lazada for men and women is very much color-coordinated.

The traditional dresses at Lazada are a perfect blend of ethnic and contemporary, means donning those dresses will keep you in trend and may also make you the talk of the town!

Keep aside the budget problem as CollectOffers.com is there to offer you ample of Lazada discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Let’s take a look at the collection.

Batik Solo Batik Red Blouse Putri Ayu Putri Ayu SoloredRed is an amazing color and looks great when wore casually or traditionally. So buy the Batik Solo Batik Red Blouse Putri Ayu Putri Ayu Solo from Lazada available at 38% off. The dress is crafted out of silk material. For men, the shirt is made up of same pattern with half sleeves.

Batik Blouse Putri Ayu Kartini in GreengreenThe green color Batik Blouse Putri Ayu Kartini in Green is great to wear on traditional occasion. The dress crafted out of Prada Semisutra and velvet is available at 20% off. The dress combo, includes same design and color short for men.

Batik Solo Batik Blouse Putri Ayu Putri Ayu In BlueblueStep out in the beautiful blue color Batik Solo Batik Blouse Putri Ayu Putri Ayu dress available at Lazada. The dress is made up of semi-silk and velvet and is available at 38% off.

Putri Ayu Batik Batik Blouse Blackc2Made up of cotton velvet, the Putri Ayu Batik Batik Blouse Black dress at Lazada is elegant and classy. Shoppers can get it at 38% off. Made up of same material the men’s shirt has short sleeves.

Putri Ayu Batik Solo Batik Blouse SoloCaptureThe Chocolate brown color Putri Ayu Batik Solo Batik Blouse Solo dress from Lazada is made up of semi-silk and velvet. The shirt for men with the same material has short sleeves. Shoppers can get this combo dress at 38% off.

So be a perfect couple and move out together in these combo apparels available at Lazada.

Style Pick: Get Your Right Pair Of Footwear From Zalora At Discounted Rates

Is it true that a right pair of shoes can actually make you look classy and sophisticated effortlessly? Well, then you should not let go the beautiful footwear available at Indonesia’s renowned online store, Zalora. Yeah, the popular online fashion store clubs some of the best pair of shoes at affordable rates.

Female fashion lovers can’t compromise with their look or comfort, hence, Zalora has clubbed some premium quality footwear, which have the charm to woo any finicky shopper.

Following the summer trend, the renowned fashion house has a wide variety of sandals that will go well with all kind of summer dresses whether it’s a skater dress, crop top, midi or mini or any other apparel.

Forget about the budget issue as CollectOffers.com is there to help you in availing maximum savings by bagging attractive Zalora discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Want to take a look at the collection? There we go.

Ankle Strap Heeled Sandalsblack
Heels always attract women, so buy the Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals from Zalora available at 10% off. The taupe color heels are great to wear on personal as well as professional front.

Ankle Strap Wedge SandalsbrownzaloraInclude the Ankle Strap Wedge Sandals in your styling to look neat and trendy. Shoppers can get the brown color footwear from Zalora at 10% off.

Block Heeled SandalsburgundyThe burgundy color beautiful Block Heeled Sandals from Zalora are appropriate enough to wear at evening parties or get together. Shoppers can get it from Zalora at 13% off.

Ankle Strap Ballerinas CaptureGreat for daily wear or formal wear, the Ankle Strap Ballerinas With Micro Studs Details are worth getting included to your styling. Available at Zalora the footwear can be bought at 7% off.

T-Strap Wedge SandalsgagThe T-Strap Wedge Sandals at Zalora are apt to make you look graceful as well as stylish. The beautiful footwear made up of suede leather are available at 13% off.

Well, now that Zalora has so many comfortable footwears at discounted rates, why waste time thinking? Hurry up!

Summer Delight: Pick Boho Maxi Dresses From Lazada To Look Cool & Stylish

Feel easy and relaxed in the stylish and trendy Boho Maxi dresses, in vogue this season. Now thinking where to get the best of these modish dresses? Worry not as Indonesia’s renowned online store, Lazada has lined up an exclusive range of Boho Maxi dresses.

Why Boho Maxi dresses and not the simple ones? Well, summer urge us to live comfortably and beach parties in summers are quite common so making Boho Maxi dresses your fashion partner will be more fruitful as they are way more vivacious, trendier and chic in comparison to the regular elegant and sober maxi dresses, that don’t bring out the wild side of yours 😉 .

Lazada houses some of the best and trendiest collection of Boho maxi dresses at affordable and discounted rates. However, if you wish to save more make CollectOffers.com your shopping partner. CO is the only destination, where shoppers can get numerous Lazada discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Let’s take a view at the collection of Lazada.

Boho Women Sleeveless Long DressbohodressblueThe breathable fabric of the Boho Women Sleeveless Long Dress can keep you comfortable all day long. The dress which is available at 50% off features round neck.

Bohemian Chiffon Long SleevelessredbohomaxidressThe vibrant color Bohemian Chiffon Long Sleeveless is perfect to set your party mood. Get this dress from Lazada at 70% off and don it to an evening beach party, to rule the hearts.

Vintage Boho Floral Print Split Long DressbohodressLook majestic in the Vintage Boho Floral Print Split Long Dress available at Lazada at 58% off. The dress features a split and v-neckline.

Bohenmian Lace Strap Chiffon Maxi DressmaxidressbohoThe Bohenmian Lace Strap Chiffon Maxi Dress can make you look sophisticated and chic simultaneously. Lazada offers the dress at 73% off.

Boho Long Maxi Evening Party DressbeachbohodressBe the attraction in the beach party with Boho Long Maxi Evening Party Dress available at Lazada. Made up of polyester the dress has a regular fit.

So shoppers don’t waste your time and grab these smart, sexy and stylish dresses from Lazada.

5 must have make-up products from Zalora

Chin up sweetie, you are beautiful! Yes, this has to be the spirit every woman should hold as hey! We are God’s most beautiful creation and have the charm to woo anyone. ;p However, to help the fashion lovers of Indonesia to look more charismatic, prominent online fashion store, Zalora is up with some cool make-up products that will enhance your beauty.

No women today leave home without putting her basic makeup essentials in her bag. So it’s time to replace your old beauty besties with new and efficient make-up goodies by Zalora, which can be easily carried along.

Zalora houses something for all make-up addicted ladies but I figured out 5 promising products that can be used daily to give you all a complete look. If you are figuring out how much your budget will be hampered then worry not as CollectOffers.com is there to serve you ample of Zalora discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Coming back to the topic, let’s take a glimpse of the five important beauty products.

Natural BB Two Way PackbeautystoryEasy to carry in your hand bags or clutch bag the Natural BB Two Way Pack by Beauty Story from Zalora is apt to give you a natural look. Available at 9% off the Natural BB Two Way Pack gives you flawless skin.

Smooth and Luminous PrimerprimerroseHighlight your cheek bones with Smooth And Luminous Primer by Beauty story available at Zalora. Shoppers can avail it from Zalora at 9% off.

Sweet and Chic Lipstick Roseocral redKeep your lips shiny and smooth, with Sweet and Chic Lipstick Rose by Beauty Story available at Zalora at 9% off. The red color lipstick at Zalora will make you look chic and hot.

Eyeliner Line UpCaptureDefine your eyes with Eyeliner Line Up by Beauty Story available at Zalora at 9% off. The flexible brush tip of the liner enables easy application.

Fun Trio Eye Shadow Light SmokeyeyeshadowFor daily wear you need light eye shadow palette, hence, buy Fun Trio Eye Shadow Light Smokey from Beauty Story to highlight your eyes every day. You get this from Zalora at 9% off.

So all my women readers, who are addicted to make-up, be quick to make these wonderful cosmetic products yours from Zalora at discounted rates.

Dresses from Zalora wooing fashionolics of Indonesia

‘I don’t do fashion, I AM fashion’, well this is the kind of attitude every woman should hold when stepping out and the world will be beneath her. The phrase I have used is not evolved in my head but yes it has certainly made a strong position there and so I have shared it with all my lovely readers. Those women who love to explore new fashion ideas can calm their thirst at Indonesia’s renowned online store, Zalora. Zalora houses the best and exclusive apparels trending.

Being fashionable is like being creative, as only creative minds can bring out new fashion ideas. In a bid to stand tall before all fashion lovers, Zalora houses a premium line of apparels that every woman must include.

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Come let’s take a look at the attractive collection at Zalora.

Colour Blocked Hem Fit& Flare DresscolorblockedhemLook sophisticated with the solid color Hem Fit& Flare Dress at Zalora. The sober striped dress is great to wear at formal events. Shop the cool dress from Zalora at 13% off.

Off Shoulder PlaysuitoffshoulderplaysuitLook hep and happening donning the Off Shoulder Playsuit available at Zalora 17% off. The trendy jumpsuit is apt to give you chic look and look mesmerizing.

Belted Pencil DressreddressBring some life to your boring office styling with the Belted Pencil Dress from Zalora. The body con dress makes you look elegant and appealing. Shoppers can get this dress from Zalora at 14% off.

Angled Shawl BlazerCapturePut a strong and appealing impact on your staff members with Angled Shawl Blazer from Zalora. The beige color regular fitted blazer will suit all body type. Grab it from Zalora at 33% off.

Flap Pocket Detail Mini DressminidressBe simple, be trendy with Flap Pocket Detail Mini Dress from Zalora available at 55% off. Made up of Polyester fabric the dress has regular fitting and detailing on waist line.

So, ladies include these lovely dresses to your closet and move out with chin up.

Enhance your look with stylish clutch bags from Zalora

To look at their best women take hours to get ready but not many realize that their accessories like bags can be a great option to make them look appealing and stylish. Understanding the importance of bags in women’s styling, Indonesia’s online fashion store, Zalora has lined up an exclusive range of bags and clutches.

Big handbags are not liked by many of the women as they are troublesome to carry. However, carrying a cool clutch bag can make your look complete and more alluring.

The compact clutch bags now are spacious enough to carry all your essential items like phone, comb, lip color, compact powder and etc. Zalora knows that women like fewer complications in their styling hence it has availed an exclusive range of spacious and trendy clutch bags.

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Let’s take a view at the collection at Zalora.

Bag Purse Women Timberclutch bagThe brown color satin clutch bag from Karen and Chloe is a great option to enhance your look when going at formal event. The Bag Purse Women Timber at Zalora has adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. The bag features zip Interior and smartphone Pockets and is available at 40% off.

Fanny Pink Python Snakeskin Clutchclutch bag pinkThose who like to buy bags of rare kind can pick Fanny Pink Python Snakeskin Clutch by Angel Lin from Zalora. The pink color snakeskin bag is made up of 100% genuine exotic python snakeskin. The handmade bag at Zalora is available at 76% off.

Swarovski Alandrea Metallic Clutchclutch bag sequinecedShine at party with Swarovski Alandrea Metallic Clutch by Meitavi’s available at Zalora. The silver color clutch with Swarovski work can be bought at 20% off.

Pompom Clutchbeaded bagTo look best at shack parties or on ccasualbeach outing buy Pompom Clutch by Nila Anthony available at Zalora at 40% off.

Muffin Bag PurseCaptureBe a style queen with Muffin Bag Purse by Karen and Chloe at Zalora. The printed smart clutch at Zalora is available at 40% off. The bag features two pockets one for smartphone and other for coins.

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Get ready to be the style queen with modish jumpsuits from BerryBenka

I know it’s everyday struggle of a woman to look different and voguish but it is not an easy job as one can get tired of experimenting with looks. So what about including some cool designer apparels to your closet which are comfortable, stylish and not too expensive? Hmmm, already liking the idea? Well, Indonesia’s renowned online shopping store, BerryBenka has lined up a wide range of classy jumpsuits that can make you look ‘WOW’ every day.

There are so many options in jumpsuits that no one can look the same every day. Whether you want jumpsuits till knee length or ankle length, all are available at BerryBenka at affordable rates.

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Jumpsuits give you the comfort to walk any way you want and the confidence to stand differently. Let’s see what stylish collection is available at BerryBenka to lure fashion lovers.

Ducan Jumpsuitducan jumpsuitLet your style speak with Ducan Jumpsuit from BerryBenka. The trendy jumpsuit features a wrap closure on the front. You can get it from BerryBenka at 27% off.

Candy Jumpsuitpurple jumpsuitLook smart and simple with the Candy Jumpsuit available at BerryBenka. The jumpsuit features contrast golden buttons and drawstring detail section of the waist. Shoppers can get it from BerryBenka at 25% off.

Vc Collar Short Pant JumpsuitgreyjumpsuitLook chic in the Vc Collar Short Pant Jumpsuit available at BerryBenka. The v-neck short jumpsuit with collar can be brought from BerryBenka at 25% off.

Jordan JumpsuitlookboutiquestoreGet the breathtaking look by donning Jordan Jumpsuit available at BerryBenka. The peplum design jumpsuit is great to be donned at evening parties. Grab it from BerryBenka at 205 off.

Emboss Luna JumpsuitprintedjumpsuitsAdd the Emboss Luna Jumpsuit to your closet for casual wearing. The printed jumpsuit is perfect to be donned at casual outings. Get it from BerryBenka at 30% off.

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With Contemporary Designer Muslim Wear from Zalora Be A Style Icon

Never though that traditional Muslim wear, could evolve so cool in the coming years. Yes, the typical Muslim dresses fondly donned by Southeast Asian women have now become quite trendy and appealing that too without any skin show. To let fashion lovers of Indonesia avail these stylish Muslim wears easily, renowned online fashion store, Zalora has lined up a wide range of Muslim dresses.

Adding a little more life to the boring and typical Muslim dresses, the designer has crafted some silhouette that can make a woman look glamorous even after being dressed up from head to toe. The flare, ground touching gowns, finely designed is now luring fashion lovers.

Accumulating some of the best and elegant designs under one-roof, Zalora has made a point to give away shoppers the latest attires at affordable rates. From floral prints to lace work Muslim clothes all are available at Zalora.

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Let’s take a glimpse of the wide range of Muslim apparels at Zalora.

Haisan Gamishyellow greenThe Haisan Gamish by Naura at Zalora is great for daily wear and has an ability to make you look stylish and trendy. The cotton, green colored apparel at Zalora is available at 50% off.

Festive GamiswhitedressThe Festive robe by FAME is another great piece for fashion lovers who love to experiment with their style. The long sleeves white color dress at Zalora has a detailed waist band which makes the dress really appealing. Zalora offers the lovely broken white dress at 70% off.

MaliyamonochromedressThe monochrome dress from AISYAH is another great apparel to be added in one’s Muslim Collection. The black and white dress by AISYAH has a regular fitting and has a front zip fastening. Zalora offers the dress at 15% off.

Fawzan GamisnauraThe pretty and elegant white and floral printed by Naura is great to be donned on casual outings or formally. The lovely dress has snap front and long sleeves. Shoppers can get it from Zalora at 53% off.

Diagonal Layanah VintagegreyOld but old is the concept of this Diagonal Layanah Vintage dress at Zalora. The traditional attire which has the touch of modernity, make the dress very distinguish.

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