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Your Baby Needs These Babycare Products For Well Being!

From the birth of a child till his growth life is full of sacrifices which parents do while caring at each and every step for their baby. You just can’t let go of your baby nurturing and think of anything else. Especially after the birth of a child, the first few months are very important as it provides your child perfect shape of everything from hair to head shaping.

You need to buy certain products that help your child in his growth. These products are specially made for your babies keeping all essentials in it so that these help in your child sustaining. Your child needs many essential items such as massage oil which makes your child bones strong, baby shampoo for his hair, baby wipes, feeding plates and many more.

To buy these items go to Groupon and shop for your babies with a number of items available that will provide your child with every basic neccessary items.

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Don’t think any further and just check below these items that will help your child to nurture.

Mustela Hydra-Bebe Face Cream or Baby Shampoo And Massage Oil

This cream is made with natural extracts & proprietary blend of Avocado Perseose that aids in fortifying skin’s natural defenses & cellular health. The cream is made in France, with patented natural ingredient- Avocado Perseose: protects & moisturizes skin. It is free from parabens, phthalates & phenoxyethanol.

California Baby Bug Repellent Spray / Bubble Bath / Mask

A safe and natural alternative to toxic bug repellent chemicals. DEET free, natural, hypoallergenic formula repels fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies while it soothes existing bites with organic aloe vera, yucca, Irish moss and herbs that are specific to soothing the skin. The ultra-concentrated formula can clean your body and hair gently and effectively. 2 in 1 shampoo & bodywash is the perfect product for sensitive or newborn skins

Packs of Compressed Towel

The Compressed towel that expands when soaked in water is very helpful for babies. It is biodegradable and recyclable. Hypo-allergenic with no alcohol, Safe to use for facial cleansing, as a napkin, or on babies. Uses natural, organic, and renewable plant-based material. It is very often used for babies as any other cloth may harm babies skin.

Silicone Anti-slip Child Plate

This anti slip child plate is non-toxic, safe for children. As it is anti-slip & heat-resistant your babies can eat comfortably. And for mothers it is very easy to clean. Make sure the next time you give food to your child on this plate only.

Animal-Themed Hooded Towel

The bathrobes for use after shower, at the beach, or at the pool. Poncho-style hooded towels made with absorbent 100% cotton. It comes with a strap for a personalised fit. It is perfectly suitable for any babies and kids up to 7 years old. Your baby is protected in this bathrobe and will feel good in it too.


Let Your Baby Enjoy A Joyous Time With These Bathing Essentials

Bath time can be a lot of fun with new babies, if you know what you are doing! Almost all babies love water and hence bath time. We need to ensure that the babies have fun while they are in it! With small babies, you also need to be careful about how you bathe them, what products you use, is it safe, phew, the pressure!

Don’t worry! We are here to help and make sure you have the right products for the baby for their bath time!
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Here are a few products we recommend for your tiny tot!

Bath Tubgreen tubBath tub is an absolute essential for your little baby’s bath time! The baby fits snugly into the tub and it’s a much better alternative than trying to bathe them in the big tub while holding them tight. The Newborn to Toddler bath tub is perfect as it grows with your child. It has anti skid armrest and ant slippery base. Available at Lazada for RM 129, at a 32% discount.

ToiletriesdisneyWell if you out your kid in the bad, you got to clean him or her too! For that you need a mild shampoo and body wash to make your kid squeaky clean! This toiletries kit from Disney is just perfect. It comes with a head to toe body wash, baby powder and baby cream to ensure that your kid is clean and well moisturised. Available at Lazada for RM 13.90, at a 26% discount.

Bath Shower CapsyellowThis invention is a god send for mothers. You can now rest assured that your baby is not going to get any shampoo in her or his eyes. This cap fits snugly on your baby’s head and makes sure that all the shampoo and water pours away from the baby’s face into the tub. It comes in adjustable size and can fit from small babies to toddlers. Available at Lazada for RM 11.29.

Toysduck copyBath toys can make your kid’s bath time more fun! If your kid does not like a bath, then toys might make it bearable for him or her! The rubber yellow duck floats in water and keeps your kid entertained while you clean her or him. Nice way to keep your child’s mind occupied in the bath! The squeaky yellow duck toy is a classic and a must buy! Available at Lazada for RM 17.85 at a 49% discount.

Bathrobegreen bathing robeYep, that’s right! A bathrobe for that tiny angel! Carry your baby from the bathroom to the nursery in style! Instead of a towel, wrap her or him up in a bathrobe. This bathrobe in owl pattern looks totally adorable and is a must buy! Available at Lazada for RM 53.90 at a 51% discount.

Baby Gifts Which Will Make You Say Awwsome!

Babies are undoubtedly special. Whether you are a parent, uncle, aunt or grandparent they equally fill in our lives with happiness and entertainment. Whenever they are around, we are so much involved with them but you know what? The biggest and toughest job is to find a gift for these little angles.

They are so tender and small that we cannot take chances in picking up just anything for them. No compromises are acceptable when choosing something for babies, as their crying faces can never make us feel happy.

However, there is someone more who is as cautious as us while picking stiff for babies. Guess who? Well, they are renowned online kids’ store, Foxysales and Lazada, where shoppers can get beautiful baby gifts and every essential stuff required in a kid’s daily life. How can it happen that kids’ store not let toddlers feel special? Yes, these online retailers, offers frequent discounts on baby products and gifts.

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Let’s see what gift you can pick for your houses’ little bundle of joy.

I’M A Princess Cupcake Kitcupcake setIf you are a brother to a little baby doll then gifting her I’M A Princess Cupcake Kit by Meri Meri is an ideal gift. The kit available at Foxysales comes at 20% off.

Mosquito Bug Safe Mesh Net Full Cover for BabyPramspramEvery baby needs little extra care, so gifting the Mosquito Bug Safe Mesh Net Full Cover for BabyPrams is also a great idea. You can shop it from Lazada at 49% off.

Socks Hand Wrist Set for Baby MulticolorsocksKids wearing colorful clothes and accessories look super cute, so you can also gift Socks Hand Wrist Set for Baby Multicolor set available at Lazada at 67% off.

Nightlight Nursery nurseryGrowing kids especially girls, love to play with kitchen sets or other play sets so gifting the Sylvanian Families Nightlight Nursery set to your little angel and see how she enjoys playing it.

Sugar Baby Bubbly Elephant BatherbatherGifting the Sugar Baby Bubbly Elephant Bather is also a cool idea as this is one thing that will definitely get utilized and will also add some comfort to baby’s lifestyle. Shop it from Lazada at 34% off.

So if you are looking for some pretty and affordable gifts for babies or kids then hurry up and log on to Foxysales or Lazada.