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Outdoor Games At Lazada Apt To Make Your Kids Active And Healthy

Isn’t it a lovely scene when you see a bunch of kids playing outdoor? The noise they make the little fights they share and then unite over something is so innocent and delightful. However, now technology has seized these joyous moments by making kids addicted to more indoor games, which leads to an unhealthy life. Enabling you all to bring some energy back in your kids life, Lazada has housed a wide range of outdoor toys.

The prominent online store of Southeast Asia clubs a variety of outdoor toys ranging from skateboards, scooters to basketball, in short there is everything that can interest your kid.

I know that you are thinking why to shop from the online store when can go around in market to buy them? Well, I can give you two major reasons why online shopping can be fruitful for you all.

Firstly, its saves time coz you will not have to juggle between shops to find the best quality product. Secondly, you can get attractive discounts at Lazada, which you can surely not get anywhere else.

Still, if the reasons are less then I have another important and tempting one, which is perfect to woo you all. While shopping online, make collectoffers.com your shopping partner to avail attractive discount coupon codes and voucher codes. Hmm, now you got it why was I emphasizing on online shopping! 🙂

So shall we take a look at the products available? Great.

1Pair Finger Roller Skates0
Is your kid a fan of ice skating? Well then gifting him/her the Finger roller skates will be a great idea.

Inflatable Basketball Hoops6
Make your kid a basketball champ by gifting him/her the Inflatable Basketball Hoops available at Lazada.

Kids Scooter4
Buy your lazy bone a nice kid’s scooter to boost some activeness in his life! You can get plenty of options in kids’ scooter at Lazada.

Kids Archery Bow and Arrow Set 3
The Kids Archery Bow and Arrow Set at Lazada is another great option to gift your child. Who knows he/she turn up to be a great archer?

Dual Soccer Goal Sets2
Your kid can be the next Ronaldo, so gift him the Dual Soccer Goal Sets to polish his skills.

Give Your Kids A Makeover With These Stylish Clothes And Shoes

Gone are the days when we used to dress kids in hand me downs or plain simple clothes just because “They would outgrow them so soon!”

Dressing up cool and dressing up stylish are no longer for just the uber rich or the super famous kids anymore. Fashion Kids these days want to look up to date as much as their parents, and rightfully so! Kids are their own person and want their clothing to reflect their spirit and individuality. The clothes should reflect their personality and it also lends a sense of confidence in the kid at a very early age.

Despite what the kid wants, we, as parents, want our kids to be comfortable too and bend towards choosing clothes that scream comfort over style. Well, if you thought parenting was restricted to just putting your kids through school, think again! You got to strike a balance between what your kids wants versus what you want for them, even in matters such as fashion.

The plethora of options we have for kids nowadays is mind boggling and with such big designers entering the foray coming up with their boho stylizing ideas for the kids exclusively for the online shopping stores, the prices match the options! Do not worry about that as long as you have collectoffers.com by your side. CollectOffers is partnering with Indonesia’s most prominent online shopping destinations to offer you an exclusive opportunity to turn your kids in the style icons.

Either you wish to have a branded pieces of sweet silhouettes for your baby or you are looking to go unique way tapping some local but highly revered fashion boutique CollectOffers knows no disappointment. Be you in love with Zalora or you may have your interest in Lazada, CollectOffers brings in most recognized stores and labels from Yoox, ezbuy as well as Qoo10 that comes up with excellent choices for kids wear and will accompany these choices with great offers on the merchandise.

T-shirt for Him5If your kid is a superhero fan, then this t-shirt is a must try! Available in comfortable cotton, your kid will be super comfortable and stylish at the same time. Wear the t-shirt with shorts or plain old jeans. For a more evening look, we suggest you team it up with a blazer for the ultimate super-hero feel. Choose your super-hero from superman or batman.

Low-Tops for Him2From the fall-winter collection of Lumberjack comes these amazing low-tops. The camouflage print balanced by bright yellow will make your kid stand out. These shoes are super comfy and can be easily paired with any ensemble. Grab your pair.

Skirt for Her3This skirt by Sarah Jane is cute, peppy and fun! Team up this skirt with a flowery top or a sweatshirt, the result will be the same….a super cute girl! The material is comfortable on the skin and is a must buy. Available in 8 colors, take your pick from what suits you baby girl best!

High-Tops for Her4This suede leather, camouflaged high-tops is a stunning design from Timberland. These shoes have the caliber to be the statement of any attire. Team these shoes up with one of those printed leggings or even some nice shorts to highlight the high-tops. A fringed skirt with these shoes is sure to grab some attention. Get your pair.

Denim Pants1These denim pants by Name It ooze style from every seam! The stylish cut, comfortable material, strategically placed pockets, the quote, all these little things add up to transform the look of plain old denims. Your kid can wear it to school, at a birthday party, at an evening out, anything. Team it up with any t-shirt to complete the look.