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Wakeup For Makeup When Heavy Discounts Are Waiting For You!

Women can take a long walk to the makeup aisle, right? As that is one place where they can’t get bored or even feel like coming back as every innovative beauty product attracts them.

However, beauty does not come cheaper and its shopping bill often gives you a mini heart attack 😉 But we can let you know some ideal shopping destination where you can find the best quality cosmetics at affordable rates.

Online shopping store Zalora and Sephora offer beautyholics a wide range of makeup products at affordable rates. Also, the shoppers there can enjoy discount offers, frequently available.

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Now let’s see what beauty products are available for you all at discounted rates.

Concealing Treatment StickcocealerPatches or spots, ruining your facial look? Get the Concealing Treatment Stick available at Zalora at 10% off. The concealer has Vitamin E & beeswax.

Creme to Powder Foundationzoom_229bd2d2e9877c11b873ce03aed871ec1246bce1_1415347095_Mocha-96011478Even your skin tone with Creme to Powder Foundation, by Sleek Makeup, available at Sephora at 15% off. The powder foundation has oil-free emulsion, allows for convenient blending and provides long-lasting wear.

Nude Eyeshadow Palettezoom_52716f41271c113e04cc201f04d66d31867404d1_1421126321_nudetude_naughty_300Nude makeup is the latest cool so include the Nude Eyeshadow Palette by The Balm. The palette available at Sephora at 15% off can be applied wet or dry.

K-POP 24HR Auto Gel EyelinereyelinerDefine your beautiful eyes with K-POP 24HR Auto Gel Eyeliner from Shimmer. The eyeliner can be taken at 20% off from Zalora.

True Colour Lipstickzoom_ce70f2c465f68ff3ddc819460e6552a18b3f988b_1415343482_Coral-Reef-96017920Makeup is incomplete until you wear a pleasant color lipstick. Buy the True Colour Lipstick by Sleek Makeup from Sephora to save 15% off.

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Sephora Welcomes Singaporeans to Pick Innovative Makeup Products At Discounted Rates!

‘Wake up for makeup’ is the latest mantra by Southeast Asia’s popular online beauty store, Sephora, which is offering an abundant amount of discounts over various attractive makeup products.

Sounds exciting right? We know it’s always delightful for women shoppers to know about discounts and when it’s over makeup then it is like having a cherry on the cake.

Sephora clubs an exclusive range of premium quality makeup products under one roof, which makes it easier for the shopper to explore, compare and buy.

Makeup is part of every woman’s routine; hence, women are always very choosy about it. Also, beauty lovers make sure that their makeup kit is in sync with the latest makeup trend so that they don’t come under the radar of fashion police!

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It’s time to take a glimpse over the products available.

Maifanshi Moisture Foundationzoom_cea0d2f430d9ec2607dd2b9f73e22e00b64db4f4_1408004024_KGD_moisturef-001Every woman needs a foundation but hates when it becomes patchy so include the Maifanshi Moisture Foundation available at Sephora at 10% off.

Style Eye-Con – Plush Shadowzoom_41a6c7f86e549ddb92ae6313aec411cfc16d6219_1446407229_STYLE_EYE-CON_NO._3_THE_GLAM_108Beautify your eyes with Style Eye-Con No.3 – Plush Shadow by Marc Jacobs Beauty available at Sephora at 16% off. The shadow palette has three shades.

Defining Eyelinerzoom_8df2b12c9b8dac2faec0b72e33bae46a750b2b23_1406197956_Defining_20Eyeliner_20-_20Deep_20BlackEye liners are very much in fashion these days so include the Defining Eyeliner available at Sephora at 15% off.

Kiss Pop Lipstickzoom_f546cd4265fd5f698ff671a31154fef6d989c121_1446407089_COLOR_Crush_610_-_tangerine_redMake is incomplete without a lip color, so buy the Kiss Pop Lipstick available at Sephora and get 17% off. The bright color lipstick by Marc Jacobs Beauty is apt to make you look chic.

Mascara Terrybly zoom_096b319930a680d08552ab5943416533bcc6e7c3_1433475985_Mascara-Terrybly-Black-Parti-PrisYour eye makeup is incomplete without the touch of mascara so induct the Mascara Terrybly in your beauty kit to get gorgeous eyes. Shop it from Sephora at 15% off.

Lip and Cheek Dual Pencilzoom_7eee4c8c2be6aff4fe44c96fe29eec4cf0c8b120_1447236244_nude6_WEBNude makeup, is the latest makeup trend and to get it perfectly, include the Lip and Cheek Dual Pencil by Nudestix available at Sephora at 27% off.

So ladies get started with shopping and be the first one to step out in swagg!

Nail Down Your Look With 5 Beautiful Nail Paints From Zalora!

You know when a woman is actually helpless? It’s when her nail paint is drying! 😉 Ok, jokes apart, but it is true that no women can bear the sight of her ruined nail paint; hence, she takes no chances with it. Sensing the love for nail paints women have, Singapore’s popular online fashion store, Zalora has lined up a wide range of modish nail paints.

No matter how stylish apparel a woman dons, her look won’t make a difference until she has well-defined nails. Nail paints at Zalora are a mixed bag of beautiful shades and premium quality.

Keeping up with the summer trend, Zalora has housed very bright and light colors which will go well with your floral or pastel summer dresses. Though Zalora gives you a heavy discount over the purchase of nail paints available but if you wish to buy more of those pretty nail colors and desire for more savings then we can suggest you a smart way to shop.

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Let’s see which nail color will be your pick!

La Laque Nail Polish White SpiritwhiteTry out the cool La Laque Nail Polish White Spirit by French beauty brand Bourjois available at Zalora at 40% off. This trendy nail color will make your nails look shiny and beautiful effortlessly.

La Laque Nail Polish Orange OutrantorangeOrange is a beautiful color and is very much in trend so buy the La Laque Nail Polish Orange Outrant by Bourjois available at Zalora at 40% off.

La Laque Nail Polish Beach VioletmagentaPump up your evening party look wth La Laque Nail Polish Beach Violet nail color by Bourjois available at Zalora at 40% off.

La Laque Nail Polish Chair Et TendretndreCompliment your nude makeup with La Laque Nail Polish Chair Et Tendre by Bourjois. The nice soft color of the nail paint will any day make you look summer ready. Get it from Zalora at 40% off.

La Laque Nail Polish Are You ReddyredRed is one color which is wearable in all season, so buy the beautiful La Laque Nail Polish Are You Reddy from Bourjois available at Zalora at 40% off.

So beautyholics, which color nail paint, are you going to include in your vanity?

Malaysians Pick Your Favorite Beauty Products From Althea At Discounted Rates!!

No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to ‘love yourself’, as sometimes ‘me-time’ is as important as ‘we-time’! To spend some quality time with yourself you can get indulged into beauty regimes that can appease your heart as well as body and soul. In a bid to help you get closer to yourself, Malaysia’s renowned online beauty store, Althea has lined up a wide range of aesthetic beauty products.

Malaysian women are counted amongst stylish women all over the world; hence, Althea has offered a beautiful gift for all those lovely ladies by providing beauty products at discount rates.

Make-up is an important part of your daily routine but skincare regime is also important and Althea houses some of the best skincare products that are easy to apply and available at discounted rates.

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Let’s take a look at the collection at Althea.

Green Tea Balancing Lotion (31% Off)innisfree_green-tea-emulsion-lotion_main1_37After you return home, clean your skin and nourish it with Green Tea Balancing Lotion. The lotion has tea-tree extracts and is rich in amino acids.

Sebum-Out Peel Off Pack (50% Off)peeloffpackInclude the SEBUM-OUT Peel Off Pack in your beauty regime to get clean and flawless skin. The pack removes dead skin ad dust from your skin and gives your skin fresh feel.

Egg White Pore Mask (60% Off)skinfood_egg-white-pore-mask_main1_20Another great product at Althea is Egg White Pore Mask as it refines your skin and eradicates pore-clogging impurities. Regular application of the mask can give you radiant and firmer skin.

Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (33% Off)aloeThe Aloe Vera Soothing Gel available at Althea is effective in keeping your skin calm and cool in this hot climate.

Lip Sleeping Mask (31% Off)laneige_lip_sleeping_mask_main_2Not only in winters but in summer also our lips need special care as they can turn dark and dry due to dust and heat, so include the Lip Sleeping Mask available at Althea to make your lips look baby soft.

Shop these cool and skin-friendly beauty products from Althea and make your skin look fresh and beautiful.

Don’t Miss Out The 5 Beauty Essential Products At Althea!

Summer and sweat are two big enemies of your beauty but those who are really careful about their skin definitely know how to take care of it. However, those who are bored of the old traditional tricks of curing skin flaws can pick some cool skin-friendly products from Singapore’s renowned online store, Althea to enjoy flawless skin.

Who says that beauty takes a lot of pain? If you include some modish and skin-friendly products to your beauty regime then I bet that you won’t have to crave for flawless skin.

Althea takes care of all beauty lovers and includes premium class cosmetic products at affordable rates. In case you are looking for more savings then include CollectOffers.com to your shopping spree and avail attractive Althea discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Take a look at the five essential beauty products at Althea.

Black Block Set05___thumbnail_2Include the Black Block Set from B&Soap available at Althea at 64% off. The charcoal soap not only cleanses your skin well but also revitalizes the dead skin cells.

Raspberry Hair Vinegar02_cp-1__thumbnailMassage your scalp with Raspberry Hair Vinegar to get soft silky hair. The Raspberry Hair Vinegar at Althea is available at 52% off.

Lemon Slice Mask Sheetslice_mask_sheet_lemon_main_1_1Enjoy clean and clear facial skin with Lemon Slice Mask Sheet available at Althea at 67% off.

Bubble Sugar Scrub05___thumbnail_1When find your skin getting rough and dry due to the dirt and pollution, clean it with Bubble Sugar Scrub. The effective scrub helps you get radiant skin tone effortlessly. Shop it from Althea at 62% off.

3 Step Pig Nose Packmefactory_mainBlack heads often get saturated on our nose and areas nearby so include 3 Step Pig Nose Pack to your beauty regime. Shop the nose pack from Althea at 40% off.

Get these beauty products added to your routine and enjoy flawless beauty sans make-up!

Beauty Alert: Althea Offering Skin-Friendly Cosmetics At Discounted Rates!

Don’t be the girl who wakes up for make-up rather be the one who looks beautiful sans makeup. Don’t make a confused face, as it’s very easy. All you have to do is to invest a little time to pamper your beauty and most importantly include some cool beauty products from Singapore’s most renowned online beauty store, Althea.

Althea, the fastest growing online beauty store of Singapore, houses some of the premium class cosmetic products that are worth adding to your makeup regime.

Taking care of skin is similar to taking care of nature as both are delicate and can be ruined if been treated harshly so it’s always advisable to use high-quality beauty products and also spent some time rejuvenating skin.

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Come let’s take a glimpse of the products available at Althea.

BanBan Pack0516_hd_week4b_grambanban_myAfter a long day when you want to relax yourself apply the BanBan Pack available at Althea. The pack is fruitful in eradicating the dead cells, dark spots and anti-aging. Shoppers can get it from Althea at 68% off.

Labellona Hair Oil02__-__thumbnailDust and sweat take away the shine of hair so include Labellona Hair Oil in your routine. Regular massage of this oil can let you have moisturized and shiny hair. Also, it can control hair damage. Get it from Althea at 66% off.

Tea Tree Cleansing Water06_the-saem_healing-tea-garden-tea-tree-cleansing-water_thumbnail_10It’s a good habit to cleaning your skin twice a day so add Tea Tree Cleansing Water to your beauty kit and get flawless skin. Shoppers can get it at 42% off.

Foot Peeling Pack__thumbnail_3_3
Our feet have to suffer a lot so don’t miss a chance to make them feel pampered. Get a Foot Peeling Pack from Althea and make your feet relax sitting back home. Avail it from Althea at 70% off.

5Finger Nail Pack5_-__thumbnail
Make your fingers look beautiful even without visiting beauty salons by buying 5Finger Nail Pack from Althea. Shoppers can get it from Althea at 73% off.

So, now when being beautiful is so easy why wait? Buy them and get happy skin economically.

Want to get flawless skin? Add these 5 foods to your diet

What if one fine day you get up and find your face dull or see blemishes on your skin? Sounds like a horrible nightmare, isn’t it? I know for the fact any women getting skin rashes or marks is a big deal. Though, we hate it but still have to face issues like dryness, marks, or acne and you know why it is? Well, it’s all because of the imbalanced lifestyle, ignorance of skincare and irregular diet. Yup, to get flawless skin you need to have a proper diet.

People say that drinking enough water can keep you and your skin hydrated and away from all skin flaws, but is it the only way to get radiant skin? No, as a good diet is equally needed to have glowing skin as much as ample amount of water.

Hey, if you guys are thinking that am going to tell you something really complicated or would ask you to add something very weird to your diet then relax, as am your friends and friends make life easy. I am here to tell you about some foods that can help you retain amazingly radiant skin.

Let’s start with our simple diet plan, which has great impact.

Green Tea

Switch to green tea as it is filled with inflammation-fighting antioxidants. The antioxidants keep you and your delicate skin active and calm. Sip at least three big mugs of green tea every day for glowing skin.

Olive Oilolive
Not only olive oil is good for health but also great for skin as the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of olive soften your skin. Application of oil to your skin or massaging it can give you radiant skin.


Not many know that pumpkin is not just a vegetable to be cooked or made smoothies but is also great for skin. Pumpkin’s orange shade is from carotenoids, which is the wrinkle-fighting pigments in the plant. This pigment helps neutralize free radicals in our skin and keep them away from damaging the cells that fast-forward the speed of ageing.


We all love this tempting red fruit but how many of us know that its fruit’s juice has higher inflammation-fighting antioxidants as compared to red wine. Regular eating of pomegranate can reduce your ageing effects.

Not many know that this little fruit is a wholesome package of nutrition, like potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins C, E, B and K. As pears have high oxygen radical absorbance capability, they neutralize aging free radicals more effectively.

So, my dear ladies add these hassle-free foods to your diet and get flawless skin. What if you get radiant skin at cost effective rates? Yes, on buying these fruits and foods from CollectOffers.com you can be lucky enough to get ample of discount coupon codes, voucher codes and promo deals.

Look as fresh as a daisy with beauty products from Lazada

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder is a popular saying prevailing from decades, but does it actually happens? No, am not questioning the saying but just asking that does really beauty is dependent upon the beholder? Then why ladies don’t ignore a minute mark over face or ever get satisfied with their appearance? Well, because we women can’t get settled for anything less especially when it’s about beauty. Knowing the fact, Singapore’s popular online store, Lazada is up with its exclusive beauty range at affordable rates.

Flawless skin is something that women crave for; though it’s not that difficult to get but not easy either. For glowing skin you need to follow two rules the first one says be happy and the second one says spend some time with yourself. Really, invest a little time looking after your skin and you can get radiant skin.

Malaysia’s popular online store Lazada offers women a wide range of beauty essential products that can enhance your skin quality. Though, ladies never care about money when it comes to shop skin care product but still who hates saving extra bucks, right? So, make CollectOffers.com your shopping partner and earn extra savings.

Take a look at the beauty products that Lazada houses.

Cleansing milk with alpine herbs (63%) cleansing cream
Cleansing is an important part of beauty regime. To get flawless skin, its important that you regularly cleanse your skin before and after applying make-up. Cleansing milk with alpine herbs at Lazada is available at 63% off and can help you in cleaning the skin dust out.

Collagen Eye Mask Sheets (50% OFF)eyemaskpack
Eyes are very sensitive and area nearby eyes cannot be treated with regular creams or packs so Collagen Eye Mask Sheets at Lazada is the best remedy to perform eye cleansing process. The effective pack at Lazada is available at 50% off and enables you get rid of dark circles.

Spots Care and Brighten Day Cream (28% OFF)daycream
Buy Spots Care and Brighten Day Cream at Lazada and get rid of the dark patches. Regular application of the skin-friendly cream can get you brighter skin complexion. Lazada offers you the day cream at 28% off.

Bio-Oil Scar and Stretch Mark Product (17% OFF)biooil
To remove scar and stretch marks from your skin regular application of Bio-oil can be very effective. At Lazada, the non-greasy Bio-Oil is available at 17% off.

Skin Signature 3D Redefining face Mask (71% OFF)mask
Combination of Pitera, Oil-Vityl, Signaline and Niacinamide, Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask at Lazada can help you get flawless facial skin. The mask helps in immediate face uplifting. It is available at 71% off.

So, all prepared to add these beauty products to your beauty regime? But don’t forget to mae CollectOffers.com your shopping partner as it can fetch you loads of savings.