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Make Your Tooth Sweet By Having Desserts After Simple Dinner Or Lunch!

Whenever you have your lunch or dinner, you always look something sweet after it and most of the time you want to have a dessert. Even when you are out in a restaurant you make sure you have ordered the best dessert after you complete your food.

Desserts are something which a human cannot resist and when that dessert is an icecream, then you fall for it even more to have it. They are sweet, frozen, flavored and just wow. Even children love it, when it happens that they will be given ice creams after finishing their food, they grab it even more quickly. It makes your food even loved by them.

To add a love in your family and to give a boring taste food to rest, try out these delicious ice creams available only at Groupon where you will enjoy these by just ordering it online and you will receive it at your doorstep.

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Some mouth watering ice creams are here, which will surely make your simple food time into a fun time

2 Cups Single-Scoop Dark Chocolate Gelato


Engulf your tastebuds in velvety smooth dark chocolate gelato, made from fresh milk and rich, dark Belgian chocolate for that bittersweet kick in every spoonful. Purchase one cup and get another to share, with each cup weighing approximately 100g.

One Cup of Classic Frozen Coconut

Beat the hot sunny days with a Classic Frozen Coconut at Husk! Treat yourself to a Short Cup of refreshing icy coconut delight, which will melt in your mouth and cool down your body. Wait no longer for a tantalizing treat to savour.

2 Bowls of Oriental Paste / Desserts (12 Flavours)

Head over to Ji De Chi to try out their oriental paste, or herbal jelly, or beancurd. Indulge in the Asian sweet treats to satiate those sweet cravings you have. The meal includes Four (4) bowls of oriental paste / dessert (choose from): Almond Paste, Sesame Paste, Walnut Paste, Peanut Paste and many more.

2 Bowls of Snowy Ice Dessert (9 Flavours)

After a meal, you would always look for something sweet to satiate that sweet tooth of yours. When you live in this part of Asia, every day is a good day – or an excuse to indulge in cooling treats such as a snowy dessert. Relief your parched throat with a bowl of delicately shaved flavored ice, paired with some toppings.

$5 Cash Voucher for Ice Cream

Beat the heat with a cash voucher to spend on the ice cream of your choice! Made with flavours from Denmark, dairy products from Australia, and chocolates from Belgium, choose from any ice cream flavour available in-store, and heap scoops of this creamy delight into cups or on cones.

Hope you will enjoy your food with these sweet desserts.

Get Lost Into The Relishing Desserts From Groupon

“I am not a Vegetarian, I am a dessertarian!” Is this your life quote too? Well, there is no harm in this saying and I totally agree with you! As I too believe that no dinner is complete without desserts! Desserts have always been a mandatory thing while you go out for dinner or lunch or any get together in that matter.

C’mon who does no love dessert? Don’t tell me you are on that side of the squad! Even if you are I am damn sure that if not often, at least have dessert once in a blue moon! (I fear how you don’t?)

Well, if you are a dessert lover then this blog is just for you! Desserts have always been a delight and however full you are there is always space for dessert, right? I see so many similar opinions! (Happy tears :P). Whatever flavor you might relish but you still love to dive on different flavors and varieties of desserts.

Groupon– Southeast Asia’s one of the most prominent food website where you get variety of dessert choices to choose from, and that too from your nearby restaurant! Ya,ya I know after spending on a dinner you hardly are left with anything and your budget gets shackled but the if you shop via CollectOffers you get additional Groupon Coupon codes and Voucher Codes!

Yayii!! Time for some happy dance!! So let us go on a dessertilicious ride!

2 Cups of Premium Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream with Toppings 1Korean-inspired premium soft serve ice cream welcomes the dessert lovers to relish in their best quality, mouthwatering desserts. They provide you with a rich option of different flavors.

Premium Drinks with Toppings / Original milk  2At Fountain Wish Chocolate Bar you get delicious Matcha Waffle with ice creams and snacks to relish your taste buds. A never to miss opportunity I must say!

2-Scoop Ice Cream Set with Fruits and Wafers1CoolQ soothes palates with cooling scoops of Italian style gelato prepared in a myriad of flavours ranging from traditional tastes of strawberry, coffee, chocolate, milk, and wild berry, to seasonal bites of pineapple, biscotino, passion fruit, dragon fruit, and salted caramel cheesecake.

Strawberry or Chocolate Banana Waffles 4Dream Café as the name suggests, it surely is a dreamy one for all the dessert lovers. For all who have a sweet tooth would completely fall for this place I am sure. The café serves western cuisines with a theme.

French Desserts and Cookies 5Last but as I said there is never an end to dessert satisfaction! The Colette Patisserie brings French flair to the locale with its array of handmade pastries, including intricately-iced cake slices, rich tarts, pastel-hued macaroons, and more.

Ah! This made my mouth to water; did that happen to you too? Then no wait! Hurry up and fulfill your craving for desserts now!