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Online Fashion Trends For Monsoon You Need To Keep Your Eyes On!

As soon as a new season begins, start an amazing style journey by buying a well-rounded range of both off-duty as well as basic essentials. after the hot-scorching summer, then comes monsoon season and then you are required to revamp your closet according to the season. Think about buying T-shirts, shorts, dresses and other casual fashion staples perfect for casual occasions.

Each year we are blessed with so many possibilities and options, and we need to justify each season with best dressing style. Gone are the days when you use to spend rainy days at home with a good book and a cup of tea, it is too old now. Nowadays, it is a time people love to step out of their house during heavy downpours and enjoy rain to the fullest. Not only this, people love the season because of its pleasant weather perfect for hanging out with friends.

When the first shower strikes your city, it is the right time to organize a cheerful closet infusing some bold colours and trendy styles. Many leading brands start offering exclusive fashion staples perfect for the monsoon. You can shop for your favourite brand monsoon wardrobe fashion essential at great discounted rates with Kode Voucher Zalora, codes that enables you to enjoy huge savings every purchase.

Now take a look at the latest online fashion trends for women, men and kids for monsoon-

Online Fashion Trends For Women!

A Basic Dress Is A Good Option!


Ladies, this rainy season, go back to your basic dresses, an ideal way to add some brightness to your wardrobe, especially during the gloomy days of this season. As it is always recommended to keep your look minimal during heavy showers, basic dresses are the must-have fashion staples.

Playsuits For That Playful Look!


Get these extremely comfortable and absolutely stylish casual wear, Playsuits this monsoon season, to stay classy and cool even during the heavy showers season. Choose bright colours to feel good about the gloomy weather. Also, make sure to choose playsuits of cotton fabric and nylon material as these dry out quickly.

Online Fashion Trends For Men!

Raised Hemline Pants!


During monsoon, avoid full-length pants and instead opt for capris or knee-pants. These are super cool and can also live up to your style quotient easily. Whether you are going out with your friends or simply spending quality time your loved one, add a boyish, charming air, regardless of what age you are, with capris, shorts-suit, hemlines varying from the lower thigh to knee. With trendy raised hemline pants, you will surely add a zing of playfulness to your overall look.

Flip Flops Are Must!


Add some fun and coolness to your look with stylish flip-flops. The best way to stay absolutely fashionable yet being minimal with flip flops that go well with all casual outfits, be it the short suit, Capri & T-shirt or shirt.

Online Fashion Trends For Kids!

Shorts Are Super-Cool!


If you are thinking to buy some trendy clothes for your little for the monsoon, then don’t forget to buy shorts. Shorts are super-cool and comfortable to wear and can be paired up with almost all types of top-wear, from t-shirts, shirts or vest for boys to slip tops, knitted tops or blouses for girls. Moreover, kids look cool and high-fashioned with they are properly dressed up in short, a stylish top wear and cool sneakers.

Kids Simply Love Raincoats!


This monsoon season, protect your kids by getting them a trendy, colourful and stylish raincoat. Nowadays, raincoats are available in myriads of cool patterns, materials and colours, choose the one that suits your kid’s taste the most. From transparent raincoats to balloon raincoats, you will find a huge variety in terms of styles and colours including neon and bright shades

So, that’s a wrap to the list of Online Fashion Trends you need to keep your eyes on. Also, make sure to avail Kode Promo Zalora to enjoy mesmerizing discounts.

6 Fashion-Staples You Need To Buy To Stay Fashionable Even In Monsoon!

Monsoons are almost here and this is the perfect time to start stocking up clothes that are perfect for rainy days. If you love staying up-to-date with the latest fashion and wish to stay classy and stylish even in monsoon, then read further.

With the start of monsoon season, we often get excited about getting relief from the hot-rising temperature. But along with relief there comes a worry of how you can stay stylish and classy even when you get wet during the heavy showers.

Rain is fun for a lot many reasons: taking woodsy hikes, movie marathons, cozying up by the fire and splashing in the puddle of water. But when it comes to fashion, you need to choose your outfits wisely. It is important to get yourself apparels and style that are not only super-comfortable and stylish but will also help you stay fashionably safe from the rain.

Given below are the essential staples that you help you be fashionably monsoon-ready for the rainy month ahead-

A Trendy Raincoat To Stay Fashionably Safe!


To stay fashionably safe from rain, this rainy season, make sure you shield yourself with a cool raincoat of vibrant colors, designs, patterns, and styles. Buy water-repellent parkas with hoodies big enough to cover your head completely. Available in wide varieties a plastic trench coat or see-through raincoat is a must-have quirky fashion staple that will keep you dry during monsoon.

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Gum Boots To Tackle Wet-Flooded Roads!


This monsoon, style up your look by getting yourself a pair of rain boots. One most reliable footwear you must have in monsoon, for if you want to splash your way through the flooded roads. These are super comfortable and are available in myriads of colors and sizes.

Gumboots are not only fashion-forward but also protects your feet while you walk in a knee-high puddle during this harsh weather. Looks exactly the same like casual boots, gumboots are completely water-proof.

Choose Synthetic Fabrics For All Day Comfort!


When it comes to clothing for normal days, we often choose breathable and natural fabrics. But when it comes to buying clothes for the rainy season, we keep all our silk, linen, wool and cotton clothes away and instead we choose nylon or lycra fabric.

Your activewear leggings, t-shirt, and joggers pants are perfect for inclement weather. Such clothes are comfortable, opaque and fast-drying. Moreover, synthetic material is lightweight so you won’t weigh down when your dress gets damp.

Shorts & Capris For All Day Fun!


During monsoon, the best way to ensure all-day fun and dryness is to wear your summer-staple shorts and capris. wear capris and shorts made of super-absorbing fabric. Avoid heavy dressing up style by wearing denim as they take a whole lot of time to dry. Instead of this, wear shorts and capris made of light-breathable fabric, that are not only comfortable to wear but also dries easily.

Choose Short Skirts And Dresses!


If you love minimalist dressing then, during the rainy season, choose short skirts and dresses. wearing skirts and dresses made of sturdier fabric and the dark shade is the best way to stay stylish and high-fashioned even in the monsoon. You can team them up with a pair of cute, tall gumboots.

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A Water-Proof Bag!


Another must-have staple for your monsoon wardrobe is the water-proof bag, that will keep all your important stuff safe from the rain. There are many options to choose from including water-repellant satchels, a sturdy backpack, a roomy tote, etc., While buying a water-proof bag for yourself make sure you check how well it’ll protect your belongings, especially your headphones and laptops from the rain.

So, this monsoon season, start stocking up the afore-mentioned fashion staples so as to enjoy rain to the fullest.