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Style Guide To Be A Chic In Boho Look

Hey, girls! Nice weekend. Isn’t it? What happened? You want to look your best in an upcoming college event without missing your style. One should not forget their style and mix it up with the latest trend to create looks that will be unique. But this time you want to look more beautiful and free, just like a joyful bohemian chic. Just for a change, because there’s nothing bad in experimenting with your style and looks, put your step into a boho world.

But wait, you don’t know anything about this style then how you will be a new fashionista of the college. Aha! Don’t worry; I am here to tell you what you require. You don’t need much, just flare clothing, ethnic and vintage-inspired accessories, natural-looking hair and makeup and hurray! You’re done.

And you can carry this sassy look anywhere, for a casual walk, at home, at a movie date, shopping and anywhere you wanna be. And you don’t need to go anywhere to hunt for boho wardrobe collection. Sit on a relaxing chair, grab your phone and search from Zalora– Southeast Asia’s Prominent Fashion Brand, and to be more happy shop via CollectOffer.com with its astounded voucher codes and discounts.

If you look a right way, you see a whole world artistic. Here are the pieces you need to get. Let’s jump right in:

Bohemian Dresskleeaisons-9953-0142611-2
Carefree and fun loving, this dress will portray you like a beautiful free-spirited person. You can play up with the prints and a type of a dress like you can consider a maxi dress too. And do not forget to compliment your dress with accessories.

Accessories and Chunky Earthly Jewelry
When it comes to bohemian jewelry, the unique, the better. Try to find pieces made up natural elements like turquoise, coral, suede or feathers.

bfA statement necklace and earrings is another great layering piece that easily adds style to an otherwise bland outfit. Look for intricately beaded styles or ones made from pounded metal. I’ve loved these earrings and neckpiece. If you love earrings then carry them else alone necklace will do the magic.

braceletBracelets and bangles will always look fabulous. Look for cool stuff that rests on your wrist and forearm. But don’t put everything you have in your jewelry section.

ipmsgclip_r_1479455701_0Finish off your look with super stylish boho headband or you can try some scarves.

rubi-2606-0966511-1Infuse a fringe bag with your look. I’d like to pair this stylish bag with this dress for a complete bohemian chic look.

72dab6f639aee49ce4626138462a1478Last but not the least, footwear. Avoid heels, on platforms or wedges. Go for ballet flats, ethnic inspired sandals. I’ll personally pick fringed gladiators to complete the look.

It’s important to pay attention to hairdo and makeup. Boho style asks for a minimal make and out of bed hairstyles, braids or relaxed top knots. To do be a pro in makeup, checkout our blog Know How To Compliment The Boho Look With This Complete Beauty Tutorial.

Here you’re finished with the look. Now, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Go shop and rule the event.

For Malaysian Fashion Diktats Denim To Stay Back For Winter Fashion Trends!

Fashion bug has smitten everyone cross the globe but still there are some people who hardly need to make efforts in looking gorgeous and fashionable. Yeah, ever seen a Malaysian beauty? How effortlessly she captures your mind with her flawless style quotient, which obviously comes up with great fashion sense and inner confidence. I am such a big fan of their styling and hence keep a keen eye on what’s raving amongst Malaysian fashionistas.1

The latest fashion idea which I derived from the Malaysian ramp shows and features is that they have planned to play with one of the most stylish and trendy fabric already in vogue. I’m talking about the “dynamic denim”.

Yeah, the Malaysian fashion critics have planned to take up the magic of denim a notch higher and present it in a new avatar. Why just use it as summer shirt or bottom wear? Rather experiment with it to create a new silhouette, suitable for winter wear.4

Originated in the 19th century in the USA, denim got recognition in the year 1873 and since then it has wooed the hearts of fashion lovers, no matter what shape or age. In fact, it was in vogue in summer fashion trend as well and now that it’s gonna rule in winters too, I am very excited to see the innovative winter style apparels designed by this comfortable and attractive fabric!

Though, not much has been revealed by the fashion big shots but it’s expected that they will be infusing the punch of denim in typical winter silhouettes. For instance, we can see denim long jackets, over coats, or jackets of floral fabric combined with denim.3

Moreover, fashion lovers can expect some trendy denim bottom wear too along with fashion accessories like caps, shoes or bags. WOW!!! Isn’t it cool? Now along with apparels you can also enjoy accessories made up of denim.

I am not kidding, it’s really gonna happen as lately many renowned designers like Chanel, Roberto Cavalli and others have used denim in their shows to showcase the Winter Couture 2016.

So, now that we all have a hint of what upcoming fashion trend is going to be, isn’t the excitement has increased to own some of it at the earliest and flaunt it before all?

Well, to be the first one to strut in fashionable denim attire stay alert and bag the exclusive silhouette to nail the perfect winter look this season.2

Soon will be back with another interesting article, which will surely help you out in some or the other way.