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5 Most Popular Shoe Styles That a Man Should Own

Shoes are one of the most essential parts of clothing accessories and any dress or attire isn’t complete without it. Obviously, it is a very pragmatic and useful investment in a person’s wardrobe. Most stylists suggest that a person should own at least 5 kinds of formal and informal shoes excluding the ones which are specially kept for training, exercises or other outdoor sports activities.

Most people are often confused when it comes to formal and informal shoes. They are not sure which one shall be bought for their better. So here, we will discuss the 5 most popular shoe styles that every man should own. Keeping these 5 shoe styles is sufficient enough to match every formal or informal need for dressing in daily life. If you want to buy any of the mentioned styles, try the JD Sports Malaysia Discount Code and Zalora Promo Code to get them for your wardrobes at jaw-dropping cheap prices.

The Black Leather Oxford

Black OxfordBlack Leather shoes shall always be the first shoe to add to your closet. They are simple, elegant and subtle which makes them the best option for any formal occasion.  From business events to the board meeting, these shoes will always give your formal appearance the perfect finishing touch. These shoes should not be mistaken with Derby shoes which are different in the lacing system. These shoes don’t have brogues and are made with plain box leather. These shoe suit business attires and professional dresses with extreme ease but if you want to wear these beneath jeans or casuals, you are not going right with your style preferences. Make sure to shine your oxfords before you take them out.

The Brown Leather Brogue

The-BrogueThis is a contemporary design of shoes that is highly popular amongst men. The shoe has its origin in the Scottish region where people used to create small pores over the shoe in order to drain water. Soon these holes developed into very well styled brogue patterns and are popular worldwide. The best thing about Brogues is that they are versatile and match maximum dress combinations without any forced implications. In fact, they are considered as informal or rather smart casual shoes. These are comfortable, stylish and refined enough to go with anything thrown at it.

Slip On – The Suede Loafer

Suede LoafersThese are basically informal shoes that are very casual and generous in appearance. The Loafers feature an exquisite design which makes them a very variable style accessory which is no less than the brogues. These shoes were interestingly developed to be won as in-house shoes and therefore they were specially prepared in a way that allows them to be worn without socks. This was usually meant to worn during the summers. The suit is very sleeky and goes well with most of the casual dresses effortlessly. These shoes are really comfortable and can be worn for generous outings with no hassles.

The Lace-Up / Slip-On Boot

Mens-Slip-On-or-Lace-Up-Snow-BootsThe next pair of shoes is a Boot. Every man should have one boot without which your collection can’t be called a complete one. There are options available in the boots such as suede lace-up boots, brogued leather boots, Chelsea boots, hiking boots etc. These kind of shoes are for rough and tough kind of dressing and they suit well with Jackets along with jeans and t-shirts. The boots which come with a rubber sole are the best options to be worn during rough weathers to avoid slipping. Hiking shoes are trendy and practical with a very tough sole meant for grumpy and rocky surfaces.

Wholecut Leather Shoes

Whole-cut-Leather-ShoesThis shoe is meant for giving an element of poised and stylish look to an informal attire. These shoes are made up of a single piece of leather which makes it extremely charming with a minimal design. These shoes offer a pure class and elegance with its narrow toe and clean smooth surface. But this also means you have to keep it clean and tidy to ensure the same. These shoes can accompany most of the formal and informal dresses that you possess and it makes them the most dress friendly pair in anybody’s wardrobe.

In the end, I would conclude by saying that there is no set formula for choosing the shoes one should own. Therefore it is by no mean an obligation to have these 5 shoes in your wardrobe. These are just the 5 choicest options that would fulfil every formal and informal shoe requirements that one could have while dressing.

Since Sassy Flat Shoes Brings Out A Different You

I don’t know only I feel or you also that footwears are the something where our eyes go first nowadays? Well, girls today are very smart and well-versed of glamorous world, hence dress up themselves such that nobody gets a single chance to criticize their looks.

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