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It’s Hard To Resist The Most Interactive Smartwatch – Ticwatch!

Ticwatch is the new kid on the block by Mobvoi!

Ticwatch is Mobvoi the first attempt made‎ by Zhifei Li and Yuanyuan Li at creating a smartwatch that keeps technology on our wrist. Zhifei Li and Yuanyuan Li are both ex-employee at Google who has worked hard on creating a great smartwatch rival.

Yes, Ticwatch can surely be a great competition to Apple as it offers some interesting feature in a watch that can surely be a tough conflict with Apple. The company, Movoi runs in language search technology, and therefore it is that which creates the core of its own smartwatch operating system –Ticwear – and its own made hardware: the Ticwatch.

The best thing about the Ticwatch about besides its mindblowing features is its looks. Yes, if you do not, believe me, you can see the picture below.

Kode Ticwatch

The outer beauty of Ticwatch is just perfect, the white silicone band complements the round silver aluminium frame perfectly. There are plenty of holes on the wristband, therefore can be easily adjustable on all wrists.

If you are new to Ticwatch and do not know much about it then you can definitely trust this blog as here I will show you the best features of Ticwwatch and even will get you through with some not so helpful benefits of the smartwatch. So, let’s start with knowing some of the best features of Ticwatch.

Top Features of Ticwatch 

Now, enough talking about the exterior look of the watch, let’s talk about its features. Firstly, Ticwatch can be worn either on the left hand or right hand, you can choose your preference while you are setting up.

To communicate with Ticwatch, there are four choices:

  1. Touch – this is normal form, like how we use our smartphones.
  2. Gesture – you can tilt to turn on the lights, flip the watch to answer the calls, double flip to initiate voice search, double beat watch face with palm to play next song.
  3. Voice Activation – you can activate voice by flipping twice, or say “OK Tico” or swipe the home look to the right.
  4. Tickle – tickle down the side frame of the watch with your finger to scroll down.

The voice activation feature on the watch is quite an interesting one. You can ask watch to perform a task on the watch like scheduling an alarm or execute a search. It is similar to Ok Google and Siri on iPhone. You can cask Tico to perform a task and get things done easily.

Kode voucher Ticwatch

Staying Fit And Running With Ticwatch

Ticwatch can be a great way to stay fit by tracking your runs. You can easily set your goals on the watch such as duration, distance and calorie.

The Outdoor Run Function

This function on the watch helps you to track the duration, mileage, calorie consumed, heart rate, velocity every kilometre, number of steps per minute, pace length per step, and even the running track. Even the Ticwatch has a built-in GPS, and it just takes 3 to 5 mins to secure the GPS signal at the beginning of each run.


  • Ticwatch has surely got a great look and great shape. It is smooth, reliable and lightweight. Moreover, you can customise the watch faces easily on the basis of the location.
  • It’s is quite simple to charge the watch. You can do it by putting it on top of the magnetic wireless charging dock. Therefore, it doesn’t need a cable dock to charge the watch.
  • It has an interchangeable band, which can be disassembled from the watch in a matter of seconds, without the necessity for any tools.
  • The watch is outfitted with a built-in GPS and heart rate monitor so the runners can track their running journey and heart rate reading.


  • This watch doesn’t offer all the features to iPhone users such as iPhone users are not able to sync the watch with running apps or can’t reply to SMS through the watch.
  • The battery diminishes fast, especially while going on the long run.
  • Quite frequently, it takes hard to talk through Tico voice due to accent.

Kode Promo ticwatch


Therefore, we can say that Ticwatch isn’t just a pretty face, but it is smart and capable of tracking various things. It does more than just activity tracking, but it’s jam-packed with high-level functions that only hardcore athletes use.

If you’re an Apple user, then you know that there are certain restrictions things you cannot do on your phone.
Since this watch is new and this is the reason it is updating its new features daily. Therefore, it will be improvised more with time, and for now, this can be a smart choice to buy.

You can buy these now and can avail interesting Kode Voucher Ticwatch and get them at lesser prices.