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9 Thai Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss To Visit While Travelling To Thailand!

Thailand is the most fascinating travel destination of the world, homes plenty of stunning attractions, breathtaking natural sights, exciting adventure parks and holistic shrines.

Besides this, Thailand is a place where you will find countless sandy beaches, tropical island, and lush-green rainforest. Moreover, if you are a religious traveler and love exploring religious places, then Thailand should be on your travel list for sure because this amazing place boasts temples comprising of huge Buddha statues.

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Now that you know where you can grab best travel deals, let’s take a look at some of the must-visit incredible Thai attractions.

3 Best WaterParks In Thailand!

Siam Park City – 

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Spend an amazing day filled with fun and entertainment at this widespread water and amusement park, Siam Park City. Enjoy exhilarating water slides over here. There is a separate amusement park comprising of thrilling and fantastic rides for people of all ages.

Scenical World – 

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Visit Northern Thailand’s largest themed water park, Scenical World which is located in the splendid mountainous Khao Yai region. The park host an exclusive choice of a total of 15 waterslides and pools, from the Thunder-Bolt to Splash Coaster to Space Bowl to Kiddie Slides.

Splash Jungle – 

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Yet another must-visit waterpark, Splash Jungle, which is located on Mai Khao Beach in the Southern Thailand regions. A great waterpark for families, especially for children, as it consists of 12 fantastic rides, water slides and attractions.

3 Best Breathtaking Natural Sights In Thailand!

Erawan Falls – 

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Erawan falls is a fantastic natural sight in the Northwestern region of Kanchanaburi Town. Covering a pristine area of 550 km, Erawan falls is a 7-tiered waterfall that offers stunning falls, plunge pools, rock formations and a humid, mysterious and warm rainforest atmosphere.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall – 

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Thi Lo Su Waterfall is yet another must-visit naturally beautiful sight in the Tak Province of Thailand. Standing at a height of about 250 meters and a width of approx. 450 meters, this breathtaking natural sight is the tallest and the largest plunge waterfall in this country.

Phi Phi Islands – 

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Phi Phi Islands are the most picture-postcard islands and the loveliest natural sight in southeast Asia. Ideal for ultimate tropical getaways, Phi Phi Islands are just 45 minutes speedboat trip away from Krabi and Phuket. Vivid turquoise, crystal-clear water, magnificent rock formations and tropical beaches, Phi Phi Islands are the combination of all of these.

3 Biggest Buddhas To Be Found In Thailand!

Wat Muang (92 m tall) – 

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Wat Muang is world’s ninth-tallest statue, located in the Ang Thong Province of north Bangkok, and is known as the “Great Buddha of Thailand”.  It took almost 18 years to build this gold-painted statue.

Wat Burapha Phiram (59.2 m tall) – 

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Standing tall at a height of 59.2 m, Wat Burapha Phiram is yet another tallest standing Buddha statue in Thailand. You will find this second biggest Buddha in the Roi Et Province in the Northeast region of Thailand.

Wat Pho (46 m tall) – 

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Properly known as Phra Buddhasaiyas, Wat Pho is the third biggest statue of reclining Buddha. The plaster representation and the gold-leaf covered brick is indeed huge.

So, hopefully, you must have got an idea of where to go while traveling to Thailand.

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Let’s take a look at the major attractions of Singapore:

The Colonial District:

Related image

North of the old mouth of the Singapore River is what defines The Colonial District an area that feels like a centerpiece of the downtown even though modern edifices in the surroundings constantly pull focus and creates a major attraction that makes it a perfect tourist place to be visited.

Arab Quarter:

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While Little India is memorable for its fragrances, it’s the vibrant colors of the shops of the Arab Quarter that stick in the memory. Textile stores and outlets selling Persian carpets are the most prominent, but you’ll also see leather, perfumes, jewelry and baskets for sale. It’s easy to spend a couple of hours weaving in and out of the stores.

China Town:

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The focal point of the island’s Chinese life and culture. Chinatown has seen the large-scale redevelopment and becomes a bit of a mishmash. Even so, a wander through the surviving nineteenth-century streets still unearths musty and atmospheric temples and clan associations, and you might hear the rattle of a game of mahjong being played.

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