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Make Dussehra Festivities Brighter With Big Billion Days At Flipkart

What is one thing that strikes your mind when you hear the word ‘Festival’? Happiness, togetherness, delicacies, and an abundant amount of heart full of shopping, have I got it right? Can see the heads nodding in yes! I know, for many, festivals are an indirect call for shopping and sensing the love for shopping, India’s leading online store, Flipkart is all set to launch a mega shopping festival named “Big Billion Days” before Dussehra.

WOW!!! I can see many grinning ear-to-ear hearing this name as it’s an event where shopaholics can use all their expertise to bag all great deals at affordable rates. Also, during the sale shoppers can enjoy exchange offers.

Already started making the list? Great. Don’t miss out anything as Flipkart is offering amazing offers on all products ranging from dresses to accessories and electronics to gadgets. Hmmm, means a wholesome package for those who were planning to invest in re-inventing their style as well as home decor!

Though the reputed online store is offering heavy discounts on every product available but trust me buying gadgets like smartphones can be the most favorable deal during the Flipkart Big Billion Days as you can also claim some limited edition or exclusive phone there at mind-blowing rates. The sale which marks from October 2 to 6 is like an ocean of offers, each better and tempting than other.

So all set to know what amazing products you can get at Big Billion Days at Flipkart? Let’s begin the ride but before that let me tell you a secret that could help you save a little extra, enabling you to be happier and wealthier!!! 😉

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So coming back to Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale let’s check out the offers.

Galaxy On 87Waiting to make the latest model of Samsung, yours? Cheer up as you can easily get it from Flipkart during the Big Billion Days. The Galaxy On8 is the first device in Samsung’s Galaxy On series of smartphones to feature a Super AMOLED display.

Honor 5Chonor-5c-nem-l22-original-imaejw78wxzehgnxGet the new Honor 5C at amazing rates from Flipkart. Also, you can use the exchange scheme provided by Flipkart in its much touted BBD. The phone is available in Silver, White and Grey.

iPhone4rewrefNow flaunting latest iPhone model, in your hand has become a dream true as Flipkart is offering exchange offers on various models. So get your old phone and take away the new one at an amazing price.

LeEco Le Max2leeco-le-max2-na-original-imaejgugbhg5e9ysExclusively available at Flipkart, LeEco Le Max 2 can be availed easily and obviously cost effectively during the Big Billion Days.

Low Mobile Prices Filling Zeal Into All Phone Buyers

Now see what we are doing in today’s life! I mean not only in connecting to family or friends but also from TV recharge to ticket booking, everywhere mobile is playing the superior role. How do you feel when suddenly your cellular phone stops working? It feels like you’re half dead, right? The reason is not only that having a trendy mobile enhances one’s class in the society but also nowadays creative techies are implementing such an amazing features and apps in the mobile phones that half of human efforts have already reduced.

Different people are using a variety of cell phones and they prefer any brand based on their past experiences and ofcourse pocket strength. No matter if we talk about Xiaome mobiles or Samsung Galaxy Series, all have uniqueness in quality and features. Good news for you is that globally renowned online stores are offering heavy paybacks on your favorite brands.

Savings is something which nobody would resist ever if gets a chance; no matter how rich the person is, isn’t it? Hence, I am landing you to a platform where you can save copious amount effortlessly. Love to know? It’s CollectOffers.com as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Get your mobile from your favorite brand here:

Xiaomi Mi Note 64GB (White) mp1Stay ahead of the curve with the brand new Xiaomi Mi Note. This premium designed smartphone features all the latest technologies to bring you the definitive smartphone experience. Aesthetics wise, the Mi Note will definitely turn heads with its seamless and elegant body and the crystal clear 5.7” screen. Get your favorite mobile phone from biggest online electronic store Lazada and save 19%.

Samsung Galaxy J7 16GB LTE (White)mp2The Samsung Galaxy j7 16GB LTE has now emerged as one of the best basic smartphones with an affordable price in the market. Even at a competitive price, the Samsung Galaxy j7 16GB LTE comes with amazing features such as the Octa Core 1.6 GHz and also with a 3 GB RAM. The phone comes with a special hardware as well as a 5.5 inches AMOLED screen which will give you a great viewing experience. You can save 15% if by through Lazada.

Apple Iphone 6 16GB (Gold)mp3IPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger — it’s better in every way. Larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD display. It’s one continuous form where hardware and software function in perfect unison. You can save 18% if order through Lazada.

Huawei Honor 7 16GB (Grey)mp4The new Huawei Honor 7, the brand new addition to the Honor family of high quality smartphones. Packing a powerful processor and a slew of awesome features all encased in a slim and sexy designed body. For its quality in build the Honor 7 is competitively priced making it on par with many other notable smartphones in the market. Save your 17% ordering through Lazada.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB (Silver)mp5The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features a beautiful design, top of the line features, and also the return of the ground breaking S Pen. Explore the endless possibilities with a more powerful processor allowing you to do more. Order through Lazada and save 25%.

Phones To Look Out For In 2016!

What started off as conveniences ten years ago have become necessities in today’s times. These ten years have seen a huge revolution in the smartphones world. Whereas, previously we had to choose from a handful of models of smartphones, now we are spoilt rotten for choices!

Every year, we hear of new companies entering the market and there is a hoard to provide the best features at the most affordable prices. Many phones are now being designed to suit the specific needs of the customers, like being active on social media, requiring good battery back-up, playing games, browsing the internet, and so on and so forth.

To help gadget freaks find the best-featured phones at affordable price, leading online stores such as Expansys, Courts and ValueBasket have availed a wide range of smartphones of all popular brands. If still your financial instability is stopping you to buy a new smartphone then befriends with CollectOffers.com, where shoppers can find attractive discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Let’s look at the phones that have caught the attention of us all

Here is the list of the phones to look out for in 2016!

iPhoneiphonesearray-800x620iPhone launched its phone iPhone SE in March 2016. The phone is the reinvention of Apple’s classic 4-inch display and has many added features. It uses the advanced A9 chip aimed to ensure smooth navigating and good gaming experience. The 12-megapixel camera takes great photos and captures 4K videos that have excellent quality. Add in the dash of finger print security system and a very friendly assistant, Siri, this is one of the phones to look out for!

Samsung1e1679e2194f7df06d8c3f2438f7d77fSamsung launched its phone Galaxy S7 Edge in February 2016. The phone boasts of 5-megapixel front camera with a selfie flash, for all you selfie enthusiasts out there! The phone also has a game control centre that helps you records your games…pretty cool! The new and improved processing system, 4GB RAM and option to expand memory provides this phone with both speed and power. It is water and dust resistant which should be a plus amidst the pollution we live in. It does help matters that the phone is a visual delight in itself!
Nexusgoogle-nexus-family-970-80Nexus 6P has a 5.7 inch cinematic display for all you sitcom and movie buffs out there! It has a 12.3 megapixel rare camera and an 8 megapixel front camera. The videos are captured in 4K which guarantees excellent quality. The 2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon, 64 bit octa-core processor and 3GB RAM guarantees a smooth sailing amidst all these features! Nexus runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and is the first to receive software and security updates amidst android phones. Definitely a phone to try!
HTCPME_PackShot_Gray-FrontThe HTC 10 launched in May 2016 boasts of an all metal unibody. The phone has a 5.2 inch screen and excellent battery backup for all you folks who need to be on the phone more frequently! The phone has a 12 and 5 megapixel rear and front cameras respectively, with the added feature of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for both rear and front camera ensuring steady and razor sharp images. It has a good internal memory and comes with the option to expand the memory up to 2 terabytes!!! Whoa!! This phone is really turning some heads!
One PlusOnePlus_3_Soft_Gold1One plus recently launched its model One Plus 3 and it has taken the world by storm. A 5.5 inch screen, Oxygen OS based on Android Marshmallow, razor fast processor, 6GB RAM, they got the features right for this phone! The phone, like all others in the watch list has excellent camera with 16 megapixel rear and 8 megapixel front camera. Considering this phone is only available online and you get the look and feel of the actual phone only once you have it in hand, this phone has managed to take the world by storm!

All in all, if you are looking to buy a new phone or upgrade your existing phone, you have very tough choices to make! Select the one with the features more in tune with your needs and you are going to come out a winner! Cheers!

Make your gadgets look even better with stylish accessories from Ensogo

Time has changed so much that today we might happily stay away from our friends or family but not without our gadgets. Be it smartphones, laptops, iPads or more, all have become our biggest prized possession. We all take extra care of all highly advanced gadgets around us but what if we can make them more stylish? Malaysia’s popular online store, Ensogo is up with a wide range of mobile and smartphones accessories.

Look at your expensive gadgets, aren’t they worth having stylish and trendy accessories or won’t they get more secured after they get to stay in some comfortable casings? Liked the thought, then wait not as Ensogo houses accessories for all kind of smartphones and gadgets that too at affordable rates.

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This is a glimpse of the wide collection of gadget at Ensogo.

Rabbit Iphone casingkittycoverFor girls who want love being funky, Rabbit Iphone casing is perfect for them. The cute bunny back cover for iPhone is great to flaunt among friends. At Ensogo, you can get this pretty cover at 47% off.

Samsung Bluetooth HeadsetsamsungWith Samsung Bluetooth Headset you can enjoy a hassle free communication. Whether you are walking or driving, the Samsung Bluetooth Headset will help you manage all your calls effortlessly. The cool headset is available at Ensogo at 51% off.

Bling Logo Window Case For iPhoneiphoneblingBling is very much in amongst fashion lovers, so why don’t you make your gadget look a little flashy by buying for it Bling Logo Window Case. The Bling Logo Window Case For iPhone at Ensogo is available at 15% off.

PU Leather Case for Apple iPad AircoveripadHave an iPad but don’t have a suitable cover for it? Then buy PU Leather Case for Apple iPad Air from Ensogo available at 63% off.

Mi PowerBank 10400mAh Goldimage
To keep your phone lively for hours buy Mi PowerBank 10400mAh from Ensogo. The Gold-color power bank at the popular online shopping destination is available at 20% off.

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Lead the World from the Front With 33% OFF iPhone and iPad at Value Basket Singapore

Had Facebook been the nation, it would have been 3rd densely populated nation with the highest connectivity among its netizens. Alas! But, the reality of our new world is that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are the new neighborhoods. When the world is traveling in a bullet train, you can’t think of a journey in a tram.

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Ours is the world that has become such a place, where an individual’s reputation, social status, productivity and effectiveness are based on the kind of brands and products you use. When it comes to our information age, there is no better brand than Apple and there is no better product than iOS equipped devices. And, there is no better place for online shopping for gadgets in Singapore than Value Basket.

Value Basket, just like its name, generates the value in your shopping basket by offering handsome savings on your favorite gadget. Spend a penny at Vale Basket and in return enjoy the basket full of discounts goodies. Since, Value Basket knows what it means to hold an Apple product in your hand, offers up to 31% savings on iPad and up to 33% discount on iPhones.

Surely, given the value Apple has produced for itself, it’s a matter of pride and status, when you have an iPhone or iPad in your hand, but that is not all, Apple is more about innovation, stellar design, and quality. Apple is more about building your own confidence and reputation thereby for all the success in life you have dreamt of.

Holding an iPhone or iPad; doing thing on the go and being cool about is not just about being smart, but it is about achieving the dream. Being an Apple user, you represent the world of freedom and those know the best way to achieve what they deserve. Not only it evokes a multitude of emotions, but in a true sense, an Apple product binds you neatly with your dream.

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Grab the World in the Fist with Deep Discount on Apple Products at Value Basket Singapore

We are clearly not living in the world that can anymore be defined as the what-to-know world. Ours has become a world that best can be defined as the how-to-know world. Your effectiveness, your productivity and till a great extend, your reputation base themselves on the way you choose to gather the information and on the device you choose for information gathering.

Whichever corner of the world you belong to, buying an Apple is about as likely as winning the Mega Millions jackpot. Buying iPhone, iPad or iPod at the discounted rate is like winning a free trip to the moon. Collect Offers brings you this moon with Value Basket discount code, which makes you hold iPhone at 33% reduced price, iPad with 31% discount and iPod with savings worth up to 40%.

For Value Basket, everything is there in its name. It generates value for every single penny you spend, and consequently, returns you a basket with full of goodies. Valur Basket knows what it means to hold an Apple product in your hand. It is quite evident that having an Apple product in your hand immediately takes you into altogether a different league of people.

Surely, given the value Apple has produced for itself, it’s a matter of pride and status, when you have an iPhone or iPad in your hand, but that is not all, Apple is more about innovation, stellar design, and quality. Apple is more about building your own confidence and reputation thereby for all the success in life you have dreamt of.

Holding an iPhone or iPad; doing thing on the go and being cool about is not just about being smart, but it is about achieving the dream. Being an Apple user, you represent the world of freedom and those knows the best way to achieve what they deserve. Not only it evokes a multitude of emotions, but in a true sense, an Apple product binds you neatly with your dream.

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