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Hey Seafood Lovers…………Time To Get A New Dining Experience!!!!

If you have an intense craving for fish and seafood then you are at the right place and probably this write-up will take you to your favorite place so just read on!

Just Steam Seafood is a great restaurant that offers a variety of tantalizing seafood items. Just Steam is having a promotion on their House Special Stone Pot Fish Set for $59++ for two people. This offer is applicable only booking through the most promising online food agency HungryGoWhere. This splendid store also offers significant discounts on many food items and restaurant deals.

I find one thing very unique in foodies, no matter how many time they have already savored the same dish but if someone tells any famous venue for that particular dish to them – it just becomes their target to go there and taste. It’s wondering, I know but this is our habit! 🙂

Seafood is not only luscious but healthy too that why it is the first choice of many health-conscious people. Cmon grab the chance and live it at fullest!

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Relish this mouthwatering dish through HungryGoWhere!

Stone Pot Fish Set @ $59+

Just Steam is having a promotion on their House Special Stone Pot Fish Set for $59++ (serves 2 people). It comes in three flavors  Fragrant Spicy Flavour, Sour Spicy Flavour, Nutritious Original Flavour. Its sides that come alongside are Fresh Prawns, Beancurd Skin, Specialty Meatballs, Cabbage, Mushrooms, Enoki Mushrooms, Abalone Mushroom.


Let’s Enjoy This Weekend At ‘Steamboat Restaurant’ With Extra Benefits!!!

Family, friends, kids, college students and especially office workers eagerly wait for weekends as it is the only time they live their life at fullest to throw all stress away. But, every time heavy investment might change the mood of celebration.

Hey adventurers, hold your heart tight as I am going to share something very interesting!

Yeah, actually the most promising online marketplace of Singapore, HungryGoWhere is giving an amazing discount of 32% on every food item you love to taste in the renowned restaurant Supper Steamboat.

Enjoy a hot bubbly pot of Steamboat with your friends or family on the weekends at a fraction of their usual price. Starting from 10 pm onwards, there’s a variety of premium ingredients to choose from at this popular China chain Steamboat restaurant.

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The offer is valid only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 PM to 2 AM. The soup, hot drinks and sauce are not included in the offer.


Take Away The Mouthwatering Dishes From HungryGoWhere

Hello foodies! Tired of eating that boring food on a routine? Ah! I can so relate to you, life seems to become so tasteless when we are daily on the same page when it comes to our lunch or dinner.

I don’t know about you but I need to relish my taste buds every now and then, I mean not like each day! (But I guess, what’s wrong in that?) Anyways, eating food in a restaurant is so missed when you are busy at work and doesn’t much get time for yourself. But then one always takes out time for it!

Well, then you need not to worry about it! As I have got a perfect website for you that offers mouthwatering food from different caterers and restaurants to make you day a perfect one! The name is HungryGoWhere– Southeast Asia’s prominent online food ordering website. And that’s not enough with tasty food you get exciting offers too, just order through CollectOffers and you get additional discount coupons and voucher codes.

So lemme just give and insight about the different dishes they have to offer:

GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet 2_20161116_5897GoroGoro has got 6 different categories dishes to choose from namely: Ginseng chicken, Beauty collagen, Mala, Tomyam, Tomato and Vegetarian. There you can enjoy the offer of the 5th dine to be free on paying for 4 dining guests!

Flame Café promolarge_20161114_1977Wanna enjoy some sea food combo, or the meat combo or actually both? Then get along to the flame café and entice yourself into their amazing food combos!

Morganfield’s (Vivocity) morganfield-med_20161122_1605The heart of Morganfield’s is its signature dish -‘Sticky Bones’ – truly authentic, old-fashioned, prime pork ribs slow-cooked and smoked to tender mouthwatering perfection, then basted with a sweet and tangy hickory flavored barbeque sauce with a hint of cider. Yumm..!

Beast & Butterflies oceans-of-seafood_20161118_4485The restaurant blends itself into the western as well as the authentic Asian influences of cuisines. The sea food they have to offer is incredible in taste.

Oceans of Seafood petai-crab-at-plaza-brasserie_20161125_9591At the Oceans of Seafood you can expect to see a smorgasbord of seafood, such as fresh fishes from Tsukiji Fish Market, succulent Boston lobsters and Pacific oysters.

Yes, it isn’t over yet! This was just an insight from the innumerable dishes and restaurants you can try on.