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Plan A Wonderful Hong Kong Disneyland With Klook!

This holiday season, get ready for a non-stop fun and entertainment with all your favorite Disney characters and exciting rides, by planning a day or a two tour to Hong Kong Disneyland. If it is Hong Kong travel this time and especially, if it is because your kids want to meet their favorite cartoon character, interact with them and play with them, then here a definitive Hong Kong Disneyland travel guide that will help you plan a wonderful trip to the world’s famous wonderland. The guide will help you out to know everything you need to know before planning a trip: park attractions, dining, hotels and so on.

Enter into the magical world inspired by the famous fairy-tale dreams and explore seven different lands – Grizzly Gulch, Toy Story Land, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Mystic Point, Fantasyland and Main Street, U.S.A – filled with excitement fin, beauty and of course Disney characters.


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If you are planning a trip to HKDL (Hong Kong Disneyland) in the near future, do refer to the travel guide given below to make it more amazing and fun-filled!

Hong Kong Disneyland Attractions!

1 # “Disney In the Stars” Fireworks!


Set to a montage of Disney music,” Disney In The Stars” is the nightly fireworks above the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle, a spectacle which is a real-life happy ending each night. It is a firework display set to the classic tunes of Disney such as Be Our Guest and When You Wish Upon a Star with colorful effects and breathtaking lighting project onto the facade of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

2 # “Flights of Fantasy” Parade!


While you are in Disneyland, don’t forget to watch its daytime parade in which you get to sees some cool floats and listen to catchy music. Debuted on the 5th anniversary of the park, ever since then, the parade is lead by a very impressive Mickey Mouse balloon float and then followed by other floats and high-energy acrobatic performances.

3 # Mystic Manor!


Enjoy a trackless dark ride through the museum or manor featuring displays coming alive because of the enchanting music box. The manor sets the whole new gold standard for all the Disney attractions. It is arguably one of the best Disneyland attraction which shouldn’t miss visiting and its exterior is simply beautiful.

4 # RC Racer!


Hop into the classic pirate ship and enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled ride of about 27m tall and U-shaped race track. Here, riders are propelled higher and higher to the top, between the swings and then massively dropped down to the ground at a great speed. While you go and enjoy the sweeping vertical view which is absolutely thrilling and fun.

5 # Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars!


Hop into yet another wonderful ride, the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars that takes you to the best Expedition Everest and Big Thunder Mountain ride. It is a super-smooth and quite enjoyable ride. The Big Grizzly ride offers you plenty of twists, faux explosions, dips, surprise reverse backward drops and so on.



Hong Kong Disneyland offers you two official accommodation options namely Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. While Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels is a Grand Floridian-esque hotel located at just a walking distance of the park, the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is a Deluxe-caliber hotel known for its cheaper, Art Deco Stylized accommodation.

If your budget is low and you find these flagship hotels overbudgeted, then there are many nearby hotels such as the Hong Kong SkyCity Mariott Hotel, that offers you quite a reasonable accommodation facility.

And that’s a wrap to the basic travel guide to Hong Kong Disneyland, hope you will have a wonderful time with loved ones at this world-famous adventure park of Disney characters. While booking your tour, don’t forget to use Klook voucher code to ensure huge savings and discounts.