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Enjoy The Delicious Dips At Everyday Price

In morning, evening or any time with family or friends; we usually enjoy the savoring food stuff while gossiping, yeah? Sometime chicken crunches sometimes junk foods; but one thing remains confirm for all the time, you know what that is? The dips, yep! I also do use so can get about your needs too. But happy me, now have to invest less than before since I have started buying this from the splendid online store, HonestBee as it is offering an extensive collection of relishing dips at notable prices.

This leading store is not confined only to these dips but offers a variety of things related to home essentials, women’s dresses, beauty products and many more that too at discounted rates.

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Here are some quality dips you should savor for sure, I guess.

Montanari & Gruzza Organic Parmigiano Reggiano 24M 500g dp1It is an organic parmesan cheese offering a perfect balance between nature and a premium product. The cows are raised on all-natural feed, and are free to roam the Italian countryside, foraging for grass and enjoying the sunlight, and are cared for without the use of antibiotics with a non-GMO lifestyle. Buy this from HonestBee at discounted rate.

Simon Martin Hand-sliced Jamon Iberico Bellota 48M dp2If you’re not the most agile slicer but simply love pata negra ham, this one’s for you! Hand-sliced in Guijuelo, this ham won Three Golden Stars in the International “Superior Taste Awards” in 2012 and 2013. Buy this from HonestBee at discounted rate.

Verrigni Mezzi Paccheri dp3Enjoy the delicious taste of the Verrigni Mezzi Paccheri and get drenched in the awesome flavor. Buy this from HonestBee and enjoy the hefty discount.

Casanova di Neri Rosso di Montalcino DOC Casanova di Neri, Italy dp4It is a dark-berried vine, is the most widely planted grape variety in Italy. Buy this from HonestBee at discounted rate.

TVB Organic Strawberry & Banana Smoothie dp5A winning combination thanks to the creamy texture of the banana, and the sweet tartness of the strawberries. Always a big hit with the kids! Buy this from HonestBee at discounted rate.


Hey Hongkonger! Ever Tried These Tantalizing British Sweets?

It’s not only about foodies but anybody’s mouth gets watered when the discussion is going on about the delicious British sweets, what say? Maybe many of you will be thinking what crap I am talking about but you just taste once, I am sure you can’t get over finger-licking.

A next headache is where to find these British sweets in Hong Kong, yeah? After all how many aisles you will cover just for giving a temporary pleasure to your taste buds. Chill dude! Open google.com on your mobile or system and search for the online leading store Honestbee where an extensive collection of mouthwatering British sweets are lined up one after another, that too at discounted rates. What else you want now?

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Taste any of these and make you favorite one!

Fizzy Assorted Jelly Mixbs1Fizzy Happy mix jellies, assorted shapes a mixture 3kg Lutti. These and other Lutti jellies available as part of our wholesale sweets range. Get this from Honestbee at discounted rate.

Chocolate Fudgebs2Chocolate fudge is a top crowd-pleaser, especially with this creamy, deliciously rich dish. Get drenched in the luscious taste of Chocolate Fudge ordering through Honestbee at discounted rates.

Rosy Applesbs3A ‘from the jar’ classic and a taste of the British countryside, red and green, apple flavor, boiled treats from Tilleys with a delicious sweet tang. Get this from Honestbee at discounted rates.

Chocolate Covered Marshmallowbs4These Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows are the perfect treat for school parties or other special occasions. Get this from Honestbee at notable prices.

Mr Simms Blackberries & Raspberries Jarbs5Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe has been bringing a taste of Britain to Hong Kong since October 2014 and selling all kinds of British confectionary. Get this from Honestbee at discounted rates.

Honestbee Giving Everyone Vigorous Life-Style Offering Hefty Discounts on Healthy Breakfast-Stuffs

Who likes to be unhealthy? Nobody, I am sure. But, my question is how many of you give the real input to keep yourself away from any kind of disease? Hardly a few people, I know. You can’t, but at least the splendid online grocery store of Malaysia, Honestbee can. Yeah! Now put a big smile on your face as Honestbee is offering heavy payback on a variety of healthy breakfast materials means no need to 0haggle between how to get a fit body.

Exercises, yoga or gym can never do miracle unless you have the strict chart of healthy foods. Though I know, barely anyone can get pure edible items in the current polluted environment but Honestbee still takes you up to a great extent of transparency and get you the fresh food items at very discounted prices.

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Here is some necessary healthy breakfast stuff which you must add in your daily food chart:

Bakery Whole Wheat Round Boule1Overcome your any health issue with this vigorous Bakery Whole Wheat Round Boule. Buy this though Honestbee and save voluminous amount.

The Berry Company Pomegranate2Once you get sick, visitors start coming to meet you having a bucket of pomegranate in hand. Why giving them this chance? Take the Berry Company Pomegranate juice every day and stay healthy. Buy this through Honestbee and get heavy off.

Galbani Mozzerella3The Galbani Mozzerella can keep you away from all kind of disease. One day sickness builds so many problems before us, isn’t it? Buy this through Honestbee at hefty off and stay happy

Organic Real Bircher Museli4Gain some weight with Organic Real Bircher Museli taking regularly. Buy this through Honestbee and enjoy hefty discounts.

Watsons Distilled Water5Be fit and fine ever with this Watsons Distilled Water. Buy this through Honestbee and save copious amount.