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This Weekend Pamper Yourself With Manicure-Pedicure Services From Groupon

Spending your time in a ten by ten (or more area) room, completing your work at the office, listening to your boss or you being the boss dealing with your employees is a stressful task, indeed! And it’s Friday already, the weekend is standing at the doorstep. We at CollectOffers though feel, that not all weekends can possibly be a relaxed, calmed and you know the “me weekend”. No! But how about turning the ‘Monday Blues’ into something you are ready for. Let Monday know what hit it when you are all set to face it with zeal!

How is that possible? Well, lassies for that all you need to do is get in touch with Groupon– Southeast Asia’s most prominent beauty, travel and food services providing website, which has got tremendous deals for you! Indulge your weekend with a manicure-pedicure session and take some time out for yourself! You know what? The best part about these is that you not only get to take care of yourself but also save, just get your vouchers through Collectoffers.com and Voila!

Below is the rundown of 5 fab deals from Groupon that will provide an amazing weekend when you feel all happy and nice!

Classic Mani-Pedi classicWorking at the office, taking care of things at home makes you hand loose its glow, so this weekend get some classic session for them. Embrace the beauty that your stunning-looking nails can bring after a session of classic mani-pedi at Jas Nails & Beauty Care Spa. The service includes- Nail shaping, Cuticle removal, Sea salt foot soak, Foot callus removal, Foot scrub, Base coat application, Nail color application, Top coat application, moisturizing lotion with light massage and Cuticle oil application

Gel Manicure and Basic Pedicure gel-mani-basic-pediIn this session of manicure and pedicure what you get is a gel manicure which features- trimming, manicure and lotion application and one color basic pedicure featuring- Trimming, pedicure, Foot Scrub and Lotion Application. This voucher can be redeemed at Cut & Paste.

O.P.I spa mani-pedi spaO.P.I spa mani-pedi provides you with a sophisticated look on your nails, ready to be paired with any style at any occasion while offering spa-like pampering during the session. The voucher can be redeemed at Pinky Nail Bar. The service includes- tropical citrus/lemon tonic scrub, mask and massage lotion application in both hands and feet.

Collagen Gel Manicure collagenCome and experience a session for yourself that actually cares for your nails! It is not every day that you have a manicure or pedicure, so let Posh! Nail Spa make it a special occasion for you every time. This service provides you with unique nail arts and a pampering session with exquisite manicure session.

Express Mani-Pedi expressGet your nails look polished and flawless with a session of the express mani-pedi. Package includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle oil application, and nail color application. This voucher can be redeemed at The Chain Nail Service.

So, these were the 5 amazing services of manicure and pedicure that you can enjoy at a salon. You can also choose from a variety of other salon and service vouchers available at Groupon.

Treat Yourself With Beauty And Spa Services From Groupon

The weekend is here and we’re sure you’re looking for something that relaxes your body and mind. After a long week that was full of stress and worries at work, it is important to give some retreat to the body and mind to help it to rejuvenate. How about getting indulge in some beauty and spa session? It can be a space to pamper ourselves in much needed “me” time, to chill out, relax, recharge, reflect, detox and re-energize. Well, Groupon– Malaysia’s fastest growing shopping store, is giving great deals and discounts on beauty and spa services.

Spa therapies not only relaxes the muscles and reduce the pain but also enhances the beauty, detoxify and increase the immunity. Well, in short it is a complete package that you may need this weekend. Also, find other needed deals for this weekend in bulk for categories like restaurants and cafes, attractions, local activities and other services at Groupon. And if you bond your shopping with CollectOffers.com, then with the voucher codes and coupon codes enjoy the hefty discounts.

Check out the beauty deals at Groupon-

2.5-Hour Balinese Massage & Spa at Bunga Mawar Spabunga-mawar-spa60-minute Balinese massage or traditional massage, 30-minute full body scrub, 30-minute full body whitening mask, 20-minute herbal sauna, 10-minute foot bath, Complimentary herbal tea. Massage relaxes the body, reduces muscle aches and tension, and improves blood circulation and full body scrub and mask helps exfoliate and lighten skin tone for a smoother, more even complexion.

90-Min Full Body Aromatherapy Massage at Absolute Skin SolutionabsoluteThe package includes Foot spa with sea salt, full body massage with essential oil and Face and body energy treatment with stone. The massage will relax the body, relieves aches in muscles and joints and improves blood circulation. Energy stone treatment rejuvenates and re-energizes body.

Lymphatic Back Massage with Sauna at Gelsey BeautygelseyThe package here includes full back lymphatic massage, sauna and head spa. Lymphatic massage will improve the blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and detoxifies. The infrared sauna will help in strengthening the liver and promotes blood flow, and head spa relaxes muscles, reduces the onset of migraines, and treats hair loss.

90-Min Massage and Scalp Therapy at Jerquen Beauty & Wellness Centrejer90-min package includes – Welcome tea serving, Body treatment; Back body brush with a massage or hot stone with massage, Scalp therapy. Massage unlocks knots, relieves chronic pain, reduces stress, promotes tissue regeneration, increases joint flexibility, and improves blood circulation, and hot stone treatment relieves muscle tension, detoxifies, and reduces water retention.

1.5-Hour Full Body Massage at Slimming SanctuaryslimmimgA good massage is what everyone needs after a tiring weekend. And this package includes 20-minute steam bath, 60-minute full body massage, and 10-minute silky hand treatment.

Relish Your Child’s Food Desire At Big Daddy Restaurant And Bar Through Groupon

Traveling to some other country is fun but sometimes give struggles too because many of us are very choosy when it comes to food, especially children. Children don’t eat everything they get and at very few places in another country, the food is available of their choice. Well, you can easily find out the restaurants and places to order food from, online at Groupon.

If you’re strolling in Malaysia with your family and looking for some lip-smacking American, Italian or Mexican food then knock a Big Daddy Restaurant And Bar’ door. They’ve got everything you want. But must try the special platter they serve to their guests. And to get your food at splendid price order it via CollectOffers.com and celebrate marvelous markdowns on your shopping value through unique voucher codes and discount coupons.

Let’s check the delicious food from their menu-

Mexican PlattermexicanplatterThis platter includes 3 tacos, 1 quesadilla, Chilli cheese fries, 3 chicken tenders with honey mustard dip, Guacamole, Salsa and sour cream.

American PlatteramericanplatterSurely your kid will love it. It includes 3 mini burgers, 3 corn hot dogs, 6 chicken wings, Fries and Salad.

Italian PlatteritalianplatterA delicious platter is filled with 1 meatball pasta, 1 carbonara pasta, 1 Alfredo pasta, Salad or fries and 1 iced lemon tea (per person).

Combo PlattercomboplatterIt has Philadelphia steak and cheese sandwich (choice of chicken or beef), Hot Daaawgs (choice of chicken, beef, or cheese), BLT sandwich, Fries and 1 iced lemon tea (per person).

Get Lost Into The Relishing Desserts From Groupon

“I am not a Vegetarian, I am a dessertarian!” Is this your life quote too? Well, there is no harm in this saying and I totally agree with you! As I too believe that no dinner is complete without desserts! Desserts have always been a mandatory thing while you go out for dinner or lunch or any get together in that matter.

C’mon who does no love dessert? Don’t tell me you are on that side of the squad! Even if you are I am damn sure that if not often, at least have dessert once in a blue moon! (I fear how you don’t?)

Well, if you are a dessert lover then this blog is just for you! Desserts have always been a delight and however full you are there is always space for dessert, right? I see so many similar opinions! (Happy tears :P). Whatever flavor you might relish but you still love to dive on different flavors and varieties of desserts.

Groupon– Southeast Asia’s one of the most prominent food website where you get variety of dessert choices to choose from, and that too from your nearby restaurant! Ya,ya I know after spending on a dinner you hardly are left with anything and your budget gets shackled but the if you shop via CollectOffers you get additional Groupon Coupon codes and Voucher Codes!

Yayii!! Time for some happy dance!! So let us go on a dessertilicious ride!

2 Cups of Premium Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream with Toppings 1Korean-inspired premium soft serve ice cream welcomes the dessert lovers to relish in their best quality, mouthwatering desserts. They provide you with a rich option of different flavors.

Premium Drinks with Toppings / Original milk  2At Fountain Wish Chocolate Bar you get delicious Matcha Waffle with ice creams and snacks to relish your taste buds. A never to miss opportunity I must say!

2-Scoop Ice Cream Set with Fruits and Wafers1CoolQ soothes palates with cooling scoops of Italian style gelato prepared in a myriad of flavours ranging from traditional tastes of strawberry, coffee, chocolate, milk, and wild berry, to seasonal bites of pineapple, biscotino, passion fruit, dragon fruit, and salted caramel cheesecake.

Strawberry or Chocolate Banana Waffles 4Dream Café as the name suggests, it surely is a dreamy one for all the dessert lovers. For all who have a sweet tooth would completely fall for this place I am sure. The café serves western cuisines with a theme.

French Desserts and Cookies 5Last but as I said there is never an end to dessert satisfaction! The Colette Patisserie brings French flair to the locale with its array of handmade pastries, including intricately-iced cake slices, rich tarts, pastel-hued macaroons, and more.

Ah! This made my mouth to water; did that happen to you too? Then no wait! Hurry up and fulfill your craving for desserts now!

Reinvent Your Beautiful Self and Recreate the Aura with these Beauty Treatments in Malaysia

Finding a man without attitude is rare; finding a woman not being hyper-conscious about her beauty is rarer, agree? Yes, none is actually denying that it’s a birthright of the woman to look gorgeous. But a birthright can’t have a say over natural ablation. Therefore, to get you eyes of the beholder captivated CollectOffers have you immersed in these beauty treatments, which are not merely authentic charm enhancer, but also wallet-friendly.

When it is Malaysia, the gauntlet to enhance the beauty of Malaya Divas is held by Groupon, the world’s one of the most iconic e-commerce giants. Needless to say, Groupon loves celebs and does receive the same affection in response from the celebs. Maybe, Groupon believes that there is celebrity hiding among every damsel on Malaysia. It is, therefore, offering 80% discount on beauty treatment, Groupon gives your persona a touch that only celebs can afford.

Groupon offers a wide scale beauty indulgence. From hair and scalp therapy to have thick, silky and soft hair to body shaping treatment to design your curves, Groupon has covered you. You can luxuriate in the spa and massage parlor to relax and rejuvenate. Groupon also offers skin treatment, pedicure and manicure, facial therapy, and much more.

Lisa Laviss – Medi Spa with Steam Bath, Sauna, & Jacuzzi
aq-1000x600Lisa Laviss comprises a one-stop center with specialization in beauty therapy and health-based spa treatments emphasizing on the medical aspect in its repertoire of wellness programs. With interiors dressed in thematically tranquil domains, the beauty center offers a range of individualized treatments.

Jimbaran Spa – Korean Ginseng Facial Jade Stone Therapy
r9-1000x600Located next to Affin Bank at the Greentown Business Centre, Jimbaran Spa offers customers a variety of pampering services like slimming treatments, facial, and spa. The beauty parlor is managed by therapists harboring over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry.

Ee Beauty Concept – Herbal Spa with Aromatherapy Body Massage
g6-1000x600The clean and clinical consultation area that greets guests upon entering the premise belies inviting treatment rooms with muted earth tones. Cozy up into Jacuzzis as bubbles wash away stress and office grime in rooms featuring wood panels and grey tiles for a holistic environment.

Jari Jari Spa – Borneo Ethnic Body Therapy
3c-700x420Jari Jari Spa spreads Borneo Dusun ethnic heritage through distinctive holistic treatments such as the paddy field massage, the palm of hands, and the mountain massage, a conduit of tradition that has travelled through many generations to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

La Novel Slimming Centre – Lymphatic Massage with Sea Salt Spa
la_novel__-_5-1000x600Combining traditional Balinese concepts with a contemporary design, La Novel Slimming Centre appears as a brick cottage on the outside, but the houses polished wood decor within its warmly-lit spaces. Limestone tiles complement monochromatic stone tubs, where dirt, grime, and daily worries soak off in hot oil baths.

Try These Flavorful Delicacies And Let Your Tummy Say Yummy!

A delicious food is something that makes you feel hungry, isn’t it? Well, we all love to try different cuisines and like to pour our taste buds with tempting flavored platters. A good food is a key to a good life, but a luscious food is a great way to divine experiences.

Each and every food lover on this planet always tries to find a way to explore new cuisines and exotic chain of various tasty dishes. So friends, do you think anyone in this world is not crazy for delicious foods? Of course a big No, because how can a person live without having a hunger for flavorsome delicacies, it is something that is far away from any reality.

I think, we humans are born for foods with craving taste buds and hankering belly, that’s why the search for pleading appetizers never ends, what you think? I believe, food contains all that ingredients which are needed to boost up your body as well as life, so an enticing company of food would be a first-rate choice for us to have a lucrative life, right?

I think, we should give a pause to this discussion and come to the main point, what would you like to have today in your lunch or dinner? Roasted Chicken with Prawn Rissoto, Fried Chicken marinated with herbs, Chicken Chops, Crispy Chicken Nuggets, or German Pork Platter. Don’t be confused as it is already solved by popular online food store Groupon with hefty discounts and the choice will be completely yours.

Hey friends, you can enjoy these yummy dishes with more savings by making CollectOffers.com as your shopping partner as it avails you discount voucher codes and coupon codes on your deal to add extra savings in your pocket, isn’t it a great reason to raise your hunger and feel more hungry?

Let’s check out this appetizing menu:

Roast Chicken And Prawn Rissoto

Roast chicken n prawnOrder a delicious Roast Chicken and Prawn Rissoto and make your tummy happy with its awesome taste. The garden green salad, black truffle mushroom soup, BBQ roasted chicken, pure pumpkin prawn risotto with ice cream will be more like a treat for you and your near dear ones. You can save 42% on this yummy deal.

Fried And Grilled Chicken, A La Carte Food And Drink

A la carteThis food is perfect for all those food lovers who like to have an exotic essence of herbs and amazing taste. It offers fried chicken marinated with over 30 herbs and spices, grilled chicken and Kimchi specials. Enjoy its exotic taste and save 50% on this deal.

Chicken Chops

Chicken ChopsThis amazing chicken chops with awesome taste is enough to make you feel hungrier. Replace your routine meal with this tasty Chicken Chops and add a new flavor in your day. You can save 38% on this mouth-watering dish.

Crispy Chicken Nuggets

Chicken NuggetsThis yummy platter will make your day and give many reasons to feel hungry. Its every bite has awesome taste that will compel you to eat more. So, try these chicken nuggets and add savings in your budget because on this deal you can save 29%.

German Pork Platter

German platterReplace your dinner or lunch with German Pork Platter and add an essence of German cuisine to your taste buds. Pork steaks, mashed potatoes, salad, button mushrooms with sauce, sauerkraut and 2 bottles of Hoegaarden is enough to change your dull day into a rocking party day with friends and family. You can save 45% on this delicious deal.

So friends, if you are feeling hungry, then it’s good as you have so many options to choose!