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This Valentine’s Day Take Her Out On A Fancy Dinner Date From Groupon

Valentine week has begun and one of the toughest things to do is to decide how to make her feel special, what to gift her? Cooking up a three-course meal for the love of your life maybe sound romantic to her (and every other woman on the planet), but afterward clean up the task- not the thing you love doing. Leave the dishes behind and take her to the lavish affordable dinner from Groupon– online site to serve with best deals on restaurants.

Like man, every woman loves delicious food too and there couldn’t be any better pampering idea than taking her out on a romantic dinner date. Now if you’re planning to take her out on a luxury date at some rooftop restaurant, book your table for two online from Groupon and make her happy without breaking your bank account with voucher codes and discount codes from CollectOffers.com.

Here, we’ve got some ideas for you-

Dinner Package For 2 At Sky Garden CaféskyWhat could be more romantic than a romantic dinner under the sky at the rooftop of the hotel? Enjoy a delicious fresh food with your lady love and spend some wow time with her there.

Dinner Buffet For 2 At Great Western ResortgreatwesternIf you and your girl are a food lover, then what will be a better place than this? A dinner buffet for 2 that not only offers yummy food but also couple Chocolate Praline, a rose, and the chance to be predicted by the Tarot Lady.

Romantic Dinner At Albergo Resto & LoungealbergoLooking for a place to celebrate V-Day with your partner, the restaurant comes up with valentine dinner menu. Dishes are served in style of Asian. Book your table at poolside for a romantic date.

Valentine Set Menu At Batavia Coffee ShopbataviaCelebrate the special day with getting at Batavia Coffee Shop. The restaurant includes a rose and chocolate in the package to add romance to the couple.

Main Course For Couple From Silverspoon Coffee ShopsilverspoonPlan a valentine dinner date in Silverspoon Coffee Shop by Sunlake Hotel. The hotel serves a vast valentine menu.

Enjoy A Day Out With Friends In The Exotic Menu Of Brown Fox Waffle And Coffee

Time spend with friends is time never wasted! I hope you all agree to me on this. Well, roaming around with friends and spending quality time with them is always cherished by all. And when out with friends how can we miss to jump on food?

Memories are made when friends fight for the last slice of pizza, for the only dessert that was ordered! Ah, those times! However, this is the one reason I don’t prefer high-end restaurants with friends rather than love to hangout at super cool cafes with amazing ambiance, where you can be yourself with your friends unlike being sophisticated!

Duh? Who loves to do that with friends? I am sure, none of us. Therefore, I have got to you a review of Brown Fox Waffles and Coffee’s review- what they have in store for you on their menu card and their ambiance, in short everything.

I have been to this café and found a number of desserts, coffees and waffles to relish my food cravings. Brownfox is located around Pasar Minggu area; one has to look carefully while passing through since they don’t have a huge fancy brand signage to see from the street. The cafe considerably has small space, but it has quite a cozy concept with beautiful colorful theme.

Let us now hop on the menu!

Chocolate Chunk Waffle 79218e2ef524fbf3d9fe611d5a8e90fefdc9ca76b42803663940982a0a45f382e3dcbChocolate is my absolute favorite! The rich texture and flavor of the waffles is mild. It is a perfect combination of chocolate waffle topped by ice cream, chocolate sauce, strawberry slices and peanuts. Oh! Let us move on else I’ll soon have cravings for it!

Salted Caramel Waffle 2-11The other variant that I had there was a vanilla waffle topped by ice cream, poured by salted caramel sauce and rounded almond. Sounds yumm? Well, it is actually a mouth relishing dessert!

Banana Nutella Waffle 3-11Waffles, waffles and waffles! You might be thinking how boring the café is turning out to be but hey! Don’t judge it this way? I bet each waffles tastes so differently and you won’t be able to resist yourself from grabbing on them any soon! This waffle has a combination of milky dough with such a good combination with nutella jam and banana slices.

Cheddar Cheese Waffle 4-11Waffle with cheddar cheese filling and topped by thick cheese sauce and beef bacon. I assure you, this is real savory! If you are cheese lover this one is sure for you!

Cheddar Cheese Fries 5-11A paper cup filled by stunning fries poured by thick cheese sauce on top.

This ain’t the end of list! There are many more such delights that you could savor with your friends and close ones. And yes with friends it is a delight to share bills but then you could save more just by a click on Groupon and avail exciting coupon codes when you join in your purchase with CollectOffers!

Hope you likes the review and would love to munch in here with friends, and do give us your feedbacks and suggestions in the comment box below. Will be back with more such posts.

Until then,
Loads of love!

Come Fall In Love With The Essence Of Indonesian Cuisines At Groupon

I have always felt that the best part of travelling is to discover new places and FOOD! You might have heard that food speaks for itself and no words, so do I agree with it that no words can perfectly define how delicious or tempting the food is. However there are so many places in this world that are known by their food, there is a particular food that will pop up in your mind while a country will be named.

But you know what? Indonesia is a country where you won’t get just one variety or type of dish but a trail of cuisines. Indonesia is known for its colorful, vivid and vibrant dishes full of diverse aroma and essence. You’ll find the famous Cantonese cuisine and the Javanese cuisine with the hint of China. Yes you got me right! The food of Indonesia is diverse!

Well, when you are travelling to Indonesia or if you in Indonesia you cannot forget to dive into the mouthwatering dishes that would attract you towards itself with the hypnotic smell. Oh God my mouth has already started to water and eyes sparkle while talking about it. I actually want to tell you that there are thousands of varieties of food that you will not be able to resist yourself from!

Finding where you can get such delicacies? The answer is Groupon, Southeast Asia’s prominent website that offers great deals on the restaurants of Indonesia. And since there are loads of variety of foods that you have to gallop (since you cannot miss anything :P) you will surely require to save, so join in your hands with CollectOffers and you get Groupon discount codes and voucher codes.

Okay, so not speaking anymore about the food and letting you know few dishes that you could relish your taste buds on. Let’s go!

La Mian with Pork Dumpling in Hot Chilli Sauce78193c24cd76e1ce41366a4bbe8a49b02a02878c18a4ed934f666d8a47329fd0872c5 For those of you who like berkuliner alias like to eat a variety of flavors of Xiao Long Bao and La Mian Special this one is one of the variety of Chinese dishes. Here you get authentic Chinese dishes to grab on and halal and non-halal cuisines. The menus are served at Paradise Dynasty made from fresh ingredients are cooked in the open plan kitchen, so the quality of taste of each grain is always awake.

Budae Jjigae 77873cd00692c3bfe59267d5ecfac5310286c3e14e4b408b0ba724aa3e225f96ab94eFor all those who love culinary cuisines, you can enjoy unlimited variety of menu choices of meat available, ranging from pork, beef and chicken. The meat has been seasoned with a distinctive blend of Ssikkek so completely absorbed and can be directly baked on the grill. For dessert, you can enjoy a selection of desserts available.

Cajun Platter 3Fish & co. presents the package seafood menu that each packages that you can eat with your family and friends. The menu options presented is The Best Fish & Chips in Town + Soup of The Day, Grilled Chicken, Cajun Platter with Paella Rice and other menu coupled with refreshments Blackcurrant / Lemon Tea can be refilled. Yumm..!! Didn’t your mouth started to water?!

Mall Kelapa Gading 4To enjoy a Belgian style waffle dish that is with a package of Prince Waffle you can surely go on for this dessert. You know there are days when you want to dive on desserts and yes one cheat day is permitted for the health conscious you! With this package, you can enjoy such Waffle Grande and Gourmet.

Japenese Buffet 5Satay- I am sure you all have heard about this dish very often served at Indonesia and one of the most popular dishes in there. Well if you are lover of Japanese food and have craving for it remember it is just a click away!

And next you’re in the land of Indonesia I know you won’t be able to resist yourself from taking a dig at these delightful cuisines!

Heavy Payback: Relish 5 Mouth-Watering Desserts From Groupon!

Like me, are you also amateur of relishing desserts after lunch or dinner? Can see many heads nodding in yes! But, perhaps your mom can’t put forward a new luscious sweet daily. Well, stop troubling your mother now when globally renowned e-commerce marketplace, Groupon is already offering a widest collection of mouth-watering deserts at heart-loving prices.

Foodies don’t find their dinner complete without dessert and love to relish a new taste each day. Groupon cares such food lovers that’s why has lined up so many luscious sweet dishes so they can enjoy their dinner fully.

Okay, enough talked about yummy sweet dishes. Now, let’s see how you can save some amount along with savoring these rich tastes. You can easily save a copious amount if make CollectOffers.com your shopping partner as it avails you ample Groupon discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Take a glimpse at yummy desserts Groupon is offering:

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Caked1Relish your favorite Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Cake covered with a rich chocolate coating encircled with Pirouline® cookies, all wrapped up in a ribbon. If you’re mad about chocolates then nothing can give you better taste than Haagen-Dazs. Order this yummy cream cake through Groupon and get 40% off.

Loyang Brownies, Banana Cake, Coklat Puding dari Purple Kitchend2Enjoy the rich taste of Loyang Brownies, Banana Cake, Coklat Puding dari. It is a healthy cake that adds daily necessary nutrients. This yummy banana cake is available at Groupon with 60% off.

Aneka Hantaran Pudding untuk 18 dan 32 Porsi dari Ratu Pastryd3Enjoy the luscious Aneka Hantaran Pudding untuk 18 dan 32 Porsi dari Ratu Pastry with your friends in parties and get immersed in the fantastic taste. This yummy pastry is available on Groupon with 63% off.

GROM Gelato – Medium Size with Option of Milk shake, Hot Chocolate, Granita & Affogatod4Savour the delicious GROM Gelato with milk shake, hot chocolate, granita and affogato and forget yourself for a while in this yummy taste. This mouth-watering ice cream is available on Groupon with 40% off.

Whole Cake 20 cm with 5 Flavors Options from a Favor De Bakery Coffeed5If you’re a cake lover then enjoy these five luscious flavors of cake. The quality ingredients available in these cake flavors are very beneficial for health. These tasty flavors are available on Groupon with 60% off.

Hurry up! Opportunity is knocking at the door, don’t miss it. Get immersed in the lovely taste of delicious sweet dishes. Share this wonderful chance with your friends too and enjoy all together.