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Treat Yourself With Beauty And Spa Services From Groupon

The weekend is here and we’re sure you’re looking for something that relaxes your body and mind. After a long week that was full of stress and worries at work, it is important to give some retreat to the body and mind to help it to rejuvenate. How about getting indulge in some beauty and spa session? It can be a space to pamper ourselves in much needed “me” time, to chill out, relax, recharge, reflect, detox and re-energize. Well, Groupon– Malaysia’s fastest growing shopping store, is giving great deals and discounts on beauty and spa services.

Spa therapies not only relaxes the muscles and reduce the pain but also enhances the beauty, detoxify and increase the immunity. Well, in short it is a complete package that you may need this weekend. Also, find other needed deals for this weekend in bulk for categories like restaurants and cafes, attractions, local activities and other services at Groupon. And if you bond your shopping with CollectOffers.com, then with the voucher codes and coupon codes enjoy the hefty discounts.

Check out the beauty deals at Groupon-

2.5-Hour Balinese Massage & Spa at Bunga Mawar Spabunga-mawar-spa60-minute Balinese massage or traditional massage, 30-minute full body scrub, 30-minute full body whitening mask, 20-minute herbal sauna, 10-minute foot bath, Complimentary herbal tea. Massage relaxes the body, reduces muscle aches and tension, and improves blood circulation and full body scrub and mask helps exfoliate and lighten skin tone for a smoother, more even complexion.

90-Min Full Body Aromatherapy Massage at Absolute Skin SolutionabsoluteThe package includes Foot spa with sea salt, full body massage with essential oil and Face and body energy treatment with stone. The massage will relax the body, relieves aches in muscles and joints and improves blood circulation. Energy stone treatment rejuvenates and re-energizes body.

Lymphatic Back Massage with Sauna at Gelsey BeautygelseyThe package here includes full back lymphatic massage, sauna and head spa. Lymphatic massage will improve the blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and detoxifies. The infrared sauna will help in strengthening the liver and promotes blood flow, and head spa relaxes muscles, reduces the onset of migraines, and treats hair loss.

90-Min Massage and Scalp Therapy at Jerquen Beauty & Wellness Centrejer90-min package includes – Welcome tea serving, Body treatment; Back body brush with a massage or hot stone with massage, Scalp therapy. Massage unlocks knots, relieves chronic pain, reduces stress, promotes tissue regeneration, increases joint flexibility, and improves blood circulation, and hot stone treatment relieves muscle tension, detoxifies, and reduces water retention.

1.5-Hour Full Body Massage at Slimming SanctuaryslimmimgA good massage is what everyone needs after a tiring weekend. And this package includes 20-minute steam bath, 60-minute full body massage, and 10-minute silky hand treatment.

This Friendship Day Enjoy Delicious Foods With Your Buddies!

Food is something which is loved by all, everyone is always desirous to try something new and exotic when it comes to food. The love for food is boundless and a delightful affair filled with excitements, joys and eagerness.

We love to have a variety of foods, that’s why we try to find different occasions to have luscious foods in our meal. It is a universal habit of all the foodies from all over the world as our taste buds always love to go on a delightful food ride by trying the different rich cuisines.

Friends, I know, like me, you all are also a big foodie and always in search of an occasion to go out for lunch and dinner with your friends, right? But sometimes we hardly find time to have food and fun with our dumb and wise companions. But we enjoy every bite of food when we got time to plan a dinner with our cool gangs; it really doubles our excitement, isn’t it?

If you are in search of a reason to get-together, then a cheerful occasion is just two days away, yeah! Just after two days you will have a big reason to celebrate your togetherness, your compassion and of course your strong bonding with your friends and buddies. Yeah! You are right; I am talking about Friendship Day, isn’t it a big day to celebrate? Of course, a big YES!

So, just make a call to your loving buddies and plan a get-together at home or go out and throw a yummy-tummy party by ordering luscious foods, yes when you can get a delectable and a rich taste, then it is a big reason to celebrate by enjoying amazing cuisines from exotic chain of restaurants in your own hometown.

Don’t be puzzled in placing your order as Groupon and Foodpanda, online food stores are here to make your Friendship Day a notable event by offering a rich variety of cuisine from renowned chain of restaurants at very affordable prices. One more surprise is knocking your door, yes; it is from CollectOffers.com as it avails you discount voucher codes and coupon codes to save more on your deals.

Let’s take a look at the appetizing menu and places for Friendship Day:

Senjyu, Bangsar Village II

villageFeast on Hamachi Carpaccio, Sea Urchin Sashimi, Torch-Seared Wagyu, Foie Gras and Kaki Mentai Maki, and more. Restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine using air-flown ingredients, including signature selections of wagyu beef, giant scallops, and live oysters. You can save 50% through Groupon!

Terracotta Cafe & Boutique

cafe n boutique,Located at the Tropicana Avenue within the vicinity of Petaling Jaya, the whimsical Terracotta Cafe & Boutique becomes an attraction for its popular Japanese ‘water cake’ that everyone’s been raving about. The Arcadian cafe also serves a wide range of pleasantly enticing menu like pasta, waffles and tea. You can save 20% through Groupon.

La Marche Semi Buffet Dinner

la march semi,Sits in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle is an interactive hotel, Dorsett Kuala Lumpur. With Malaysia’s finest shopping malls, eateries, tourist and entertainment spots surrounding the hotel, it is no wonder Dorsett Kuala Lumpur welcomes patrons of all walks of life with a warm and cozy stay that is hard to resist. You can save 35% through Groupon.

Food From New Shanghai Legend

food from shanghaiNew Shanghai offers varieties of Shanghainese food and drinks.You can choose from various of food and drinks, Ala-carte menu excluding dim sum, alcohol,and cigarettes. New Shanghai combines the various traditional specialties with a modern twist. You can save 60% through Groupon.

Fine Dining Meal at Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant

fine dine meal,Nestled within the lively halls of Life Centre in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant, a Hong Kong franchise that sets the stage for the birth of mouth-watering creations from age-old Chinese recipes. Drink in the glitz of the interior decor as chefs with up to 20 years of experience proffer meals of oriental dishes for discerning tastebuds and bottomless pits to remind one of Chinese heritages and friends with Chinese heritages. You can save 43% through Groupon.

So guys, make your Friendship Day a memorable day by dining together!