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Get Fresh Groceries At Your Doorstep With HappyFresh

What if your monthly grocery shopping says “No lines, no waiting”? Life will be so peaceful, relaxed and fuss free. Isn’t it? Just imagine no maneuvering a wheeled cart, no wasting of time standing in the long-never ending queue and literally fruitless searches in different aisles to get your product and still getting your shopping done with shopping bags at your doorstep. This might seem to you too good-to be-true, right? Well, what if I say it isn’t whimsical at all? I am sure this news has shocked you.

Remember the last time you wanted to buy a shampoo of yours and you couldn’t find it in the specific aisle and you got that bottle in the hair oil aisle! How badly you got irritated about the fact “who the hell kept it in this section?”

Bring all these issues and worries to rest. I have got the ‘all-in-one’ solution for all of them. HappyFresh, one of South-East Asia’s most trusted online grocery shopping website. They have got all you need to fill in your cart from prominent stores of Bangkok. The best part of shopping grocery online is that you get all your products without any mess and conveniently. Worried about freshness? Well, then don’t be, because this is what makes HappyFresh different from the other online websites. They guarantee the freshness of your products especially when considering- bakery products, vegetables, fruits and anything you name.

Another feature that the website flaunts is their one-hour delivery at your doorstep. Wow! I think last time you took 2-3 hours to complete your grocery shopping?! You are smart enough to judge.

With monthly shopping comes the budget, well you get the products at affordable and genuine price while helping you to manage your bill shop via CollectOffers and you get whooping additional HappyFresh discount coupon codes and voucher codes, now this is called monthly shopping- Pocket-Friendly and Fuss-Free!

Let’s have a look at the products HappyFresh provides you:

Vegetables and Fruits fruits-and-vegetables-wallpaper-2When buying vegetables, the biggest issue is that is it fresh or not? HappyFresh brings to you its fresh vegetables handpicked by the experts to ensure freshness and delivers the best out of it. So, you never need to worry about the freshness about your veggies and fruits.

Bakery Productsbread-main

Breads! One of the other products people are concerned about its quality and freshness. The basic issue is that when you are paying for a product then why not it be healthy and fresh?! Therefore, when you buy bakery products from HappyFresh you can smell the bread; I bet it’ll be fresh as morning.

Dairy dairy-products-e1455613074391All types of dairy products are available on the website. The products include whipped cream, pasteurized milk, fresh eggs, cheese and many others. Don’t you worry about the packaging and any mishandling during delivery. You will get your product with all care taken.

Meat and Seafood bread-mainYou know the best part of shopping online is that you just select the product and the delivery boy brings them at your place where you have to just relax plus amidst the smell of raw meat and seafood and that you get everything with care.

Beverages 2178At HappyFresh you get different categories of beverages refined. Like- Coffee, health drinks and juices, tea, water and few more. On the whole the convenience you get while shopping online is nowhere else plus the quality remains.

Now, what are you waiting for? No need to hurry in your shopping as all you need to do is to sit back and order from HappyFresh.!!



Redmart – Your Glocal Fruit Market for Exotic Fruits

There are just so many fads around what to eat and what not to eat. Well, we know one thing for sure, you must, we repeat, you MUST eat fruits! A powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and fibres, fruits help you stay healthy and young always.

And what’s better, these are healthy and tasty at the same time. Now you know as well as we do, that is a very rare combination indeed! Healthy and tasty rarely go together. Fruits supplement your body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to remain healthy. A fruit rich diet ensures you have a glowing skin, a strong heart and a happy stomach. We are pretty sure it’s an easy sell.

We understand buying fresh fruits is a hassle and something we don’t get too often, but that is somewhere we can help. Redmart has an excellent variety of exotic fruits, all of which are fresh and ready for your consumption. Choose from the website today and stock up on those fruits.

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Let’s look at some fruits and their health benefits.

GrapefruitPrimarily grown in South Africa and Turkey, Grapefruit is tangy with an underlying sweetness and is very juicy. Grapefruits are low in calories and are excellent sources of Vitamins A and C. When made a part of the diet, they help in losing weight, keep your blood pressure and heart under check and keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Wow! Let us stock up on those grapefruits today!

KiwiIMG1559_1414553707057Primarily produced in Chile, Italy, New Zealand and Greece, this green fruit with black freckles is as nutritious as it is tasty. Add this to any salad to bring a nice burst of colour and flavour. Rich in Vitamin C, Potassium and anti-oxidants, this fruit is one Health Dynamite. Weight loss, better sleep, and healthier heart, all because of this fuzzy looking fruit. Order your pack on Redmart today!

Strawberries715756200092_1_1435302461707Imported from USA and Australia, strawberries are a very popular ingredient in yogurts, puddings, cakes and salads. Again a Vitamin C rich fruit! Excellent in boosting the immune system and acting as anti-oxidants, strawberries help keep those nasty wrinkles at bay, leaving you looking younger for longer. Did we mention it’s available at Redmart?

Fragrant PearsIMG1577_1411026970479
The natives of China, these fruits have been harvested in China for more than 1,300 years! It is an excellent fruit to detoxify and regenerate blood fluids. The Vitamin C and elevated fibre content make it a great fruit for good health of skin and heart. The delicious taste, heady fragrance and excellent health benefits…What is not to like!

Medjool Dates88872730054802_1439443376514Produced in Israel, Iran and South Africa, Medjool Dates are known as King of Dates. With the highest potassium content in any fruit (yep, it has more potassium than banana), this fruit helps maintain the body fluid balance and help prevent high blood pressure. With its sweet taste and high fibre content, dates suppress your craving for sweets and keep you full for longer. So before you go on your next diet routine, stock up your dates from Redmart.

Red Seedless GrapesIMG1531_1414553876318 (1)
Produced in Australia, Europe, South Africa and USA, these grapes are packed with benefits and require little effort to consume, just wash and eat! The grapes are rich in Vitamin K that helps to prevent osteoporosis and promotes bone development. Rich in antioxidants too, this fruit is a must addition to your diet. Grab your bunch at Redmart today!

Mandarin OrangesIMG5522_1416288739912Harvested in China, Spain, Argentina and South Africa, these little beauties are tasty as they are pretty. Rich in vitamins, this fruit helps promote healthier skin with all the Vitamin C and E it has along with the rich fibre content. Get better skin, immune system and heart through this healthy and tasty option! Order a dozen from Redmart right away.

Honestbee Giving Everyone Vigorous Life-Style Offering Hefty Discounts on Healthy Breakfast-Stuffs

Who likes to be unhealthy? Nobody, I am sure. But, my question is how many of you give the real input to keep yourself away from any kind of disease? Hardly a few people, I know. You can’t, but at least the splendid online grocery store of Malaysia, Honestbee can. Yeah! Now put a big smile on your face as Honestbee is offering heavy payback on a variety of healthy breakfast materials means no need to 0haggle between how to get a fit body.

Exercises, yoga or gym can never do miracle unless you have the strict chart of healthy foods. Though I know, barely anyone can get pure edible items in the current polluted environment but Honestbee still takes you up to a great extent of transparency and get you the fresh food items at very discounted prices.

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Here is some necessary healthy breakfast stuff which you must add in your daily food chart:

Bakery Whole Wheat Round Boule1Overcome your any health issue with this vigorous Bakery Whole Wheat Round Boule. Buy this though Honestbee and save voluminous amount.

The Berry Company Pomegranate2Once you get sick, visitors start coming to meet you having a bucket of pomegranate in hand. Why giving them this chance? Take the Berry Company Pomegranate juice every day and stay healthy. Buy this through Honestbee and get heavy off.

Galbani Mozzerella3The Galbani Mozzerella can keep you away from all kind of disease. One day sickness builds so many problems before us, isn’t it? Buy this through Honestbee at hefty off and stay happy

Organic Real Bircher Museli4Gain some weight with Organic Real Bircher Museli taking regularly. Buy this through Honestbee and enjoy hefty discounts.

Watsons Distilled Water5Be fit and fine ever with this Watsons Distilled Water. Buy this through Honestbee and save copious amount.