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Your Eyes Can Make You Extremely Attractive If You Have Got The Right Eyelashes!

Eyes are everything that can make your whole look change. If you have done an eye makeup, even applied just a kajal, it can enhance your eyes. Do you love the natural look of eyelashes but wished it had the dramatic volume of Flare lashes?

I know those who don’t get healthy eyelashes feel their eyes are not attractive and use fake eyelashes to look beautiful. You can get twice the volume of eyelashes in just a few easy ways. If you are looking for eye makeover with perfect eyes and perfect eyebrows then you are at the right place. Yes, even eyebrows are something that can change your whole eyes and a perfect shape of eyebrow makes you even more appealing.

Are you planning to attend some party or event and want to show off your beautiful eyes then you must check out a huge collection of beauty products from Fave by Groupon as it has some trustworthy eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery that will make your eyes sharp and attractive.

Just plan your shopping now online and don’t worry about the payment part as with Collect Offers you will get these cool products at affordable prices without giving a hole in your pocket. Join hands with Collect Offers now and enjoy amazing coupon codes and discounts.

Check out where to look out these cool eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery.

80-lash Korean silk extension

Flutter up those long lashes with an 80-lash Korean silk extension! Eyelash extensions help enhance the appearance of your eyes without makeup, making them look bigger or more cat-eye, depending on your preference. This beauty parlour is located a mere 5-minute walk from the Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

Elleebana lash lift eyelash perming

Flutter lashes and hearts with the Elleebana lash lift eyelash perming at LOLITA’s Lash & Beauty Studio. Quick eyelash perming treatment uses silicone rods to reinforce lifted lash appearance with long-lasting effect, giving appearance of fuller eyelashes without use of extensions; suitable for both short and long lashes. Formaldehyde-free solution is used for nourishing and conditioning posing minimal damage to your lashes.

Eyelash Extension with Touch Up, Lash Spa and Homecare Kit

Give your original lashes a length and volume boost at MyLash with their eyelash extension service with touch up, lash spa and homecare kit. The homecare kit allows you to keep up your new look after the appointment, lengthening not only your lashes but also the period these stunning results lasts.

NovaLash Matte lash extensions

Flutter lashes and hearts with the NovaLash Matte lash extensions at LOLITA’s Lash & Beauty Studio. Extensions give the appearance of longer and fuller eyelashes, and enhance facial features without the use of makeup, using the highly-coveted NovaLash products.

Eyebrow Embroidery with Touch Up

Like a nice shrub of berries, bushy eyebrows need time to grow. In the meantime, fake fuller eyebrows with an eyebrow embroidery! This semi-permanent treatment accentuates your eyes and facial features without the need for makeup application, hence saving precious get-ready time in the morning. Touch-up session ensures your eyebrows look nicer for longer.

Icecreams And Pastries Are Pure Love For Children. Order them for your Child!

When growing up, icecreams and pastries were the most favorite dish of all time. When we get to know that we will get ice creams and pastries after dinner, we used to end our meal very quick so that we will get desserts in return. Every child desire is to eat ice creams and pastries only, rather than any nutritional food.

As children are children, they don’t know the value of which food is good for their health. You need to step ahead and make sure they get the best nutritious food that is perfect for their health. But, if you allow making them eat ice creams and pastries they will end up eating whatever you said them to eat.

Ice creams and pastries are love if it is ordered from best place. Order it now for your child from Fave by Groupon. It has some amazing mouth watering ice creams and pastries which just not the child but even you cannot resist yourself to have it.

Order now through Collect Offers as it provides its customers some amazing discount and coupon codes which will make your online ordering of foods at less price. So, join hands with collect offers now and enjoy these luscious ice creams and pastries at very low prices.

Check out the flavors of ice creams and pastries which you want for yourself.

Three Slice Of Hokkaido Thousand Lauer Cake

Jam your fork right into these layers of goodness! Get three slices of Hokkaido cake made by a patisserie with a specialty in Japanese and European-inspired cake selections, and choose from a variety of flavours including signature original, blueberry, matcha, Belgian chocolate, and more.

2 Cups Single-Scoop Dark Chocolate Gelato

Engulf your tastebuds in velvety smooth dark chocolate gelato, made from fresh milk and rich, dark Belgian chocolate for that bittersweet kick in every spoonful. Purchase one cup and get another to share, with each cup weighing approximately 100g.

Two Double Scoop Icecream In Cones And Cups

Beat the heat with two cups or cones of ice cream! Made with flavours from Denmark, dairy products from Australia, and chocolates from Belgium, choose from any ice cream flavour available in-store, and heap two scoops on each cone or cup. These award-winning desserts are hand-made and based on traditional recipes dating back to the brand’s Danish founders.

One Cup Of Classic Frozen Coconut


Beat the hot sunny days with a Classic Frozen Coconut at Husk! Treat yourself to a Short Cup of refreshing icy coconut delight, which will melt in your mouth and cool down your body. Wait no longer for a tantalizing treat to savour.

2 Single Scoop Icecream

Enjoy a sweet treat and cool off on a hot day with 2 scoops of ice cream. Have it all to yourself or share the joy and savor the sweet flavours it has to offer. These icecreams are availablein various flavours. Choose your favourite now.

These icecreams and pastries are a pure heaven which you must buy and enjoy your summer with these delicious.