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Satchel Bags: A Trendier Substitute Of Backpacks

Some women may find backpacks to be super comfortable and comes with loads of space to fill in stuffs. However, when it comes to fashion trends and dressing up, do you think backpacks upholds its position? The fashion experts at CollectOffers say a vehement “Naah” to it! Backpack only render a fun and comfy look and has its limitations. Then what? We say Satchels are the new cool!

To get exquisite satchel collection you can ponder over Zalora and Fashion Valet and style with the stylish version of Backpacks with a very few, rather no limitations at all! Wearing a dress? Carry a pastel colored bag and you’ll be on a fire, queen! Satchels have a great space to stuff your beauty essentials, phone and other necessities.

Well, the best part is to look this stylish you don’t need to put your comfort at stake, you can carry in many ways, either carry it simply shoulder or like a crossbody as well! To save in while you shop is never a bad deal. Therefore, to save on your purchase shop through CollectOffers and here you get discount coupons and voucher codes compiled on same space.

To let you know about a few satchel bags CollectOffers compiles up 5 trendy satchel bags that you can shop for through the mentioned websites!

Wall Satchel Bag aldo-brown-satchelThis dark brown combined with black satchel bag is just the right option to carry for you work, leisure times. This bag from Aldo has multiple compartments which provide you with functionality and style as well. The Wall Satchel features a mixed finish.

Rimeur City Bag pastel-satchelEmbrace your look with latest trend of pastels and get your hands on this gorgeous satchel bag in the color mint. The classy satchel is great for a day off from work for casual meets. You could carry it with the strap or detach the strap and carry it as a hand-held bag.

Rishona Carry Bag magenta-satchelIf you want to carry a sophisticated look and show off your stylish side, this bag from Elle is the one for you. The bag has got two zip lock compartments and a twist lock fastening. The sleek design of the bag goes hand in hand with the urban lady.

Livi Trapeze Foldover Bag black-satchelLike a black dress a black bag is never out of fashion. It is the one that goes with every outfit in your closet. This black bag from Livlola is a mini satchel great for work and casual day out.

Brown Chic Tassel Satchel tan-satchelThis is a bag that you can call “One bag to all styles”. The satchel bag featuring fashionable tassels and on top of it the chic brown color! The bag from Bonia has got one pocket and three zipper compartments that provide loads of space to you.

So, these were the five out of a huge range of satchel bags. Not only satchel you can get yourself different styles of bags from Zalora and Fashion Valet. Happy Shopping!

Wear The Vintage Ensemble With The Hue Of Modernity

Hello gorgeous! Today, before beginning with anything in particular let me make one clarification. Yes, clarification that why we women never get any other topic of discussion except that of fashion? Well, guys- do you know that today each day seems to deliver a new fad? Do you even realize that how hard it is for us to keep up with each trend; what’s in and what’s out?

Huh! But girls you don’t worry, as I have a solution to this problem. You know what I think there is one such trend that has made its place kinda permanent in the race. The vintage look! Don’t you too think so?

There is the retro fashion coming back in every sort be it accessories, makeup, hairstyle and fashion of course! So, my today’s look that I am going to share with you is the vintage one with a twist!

hm-black-crop-top-perverse-sunglasses-ella-moss-print-pantsThe flare pants! Yeah, with the gleam in your eyes I can see how much you too love to pair your flare pants! You get the perfect 80’s and 90’s vibe with this one outfit.

mac-retro-matte-lip-high-drama-ella-moss-layla-print-pants-hm-crop-topThe twist I have been blabbering about is that you can pair up your flare pants with a crop top! Here, it being a turtleneck but you know, a single wear has got its varied styles so you can go with any if not a turtleneck.

ella-moss-layla-pants-gigi-new-york-chelsea-crossbody-hm-crop-top-copyThe accessories need not to be too much. You know by now that I don’t love to accessorize much with my ensemble. As I believe that minimizes the entire show! And being a bag lover I love to carry different bags with me, I know so do you! Therefore, here you can carry your sling bag with you. For the footwear, you can slip on your wedges or platforms and also heels can be preferred.

perverse-sunglasses-times-square-renaissance-hotel-hm-black-crop-top-ella-moss-pantsTalking about makeup I would recommend for a casual day or a night out as well, all you need to do is to get your bold lipstick on and you’re ready to sway!

C’mon sassies get ready to slay with the vintage ensemble blended with a modern twist! And you could shop this look from Zalora and Fashion Valet– Southeast Asia’s prominent fashion website. And to save on your shopping don’t forget to shop through CollectOffers and avail exciting discounts coupons and voucher codes.

For more such updates and looks click the follow button and keep on pouring your love with likes and comments!

Until next time,
Loads of Love!

Trend Alert! Style In Your Turtleneck Like Never Before

You know as when winters start to take its baby steps the chilly breeze and your shiver body needs someone to hug you, to gigil you so tight. The warmth and coziness that hug imbibes you in, is so soothing and comfy! Nooo…! I aint talking about a guy give you that passionate hug! (Though that would work here too) However, I am talking about your warm pullovers. And one of them being the most under-appreciated one; turtlenecks!

Yeah! I can very well read and understand your facial expressions that you made while reading turtlenecks! But sweeties, calm down, relax and take a deep breathe! Yeah, yeah I know it kinda is sometimes itchy and claustrophobic when you flaunt a turtleneck.

What about I say that it is all worth it! The compliments and appreciation you will receive after you style your turtleneck in different styles and different ways will make it wealth!

And I personally believe that they aren’t that bad a trend, well actually a sartorial splendor! So, how about me giving you some tips and guide on how inversely you could style your single turtleneck and get that swag plus the grandeur?

And yes you can find all the latest turtlenecks on Zalora and Fashion Valet– the one stop destination for all your fashion stuffs! Okay, now that I have blabbered too much let’s go!

bloggif_5832dc9a9bd76Wanna look dope? The best way to flaunt the feministic bravura is too pair your turtleneck with a pencil skirt I bet, this is the best way to show off your curves and the erotic side!

tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-3If you are not a pencil skirt fan (like me!) then miniskirts are for you! no sweetheart I know you gonna freeze your legs wearing a miniskirt but pull on your stockings or jeggings with it and portray the sexier you!

bloggif_5832dbfa23956Ahaa! Too much of girly stuff? Don’t worry bro, I got something for you too! I have been innumerable time saying that denims are one thing that gels up with every damn top wear! So, if you wanna get that casual chic look, then style your turtlenecks with denims!

tight-turtlenecks-trend-2016-20What about the pairing up flared skirts with tight turtlenecks? Sounds weird? However it is not! Accessorize it with a sling and heels and then the decision is all yours!

bloggif_5832db8a53951Now that you might be aware that turtlenecks have made a comeback after the 70’s. Hello, Marilyn Monroe! Ah that gorgeous and sensuous lady, how effortlessly she paired up the turtlenecks with high waist pants. Flawless is the word!

I hope there could have been no better way to conclude this piece! But then don’t forget to shop from CollectOffers to avail discount coupon codes and voucher codes. Shoutout to all chic out there get your turtlenecks and make them your season favorite! Have an up-to-the-minute winter!

Until next time,
Loads of love XoXo!

Become a Dazzling Diva With 70% Discount on Fashion at Fashion Valet

Indeed; it is frustrating, but hot and steamy days are here to stay little longer. If you haven’t yet transformed your look according to the temperature this summer season in an anticipation that hot days are going to go soon, you are not late in giving your summer outfits a new twist and elevate your summer style with fresh new looks.

Achieving the casual cool is not so tough with the sexy crop tops, ripped denims, stylish shorts and more making your way into your wardrobe. This transition into the sultry summer mode with these chic outfits becomes far easier with Fashion Valet discount code.Slide5

Fashion Valet brings some of the fabulous looks pulled off so graciously by fashionistas world over. Nope, it’s never a question of drilling a deep hole into your pocket when you shop from the most versatile range of designer clothing at Fashion Valet, because Fashion Valet offers inescapable 70% discount.

Slide6Whether you are a traditional girl wanting to opt for the Muslimah Wear or a modern day Malaysian loving pants, skirts and designer dresses, Fashion Valet amalgamates traditional style with contemporary cuts to give you a unique look every day that everyone around you will find difficult to match.

Keeping in trend with the stylish clothing, Fashion Valet has come up with the exciting collections that blend style, color and design in the most artistic manner. Moreover, At Fashion Valet, you will find all your favorite international brands as well as brands created by homegrown designers.

Seeing this magnificent offer of 70% discount going away is never a good idea. Make your choice and click on the most authentic Fashion Valet coupon code available at collectoffers.com to get the look that spins everyone’s head. If trendsetter in you looks for more such exciting and exclusive discount offers, sign up at collectoffers.com to find more cash-saving offers on apparels, shoes, handbags and accessories.