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5 Fashion Trends You Will See Everywhere In Hong Kong 2018!

If you’ve decided to be on top of your fashion game and flaunt the best style then you must start now!!

Also, this is the time when you all should look at the latest fashion trend that is going round in Hong Kong. While walking the streets of Hong Kong, you will notice that HongKong is so inspiring in its fashion trend and you will get to see some great latest trends on street.

The first thing you need to look for is the trend that suits you. As there are are several fashion trends going around, so to stand out, you must choose a style that suits your personality.

Here are some of the major trends that we noticed have totally inspired all Hong Kongers. If you are looking for some great inspiration then you must start your shopping today from Farfetch. It’s an online fashion store that has some great quality apparels that are in trend, check out the latest fashion trend below which you can easily shop from Farfetch. Also, by using Farfetch promo codes you can enjoy great discount deals and shop within your budget.

The future is feminine

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It’s time to unleash your inner girl out and don the pretty floral dress on your own. This trend is quite in demand and women flaunting it can easily gain attention. The floral print is sweet, yet not sugary, you will definitely gain attention and grab people’s attention.

There are many designers in Hong Kong like the Alexander McQueen, Self-Portrait and Chloe, these designers have some great staple of some serious sweet pieces that look great in summer time. Also, choose the fantastic ruffles or Victorian dresses in a nice designer sugary shades.

Rainbow association

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The combination of colourful rainbow colours is also in trend. While moving along, you will notice some great bright colours in the streets and also take over your Instagram feed. The popular designers like Versace, Victoria Beckham and Balenciaga have also some unique assemblances of the designer collection that are sending models down the runways in near-fluorescent attire that are meant to be matched with glossy black or white accessories.

Throwback everyday

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2018, is the best time as you will surely see every fashion is becoming popular and trendy. From the rising of check and houndstooth coats in the Fall/Winter 2017 collections to the vintage style vibes that let you remember the style is coming in full force to lead your way. The times of the ’80s and ’90s silhouettes are the trends of high-waist jeans, puffed sleeves, polka dot blouses and chain jewellery which have also gained attention in today’s fashion trend.

Power suiting

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When it comes to making a big impact with your dress then suits are great and one of the single biggest trends of the season. The reason can be because the men’s wardrobes have changed more gradually than women’s so we that suit are a worth-investment staple and will be beneficial in the long run. So, if you buy any suit then be relax as this staple is a must buy.


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Athleisure is a style and trend that are also preferred by many people. Right now, Hongkongers are no exception and prefer to buy Joggers, sweatpants, leggings, bomber jackets, and sweatshirts. If you think that these can only look good while playing any sports then you are wrong as this athleisure are also regarded as a casual wear and look good while going at any shopping mall, for lunch, at the airport and some similar places.

All the cool kids, women and men are rocking sneakers and have an entire sporty vibe. It blends fashion and comfort and this fashion is very practical. The athlete wear is not just fashion but it’s a lifestyle that is becoming popular.

Get in trend and choose the best attire that suits your personality and walk in the Hong Kong streets in style!

5 Fashion Trends You’re Gonna See Everywhere In 2018!

The habit of looking for the newest and the coolest fashion everytime is the part of every fashion lover’s DNA. Paying close attention to what is popular and what is in trend is all fashionista’s favorite past time. In this post, you will find a compilation of the latest-in-trend fashion staples that are gaining immense popularity these days.

The fashion industry is changing every now and then and so, today you are spoilt by an endless number of options to choose, especially when it comes to women’s clothing. Thus, if you are seeking to get your hands on some latest trends and styles, then this post is simply for you.

Yoox, a premier fashion store that helps you shop for all the latest and classiest fashion clothing from eminent brands at an unmatched price. Whether you are seeking for men’s fashion clothes or women, kids or simply any popular designer’s collection, you will find everything at Yoox HK.

Besides making your shopping for major fashion styles easy and simple, Yoox offers you a varied number of discount vouchers and coupons that help you make huge savings on every purchase. For savings, all you need is to simply grab Yoox code HK.

Now, read out the top 5 major styles that every high-fashioned girl or women must know for 2018-

Imperfect Symmetry!


The asymmetrical design is a grand successor of the last season’s mega-hit off-shoulder mania. This year, get ready for silhouettes and collars draped around the neck or the single shoulder blade that look absolutely graceful and elegant on women of all body structure. Buy a single-sleeve asymmetric blouse with frill details and eye-pleasing floral prints or buy a classic asymmetric dress with ruffle detailing for a cocktail party.

Sheer Clear!


The sheer trend is back again in 2018. See-through fabric layer over slip tops or tube is yet another most loved fashion trend of the season. If you want to get ready for the office cocktail party, then try something new this time other than the sassy cocktail dress. Wear a slip midi underneath a sheer, glittery see-through shift dress and pair it with statement accessories and pumps to grab the limelight. You can even try fringe detail mid-rise midi-skirt with an off-the-shoulder tube top.

Pastel Galore!


Another fashion trend which has been consistently revived and enjoyed especially in summers is Pastels. Pastels are easy on eyes, looks immensely aesthetic and can be pulled off effortlessly. Lavender, mauve, and lilac are the pastel colors poised to be the biggest hit this year.  Buy a pastel pink denim jacket to enhance your casual jeans and t-shirt looks elegantly, or get a dual-toned mini dress or belt shirt dress for if you wish to make your look minimal yet classy.

Denim Trend All Around!


Denim is one of most versatile material and is most preferred for decades. Denim has gone through many transformations, from simple jeans to fully-tailored dresses, skirts, pullovers, wide-legged pants and bodycon, today you will find plenty of options to choose from. These are sturdy, dependable and can never go wrong with a structured denim outfit and a pair of sneakers. Buy a bodycon v-neck denim dress or a mini dress with back-button detailing for an everyday sassy casual look.

Nude Shades!


If you favor the basic-to-basics approach, go natural with the explosion of maximalism with nude tone clothing trends. Easy, cotton, breezy and linen fabrics in natural colors are gaining immense popularity these days. Buying nude shades top, dresses or bottom wear is a more relaxed trend suitable for a professional or semi-formal look.

So, these are few widely popular fashion trends that you must opt for sure in 2018. Choose your favorite style depending on your requirement, preference, taste, and style. You can avail Yoox promo code to enjoy huge savings and discounts while buying the latest fashion style from top brands.

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Shop The Best Kids, Women And Men Fashion Trend In HongKong And Taiwan!

Today, the fashion has become so vast that every person has started using and exploring the latest blogs and article to stay up with the trend. It is not so difficult to be updated with the trends of today. When you want to be at the top of your fashion game, you may want to check on other people fashion and want to make your fashion best among them.

The fashion trend is growing so rapidly among all types of people from man, woman or even kids; everyone today wants to stay at the top of the fashion game. Even today’s mothers focus on what other children are wearing as they want to make their kids dress well.

So, here in this blog post, you will know what are the top essential clothes you should wear and which are becoming a trend in 2018! As soon as the blog finishes you will surely get vast knowledge on what can be the best clothing for you.

before you read ahead what to shop, you should know from where to shop. You can choose Yoox in Hongkong and Taiwan, they are the best online store available in these two countries that offer some of the great discounts and offers that make your overall shopping experience budget friendly.

Kids’ Best Fashion In Trend!

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Earlier there was a time when kids would just wear what their parents bought for them. But, today’s kids have become so advanced and stylish that they started having some fashion preferences and want those designer dresses for them otherwise they might create some big scene too.

Kids today – whether kindergartners, elementary school kids, or middle school kids are more fashionable than any adult. You might call it the influence of the observed media or anything else, but it’s a fact that if you have kids.

To make your kid be on top of their fashion game and to buy him/her the clothes based on his choices then you can surely choose Yoox voucher codes for that as the website offers some of the large variety of products for kids of all the latest brand and fashion. This helps you to not roam at different places taking and listening to your child’s nuisance.

Women’s Best Fashion Trend!

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When talking about women’s fashion trend then you have so many options to choose from without even indulging in any difficulty. Whether you love to wear jeans, skirt, traditional, or any other style; everything is fashionable and trendy.

According to the runways, that is going round the clock, they offer some designer and a good variety of products that it becomes a trend as soon as these models wear it and the best part is that these are started to become available in many market stores and online. So, your choice of options become so wide.

The street style scene makes any trend become the best-dressed when any A-listers model or celebrity wears it. These are surely the emerging fashion trends to watch in 2018. So, whether your plan for a stylish event or want to take more style risks or sharpen in on your wardrobe now by going online and checking the latest trend in Hongkong and Taiwan available.

Men’s Best Fashion Trend!

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When being in fashion even men’s do not fall behind. 2018 is known to be the fashion time when they look the best in their fashion. This year or last year, men fashion game is always on point. You can choose online fashion store and shop some of the best apparels from new fits to bold knits, but this is how to make these runaway menswear moves work.

One of the biggest trend available is the biggest men’s denim trends for 2018. You can try the key styles, waves and styles because the same old style can be a little boring.

So, get ready to shop the best fashion trend available. Also, do not forget to use exclusive Yoox HK promo codes as it is offering 10% off and free shipping on delivery and make sure you choose this exclusive coupon codes ‘COLLECT10‘ until 28 May 2018 to get this exclusive offer.