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Make Cooking Fun With Smart Kitchen Tools From Ensogo

Enough of the unnecessary hard work homemakers! It’s time to get along with trend and include some fancy kitchen tools from Singapore’s renowned online store, Ensogo.

To give housewives a sigh of relief Ensogo has lined up a wide range of simple yet helpful kitchen tools that will make a homemaker’s life easier.

Cooking is not a hectic task but yes the preparation is certainly time-consuming, hence, Ensogo has availed a wide range of kitchen equipment that will be a great help to any women.

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Let’s take a look at the products available at Ensogo.

Vegetable Kitchen Garlic Onion Food Slicer Peelerdeal_box (4)Get a compact helping hand in your kitchen in disguise of Vegetable Kitchen Garlic Onion Food Slicer Peeler. The innovative tool will help you do slicing, peeling and mincing quickly. You can shop it from Ensogo at 69% off.

Kitchen Gadgets Creative Seederdeal_box (2)Removing seeds from fruit like apple is an irritating task so include Kitchen Gadgets Creative Seeder in your kitchen to enjoy simplified life. Shoppers can get this small yet interesting tool from Ensogo at 83% off.

Fruit Spiral Shred Processdeal_box (3)Present your dish like a chef, by decorating it with thin Julienne of vegetables with the help of Fruit Spiral Shred Process available at Ensogo at 64% off.

Kitchen Utensils Stripper Corn Machine deal_box (1)Include the kitchen utensils stripper corn machine in your kitchen and experience easy cooking. The advanced tool at Ensogo has food grade plastic + stainless steel, which makes peeling out corn easy. Get it from Ensogo at 82% off.

Shredding Kitchen Cutter deal_boxChopping gets easier with Shredding Kitchen Cutter available at Ensogo. The scissor-like tool available at Ensogo lets you shred vegetables swiftly and effortlessly. Get it from Ensogo at 25% off.

Now that Ensogo is offering these innovative tools to make your cooking job simple, why stay behind?

With Attractive Bags From Jelly Toy Boy at Ensogo Be An Uptown Girl

I love bags and recently checking out the latest bag trends I came across some cool and stylish bags by Jelly Toy Boy and I was completely bowled over them. No, am not overrating them as when you will have a look you also can’t stop yourself saying ‘WOW’. To keep you along with the trend, HongKong’s renowned online store, Ensogo has lined up an exclusive range of Jelly Toy Boy bags.

Bags from Jelly Toy Boy are worth getting included to one’s style quotient as they are a mix bag of casual, formal and party wear arm candies.

Ensogo understands how much the ladies of Hong Kong love to flaunt their fashion expertise so it has housed the best and premium quality bags that are crafted for today’s women.

Though, these charming bags are expensive but as Ensogo leaves no stone unturned in pampering its customers, hence, it has offered huge discount on them. But I also have an option that can lead you to maximum savings and make you feel contended.

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Let’s take a glimpse at the collection at Ensogo.

Chanel handbags Jelly Toy BoyimageBe a showstopper with the limited edition Chanel handbags JELLY TOY BOY available at Ensogo at 58% off.

Luxury Series fluff ToyBoyimage (1)Make people envy with Luxury Series fluff TOYBOY bag. Made up sheepskin villi, the bag has gold wire fluff patchwork. Shoppers can get it from Ensogo at 48% off.

Snakeskin ToyBoyThose who like to include classy bags in your closet can buy snakeskin TOYBOY from Ensogo. Made up of Mang snakeskin and sheep skin the bag is available at 65% off.

Subversive Classic Jelly Bagimage (4)The Jellytoyboy CHANCE pearl series Subversive Classic Jelly Bag from Ensogo is a great option to carry at parties or formal events. Shoppers can get it at 50% off.

Stars Cowboy TOYBOYimage (3)Denim is never out of trend, so make the Stars Cowboy ToyBoy bag yours and get ready to hog limelight. Shoppers can get it from Ensogo at 60% off.

Don’t waste time and make these modish bags your from Ensogo using CollectOffers.com.

Make Your Abode Look Regal With Home Décor Products From Ensogo

Singaporeans have a keen eye for beauty, no matter if it’s about their look or about their home interiors; they search for something really attractive and innovative. To avail the best home interior products to the people of Singapore, a renowned online shopping store, Ensogo has lined up an exclusive collection of home décor products.

Fancy interior decoration pieces don’t only look attractive but also enhance the look of your home, so why waste money upon old school interior decoration goods, when Ensogo is offering stylish products at affordable rates.

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Coming back to the topic, let’s take a view of the exuberant collection at Ensogo.

Vintage Bronze Wine Glass Display Holderdeal_box (1)Bring some classy look to your interior with Vintage Bronze Wine Glass Display Holder. The holder can hang up 6 glasses and is available at Ensogo at 72% off.

Ganeshan Wall Stickers Carveddeal_box (2)Bring a pious touch to your house interior with Ganeshan Wall Stickers Carved available at Ensogo at 35% off. The sticker is removable and waterproof.

50pcs Natural Ostrich Feathersdeal_boxAdd some colors to your interiors with 50pcs Natural Ostrich Feathers available at Ensogo. They measure up to 12-14 inch / 30-35 cm and are available at 82% off.

Hand-painted Flower Vasedeal_box (3)Décor your home with beautiful Hand-painted Flower Vase from Ensogo are made up of high-temperature ceramic color glaze and can be bought at 88% off.

Cute Owl Shaped Magnetic Clockdeal_box (4)Add the cool and funky Owl Shaped Magnetic Clock to make your home space livelier. As it has got magnet you can also include it in your kitchen interior by putting it up on your fridge. Shoppers can get it from Ensogo at 83% off.

So why wait Singaporeans? Be quick and make these trendy home interior products yours.

On Mother’s Day gift your mom the secret to look gorgeous with cosmetic products from Ensogo

We are so much dependent upon our mothers and they also make sure that we never get affected by their absence. However, in our busy lives neither do we get time to spend some time with her nor does she happens to take out some time for herself. So why not this Mother’s Day gift her something that can revitalize her beauty? Cool idea, right? Well, to get the best cosmetic brands count upon Hong Kong’s entrusted online store Ensogo.

With her growing age, she might have gained some wrinkles or acne marks which might bother her but she neglects them to look upon her responsibilities. Hence, giving some innovative beauty products will be a thoughtful gift to her.

Ensogo has lined up a premium class of cosmetic products for beauty lovers, which will help them regain their flawless skin. Available at discounted rates, the products at Ensogo don’t make a hole in the pockets of shoppers.

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Hmmm, now that you all are aware about the USPs of the products available at Ensogo and benefit of joining hands with CollectOffers.com, let’s take a look at the collection at the renowned online store.

CLARINS Body Lift Cellulite Controldeal_box (1)Body loses firmness with growing age so gift your mom CLARINS Body Lift Cellulite Control. The regular massage of this solution can bring back the rigidity of skin cells and control aging. Shoppers can get this from Ensogo at 51% off.

Bio Oil Trio Setdeal_box (2)Gift your mom the Bio Oil Trio Set from Ensogo to enable her diminish the scars or marks on her skin. The bio-oil can hydrate the skin and make it look radiant. You get it from Ensogo at 43% off.

LANEIGE Water Bank Eye Geldeal_box (3)Eyes are very sensitive and they need a little extra care so gift your mom LANEIGE Water Bank Eye Gel. The gel lessens dark circles by improving the blood circulation. Buy it from Ensogo at 21% off.

L’OCCITANE Almond Milk Veildeal_box (4)Gift you mother the lost glow of her skin by giving her L’OCCITANE Almond Milk Veil. The gentle almond mil veil softens and brightens the skin and shields it to make it look fresh and strong. Get it from Ensogo at 32% off.

Kiehl’s Line-Reducing Eye-Brighteningdeal_boxAging is visible mostly near eye when wrinkles and dark circles start increasing so gift your mother Kiehl’s Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening. Shop it from Ensogo at 27% off.

So what are you waiting for? Buy these trendy skin care products from Ensogo and gift it to your mother. I am sure with CollectOffers.com your budget would also not hamper.

Make your kid’s room more interesting with 3D wall stickers from Ensogo

Impressing kids is a tough job whether its bout food or their room décor, they demand always extraordinary stuff. Though resolving diet issues in kids is not so easy, but I have a solution for the room décor problem. Well, add some innovation to your kid’s room by putting 3D sticker to their room walls. To buy the most artistic and novel stickers count upon Singapore’s most popular online store, Ensogo.

Don’t opt the old fashioned way of decorating your kid’s room with stuff toys or nursery bed covers or curtains instead include some cool 3D wall sticker to your kids’ room and make it look more interesting and livelier.

3D stickers are a cool idea to decorate your kid’s room as the toddlers now are more attracted to creative and mechanical things instead of the ornate ones.

While shopping these cool stickers if you feel that your budget is getting hampered then don’t worry as CollectOffers.com is there to offer you ample of Ensogo discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Now let’s see what trendy 3D stickers Ensogo is offering shoppers.

3D Effect Underwater Worlddeal_box (4)Give your child’s room an aquatic feel by putting 3D Effect Underwater World sticker to his/her room. The sticker is water resistant and mildew proof. Buy this 3D sticker from Ensogo at 66% off.

Nursery Wall Stickers deal_box (3)Décor your baby’s room with Nursery Wall Stickers and make it look cute and lovely. Made up of PVC the sticker is available at Ensogo at 63% off.

Creative 3D Removable Wall Posterdeal_box (2)Revamp your little princess’ room by putting up the beautiful castle sticker at Ensogo. The Creative 3D Removable Wall Poster at Ensogo is anti-moth, anti-mildew, anti-fouling and moisture proof. Shoppers can get it at 10% off.

3D Dinosaurs Simulation Wall Stickersdeal_box (1)Make your boy’s room look more innovative with 3D Dinosaurs Simulation Wall Stickers from Ensogo. Shoppers can get this creative piece of sticker at 79% off.

12 pcs Black 3D DIY PVC Bat Wall Stickerdeal_boxYou kids love sci-films then add 12 pcs Black 3D DIY PVC Bat Wall Sticker to their room and make a spooky environment in their room. You can buy these cool stickers from Ensogo at 83% off.

So don’t miss a chance to make your kids feel happy and surprised by adding these different yet creative stickers to their interior. You can shop them from Ensogo and also can include CollectOffers.com to your shopping spree for additional savings.

Illuminate your house with fancy lights from Ensogo

No one likes dullness, so why include old, traditional lightings in your house and give it a feel of boredom? In fact why not replace your old school lighting with today’s fancy and cool lightings that have the charm to woo all and add some ‘oomph’ to your interiors. Clueless where to buy them from? Well, Singapore’s renowned online store, Ensogo has lined up a wide range of LED lightings.

Lights enhance the look of your interior so its time to glorify your house with stylish LED lightings available at Ensogo. Imagine your beautifully designed interior set in a room where lights are dim, would it look appealing at all? However, if you add some cool designer lamps to your interior then a new life will be added to your room.

Shoppers can enormous designer light in the market but those who like to invest in the best can count upon Ensogo. For those, who love to enjoy maximum savings can make CollectOffers.com, their shopping partner to avail attractive Ensogo discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Take a look at the LED lighting available at Ensogo.

8 Tubes Meteor Shower LED Lightsdeal_box (2)Give a romantic or festive feel to your room or garden area with 8 Tubes Meteor Shower LED Lights available at Ensogo at 53% off.

Colorful mushrooms villain LED deal_boxGive cool look to your room with Colorful mushrooms villain LED from Ensogo. The cute little mushroom lights come in various colors. Shoppers can get it from Ensogo at 74% off.

Corn Light Warm Whitedeal_box (1)Décor your house with sophisticated Corn Light available at Ensogo. The high quality, stable performance and heat resistance light at Ensogo are available at 83% off.

Cartoon Night Lightdeal_box (3)Make your kids room look livelier and cute with Cartoon Night Light available at Ensogo. Available in yellow, red, orange and blue color, these lights are available at 29% off.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker LEDdeal_box (4)Include the innovative and portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker LED from Ensogo. The speakers cum LED at Ensogo are worth making investment as they can upgrade your interiors. Shop them from Ensogo at 66% off.

So let there be clarity in your house with these cool lights from Ensogo. Don’t forget to make CollectOffers.com your shopping partner.

Think out of the box: Gift home décor products to your loved ones from Ensogo

Ladies love their home and above all they love is when someone cares for their home too. So, next time when you visit you friend’s place for any casual meeting or evening parties try and carry a cool home décor product for her humble abode. Singapore’s celebrated online store, Ensogo is up with some nice and stylish home décor and home utility products at affordable rates.

Whenever visiting your friend it’s not always necessary that you take up something too expensive or designer for her. In fact, a small simple gift for your friend will also make her feel special.

Ensogo houses some of the best home décor products comprising decorative lamps, wall decoration stickers, wall hangings and much more at pocket-friendly rates. However, those who wish to bag some extra savings can make CollectOffers.com their shopping partner.

Let’s take a quick look at what is being offered by Singapore’s popular online store, Ensogo.

Wine Glass Place Cardsdeal_boxGoing to visit a friend for the first time, then you can gift her a set of Wine Glass Place Cards available at Ensogo at 62% off. The 100 pcs butterfly designed set is a creative gifting idea.

3D DIY Fashion Mirror Surface Wall Stickers Clockdeal_box (1)Gifting 3D DIY Fashion Mirror Surface Wall Stickers Clock on housewarming party is another good gifting idea. Shoppers can get it from Ensogo at 62% off.

String Curtain Paneldeal_box (2)The beautiful String Curtain Panel from Ensogo is another cool idea to gift. Ensogo offers the string curtain at 62% off and also offers 17 colors in it.

Retro Style Blow L Lampdeal_box (3)Retro Style Blow L Lamp from Ensogo is another fruitful idea for gifting your friend who is fond of exclusive decoration pieces. Ensogo offers the colorful lamps at 62% off.

Creative Electrical Wire Pendant Lightdeal_box (5)Creative Electrical Wire Pendant Light from Ensogo is a great option to gift as it modern and stylish. Ensogo offers the beautiful light pendant at 45% off.

So, wait not but buy these lovely products for your home or for gifting it to your friends. If willing to save extra bucks then don’t forget to make CollectOffers.com your shopping buddy.


Let people go awestruck looking at your fancy handbags

Oh wow, what a lovely bag! Is one compliment that flatters almost all women but also makes one feel envious if the compliment is for some other lady, right? Now come on let’s face it that we love to receive compliment rather than giving them. So, now it’s time to feel special with some exclusively designed bags for you.

Bags make a huge difference to ones look. Like clothes signify your personality similarly your arm candies define your fashion sense. Like for example if you carry a torn bag with stylish designer clothes it will ruin your look. However, if you team up a classy handbag with your old outfit then too you can create a great impression as the sophisticated bag will cope up all flaws.

Malaysian women have a great taste of fashion and hence do not compromise with their fashion statement. Knowing their love for fashion, Malaysia’s several popular online stores, such as Lazada, ZaloraEnsogo, Reebonz, FashionValet and much more have lined up an exclusive range of designer handbags just to impress lovely Malaysian shoppers.

While there are so many bags available in the market it’s tough for shoppers to explore which is best and economical as well. However, those who crave for additional savings can make CollectOffers their shopping partner to bag some of the most lucrative discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Come let’s see what kinds of bags are luring Malaysian women.

Loewe Hammock BaguuuiiMade up of Classic calfskin leather body, the Loewe Hammock Bag is perfect for those who like to maintain a sophisticated style statement. The trendy bag is so coolly designed that it can be carried away as a shoulder bag, hand-held or a cross body bag. So all those who wish to buy this amazingly designed bag can pick it from Reebonz at 25% off.

Elegant Leather PurseGold is the color of elegance; hence Elegant Leather Purse from Jackbox is quite a delight for fashion lovers. Comes in a set of three bags including one tote bag, sling bag and purse and is perfect to carry on professional events. Shoppers can get it from Zalora at 40% off.

Skylar Bag In Black For daily purpose, Skylar Bag In Black is wooing everyone’s heart as it is spacious and has two slip pockets. Made up of genuine leather, the black color bag is comfortable enough to carry on any casual occasion.

Handmade Bohemian Straw Beach Purse
It’s very essential to mark a very significant impression even when you are enjoying any beach party so buy Handmade Bohemian Straw Beach Purse from Lazada available at 50% off.

Mosaic Models Student Mini Shoulder Bagdeal_box
Break out the boredom with the cool and colorful Mosaic Models Student Mini Shoulder Bag. The mosaic print and colorful combination makes it really different and trendy. Those who love to experiment with their look can get it from Ensogo at 73% off.

So, my dear lovely ladies don’t waste your time thinking and dreaming about these beautiful bags instead grab them quickly. For those who like to earn extra savings can opt CollectOffers.com, where there are ample of discount coupon codes and voucher codes waiting for you.

Make your living room look heavenly with exotic home décor products from Ensogo

We all have become so much class conscious, we choose designer clothes, designer shoes, expensive cars but don’t you think we somewhere neglect our home interiors? Yes, looks create our first impression so why not include interiors that make everyone awestruck. Singapore’s most popular online store, Ensogo offers shoppers a wide range of home interior products at affordable rates.

Looks make a difference, so if you also want to mark a strong impression on your guests then add some designer home décor products to your home. Start with your living room, where most of your guests come in. Let your guests take a pause to think over our beautiful interiors and praise you.

Ensogo knows that how important home interior could be to one, so it has lined up a wide range of home décor products that may enhance your home. However, if you are looking for savings as well then join hands with CollectOffers.com, a one stop solution for attractive Ensogo home décor products.

Let’s take a glimpse of the products available at Ensogo.

High qualitFashion super soft carpetdeal_box (3)Décor your living are with soft and stylish High qualitFashion super soft carpet from Ensogo. The sophisticated white fur carpet is slip resistant and can be hand washed. Ensogo offers the carpet at 76%off.

Wedding Festive Candle Ceramic White Elephantdeal_box (2)The innovative Wedding Festive Candle Ceramic White Elephant is a great option to make your living area look beautiful. The elephant shaped candle stand looks cool and novel. Ensogo offers the cute yet stylish stand at 40% off.

Modern Unframed 3 Panels Paintingdeal_box (1)The Modern Unframed 3 Panels Black Red and White painting at Ensogo, has got the charm to impress your guests and make your house look classy. Place it in your living room and get loads of appreciations from visitors. Shoppers can buy it from Ensogo at 98% off.

White ceramic vase Flower shapedeal_boxMake your living area beautiful with White ceramic flower shape vase from Eensogo. The simple modern ceramic pots can add an artistic touch to your living area. Buy this lovely vase from Ensogo at 28% off.

Cotton Linen Square Throw Pillow Casedeal_box (4)The stylish and trendy Cotton Linen Square Throw Pillow Case will add wonder to your interior. The modern prints and cotton fabric make them look really appealing. Ensogo is offering such lovely pillow cases at 64% off.

So now that you have taken a glimpse of the wide collection at Ensogo, hurry up and make these lovely products yours. However, to bag extra savings don’t forget to log on to CollectOffers.com.

Upgrade your house interiors with elegant furniture from Ensogo

Your house personifies your taste and personality so be careful while choosing your interiors. Unlike before, now days even furniture are made according to changing trends and design so that shoppers can select them according to their preference. To enable shoppers get the best home décor products, Singapore’s popular online store, Ensogo is up with a wide range of home furnishing products at affordable rates.

Every corner of your house demands something special so isn’t that be great if you can make your entire place look graceful and comfortable with furniture that can make you bag plenty of compliments from your friends.

Good quality products might be a little costlier but worry not as CollectOffers.com is there to make you feel relieved of the budget issue as it offers a handful of Ensogo discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Let’s take a look at the exclusive collection of furniture at Ensogo.

Luri SofabedsofacumbedensogoAdd Luri sofabed by BLMG to your living area and get ample of comments to from your guests. The comfortable grey color sofa cum bed can be a good option décor your interiors. Ensogo offers the stylish and innovative sofa cum bed at 45% off.

DIY Storage CabinetcabinetBLMG’s DIY Storage Cabinet is another perfect element to be added to your living area. The multiple racks in the cabinet can place all your decorative pieces and make your house look beautiful. You can buy the cabinet from Ensogo at 43% off.

Magazine Glass TableglassmagazinetabelBLMG’s another creation Magazine Glass Table is worth investing your money. The fine finishing and delicate glass top makes it very eye-catching. Shoppers can buy them at Ensogo at 62% off.

Queen Size Bed SetbedA comfortable bed is very important for sound sleep, so add Queen size bed set from Univonna to your bed room and make it more lavish. Ensogo offers this bed at 21% off.

Summer Sofa SetsofaWant to utilize your open garden area of terrace area then buy Summer Sofa Set from Ensogo which has comfortable seatings and stylish looks. However you can also put the trendy sofa set in lounge area. The beautiful blue color sofa set is available Ensogo at 38%.

Now that you have made up your mind to get some new furniture for your house then let me remind you to make CollectOffers.com your shopping partner to bag maximum savings.

Be a superwoman with advanced kitchen appliances from Ensogo

Housewives also known as ‘homemakers’ spend maximum time in kitchen cooking delicacies for our family, but what if some novelty is added to the routine process? Well, am talking about the weapons i.e. the kitchen appliances, which make any housewife more powerful. Singapore’s most renowned online store, Ensogo offers ladies a wide range of highly advanced kitchen tools.

A housewife is the sole responsible person to look after her family’s health. She makes sure that every meal her family eats is not only delicious but healthy. To make her more efficient, Ensogo has clubbed some of the most remarkable and advanced kitchen appliances that reduces stress and increases efficiency.

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Take a look at the latest kitchen appliances at Ensogo.

chopperPhilips Chopper
Make chopping vegetable a fun job with Philips HR1398 Chopper available at Ensogo at 36% off. The chopper is Dishwasher safe and has Simple press-down button. The 1.5lt Philips chopper can very easily chop meat, nuts, vegetables and herbs.

PHILIPS-Daily Collection Kettlekettle
Wouldn’t it be great if you can boil water soon and make tea and coffee simultaneously with breakfast? So buy Philips-Daily Collection Kettle from Ensogo having discount of 48%. The kettle has capacity of 1.5lt and is cordless, which means it could be placed anywhere.

Garlic Twist Press Peelergarlicpastemaker
Easy and fun to use, the Garlic Twist Press Peeler can be a great help to all women as peeling garlic is a very irritating and tiring job. Not only the Garlic Twist Press Peeler at Ensogo enables you to peel garlic easily but also minces garlic finely. The small but useful kitchen tool at Ensogo is available at 86% off.

Multi CookermulticookerWelcome the 3.8lt Multi Cooker from Ensogo to your kitchen and enhance your working speed. Available at 26% off, the Multi Cooker can perform many functions like stewing, steaming, frying, stir frying and more.

Cornell Stand Mixermixer
With Cornell Stand mixer in your kitchen you can easily make cake batter, mix eggs or make dough. The Cornell Stand Mixer at Ensogo is available at 35% off.

So all set to transform your kitchen to smart kitchen with the advance appliances but what about budget management? Simple, make CollectOffers.com your shopping partner and save maximum bucks.


Pamper your skin with some skin-friendly beauty products from Ensogo

Shopping and beauty are two things that women can’t neglect as both bring them immense happiness and mind you this somehow also favors men, who look for beauty. Make-up is secondary, it is always important to be healthy to look beautiful. A good skin needs less of makeup so add skin-friendly makeup products and tools to your vanity. Ensogo, an online store in Singapore is the best destination to find such products.

Like a healthy body enhances your personality, similarly healthy skin makes you look really appealing and flawless. Application of make-up and dust and sweat makes your delicate skin dull, so it’s very important to take a little extra care of it. Ensogo has a wide range of skin care and beauty tools that may help you get a healthier skin.

Hmmm, seems like some ladies have already make-up their mind to buy the skin care products from Ensogo, but what if I say that you can also save on your shopping? Sounds strange but Collectoffers.com can make shoppers bag maximum savings using the attractive Ensogo discount codes and voucher codes.

Take a look at some of the beauty products that can enhance your personality.

Visual Therapy Deep Cleansing Foam (9% OFF)cleansing foam
Made up of Cucumber, Chamomile and Lavender extract, the cleansing foam soothes the skin and makes it feel fresh. Before applying make-up or after removing it you wash your face with it then your skin can get rid of many dead cells and dust.

Makeup Brushes 7 pcs (89% OFF)make-up tool kit
Like ladies their skin is also delicate so make sure that your make-up equipment like make-up brush, eye shadow blusher and etc are clean and of good quality. 7 pcs makeup tool brush set, eyebrow brush concealer wool brushes Makeup Sets at Ensogo at 89% are a perfect deal for make-lovers.

Makeup Foundation Sponge 4Pcs (75% OFF)make-up sponge
Has your foundation sponge become old and your neglecting to buy a new one? Then log on to Ensogo to buy 4Pcs Makeup Foundation Sponge at 75% off.

Miss Hana Nail Polish Cleaning Gel (25% OFF)nnail gel
White shiny nails are loved by all but sometimes low-quality nail paint remover takes away the shine of your nails. To avoid damage of nails buy Miss Hana nail polish cleaning gel, which not only cleans your nail paint perfectly but also maintains shine and strength in them.

Stretch Marks and Scar Removal Cream (78% OFF)stretch mark
Now no need to feel shy of the stretch marks and scars, instead buy Stretch Marks and Scar Removal cream. The cream fade away the stretch mark, promotes cell regeneration, increase fiber elasticity, effectively repair stretch marks, obesity pattern, growth pattern. Also, it enhances skin color.

So all those who are thinking to add these amazing beauty care product to your vanity don’t waste time and start shopping online. However, don’t forget to enjoy additional savings via CollectOffers.com, which gives you attractive Ensogo discount codes, voucher codes and promo deals.

5 Beauty Treatments before CNY Eve: Costs You Nothing, Hosts You in Heaven

Had it been about just looking gorgeous, every damsel would have been Cate Blanchett or Jennifer Lawrence, but beauty treatments aren’t merely about looking gorgeous, it is about feeling gorgeous and becoming that breeze of inspiration that spread happiness all around. CollectOffers knows that almost every beauty queen in her own right has her own beauty regime at home to add that oomph factor to her persona.

However, no one would deny the fact that home-based beauty treatments can’t match the standards offered by professional beauty experts. Especially, when the occasion is special, such as Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day, a visit to beauty salon becomes imperative. A basic haircut, general facial, manicure, pedicure, and thorough purging can only be attained by visiting a salon or spa.

When we talk of a beauty salon or spa in Singapore, every corner, and every crossroad had signboards of spa and salon hanging. Finding the right one with authentic beauty treatments and result-oriented therapies are like searching a needle in the haystack. Therefore, beauty editors at CollectOffers decided to take a stock of salons and spas in order to provide you the list of undeniably the best Spas and Salons that offer the widest range of beauty services.

Take a look at the list and book yourself for the look that set the stage on the fire and melts many hearts around. Obviously, when CollectOffers comes up with something unique, it is always followed by fascinating discount offers as well. So, waste no time.

Celeste Pure Beauty
Offering their services from Park Mall and Tampines Building, Celeste Pure Beauty is known for skilled therapists offering highly professional beauty treatments. Beauty experts at Celeste Pure Beauty are famous for chasing away the fine lines and dark spots that weigh down their patron’s self-esteem. Let the tension and troubles melt away with full body massages, facials, and other beauty services offered.

60-Minute Customized Facial (87% OFF)
Celeste Pure BeautyIn order to enable you to spread the sparkling aura, Celeste Pure Beauty offers 60-Minute Customized Facial treatment and helps you save as great as 87%. The treatment includes exfoliation, cleansing, mask application, makeup removal, steam treatment and facial treatment. The treatment is aimed at clearing dead skin and blackheads to bring radiant glow on the surface.

Aqua Beauty
Indeed, beauty is skin deep, but our world has more to offer to those have external beauty complimenting the inner charm. Keeping in mind, Aqua Beauty has attained excellence in helping beauty queens with their facial features and frame. Perfection is hard to gain, but with a single treatment at Aqua Beauty, you will covet the best face with all facial features highlight your allure in perfect tandem.

Eyebrow + Lip Embroidery (81% OFF)
Aqua BeautyEveryone wants to look as gorgeous as Miss World or Miss Universe. Time will tell if you will become the one, but Aqua Beauty prepares you perfect for special occasion bringing all the facial features in a perfect frame. An embroidered eyebrow is a perfect recipe for hose have sparse or thin eyebrows. Not only it enhances the natural look, it also explores hidden features of your facial beauty. Lip embroidery is designed to bring that sensual touch to your lips.

Sublime Hairdressing
Sublime Hairdressing belongs to Benny Chong – one of the known hairdressers in Singapore. Nestled in the heart of Orchard Road at Orchard Central, Sublime Hairdressing has built its reputation based on offering hair care services of international standard. Excelled in delivering a celeb like perfection in hairdressing, a team of dedicated, talented, and professional artistic hairstylists of Sublime provides a comprehensive range of hairdressing services, including haircut, hair style, and hair rescue treatment.

Japanese 3-Step Hair Rescue Treatment (82% OFF)
SublimeWhat kind of queen she is had she not had a crown. There are many occasions where you will be judged by your hair. This professional deep conditioning treatment immediately improves your hair’s texture, leaving it silky, smooth, and soft. The best part of this treatment is it stimulates the scalp, supports hair growth, and protects against hair fall. Mind you, you will also get the fabulous haircut and many styling tips.

Located within the premises of Holiday Inn Singapore and within walking distance of the Somerset MRT station, Beauteous provides the public with professional services to enhance both inner and outer well-being by offering full body massages to relax and relieve daily woes, detoxifying facials to hydrate and calm skin, and waxing sessions to rid bodies of prickly attachments.

1-Hr Full Body Massage (91% OFF)
Beauteous‘I am feeling tired’ notion is usually describes the tiredness of the brains but does not reflect upon body unless a part of it starts itching. Rest is always good for the mind, but for a body to relax and rejuvenate needs a special attention. Such special attention has been designed for you by Beauteous in its 1-Hr Full Body Massage package. A package includes Muscle-relaxing massage, Detox massage and Korean massage, which leaves you senses empowered and energetic. It is aimed at relieving tense muscles, and improving blood circulation.

JL Beauty Spa
Helmed by a team of trained and skilled therapists and estheticians spread the word of beauty at its five outlets around the island. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life at the door, and step in for a well-deserved retreat where one will be pampered and lifted out of world-weary shells with services such as massages, facials, as well as slimming and non-invasive anti-ageing treatments.

Moxibustion Treatment (91% OFF)
JL Beauty SpaIs there any limitation to our demands from the life? Have we ever paid any attention to what our body and brains demand? Both have answers in negative. To turn it into affirmative, JL Beauty Spa comes up with an offer that will leave your senses enlightened. Based on ancient Chinese therapy, Moxibustion Treatment cleanses the entire body and blood circulation routes from every cluster. It brings the body to the perfect shape from within and improves the firmness of the bones. The therapy uses dried mugwort to improve blood circulation.

Welcome Prosperity this Chinese New Year with up to 83% OFF Vacuum Cleaners at Ensogo

Where is the cleanliness, there is the clover. It is not often that we question the connection between cleanliness and prosperity; only when are asked to clean the home. A common element in both the cleanliness and prosperity is discipline. Another element that binds both is a free flow of positive energy. This is the reason why Chinese New Year has a lot of significance in cleaning before the spring festival begins.

However, the problem begins with the age-old ways of cleaning and outdated cleaner. All too often, thoroughly uncleaned home irritates in the age of smart cleaning. CollectOffers, therefore, suggests obsoleting your inefficient cleaner and embracing new cleaning technology using Ensogo discount code, which offers up to 83% discount on advanced vacuum cleaners.

It has been since long the vacuum cleaning technology has improved a lot in the last decade and big brands, such as LG, Phillips, iRova, Hitachi, Thomson have woven them with a practical functioning. However, the new cleaning technology in highly advanced vacuum cleaners found takers, when the giant and trustworthy online shopping store, Ensogo made them available with unimaginable discount; as great as 83% discount.

The best part of these highly innovative and robotic vacuum cleaners is they demand very less attention from you while cleaning your home thoroughly. Equipped with highly efficient technology and a number of sensors, these vacuum cleaners are empowered to reach each and every nook and corner of the home; even the remotest corners and under the heavy furniture to such the tiniest dust particle.

Ensogo comes up with vacuum cleaners that not only such the dust and dirt, but also mop the floor along to ensure no germs stay on the surface of the floor. At Ensogo, your budget can never be a constraint as brings the widest range of technologically superior vacuum cleaners that fit every kind of budget with Ensogo offering savings worth up to 83%.

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Change the Face of Your Kitchen in 2016 with Modern Kitchen Appliances with Deep Discount

Like their counterparts in Singapore, Malaysians are getting fond of dining out; their all-time favorite way of dining has been home-cooked food nonetheless. Hence, in order to change the face of your kitchen with highly sophisticated kitchen appliances, CollectOffers presents you with a new range of modern kitchen appliances with an amazingly discounted price to enable you to cook the best of the delicacies effortlessly at home.

Inviting family, friends, and colleagues over a dinner at home has been the yardstick of you sharing a great relationship with everyone around you. It also shows your confidence in the character of your home that is fully equipped and efficient enough to invite people over and share happiness with gastronomic hospitality.

CollectOffers ensures you do not need to enter the diamond mine to find the best of kitchen appliances, and great discounts across the online shopping destinations. Take a look at a great array and get fascinated with the discount before you click on discount code available at collectoffers.com to cast your kitchen highly sophisticated and technologically advanced kitchen appliances.

Cornell Heavy Duty Stand Mixer (40% OFF)
CaptureCornell Heavy Duty Stand Mixer is powered with 8 mixing speed levels, which enables you to whisk, whip, and mix batter accordingly and perfectly without any mess or spills. With 4.2-liter mixing bowl capacity, you need not worry if you ever find yourself baking up for a party or family dinner. It has three interchangeable special beaters to help you mix up your different dough and butter.



Bayers Whole Fruit Slow Juicer (40% OFF)
Capture2Kick start your day in a healthy way with a glass of fresh juice. Bayers Whole Fruit Slow Juicer is anything but slow. Technologically advanced Bayers Juicer is more efficient than most of the traditional juicers. Bayers Slow Juicer crushes and squeezes out all the goodness in your fruits and vegetables and preserves the nutrients to give you a healthy start of the day.



Meyou Electric Warmer (50% OFF)
Meyou Electric WarmerOur work schedule makes us lazy at home and makes us compromise on the quality of food. Meyou Electric Warmer ensures that you eat your food hot and do not develop any stomach related illness due to eating cold things from fridge directly. In no time, this tiny yet effective warmer not only warms your food, but keeps it warm for a good time as well.



Trio Multi Cooker (38% OFF)
Trio Multi CookerYou would say, “Cooking flavored rice was never so easy” once you will own Trio Multi Cooker. The temperature settings allow you to adjust the heat to cook your curry and rice exactly how you want. A 3L capacity empowers you to bring a smile on the face of a large number of guests. The non-stick coating allows for an easy cleaning without any stubborn stains.



Halogen Convection Oven (64% OFF)
Halogen Convection OvenHalogen convection oven with extension ring combines oven and fryer functions for versatile and convenient cooking experience with 3x faster of cooking duration. Designed with highly sophisticated cooking technology, the Halogen Convection Oven is known for saving a great time and preserving all the nutritional values of the ingredients. It uses less oil and yet cooks delicious dishes to offer healthier diet options.

Must-Have Office Fashion for a Successful Professional Career in Malaysia

Would you ever pick your nose in the office meeting? Well, obviously that is simply unimaginable. But, in Singapore, dressing poorly is as disrespectful and offensive as digging for gold. No matter how inevitable your interventions are, you won’t be a part of the important meeting next time.

Online shopping destinations often carry out surveys. One such statistical survey suggests, you are more likely to get the promotion out of turn if you know how to adorn a professional thread. Therefore, CollectOffers dug its heels for the sartorial sensations that are assured way toward success in the office for a lady who aspires big and knows how to achieve the big stage elegantly and knit.

In our quest, we went through a range of online shopping stores, such as Zalora, Lazada, Ensogo, Fashion Valet and many more to figure out which are the on-trend dresses that Malaysian women consider must-have staples for a successful professional run. Here they are.

Esprit Long Sleeve Knit Dress (46% OFF)
esprit-3234-667645-1The classic design on this piece creates a balance and timeless feel to this pretty number. Esprit Long Sleeve Knit Dress exudes chic sophistication. This is the number that will get your days going with ensured success.








Siebel Solie Color A-line Mini Dress (10% OFF)
siebel-solie-color-o-neck-short-sleeve-a-line-mini-dress-m-xl-pink-2156-2880787-1-zoomShift the fashion tides to your favor wearing this delightful shift dress by Siebel . Boasting a silky smooth polyester in gorgeous pastel pink, ooze with sophisticated elegance wearing this charming number.








Classic Oriental New Mini Cheongsam (53% OFF)
details-Classic Oriental New Mini Cheongsam (CNQP 3 08)A beautiful traditional cheongsam that compliments the figure and curves elegantly. The number has generated quite a craze among fashionistas who love to experiment with the office attire and still look unfuzzed.








Cyber Women OL Work Shirt Dress (43% OFF)
cyber-women-ol-work-shirts-long-sleeve-blouse-tops-for-office-lady-white-8499-4548463-1-zoomYou’d be surprised by the welcome change that a single knit article has to offer. Cyber Women outdoes itself yet again with this effortlessly cool uptown chic dress for your wearing needs. It’s quite adorable too.







Mango Fitted Dress (43% OFF)
mango-6961-163594-1Walk with an air of authority when you put on this Mango dress. Made in a streamlined silhouette that exudes the statement that you’re here strictly for business, as you strut around looking on point chic.








FV Basics Long Sleeved Dress (20% OFF)
10022091511_aThe simplest things are the hardest to find, but must-have basic from FV Basics isn’t that hard to find. An emphatic aesthetic for an intimidating persona, who love to command a respect.