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Keep A Track And Take More Steps With Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Heard you’ve made the decision to step up your commitment to healthy living. Good for you! But in this busy world, it gets hard to keep a track of daily physical activity, how much steps you took, your heart rate, sleep time and how much you calories you took. And finding a best and budgeted fitness tracker is difficult. Want to keep an eye on your daily activity to attain your fitness goal? Get your wearable fitness tracker from Fitbit. They are easy to wear, simple to use and have great apps behind them.

So, you want to buy a Fitbit. But which one suits your style, budget and fitness level? Read on to find which is best for you.

Fitbit Charge 2fitbit-charge-2-review-resting-heart-rate-1473952284-irnb-column-width-inlineIf you don’t need water resistance and GPS, then it is best for you. To help you stay active throughout the day, it will keep you motivated to move. Charge 2 includes new features like guided breathing, interchangeable bands, large screen and data tracking with VO2 max.

Fitbit Blazefitbit-blazeIf you are a fitness beginner and a gym bunny then get this, as this awesome wearable offers heart rate data and built-in workouts all on the wrist.

Fitbit AltaaltaIt is designed to fit with your personality style. It is sweat, rain and splash proof. If you want to keep things simple and track your standard activity and sleep tracking with steps, calories, and distance with notification of calls, messages and calendar updates, then keep your hands on this fitness tracker.

Fitbit Flex 2flex2It covers all the bases; monitoring steps, calories, active minutes, sleep and automatically recognize and track workouts including cycling, walking and running. What’s new? It is water resistance. This will let you track pool session automatically.

Fitbit Surgesurge
If you want a GPS sports to watch with everyday activity tracking and that doesn’t overload with stats and you don’t care about looks. Then this will be a perfect fitness tracker. And surge alone enjoys music control and notification.

Now when you’ve found the best for you then start looking for them at an economical price from eBassket and if you pick your smart watch from here through CollectOffers.com than you can bag up savings with its exclusive voucher codes and discount coupons.

Brand The Hi-tech Version Of Yourself With The iPads On eBassket

You know gadgets and latest tech get me to feel the warmth of a security blanket.  I always carry my phone with me wherever I go and I am sure you too do the same, there’s none who don’t (well, exceptions are always there!). Don’t know about you but I however, sometimes feel the need of a larger screen for longer browsing sessions and doing stuffs online-offline. There is where my iPad comes handy!

I am pretty sure when it comes to tablets the first thing that pops up your mind is to own an iPad. The Apple brand is for sure a larger than life thing and this one is a highly accepted fact. But then, when you can actually drive through a hi-tech version and classy (absolutely!) gadgets why not own it?! There’s nothing deprave about showing off the bitten apple when you have it!

I am kinda pragmatic about the releases Apple as it comes up with to improve its later versions and all-in-all making you strife for better one! There is a sufficient variety of iPads that you can own, depends what are your needs and necessities and of course the budget!

When I am talking about variety you definitely will find your iPad model easily available at eBassket– Southeast Asia’s trusted electronics and gadget website. And when it comes to products being pocket friendly in this no-sale season, discounts seems to bestow upon you if you shop through CollectOffers! You get additional eBassket discount coupons and voucher codes.

Yes, and now I hope your purchase will be a happier one, gadget update becoming affordable! Let us take a glimpse at the iPad models available at eBassket.

APPLE IPAD PRO apple_128gb_ipad_pro_wi_fi_1185490_2One of the top launches of iPad from Apple is available at a version of 9.0 and is upgradable to 9.3. The internal storage is of 128GB and RAM of 4GB!  The camera- be it rear or primary is super cool and comes up with the face detection technology!

APPLE IPAD MINI 2 ipad_mini_2_silverOkay, mini 2 comes up with a screen size of 7.9inches. Dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based) technologies. The color options are very much available in silver and gray.

APPLE IPAD AIR 2 ipad_air_2_silverNow, this one comes up with a scratch-resistant glass, oleo phobic coating with a screen size of 9.7inch. The iPad has got triple-core 1.5GHz.

APPLE IPAD MINI 4 ipad_mini_4_space_grayThe iPads are really cool gadget when it comes to gaming sessions, the screen size is of 7.9inches and the camera resolutions are 5 MP, 2592 х 1944 pixels, autofocus.

So, now you can buy your own iPad at amazing offer prices! And now no waiting!!


Astound Your Tech Junkie With The Enthralling Gadgets On eBassket

Gifts are appreciated and loved by everyone. If anyone answers no to it, stop acting! 😛 No, genuinely at some point of time it symbolizes the love of the sender and kinda motivates us and feel special. Don’t you think so?

I am sure you get confused when it comes to gifting something to your loved ones. The thought in itself arouse in you several questions, right? You think every person has a different personality, choice and opinion; keeping all these in mind choosing a gift for them is surely a rocket science!! Ah..and here you went wrong!

Yes seriously, gifting becomes really fun when you know the person very well. Like you know there are several options to gift a woman whereas for men, yes you do need to run your brains but still there are various option for him too. And if you need to opt a middle way round there then there is something you could get for both of them! Yes, think think!! Ok times up, lemme tell you, it Gadgets!! Yes tech is appreciated by each and every one of us.

Thanks to the technology industry for brimming with wonderful gadgets that charm your loved ones – be it the ‘adrenaline junkie’ friend, the ‘forever resolving to be fit’ parents or the ‘selfie-loving sibling’ gadgets are something that is craved by everyone.

So why not gift them gadgets which will be loved and used by them on day-to-day basis plus you won’t have to think too much 😉

Ahh..well when it comes to gift loved ones money isn’t an issue but then who does not love discounts? Yes discounts which will bring smile to your face too! eBassket, South-East Asia’s one of the most renowned electronic shopping website and to add icing on the cake join in your shopping via CollectOffers.com and you get additional eBassket discount coupon codes and voucher codes. Did I say gifts bring a smile to the receiver only?

Okay so let me give you top 5 gadgets that you could choose to gift:

LG Nexus 5X lg_nexus_5x_blue_1_1Mobile phones that everyone from a child of kindergarten to an elder person, uses it. Updated gadgets and that too coming from a brand LG! Nexus is the most appreciated smart phone of today, whether you have a selfie-obsessed friend or a tech junkie brother liked by both of the genders and all genres!!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A samsung_galaxy_tab_a_whiteGift your workaholic father, brother, friend a tablet with latest tech Samsung Galaxy Tab A! The tablet is available in 2 screen size variant one of 8 inches and the other of 9.7inches.

Beats Solo 2 beats_solo2_on-ear_headphones_gloss_blueThese headphones are the one which any music lover could ever get. Surprise your loved ones with this beautiful gesture. The headphones come in the noise cancellation category but ya maybe your friend might not listen to you after you gift him this gift, hmm! Haha kidding J

Canon DSLR Lens canon_2042b002_ef_s_18_55mm_f_3_5_5_6_is_1330465875000_519475Well, you know gifting a DSLR would be an OTT, but yes you could always cherish a photographer friend by gifting him a DSLR  lens, coz I know after buying a DSLR people are always craving for different lens and then don’t buy them for some or the other reason. Gift them the lens according to their camera and you’ll be really happy to see the sparkle in their eyes!

Sony Smartband Talk sony_smartband_talkI am sure you too have a fitness freak friend or family member, who is always concentrating on what calories he/she is consuming and always blabbering about their workout. Gift them this fitness band. The sony smartband has an accelerometer and altimeter and in-built loudspeaker which one can use while working out.!

So, cherish moments of gifting sweet gestures to loved one which now won’t cost you much! Hurry up and buy these amazing gadgets for the special ones.