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Craving For Pizza! Pizza! Slake It With A Moreish One

What comes to your mind when you heard the word “PIZZA”? Are you a pizza lover? What makes you crave for pizza? What can satisfy for mood swings at late night? Do you also discuss your future while having pizzas with your friends?

Pizzas are popular among all age group folks but youngsters are frenzied for pizza, for them it is their first love from childhood which goes till the end of the era (the pizza era). Though it is an Italian dish but its immense popularity has crossed the boundaries of the world and now from India to Singapore to Dubai, pizza lovers are found everywhere.

In recent years, pizza has become a part of every family as it becomes your best friend when you are running late for dinner, the only thing which is convenient to grab and the same time cheap and tasty. Do you notice that why your mom suddenly pack you in her car and takes you to a pizza restaurant instead of slaving over you to eat homey food?

Singapore is loved by two kinds of people: foodies and travellers. Singaporeans are very much passionate about food and drinks. Singapore offers multi cultured diversity cuisine (from Italian to Indian) to all the visitors.

Let’s traverse the wide variety of some popular pizzas in Singapore:

One Fine Pie –It’s like a jumbo for you! This pizza is a union of mozzarella, cream cheese porcini mushrooms, parma ham, crushed pistachios and cream cheese with a crispy crust that has a slightly mushy center and I can bet you cannot finish it without sharing.

Carb Conscious Pizza – Many-a-times you get confuse that which one to go for this time if you having them frequently. Skinny Pizzas are for them, it gives you something new you must be not thinking.  It offers you a brittle, cracker-like crust, and with different toppings.

Fully Customization Pizzas  – Many of you want your pizza in your style with your selected toppings as every topping is not liked by all so why not customize your pizza according to your taste. So, you can choose from wide variety of crust available Cali style which is thin or crispy all the way, or NY Style, which is also thin or a chewier crust and toppings from fancy tomato, curry sauce or garlic pesto or white cream or olive or mushrooms.

Down Under Style Pizza-   If you like international flavors and are not able to find them at your city then at Singapore you get a wide range of them. So get ready to taste you favorite one.  These pizza are of rectangular shaped flat breads with a well-done crust.

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Smell the Delight of heavenly food with 30% Discount at Foodpanda Singapore

Gone are the days of relying on the income of one family member. It has become imperative for both; husband and wife to earn to have a comfortable life. In a worst-case scenario, females are left with no choice but to escape the cooking, which in return has affected our diet and food habits.

However; being in Singapore, you need not to worry about the solution to this complexity. This difficulty has given birth to innovation called Foodpanda. Despite not being able to cook the delicious food at home, you will be able to relish the taste of sumptuous, hotel-like food thanks to Foodpanda.

The online food ordering platform, Foodpanda is capable of throwing delightful surprises with the cuisine of your choice from your favorite restaurant delivered at your doorsteps. On the top of everything, Foodpanda discount code ensures that you save up to 30% on your total food bill.

Foodpanda enables you to jump the queues at restaurants and to spare yourself from the hustle and bustle of the traffic. Being a true blue Singaporean, now you can savor the taste of Chinese dishes, Thai dishes, Indian Dishes, Western dishes and more at the comfort of your bedroom.

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