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Hunt For An Exclusive Smartphones At Qoo10

Technology has changed the world and our life too, made it easier to compete in a tough world. And smartphones, they almost rule our life, have become an indispensable tool of the 21’st century, as it instantly connect us to friends, family and gives access to the internet and surplus helpful application. As technology moves forward, smartphones have become powerful and their ability has increased to do more. You would have needed to carry a computer on an entire floor of an office building to do what you are able to do with a single smartphone today. And now we are more addicted and need them every now and then, even to wake up in morning or middle of the night we need it.

With every new upgrade and launch, we go insane. The better RAM, processor, screen resolution, camera quality and so. And who don’t want to upgrade their phone to the latest version? Pictures that are almost nearer to DSLR quality, surfing the internet, texting to a friend, playing a favorite track and all at once that too with a gadget that fits your palm and who don’t want to own that. And the software that gives us quick access to everything we need in daily life to make it a bit easier. Can keep a track of your work, can trace your health and the list is long.

Don’t you think so that you need to grab a new phone with time? Of course, you should because smartphones just keep getting smarter. And being a smartphone owner and technology user show some intelligence, find your new phone from Qoo10 at an astounded deal and celebrate more discount with voucher codes by CollectOffers.com.

Take a look and find the best for you.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edges7-edge
Your life cannot do without it. It doesn’t just impress in looks, but it’s an all rounder. It provides bigger and more stunning screen without compromise.

Apple iPhone 7iphone
Do you need a description? The phone itself made a great launch. It promises you to give a better experience in the world of smartphone that you never had. The better battery, excellent processor, wide-angle camera, water resistant and it comes with never-ending incredible features.

Apple iPhone 7 Plusiphone7plus
In love with this phone. The powerful processor, better cameras, vibrant color display, long lasting battery life, enhanced stereo and it gives you everything that you want in your phone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note3redmi
Click a clear picture in low light as this phone comes up with LED Flash for both the cameras. It has all the features and specification of the powerful phone.

Huawei P9p9-lite-oro1-w782
If you like clicking endless picture but cannot afford expensive DSLR, then this is definitely for you. It features a dual camera- one will take you in black and white and second will fill colors in that.

It’s Time To Cook And Serve In Style!

Hey ladies, the love for the kitchenware is not a hidden tale. Every woman in this universe loves to decorate her kitchen by picking beautiful utensil pieces. It’s a generic love of all the ladies and their obsession for the attractive kitchenware is known to all.

Whenever we see a new design of cookware or serving pots in the market or at our friend’s home, we get excited to own that piece and begin to imagine how these newly designed utensils would look in our kitchen, right? It’s a fact, a nice collection of kitchenware adds a vibrant stroke in our kitchen and we can’t deny this.

One more advantage of having designer kitchenware is that you can serve in the same beautiful cookware after cooking, as it saves your time and also enhance your presentation smartly in front of your guests.

So ladies, if you are thinking to complement your kitchen with new designer kitchenware set, then let your wishes fulfill by picking beautiful sets of your choice from a rich and stylish collection of latest designer cookware and serving bowls at much discounted rates from Lazada and Qoo10, Southeast Asia’s most trustable online stores.

You can buy these kitchen accessories with huge discounts, so it’s a great time to renovate the look of your kitchen by adding these attractive pieces. One more surprise for the lovely ladies, you can save more money in your account by joining hands with CollectOffers.com as it avails you discount voucher codes and coupon codes to make your shopping more joyful. So, start shopping and enjoy these cool offers!

Let’s take a look at these lucrative and smart deals:

Stainless Steel Cookware Silver stainless silverEvery kitchen deserves to be equipped with things of the best quality. And the best kitchen equipment out there, without a doubt, is the Stainless Steel Cookware. Trusted by kitchen enthusiasts for the quality of their products – whatever it is that you need, this 8 pieces Stainless Steel Cookware will provide it. You can save 83% on this cookware through Lazada.

Stainless Steel Cookware Greenstainless-steel-cookware-set-with-glass-green-16-18-20cm-1717-0163567-1-productIt’s easy to whip up any meal when you have quality cookware sets to work with. Whether you prefer nonstick cookware or stainless-steel cookware for everyday meals, there are many benefits to investing in durable cookware sets for your kitchen. You can save 85% on this green cookware set through Lazada.

Stainless Steel Pearl Cookwaresteel pearlThis beautifully crafted cookware is a perfect choice for your kitchen requirements as it is fit for your cooking as well as serving needs. With these stainless-steel cookware sets, you’ll be able to present a clean, uniform look in your kitchen when each pan or skillet is made of the same material. You can save 80% on this deal through Lazada.

Pink Flowered Enameled Casserole Cookwarepink floweredEvery good hostess knows that a kitchen is never fully stocked without enameled cookware present. Enameled cookware has several important advantages: first of all, it is completely safe to use, second, it is amazingly beautiful, due to the myriad bright color combinations available to choose from. This makes it possible to choose the cookware that is perfect for any kitchen design. You can save 54% on this deal through Lazada.

Borcam Casserole SetborcamYou can have the Borcam round casserole at a click of a button, a brand that is an essential part of our lives… At home or in the office; it’s the symbol of elegance, creativity and reliability with its wide product range, functionality, innovative perspective and distinctive designs. You can save 28% through Lazada.

So, make a click to cook smartly and serve elegantly!

Illuminate Your Heaven with Classy Furnitures!

We have not seen heaven, but our home is the real heaven for us. That’s why; we all love to add a touch of uniqueness, a feel of elegance and a gleam of positivity by collecting different accessories and other household products, right?

But one thing that enhances the look of our home effectively is furniture. These are the most essential parts of any house; it makes your heaven complete and grand. Our selected furniture speaks our style, defines our class and narrates the story of our home to the people.

Furniture is like an inherent thing which can’t be removed or replaced by any other thing. We need a variety of these wonderful creations for our bedroom, living room and lawn to give a classy look to our home with comfort. We all know a nice collection of furnitures leave an amazing mark of style and phenomenal impression on the mind of the people. So, how can we make any compromise when it comes to impression or style, right?

So friends, if you are in the mood to change your old bed, sofa or table and wants to buy a new one, it’s a great time. You can replace your old furniture with new beautiful designs to give a state-of-the-art look to your house as Southeast Asia’s online stores Lazada and Qoo10 are here with huge discounts to transform your home into a heaven at very affordable rates.

One more offer is just a single click away; you can save more money by making CollectOffers.com as your shopping partner as it avails you discount voucher codes and coupon codes on your every deal. So, isn’t it a great time to renovate your heaven with classy furniture?

Let’s take a look at these exclusive collections:

Rossaa Wooden Single Bed

rossaa-wooden-single-bed-8852-34874101-77010364c9d1f48392a471642a082dba-catalog_233This contemporary Dark Oak single bed frame is made from solid wood, creating both a sturdy and highly attractive piece of furniture. It is a simple and versatile bedstead that is perfect for any bedroom setting. This bed frame is the perfect way to bring some natural charm to your bedroom. A quality bed frame at a great price. You can save 40% through Lazada.

KS3773 White Wooden Single Bed

ks3773-wht-wooden-single-bed-8007-2694901-1-productThis beautiful white single bed is a perfect match for any house; it is made from solid wood and crafted beautifully. This magical creation adds a natural touch to your bedroom through its sophisticated design and look. You can save 33% through Lazada.

Zome C4805 TV Cabinet

zome-c4805-tv-cabinet-urban-oak-1748-0411786-1-zoomNowadays TV is not just a device to watch the television program, it is also related to gaming, online movies, internet browsing and etc. So, to accommodate all the wires, gaming console, DVD players, remote controls and any other media devices take over your living room! This C4805 TV Cabinet gives you space for everything like DVDs, media devices, gaming console and the others. You can save 43% through Lazada.

Full Support Fabric Cover Mini Sofa Chair

mini-sofa-chair-full-qoo10This comfortable sofa set is a beautiful creation that can enhance the charm of your living room. It is a suitable match for any house. This beautifully crafted sofa set would be a smart choice for your home. You can save up to 25% through Qoo10.

Hanging Chair Collection


CaptureThis would be a new style for your home, keep this wonderful hanging chair at any corner or balcony of your house and raise your standard and style. It is designed in such a way that it is a perfect blend of comfort and modern tone. You can save up to 25% through Qoo10.

So, with these trendy furnitures make your home a marvelous heaven!

Hey Ladies Make Your Kitchen Vibrant With Colourful Kitchenware!

Dear ladies, if I ask where you spend most of your time in your home? I can hear most of you saying, it’s kitchen and for every lady this is the place where she spends her maximum time to give a healthy and dynamic life to her near and dear ones. You are the one who gives colourful wings of dream and success to your family by spending time in the kitchen. The way you cook is your token of love and care for your loved ones…right?

Have you ever thought of colouring this small beautiful world? Can you guess your true companion in the kitchen and who helps you in making and serving delicious foods? Undoubtedly, it is kitchenware…right? Are you bored of using tedious appliances and wants to have a vivid apparatus in your kitchen? What if I say, you can replace your old kitchenware with new flashy and trendy ones.

It’s time to add colours to your kitchen and expand your zeal of having a trendy set of kitchenware. No one wants to live in a dull and the sluggish place, then how can you spend most of your time with drab utensils. You can enhance the look of your kitchen by adding colourful kitchenware. These coloured apparatus will definitely transform your kitchen into an amusing and impressive place.

This change would be a beautiful change, as it’s going to raise your interest in cooking because surely you love to spend more time with these hued kitchenware. So, now you are thinking from where you can get these alluring appliances, no worries dear ladies as prominent online stores Lazada and Qoo10 are right here to fulfill your zeal at very affordable prices.

There is one more surprise waiting for your click, you can get more offers if you make CollectOffers.com as your shopping partner as it avails you discount voucher codes and coupon codes to get more profit on your desired deals.

Let’s take a look on the colourful deals:

Nonstick Cookware Pan And Pot

5pcs yellow set

This great value 5pc set is ideal for any budding cook. It has non-stick coating which means you won’t need oil and the glass lids allow you to keep a close eye on your cooking and with precisely engineered pans you get a high quality cookware that works with you to produce a perfectly cooked meal. The non-stick exterior is also easy to clean. This set is ideal kit for any home. You can save 76% through Lazada.

Stainless Steel Coloured Cooking Pot

colored cooking potA perfect set of 5 cooking pot best suited to those who love to have long menu .Moreover, no more steel colour now in the kitchen. With the advanced technology, these cookwares now come with trendy colours which aim to add more joy as well as the kitchen will not look as boring as before. You can save 67% through Lazada.

Nonstick Cookware Set

5 non stickMake your life easier with this set of 5 cookware. Consist of 2 different size frying pan, 1 soup wok and 2 enforced glass lids; it will be a perfect helper for you in the kitchen. Equipped with latest nonstick technology, it can help you to cope with different cooking situation. You can save 78% through Lazada.

Korean Style Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Container

CaptureThis Korean style multi-purpose steel container is made of high quality stainless steel and food grade PP plastic. It is a multi-functional bowl can be an instant noodles bowl, lunch box and fruit box. Its rich and vibrant colour designed to stimulate appetite. You can save up to 45% if you buy through Qoo10.

Rainbow Mixing Bowl

8 piecesThis 8 pieces Rainbow mixing bowl is an ideal set for any kitchen. It is designed in such a way that adds so many colours in your kitchen. It save space and give a trendy look to your kitchen while satisfy your needs smartly. You can save up to 45% on this beautiful deal through Qoo10.

So, what are you waiting for ladies, grab this beautiful deal!