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4 Insane Fashion Trends From The Past That Were Outright Foolish

Human Being has developed itself as a society which is why we are called the social animals. It is always helpful to live in a collective unity. This enables the population to evolve and progress with time because this allows them to benefit from one another’s newly explored concepts and innovative idea. Not every person thinks the same way in and with the same orientation. When we say innovation, it is not just confined to science. From learning to light up the fire to the idea of wearing clothes, everything was learned by one person and then shared to benefit all human beings.

The innovative ideas behind most of the fashion trends follow the same principle. Anything new about clothing attracts people and if it is from a reputable entity, people are influenced enough to follow the same. People don’t even care if the fashion is good or bad while it is in trend. It is only when the craze dries up, people can see it objectively and explore the logic behind the trend. By the way, If you want to get the right fashion at the best price, try using these incredible Yoox promo codes and get fashionable at discount.

So, here I am sharing with you some of the weirdest fashion trends from the past that didn’t even make sense and were simply foolish of people to follow them.

  • The ‘Limp’ of Alexandra

    pjimage-21This trend dates back to the 1860’s. Alexandra who was the bride of the prince of Wales was considered to be a very fashionable lady and therefore largely revered as a fashion icon in those days. Most of the women were influenced by what she wore and how she carried her personality. Women used to copy her across entire Britain. Alexandra once fell seriously ill and the illness left one of her two limbs in stiffness. This disorder made her limp while she walked. Soon, limping was adopted into a fashion and a pair of shoe with different heel sizes became popular as it gave a limping effect to the one who wore it. The limp of Alexandra gave birth to one of the most foolish fashion trends in the history of mankind.

  • The “Hobble Skirt”


    This trend did not last long but still, it did become a trend for a short span of time and this alone proves the foolishness of people in understanding the fashion. It was basically a skirt which was so tight towards the lower part that the women wearing it could hardly walk. The skirt was an accidental fashion which started with one woman named Mrs Edith Berg. She was the first woman to fly on a plane with the Wright Brothers. She tied her skirt from beneath the knee while getting on the plane in order to avoid the wind to blow it up. Soon, this became a widespread trend copied by many women without caring to find the objectivity behind it.

  • The Gloomy Smile


    During the eighteenth century, British society was highly fond of sugar and sweets. The sugar was consumed at invariably high volumes but due to its high prices, only the richer classes could afford it. This fondness ended up in a spree of teeth blackening and rotting occurrences amongst the rich people. Soon, having black teeth became an indicator of how rich a person is. It became a determining factor of rich people. This lead to a weird fashion trend in middle-class people who deliberately blackened their teeth to give an impression of being rich.

  • The Father Killers

    detachable_collar_by_hawkthrower‘The father killers’ was another name for a specific kind of detachable collars which were in trend during the Victorian period. These collars were made very stiff due to excessive usage of starch that was generally used to harden clothes. This made the collars dreadfully dangerous because it was, by and large, hard enough to asphyxiate the person who wore it. It was a typical dress used only by adult men, thereby giving it the unique infamous name, ‘Father’s Killer’.