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Treat Your Lip With Utmost Care By These Lip Balms

Skin of the lips is very sensitive and most of us only give importance to our face skin. Like your face skin, your lips also need care from harmful rays of sun, dust, pollution, wind and more. All these can make your lips dry, dull and black. A question for you- Do you give equal care to your skin and lips? If not then you should change your mind and start investing your money and concern to the beauty of your face and that is your Lips.

Many of you try some home remedies to restore your lips back to normal as there is a myth that these lip balms contain compound that causes irritation. Lip balms are gentle on skin and easily nourishes your lips protecting them against sunlight. They are made up of natural ingredients that are gentle to use and contains no ingredients that can cause irritation. It restores soft and moist lips that you can easily flaunt with your sweet smile.

You don’t need to spend months just to find a perfect lip balm for you, Sephora gets you lip balms that repairs your lips and nourishes them.It offers balms that brilliantly protects your lips from drying out and save it from harmful rays of the sun. From lip scrub to lip oil all are available on it that moisturizes your lips making your lips softest as ever.

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Here, I have listed some best brands lip care solution.

Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen 

Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 The award winning ‘Best Lip Balm’ lip balm from Allure has a blend of sugar and black currant extract, which contains many types of fatty acids. Helps to nourish the lips. It protects the lips from sunlight, so it helps to prevent black lips.


  • Contains sugar and black currant extract.
  • Help restore the soft and moist lips to plump firm.

Sugar Smooth Lip Polish 

Sugar scrub to make lips smooth. The mouth is not dry, it also helps nourish the mouth soft. The scrub gently removes the dead skin leaving you with a fresh supple skin providing a long lasting hydration to your lips.


  • Gentle on the lips
  • Makes lips smooth

Lip Oil Massager 

Lip oil enriched with vitamins and natural oils extracted from plants and herbs to 28 kinds of lips to restore smooth, moist and plump look healthy. And also gentle. There are no parabens, starches, perfumes, minerals and gluten, which are compounds that cause allergic reactions.


  • Rich in vitamins and natural oils extracted from plants and herbs to 28 species.
  • Helps restore the lips to be soft, moist and plump to look healthy.
  • Contains no parabens, perfume, mineral and gluten.

Lip Balm Nourishment 

The lip balm inspired by “Baume de la Ferté” since 1830 has helped keep your smile and lips all the way. By repairing and nourishing the lips soft and smooth immediately. With a blend of butter Special designs and grape oil from French grapes. It also enhances the synthesis of collagen and restores the lips.


  • Helps repair and nourish lips.
  • Rich in grape seed oil.

Super Smoothing Lip Butter

The lips are soft and moist with a lip balm that is organic to nourish the lips of the girls plump natural. Comes with a sweet vanilla flavor that will make the girls smile more sweet than ever.


  • Contains natural ingredients and vitamin E
  • A light vanilla aroma.
  • Has passed the skin test.

Get the natural shade color to your lips and well as the care it needs.

Lazada Special Lip Care Products Will Keep Your Lips Glossy And Pinky

We all welcome winter with open heart but the moment, our mind goes to skin and lips; we promptly get whimsy as skin and lips dryness troubles us a lot. We need something in our hand all time which can help us keeping our lips hydrated, isn’t it? To make this non-economical work economical, the leading and promising online store, Lazada has lined up a number of premium class lip care products at notable prices.

You know, not this much only but splendid store also offers an extensive collection of different products like beauty, fashion, gadget, health and many more at heartwarming prices. Hey, buddies! Now why stress yourself going and searching for your essential products when some clicks can get your items to you in no time?

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Here are some lip care products, you can try.

SON&PARK Air Tint Lip Cube (Peanut Milk #11)lp5This new concept lip color in which you can enjoy two kinds of textures with one formula. It helps in hydrating your lips with lasting color that stays on for hours and produces the shining serum rouge. Get this from Lazada at 16% off.

SON&PARK Two Way Lip Chalk (Sunny #02) lp2The dual-type lip chalk expresses white pastel color and intricate lip-lines.The silky-smooth application keeps makeup fresh for long hours without any sticky feel.It creates simply a seductive full-out pout or naturally luscious, kissable lips with gradation effect. Get this from Lazada at heavy off.

SON&PARK Two Way Lip Chalk (Wooni #03)lp3The dual-type lip chalk expresses white pastel color and intricate lip-lines. Its ingredients such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Pomegranate, Grape Seed, and Euterpe oleracea Fruit Extract make color last long and provide moisture and nourishment. Get this from Lazada at heavy off.

SON&PARK Lip Crayon Intense (Paprika Orange #02) lp4A customize texture that gives you the richest color sense!You can pamper your lips from dewy sheer color to a semi-mat, vivid color. Get this from Lazada at discounted rate.

SON&PARK Air Tint Lip Cube (Love Sick #09)
This new concept lip color in which you can enjoy two kinds of textures with one formula. It helps in hydrating your lips with lasting color that stays on for hours and produces the shining serum rouge. Get this from Lazada at 16% off.

Give it up for the New baby in the house!

Being new parents is a big leap in responsibilities and can be a little overwhelming. Club that with an extreme lack of sleep and the know-it-all relatives, and we are looking at a potential meltdown!

There are so many dos and don’ts with babies. Every person suggests something that “you absolutely need to buy”. That can get a little confusing amidst all the other chaos. We will try and help you sort through the chaos and make our contribution towards helping you.

Before we start with the list of necessary baby products you should have, let us tell you the name of the right stores, where you can get the best of them. Southeast Asia’s renowned online stores, Lazada and Foxysales are the best place to bank upon, when it comes to baby essential shopping.

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Below is a list of things that you would require around a tiny little baby. We are not including the absolute necessities that one just cannot raise baby without, like, diapers, bottles, baby formula and clothes! We sure hope you have those pat down!

3-In-1 Baby Diaper Mummy Bag as Movement Baby Bed3in1
Compact and multi-tasking is today’s trend necessity so include the 3-In-1 Baby Diaper Mummy Bag as Movement Baby Bed, an ultimate travel bassinet for baby, combining a comfortable sleep with the convenience of a change station and the storage space of a diaper bag. Shop it from Lazada to save 64% off.

Coby UV Bottle Sterilizer pink
Cleanliness and hygiene are two important things in baby care so include the Coby UV Bottle Sterilizer in your home to make your baby feeders’ germ and bacteria free. Lazada offers them at 14% off.

Buds – Everyday Head To Toe CleanserbudsKeep your baby clean with Buds – Everyday Head To Toe Cleanser available at Lazada. This cleanser is suitable for growing babies.

Tropika Baby Herbal CreamcreamKeep your baby happy and fresh with Tropika Baby Herbal Cream available at Lazada at 30% off. The cream contains important natural ingredients that encourage release of trapped gas and promote better night time sleep.

Bath Towel for Infant Set of 8towelBabies need everything a little extra, so buy them Bath Towel for Infant Set of 8 to give them a gentle touch every time you clean them.

Though the list can go on but we need to end it for now. See you all again with another segment of baby care blog!

5 must have make-up products from Zalora

Chin up sweetie, you are beautiful! Yes, this has to be the spirit every woman should hold as hey! We are God’s most beautiful creation and have the charm to woo anyone. ;p However, to help the fashion lovers of Indonesia to look more charismatic, prominent online fashion store, Zalora is up with some cool make-up products that will enhance your beauty.

No women today leave home without putting her basic makeup essentials in her bag. So it’s time to replace your old beauty besties with new and efficient make-up goodies by Zalora, which can be easily carried along.

Zalora houses something for all make-up addicted ladies but I figured out 5 promising products that can be used daily to give you all a complete look. If you are figuring out how much your budget will be hampered then worry not as CollectOffers.com is there to serve you ample of Zalora discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Coming back to the topic, let’s take a glimpse of the five important beauty products.

Natural BB Two Way PackbeautystoryEasy to carry in your hand bags or clutch bag the Natural BB Two Way Pack by Beauty Story from Zalora is apt to give you a natural look. Available at 9% off the Natural BB Two Way Pack gives you flawless skin.

Smooth and Luminous PrimerprimerroseHighlight your cheek bones with Smooth And Luminous Primer by Beauty story available at Zalora. Shoppers can avail it from Zalora at 9% off.

Sweet and Chic Lipstick Roseocral redKeep your lips shiny and smooth, with Sweet and Chic Lipstick Rose by Beauty Story available at Zalora at 9% off. The red color lipstick at Zalora will make you look chic and hot.

Eyeliner Line UpCaptureDefine your eyes with Eyeliner Line Up by Beauty Story available at Zalora at 9% off. The flexible brush tip of the liner enables easy application.

Fun Trio Eye Shadow Light SmokeyeyeshadowFor daily wear you need light eye shadow palette, hence, buy Fun Trio Eye Shadow Light Smokey from Beauty Story to highlight your eyes every day. You get this from Zalora at 9% off.

So all my women readers, who are addicted to make-up, be quick to make these wonderful cosmetic products yours from Zalora at discounted rates.