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Time For Some Coddle! Splash Up Your Face And Swap With Trusted Brands And Enhance Your Beauty!!

Reject all those beauty products range you had been experimenting with till date. Central.co.th introduces you all to an amazing range of beauty products that would completely pamper your skin. While using any beauty products there is always a self doubt popping up to your minds that whether the beauty product you are planning to purchase or has already purchased is it worth to be applied over your skin. Will it result into something disastrous that could leave your skin wrecked up. Just strike away such thoughts as during the process of experimenting the beauty range you already damage up your complete skin and the part which remains safe you wreck it up by not putting your complete care towards it. Skin is something really very delicate and experimenting it with harsh chemicals or beauty products leaves your skin so damaged that even at the age of 60 you could sense it. So this the time to swap your harmful beauty products with the the trusted brands of beauty range that would never give you the reason to regret. When such amazing brands products are available to you at some amazing discounts don’t let your harmful products fool you any more go collectoffers from Central.co.th and enjoy a happy skin whole you life!!Thailand is the hub of beauty not by face but also people are extremely couthy, so let’s discuss some of the products that will help you to choose upon the brand in the world of beauty:

Anti aging facial and eye cream:

We all are well aware about the fact that as we step out from our teen age we start worrying too much about our skin and moving towards with it wrecks up the skin and with the increase in the age we start noticing wrinkles, fine lines etc though there is an anti wrinkle cream but then wrinkles is the first stage that pings you hello you need an anti aging cream and same goes for eyes as well.Whitening facial cream and personal care:

We all have fascination about white skin tone but i don’t want to sound racist. But then white is new beautiful and white skin tone is ruling the world of beauty.Premium Sunscreen:

 Summer days and fear for tanning is so certain that you start to avoid sun but stepping out in sun is also equally important as much as protecting it from tanning. So here is the premium sunscreen that won’t tan up your skin and you can enjoy this summer completely.Use your KTC credit card upon checkout page for making the final payment and grab the extra 5% discount on sitewide purchase at Central.co.th.

Low Price High Value: Time To Pick Your Favorite Panasonic Items

When it comes to buying electronic items like Television, camera or anything else; People hardly forget to discuss Panasonic, right? The reason, this splendid brand till now has delivered endless electronic stuff to its customers and gratified them all beyond their anticipation level.

Some have myth ‘Panasonic’ means a bit costly. Yeah, the brand is genuine of course, so is the price. But friends, you’re lucky this time! Actually, the leading and promising online electronic stores Lazada, Weloveshopping, central.co.th and many more are offering hefty discounts on a variety of Panasonic items.

Just click on the websites and shop your favorite items sitting in your bed in no time. Wow, means no trouble, no stress, and no effort!

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Let’s see which one is important to you:

Panasonic LED TV 50-inch TH-50C300Teth1Open viewing experience booming one step further by Panasonic LED TV 50-inch TH-50C300T a Digital TV quality under leading brands such as Panasonic comes designed in modern style with a slim frame and sizes page. But saving energy you do not have to waste your energy bill certainly increased features. Get this item from Lazada at 27% off.

Panasonic Lumix DMC GF8KGC-T kit 12-32mm Browneth2It features Live MOS Sensor Size Four Third Resolution 16 Megapixel, Processor Venus Engine, ISO 200-25600 legs move up to ISO 100. Get this from Lazada and save 15%.

Panasonic rice cooker computer model SR-DF181 1.8 literseth3Panasonic rice cooker computer model SR-DF181 1.8-liter version of smell and delicious side dish hot with Panasonic rice cooker computer – model SR-DF181 1.8 liters to cook it carefully with greater function range Expos organization. You can save 27% if order through Lazada.

Panasonic ES-6850 appliance with Alkaline batteries in serieseth4Shave your freedom more with Spinnet Shaver Blades swivel round. Panasonic Alkaline AA 2 coal blocks in the series. The skin is smoother shave than ever. Buy this from Lazada and save 34%.

Panasonic NR-AH186R(P)REFRIGERATOR6.4Q1Deth5Panasonic NR-AH186R (P) REFRIGERATOR6.4Q1D – pink properties – single-door refrigerator-sized 183-liter / 6.4-Q – the design allows a full 183 liters of space – with more capacity freezer capacity 25 liters capacity, 20 salad. L – sturdy plastic tray – painted PCM technology provides consistent color and durability. Buy this from Lazada and save 8%.

These Monitors Must Be The Part Of Your Electronic Collection

When it comes to games, the monitor is the first thing strikes on each mind as it plays an immense role in enhancing the game quality. Not only this but you can enjoy pictures and videos in a fine way on monitors as its high-resolution capacity make the whole appearance pretty captivating.

You don’t enjoy much if going through any album on mobile rather than monitors. Actually, the resolution power enriches the whole image quality and let you feel bubbly.

True it is that implementing more features would automatically push the video display price to peak. But yeah, one thing here must say! You may save lot many amounts if use your internet. Actually, the splendid online stores Lazada, Central.co.th, WELOVESHOPPING and much more are offering heavy discounts on a variety of rich quality monitors.

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Here are some filtered picks:

Lenovo 19.5″ IPS Wide 65BAAAC1THm1The Lenovo 19.5″ IPS Wide 65BAAAC1TH features 19.5-inch wide panel size, 1440*990 resolution, and VGA input. Buy this through Lazada and save 30%.

Dell Full HD LCD Monitor 23.8” U2414H m2The Dell Full HD LCD Monitor 23.8” U2414H features 23.8″ Widescreen (16:9) 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz display, 8ms response time and brightness is 250 cd/m2. Buy this through Lazada and get 27% off.

HP 24es IPS LED Display (Silver) m3The HP 24es IPS LED Display features 23.8” IPS with LED backlight, Full HD with resolution 1920×1080, HDMI & VGA port. Buy this through Lazada and save 38%

Samsung MONITOR 24 LED SAMSUNG LS24F350FHEXXTm4The Samsung MONITOR 24 LED SAMSUNG LS24F350FHEXXT features Ultra-slim screen: With just 10 mm thin. The monitor has a one-piece the slimmer than doubled compared to the standard monitor of Samsung. Order this through Lazada and save 13%.

ACER LED IPS 21.5 ” version K222HQLBbid Black (DVI / HDMI / VGA)m5The ACER LED IPS 21.5 ” version K222HQLBbid features 16:9 resolution, 100M: 1 contrast ratio, and 4ms response time. Order this through Lazada and save 20%.