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Plan A Tantalizing Office Party With Caterspot

Whether its promotion announcement party, r anniversary or increment party the celebrations can get doubled if you get the company of renowned online food catering store, Caterspot.

Yeah, Caterspot offers excellent food catering service at most amazing rates. It is an online marketplace that offers users the possibility to order 600+ catering menus and packs from a curated list of caterers and restaurants in Southeast Asia.

It not only offers you great quality food and services but also gives them at discounted rates. But online shoppers, who like to make the maximum savings, can befriend collectoffers.com, reputed online store offering ample of discount coupon code and voucher codes on Caterspot.

Let’s check out the packages at Caterspot.

Flames Charcoal ChickenThey offer wide range of food including mouthwatering Peri Peri Marinated Chicken, Rosemary and Herb Chicken, Chocolate Brownie along with beverages.

Checkmate PizzaPizza is the best thing to serve in any office party. So you can order at Checkmate pizza to order yummy pizzas and other delicacies like meat pepperoni, baked lasagna, chicken carbonara and much more.

Just Helen’sEnjoy the snack platters, pasta and risotto platters, or grilled roasters platters at office. Via Caterspot enjoy the lowest price guarantee.

A La BakeryOrganize a tea-time buffet in the office with Caterspot from A La Bakery, which offers muffins, cakes, pastries and macaron.

Greenland CornerMake your colleagues enjoy the Honey Roasted Pork Neck with Cervelat Sausage, Honey Chicken Wings, Assorted Sandwiches, and Chicken in Chinese Wine Sauce and much more at amazing rates.

Plan Your Kid’s Birthday Bash With Caterspot!

Food is the main ingredient of any party as it can make your guests say thumbs up or thumbs down. So this time while preparing for your kid’s birthday party make sure that you choose the right caterers from reputed online catering store, Caterspot.

As appeasing kids is the biggest task and fulfilling their demands is a tiring job you need to count on someone who has a menu that can attract any kid. Caterers available at Caterspot give you an extensive menu to select according to your taste.

Let’s check out the ideal caterers available at Caterspot.

Shamrock Catering

Fresh Herb Mini Pizza Recipe

The menu holds delicacies like the homemade sausage roll, mini pizza with cheese and tomato, spring rolls and much more that are perfect to serve on your kid’s birthday.

TaKoreatacosIt is a perfect place to find the Korean party snacks and lunch boxes. They serve some mouthwatering cuisine including tacos, burrito, k-pop fried chicken and many more items that will make your little guests feel happy.

Checkmate-Pizzabaked_lasagnaKids love pizza so if you are thinking to include pizzas or ravioli in the menu then it’s favorable to count upon checkmate-pizza, which serves some of the yummylicious Signature Baked Lasagna, Homemade Italian Meatballs, Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli and much more.

Little Burro4
Another amazing option to ordering catering is Little Burro, where you can the best quality Quesadilla, Mini Burritoa, Taco Platter and much more.

Jazz Up Your Christmas Buffet Table With Caterspot

Christmas is all about joy and fun. What brings us joy??? Don’t know about others but for foodies, its food. But the one who is cooking a delicious meal, miss the fun. Christmas lunch can be the most stressful meal of the year for many landed with the task of cooking it. Will you get the time in all the hassle of making food? This festival, pamper yourself. Slip into a beautiful party dress, stay with the guests, chitchat with them and enjoy the day at fullest. Have the most inspired Christmas with Caterspot. Look for the yummy cuisine you want to serve on table and order from the best caters there.

Change the trend and start the new one. After all, festivals are all about being happy and free. Give a small treat to your pocket and celebrate hefty markdowns with special discount coupons and voucher codes by CollectOffers.com.

There are so many questions in your head while preparing a meal. Indeed, will anyone eat them in the first place? Will the family complain about being dished up the same old festive fare as last year? Change the menu with these buffet caters-

House of Dim Sum

Looking for a place to order great dim sum for Christmas? Order a Christmas Special brought to you by House Of Dim Sum with beverages. If want something different then you can also pick Rice & Noodle Trays, Bento set.

ICS CateringicsThey offers you cheap buffet catering, confinement meal, lunch/dinner buffet, Szechuan buffet, mini buffet and more. And at the Christmas time, order their yummilicious Christmas Special Buffet.

Rasa Rasa Halal DelightsrasaradahalalIt not only offers a quality food and good services but also brings you a wide range of Christmas Special. Fill up your dining table with Oven Specialties Buffet, Santa Claus Mini Buffet, Yuletide Joy Mini Buffet and more.

SwissbakeswiaabakeIt offers you an authentic menu of Swiss favorites such as salads, sandwiches, and rösti along with few fresh appetizers for Christmas.

Artisan Boulangerie CoartisanChristmas will not be complete without sweetness. Well, we all have few guests who are health freaks and some of us are too. Give them a healthy delight with sweet goodies.

YAAY…..Subway Mouthwatering Deals Magnetizing All Empty Bellies!

When the tummy starts craving, all food stuff around make your mouth watered and mistakenly if someone takes the name of SUBWAY, My God! Your craving gets uncontrollable, yeah?

But you will be surprised to know the Subway; which offers a number of delicious dishes is offering a wonderful discount to not only one person but in the total of 10.1And all these heartwarming things you can see on leading and promising online food delivery store Caterspot; where you can also explore likewise deals.2The subway is serving 20 pieces of 4” Subs for 10 people at discounted rate. These sub varieties include veggie delight, ham, turkey breast, turkey ham, spicy Italian etc.3For more savings, make collectoffers.com your shopping partner as it let you know such heart winning offers availing you the discount coupon codes and voucher codes so you can save voluminous amount.

Turn Your Eyes To These Tantalizing Dishes!

I guess, barely would I have heard someone saying, ‘I don’t like eating’. Whether going to a party, official meeting or any other special occasion; after the appealing looks, the food is the only thing where our attention goes first, yeah? I understand, it sounds bit weird but don’t be shy friends as I am also alike you. Ah! It’s a human nature actually, you can say. 😉

Okay, now would drag my attention from normal human beings to foodies!

You know, foodies have a different style; I mean the way they relish the tantalizing dishes and their amateur of tasting every new delicious item look really so fabulous that you automatically get enforced to forward your hands and take a mouthful of that magical food stuff. I am not lying; so many times I have done this to my friends actually. 

To be very frank, I literally do care hell lot to such foodies as I am one of them. We all foodies remain excited to the extraordinary homemade mouthwatering dishes, restaurant deals and food items available at exciting offers. Few days back, I came to know about these stirring opportunities which the online leading food delivery stores; Caterspot, Groupon and many other are gifting.

For more savings, make collectoffers.com your shopping partner as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes so you can save ample amount easily.

Here I am gonna discuss one by one.

Enjoy Free Delivery!

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For office meeting, office lunch, seminar buffet or any special event, you need a great volume of food stuff and especially when foodies are around; you can order a variety of delicious food items with no delivery charge from Caterspot.

Enjoy Mind-Blowing Dim Sum Packages At HKD1150 Only!

Place your order online for Dim Sum Package including 10 pieces of BBQ Piggy Bun, 10 pieces of Sticky Honey Balsamic Wings, 20 pieces of Peppered Eggplant and much more for 10 people from the most popular catering, Caterspot.

Enjoy Delicious Bagel Package At Just HKD360!

Kill your hunger by placing the order online for delicious and delectable Bagel Package for 12 peoples from your favorite catering, Caterspot.
Enjoy Sashimi Platter From Urawa Japanese At Just HKD368!1-3

If you are with your lovely friends at your home and feeling hungry, then just visit now at Caterspot and place your order online for delicious and mind blowing Salmon Sashimi Platter, Sashimi Platter and Deluxe Assorted Sashimi from Urawa Japanese Catering.

Enjoy Blonde Beer For 20 People Only At HKD776!

If you are organizing get together of your friends at your home, then Blonde Beer – Customized Label will be your first and the perfect choice. So, order now Blonde Beer for 20 people from The Artist Restaurant at the sensible price of just HKD776 exclusively at Caterspot.

Caterspot: Your One Time Stop For All Your Catering Services

Oh..I heard you are going to throw a party? Then you might have planned everything by now, right? Of course, what question am I asking! Well, I hope you have already booked your caterers, as you know that food is the one that can make or break an event. What? You haven’t? Okay I get that, you are unaware about any good catering services. I’ll let you know about them. Caterspot, it is South East Asia’s most prominent, trusted (and all adjectives that relate to it) catering website. Here you can order for the caterers from any restaurant of your choice in Singapore. Don’t keep any doubt while booking them. Let me just take it this way-

“RSVP for the event I have organized next weekend.” What is your first reaction when you see such a note or invite in your hand? Obviously you check whether you are free on the particular day and time and RSVP accordingly, right? What else? Don’t tell me you don’t think about the occasion or anything about it! Please, I know you do, I mean everyone does. Okay, I can tell you what you think about. Yes I can, don’t challenge me dear. Umm..you think about the food! Haha..I know it did not require any rocket science to guess this, everyone thinks about the food, so don’t be shy, I too am one of you! 😛

What if you had to organize an event or meeting? What will you do? Cook the food all by yourself, right! I know you can very well do that- organize the event, manage the guest list and then cook the food too..yes!! You’re a superman or superwoman! Chuck it! That’s like not possible. I am not underestimating you, but practically speaking it would either make your health go down or some or the other mistake could spoil all your hard work. In short, this “doing everything by you” thing is full of risks, agree? Now what? Well, there’s another option too. You can pay some other professional chefs or people who can take care of the catering and you can do all the other things like management. I mean in a way you are doing things by yourself- you are managing the event! Aren’t you?

I know you are now thinking that since these things are an important stuff therefore should be given to someone responsible and trustworthy. You don’t worry, as I said Caterspot is your one stop solution. Why Caterspot? There are three reasons that they give to answer this very question. Firstly, they have the largest selections to choose from. They have the best catering services from 100+ caterers and restaurants in Singapore all in one to choose from. Secondly, Island-wide catering, you can order your food wherever your event is, they deliver anywhere in Singapore. And the last but not at all the least, actually the best part, they guarantee the best prices, free delivery on order above S$600. Not only this, you could also get additional discount coupon codes or voucher codes, how? Very easy just join in your order via CollectOffers and you are on a roll!

So, you all might be aware of the different types of catering right? No? That’s not a problem I’ll provide you with the information and let you know what all Caterspot provides you with:

  • Office Meetings

Oh Farm’s catering office-meetingYou have got to plan an office meeting? Now there is nothing to worry about. Oh farm’s catering has got variety of menus and that to thematic buffets and bento boxes. Isn’t that cool? The office meetings are no more boring as you have got the best food waiting for you.

  • Cocktail Party

Rasa Rasa Halal Delights cocktail-partyWhen you are organizing an event you waste a hell lot of time to decide the menu. Well, Caterspot has got different varieties of menu to choose from. You just need to name their buffet and tasty, mouthwatering food will be in front of you. Their delights feature- Asian Delight Buffets, International Buffets, Attractive Value Buffet and many others.

  • Casual Gathering

Cedele casual-gatheringThere are times when you want to spend some happy and relax times with your friends. In those times of course, you don’t want to spend your time and busy your mind in cooking as I said. Therefore Cedele is one of the party planners on Caterspot that will help you in unloading your burden. They have got awesome choices and you can spend your time with friends without any tension.

  • Dinner Party

Amici dinner-partyWhen you need any Asian or Western Cuisine caterer all you need to do is to spot Amici on Caterspot. They are one of the dinner party or Baby Shower caterers in Singapore. Delicious delicacies for your required number of people can be arranged without any fuss. I guess that is what you wanted right?

  • High-Tea Reception

Katong Catering high-teaKatong Catering are the Singaporean Caterers for dinner party, high tea reception and BBQ etc. They have got special offers on your orders and their menu is priced per person. They too deliver everywhere in Singapore.

So these were few of the types of catering services with the restaurants and caterers of Singapore that can help you with your menu and your relaxation. Next time you have a party remember Caterspot is all that you need to look for.




Host A Successful Party With Exquisite Delicacies

Whether you’ve got a new job or shifted to a new house, whatever is the reason the celebration with friends and family should be unforgettable. Don’t you think so? Okay, let me keep it this way that the celebration should be noticed such that you genuinely want to share your happiness with your loved ones and you’re not faking it. I feel if one is inviting people to his/her party then it should be a warm welcome and the guests should feel the warmth. The warmth can be provided to them by giving them a party they cherish.

So, what do you think what makes a party or an event a success? Let me guess..Uhh is it the number of people you invited? No? Ok. Umm is it the ambience? Close enough? Food..!!! Yes it is the food that people remember by the end. No I am not saying that the friends and family who have come up do not matter. They do, but you see what a party is without delicious and yummy food is? Fail. And I am sure you don’t want your party to be a fail. Cooking the food by yourself will add a lot of pressure to your hectic schedule plus it will be a difficult task for you to cook for the gathering, since you will require a variety of dishes and the food should relish the taste buds as well. Adding to it the expense that should not trigger your budget.

Now all you need is to calm down and not to worry about the restaurant or place you will order your food from. As I have got the cure for your worry. What is it? Well, you can get mouthwatering and delicious food for your party or event with just a click. The last line seems to be expensive right? No, it isn’t.  As South-East Asia’s prominent food websites Groupon and Caterspot provide you delicacies with price that fits in your budget. Also when you place your order through CollectOffers.com you get additional discount coupon codes and voucher codes. I can see the sense of relief you just felt.

Not wasting much of your precious time, let us take a quick glimpse at the menu they provide:

BBQ Salad Trays bbq-salad-trays-csHere, Caterspot provides you with six different options that serve thirteen people. The options you have for the salad also includes  Seared tuna with French beans, chickpeas, quail egg, olives & feta cheese and Classic Caesar salad with grilled chicken, croutons, bacon bit & Parmesan. You are priced per tray.

70 Pieces K-Roll Platter k-roll-platterThe platter includes 70 pieces and serves 5-7 people. You can indicate the mix of K-Roll flavors you want in groups of 10 pieces, for instance: 30 Bulgogi beef pieces, 10 tuna salad pieces, 20 crab salad pieces, 10 veggie pieces. Complement your K-Roll platters with mini bibimbap packs – you can find them in the K-Roll category provided, mouthwatering. Isn’t it? The category has four different options. It is priced per platter.

Sea Food Barbeque bbq-set Love sea food? Then why not include it in your menu? The delicious sea food barbeque is served for ten people and includes huge list of food varieties. The meal also includes ten water bottles and ten cans of soft drinks.

There are times you need not want to throw a party at your place rather go to a restaurant in order to avoid the mess. So, for that you have the best restaurants that serve the best food and you can simply book your place and menu easily.

Here are few options from the huge list that Groupon offers:

Vegetarian Fish Salad or Burger Tea Set at Orchid Veggie veg-fish-fingerFor all the vegetarian friends you too have delicious menu waiting for you. in this meal they provide you with three deal options- Tea, Lunch or Dinner, whichever you want to choose from. Then you can choose according to the meals they provide you in each deal and the number of people you have in your gathering.

BBQ Dinner with Tiger Prawns at Kimchee Restaurant bbq-dinner-with-tiger-prawnsKimchee Restaurants gives you a two deal option which you can choose from for a gathering of two to eight people. The ambience that the restaurant provides is amazing and perfect for any event you want to hold.

So, book your menu for the party at delightful offers..!!

Delicious Foods Waiting At Your Door On Just A Single Call

The mobile is a true partner today and why not it should be after all? I mean tickets, locations, social media updates, hotel booking, business, shopping and now even luscious foodstuffs you can get with the help of your mobile phone in no time. Think! If your tummy is craving to have something and promptly you get your favorite mouth-watering dish before you on just a call, amazing no?

If cooking by self then time and effort both are the concern, if going to the restaurants then a long time wait may kill your desire but if making call to the leading online food delivery stores like Caterspot, Groupon or any other then I guess, only a couple of minutes will quench all your thirst frequently.

These stores are offering a variety of savoring dishes at notable prices. Hey, foodies! Wanna save more? Make collectoffers.com your shopping partner and save voluminous amount as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Are any of these your favorite?

Garlic Chicken Wings Plattercp1The parcel includes 15 wings. Relish the delicious taste of Garlic Chicken Wings Platter. Order this through Caterspot and enjoy heavy off.

Garlic Sauteed Vegetables Plattercp2In Provence, the garlic-infused mayonnaise called aioli is typically served with a platter of raw and boiled vegetables and sometimes fish. Order this through Caterspot and get the hefty discount.

Roasted Spring Chickencp3The delicious Roasted Spring Chicken is served with a carrot. Enjoy this mouthwatering dish ordering through Caterspot and win the heavy discounts.

K-Bowl DIY Buffet Stationcp4K-Bowls are meat lover’s paradise and come with white rice topped with Korean-style meat. The DIY buffet station allows people to make their own K-Bowls. Each topping comes in separate trays and empty individual bowls are provided along with utensils. Get heavy off ordering through Caterspot.

Mini Bibimbap Packcp5Bibimbap is a signature, nutritious and absolutely delicious Korean dish, made with rice topped with carrots, bean sprouts, spinach, white and brown mushrooms, squash, egg and your choice of meat or tofu. Get heavy off ordering through Caterspot.

Get Your Favorite Taste Without Going Into The Kitchen

Things are varying so frequently; there was a time when getting hungry means pushing someone or self into the kitchen to cook something delicious. When changes took place at this stage, people started rushing towards magnificent restaurants that can serve them yum foods. But, in all above cases one big problem remains stuck with everyone is to wait for at least one companion who you can go with as barely anyone likes to eat outside alone, right? But this digital world is growing so fast and anyhow ultimately finds a perfect solution for each problem; hence online food delivery system came and brought population up out of this irritating problem of waiting for someone so long to quench your hunger thirst.

Whether you’re a Chinese food lover or Spanish, die heart fan of junk foods or lover of luscious meals anything you can get in no time on just one phone call. Yeah! The most promising and leading online food delivery stores Groupon and Caterspot are offering widest collection of mouth-watering dishes at notable prices so you can enjoy any taste any time anywhere pretty easily.

If thinking all these will cost you good then remove this tension and join hands with CollectOffers.com. It avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes so you can filter a fine amount as savings easily.

Order any of the following tantalizing dishes to sooth your taste buds:

French Dinner with Wine at QUAYSIDEkt1O French food lovers, time to savor the rich taste of luscious French dinner and make your dinner more adorable having wine along. Get this wonderful chance from Groupon at 74% off.

Cash Voucher for Thai Cuisine at Arun Thai Restaurantkt2Thai and continental have got the top position in priority list of each foodie. If you’re searching for some delicious Thai foods them make the best use of opportunity Groupon is offering at 34% off.

Free-Flow Happy Hour Drinks at Street Meat kt3Hey sea food lovers! Take your eyes here as your yum dishes are waiting for you. So why to keep yourself away with this wonderful chance which Groupon is availing you at 67% off.

Vegetarian Fish Finger Salad or Burger Tea Set at Orchid Veggiekt4Fed up with the non-veg flavors? Hey! Then try some veggies. Groupon is offering you these flavorsome dishes at 43% off.

Cash Voucher for Food and Drinks at Weinstubekt5Sooth your thirsty throat with these mouth-watering drinks which Groupon is offering you at discounted rates. Get these drinks at 50% off.

Hurry Up To Save Maximum Bucks On Pizza Order!

Whether there is any party or you’re hungry, pizza comes as first choice everywhere, isn’t it? The reason to be at top is its yummy taste of course. You might be a chicken pizza lover and somebody else may love to relish veg pizza.

Anyway, whatever your taste is, I have heard globally renowned online food delivery stores FoodPanda, Groupon and Caterspot is offering a variety of delicious pizzas with heavy paybacks and this is absolutely a great news for every pizza lover.

So now throw your worries aside, pick your phone, order the tempting pizza of your choice and get set ready for the fun with friends. What else you need to jollify yourself when best buddies and pizza are with you? Assuredly nothing!

Oh! You seem pretty happy to savor the luscious pizzas, let me pour some more excitement in your life. Love to know? Actually it’s about savings. If you make CollectOffers.com your shopping partner you can save copious amount as it avails you a handful of discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Pick your favorite flavor:

Pizza Alla Jackominopz1Relish the rich taste of Pizza Alla Jackomino. The sausage, herbs, salami, tomato sauce and freshly shredded cheese makes it more delicious. Buy this through FoodPanda and save 10%.

Pizza Alla Tandooripz2Tandoori chicken, red onion, bell pepper and mozzarella enhance the taste quality of Pizza Alla Tandoori. Savor this tempting taste buying through FoodPanda and get discount of 10%.

Pizza BBQ Chickenpz3The presence of BBQ chicken, onion, bell pepper, mozzarella and tomato sauce give a different flavor to taste buds. Order this yum Pizza through FoodPanda and save 11%.

Pizza Funghi e Prosciuttopz4The Cheese blend, tomato sauce, mushrooms and Parma ham enhance the quality of taste. Relish the rich taste of this delicious pizza ordering through FoodPanda and get 11% off.

Pizza Margheritapz5If you are an Italian lover then this may be a great choice to you. Savor the delicious Pizza Margherita which is made up of Italian cheese blend, plum tomato, oregano and basil. Order through FoodPanda and get 10% off.

Hurry Up pizza lover! These opportunities don’t come daily. Utilize the best and spend a capricious day with your friends.