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4 Cool Jewellery Trends That Dominate The Men’s Fashion

Jewellery has a very important place in the fashion world. Although, throughout the major parts of the history, jewels have been mostly related to Women with a few rare instances of men wearing jewels as an accessory.  But the times did change and so did the stereotypes and now we have evolved a more nuanced concept of jewels as an integral part of fashion. Here we are going to discuss the use of Jewellery as a fashion accessory for Men.

Men’s Jewellery is a more flashy rather than ornamental way of styling. Women’s jewellery is explicitly extrovert in nature that is why it is largely concentrated on elegant yet flashy designs whereas men’s jewellery is more of an understated style element that adds a subtle dazzle and coolness to the overall personality of a man. If you want to buy jewellery, check out these amazing deals with Bloom Boutique Voucher Codes and JD Williams Voucher Codes.

Most men generally struggle with the use of jewellery and often get it terribly wrong which is a real game-spoiler. So, here we will discuss 5 cool men’s Jewellery trends that have dominated the fashion world for the last one decade and try to elaborate on how men could leverage it for a perfect style.

Men’s Necklace

NecklaceMost men used to think that Necklace is essentially a women’s accessory but as it evolved with time, it gradually stylized with some simple changes in order to make it a perfect match for men. One thing that every man must keep in mind while wearing a jewellery is that it should be minimal as possible. The other factor is to make sure that the length shall be longer while the thickness can be varied. The Silver chains have been predominantly being liked by most fashionable men. Use of pendant is a personal choice but again, they look good as long as they are tasteful and subtle. You should at least try it once over a formal t-shirt to add an added ‘bling’ to your persona.


abl_dec-1Bracelet is more common jewellery that has gained a wider popularity lately, especially amongst the youths. If you want to give a substantial uniqueness to casual attire, this accessory can do some real wonders. You can go in a variety of colours and patterns according to your choice. There is no general rule of thumb that suggests the choice of wearing certain colours or patterns as such. In fact, you can try to winding up many different colours mixed all together to form a unique pattern on its own. You shall generally wear it on the alternate arm to the one on which you wear your watch. Bracelets are generally more accepted of all other when it comes to men’s jewellery. In fact, it has become a very trending fashion to have tattoos and bracelets for a cool casual look.


new-unique-mens-rings-for-2017This is the most favourite men’s jewellery and would certainly be one of the popular ones amongst all the men’s accessories that are being used. In fact, wearing rings has become a unique style nowadays.  You could easily find people wearing rings, even a few in your friend’s circle would be doing so. There are many kinds of plain silver rings that have been selling like hot pancakes for the last few years. Many of the youths wear rings in all five fingers and it really looks cool, to be honest. If to go by a match, bracelets and rings make for a brilliant combination. Wearing a ring is a personal choice, while as I said there are guys weighing their fingers with rings on all five but then there are those too who don’t even wear one.

Men Earrings

EarringsThis is a trend that is more popularly being followed by people from the creative industries such as music, arts and entertainment. Men wear the earring on just one of the two ears, unlike women who wear on both. Though men earrings are not generally made in glittery or sparkling styles, you can still try few such options depending upon your individual choice. Wearing an earring has been a tradition amongst many cultures of the Asian and African region. There is one thing that you should always keep in mind, don’t wear an earring every day on a regular basis because it isn’t something that would match any attire or look. If you are one of those who follows the pop culture and a fan of street fashion, the earring is just the perfect accessory that you could be missing out on.


Step Out Of The Mundane With Jewelry Pieces From Zalora

Clothes, Bags, Accessories and Footwear- things we women can’t get enough with! Especially nowadays when it comes to fashion the trends are changing so quickly. To keep up with the flow of trend and our style statement updated we have to pour ourselves into each style. As you know fashion trends are meant to come, stay and go!

Well, in accessories especially jewelry is a craving for most of us ladies. Take the name of jewelry and you see her eyes sparkling, her lips extended with a huge smile and an exceptional glow on her face. Don’t you agree ladies? Yes, I can very well sense the answer to my question with the smile you have on your face right now! Caught ya..*wink**wink*

Statement necklaces, chockers, rings or bracelets anything and everything in accessories catch eyes of people and you’re style statement goes a notch up. Aah! You think that with statement pieces your classy and sophisticated look is shattered, right? Umm..in a way you’re right. Statement pieces and jewelries do give you a brand new look but, but sweetheart you are wrong to say that the “classy” style is gone away. No, not at all, you can wear a bold statement necklace and still look classy and dainty!

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And to let you know about how you code style your jewelry pieces let us have a look at the collection at Zalora:

Nigela Necklace statement-long-necklaceAdd the glitz and glam to your look with this beautiful necklace from Call It Spring. Best way to pair it up is to style your palazzo pants with basic t-shirt and wear this necklace; you will surely look a chic!

Adrirassa Necklace necklace-2This necklace is the one that can give you the glamorous yet classy look. The layered ethnic kinda necklace will look adorable with maxi dresses and with an all black ensemble.

Charm Bracelet braceletsThis uber cool charm bracelet is simple and can give your everyday look an extra punch. The seven charms and the central charm in pink color give it a chic look. This one could be best paired with denim and shirt or top.

Howiel Necklace long-chainThis classy and dainty neck chain is a latest addition from Aldo. The long chain and small gems used has got a minimal look. This one can be worn in various look. One of them is to pair it on a plain collared shirt. Button your shirt to the top and under the collar let the statement chain fall in between.

Gliewen Earrings earingA simple trick of ear studs and earings can do wonders to your look. These can add the glitter and shimmer to your ensemble. These can be paired up with any ensemble and outfit. These are a ‘wear without fear’ accessories. They can never go wrong.

What else do you want? Such wonderful accessories at such an delightful prices and additional discounts as well. Darlings hurry up and grab your pair of accessories!