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Enjoy Great Meal At Famous Restaurants To Make Your Weekend More Special

When someone says let’s go out to a dinner. What do you feel? A difference in the day than usual or feel happy that you don’t have to cook food? Well, the reason can be any but the big thing is you are going to have dinner of someone’s hand and just enjoy without being bothering about anything.

Well, to all Singaporeans I have something special for you. I think you have guessed it and you are right. The top famous and best food restaurants are just behind you and you do not need to put in an effort to go there much.

Groupon has some top restaurants in Singapore where you can eat up to no limit and enjoy the day without being getting bothered at ‘What should I make?’.

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Enlisted below are some of the top restaurants in Singapore offering top quality foods. So just enjoy, eat, and relish without getting worried about anything else.

Thasevi Food Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant

In Jalan Kayu, this shop is the most Singaporeans rave about. Thasevi Food used to operate out of a makeshift wooden shed kind of hawker stall. It now occupies two shop houses. No effort has been made to make the eatery good looking or attractive. You get tables and chairs and if you are lucky the fans will be turned on.

Besides a very wide range of different variation of roti prata, the restaurant also has Indian Rojak, Briyani, Mee Goreng, Mutton Soup, Roti John and other Indian Street food. For the adventurous, you may want to try out their large array of variety (more than 16 different kinds) of prata to offer.

Weekend Hi-Tea Buffet at Albert Cafe

Reminiscent of Singapore in a bygone era, Albert Cafe serves a delectable spread of local and international dishes throughout the day. The Straits Chinese décor, which features intricately carved wooden furniture and distinctive paintings of Singapore’s flora and fauna, lends its charm to the cosy cafe, giving it a laidback ambience for a leisurely meal. Plan your dinner at home and order your food at this restaurant online.

3-Hour Karaoke with Hot Drink for 1 Person Ganso Manekineko Orchard

This 3-hour karaoke + 1 cup of honey lemon / honey water is available at Ganso Manekineko Orchard. You can plan your weekend with full enjoyment by singing along with having mouth watering drink. With a name and mascot inspired by the beckoning cat of Japanese culture, MANEKINEKO has expanded its horizons to Singapore, adding onto the 480 outlets spread across its home country, Japan.

Patrons belt out favourite classics, love ballads, rock hits, RnB tunes, or current singles with small groups or large parties, while noshing on snacks, drinks, and soft serve ice creams at the self-service bar.

Szechuan Cuisine at Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen

Authentic Szechuan flavours flow from the heartland of China through to the kitchens of Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen, the first of its kind to bring Szechuan-style dim sum to Singaporean shores. Indigenously known as xiao chi, the restaurant works closely with their counterparts in China to seamlessly integrate original flavours with local tastes. The dishes here are made with quality ingredients, resulting in the likes of steamed pork dumplings, sweet and spicy prawn balls, glutinous rice cake with cream filling, and Szechuan zhong dumplings to name a few. Szechuan dishes are offered alongside dim sum favourites, like sweet and spicy diced chicken, mapo tofu, and fragrant sweet and sour eggplant, served within the restaurant’s traditional aesthetics of lattice window panels and ceilling decorated with bamboo steamers in varying sizes.

Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice Cream Cake from Melvados

The mouth watering ice cream cake is a perfect for sweet dish. Two layers of real Mao Shan Wang filling in between layers of Emicakes’ signature Vanilla Chiffon. Foodedge Gourmet is a Singapore-based manufacturer of sweet and savoury edibles including premium baked goods, such as cakes, muffins, pizzas, and ice-cream, and caters to five-star hotels, major airlines, restaurants, country clubs, and fine dining outlets in Singapore.

This Weekend Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday Bash With Asian Fusion Meal

True it is the time we spend with our near dear lovely friends is priceless and we can never enjoy up to this level in any other’s company. Though, at every next second we all do stupid activities, silly talks, endless gossips and crazy things along but you know friends remain excited and keep their keen eyes on the chance to make a hole in pocket of their best buddies. And when it comes to somebody’s birthday bash, My God! Only almighty can save your pocket then dear.

I know you can’t disappoint your allies saying no for the party, right? Well, never do so as friendship is the only relation on this planet that lasts long. But yeah! I have something to share with you that might be helpful to overcome your strain i.e. the globally renowned online food delivery stores are offering a variety of luscious Asian meals at very much affordable prices.

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See which of the following dishes your friend loves to savor:

Asian Fusion Set Mealam1Get your favorite pizza, pasta, chicken or whatever at very lovely price and make your birthday memorable with friends. Ordering through Groupon will provide you the profit of 74%.

Shelter Italian Bar & Restaurant: A Deluxe High Tea Set with Drinks for 2 Peopleam2You can start your birthday having delicious tea or drinks with your best buddy. Use the exciting offer of Groupon and get the benefit of 34%.

Hotpot and Drinks Buffet at Golden Seafood Hot Potam3Cascades of large panel windows encircle a mod, airy space where daylight hours fall upon plush window seats, creamy floral carpets, and square tables carved out with an anticipatory hotpot throne. Book this through Groupon and save 41%.

A 6-Course Iberico Pork, Wagyu, or Lobster Meal at Bistronomiqueam4Bistronomique brings the refined flavour of traditional French cuisine to the Hong Kong palate. Their signature onglet steak uses the gamey and full-flavored Australian wagyu, while their cassoulet simmers with pork belly from the prized Japanese kurobuta. Book this through Groupon and save 44%.

A BBQ Dinner with Tiger Prawns for 2 People at Kimchee Restaurantam5The two can celebrate along a great birthday here. The aroma of kimchi, barbecued pork and beef, as well as piping hot soup creates an atmosphere to prepare diners for a spicy and savory meal at Kimchee Korean Restaurant. Book this through Groupon and save 57%.