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3 Trendy Carry Bags to Take Along With You in Style

Purse and carry bags have always been one of those functional accessories that serve a purpose. You will hardly find a woman who is not carrying a bag or purse along with her while going outdoors. It is a useful and highly accessible way of carrying things but you just can’t overlook the other element of it being a fashion accessory.

It is not at all savvy to carry an outdated and docile type of bag with you while you have got everything else about your styling by the latest trends. This way, you are just turning this potential accessory useless for one of the two things it can serve. Any updated women who are well-informed about the latest in fashion would definitely give equal attention to the bags as she would to the other fashion accessories. So you should not be boring and look out for a new one from time to time and pick up your fashion with the time. If you have not paid attention to buying a new purse, then don’t worry, you have reached the right page because along here you will not only get to know about the latest trends in fashion but also get to grab the best online offers on fashion brands with the Marks and Spencer Discount Code to save a lot from your shopping bills.

Bucket Bags

Bucket Bag

The Bucket Bag is a mixture derived from a combination of features of a backpack and a purse. This bag is usually built with standard quality materials as it is supposedly expected to carry a good weight if need be. There are two drawstrings provided to open and close the bag without any inconvenience. The straps are provided in order to be carried around the shoulders or body depending upon your choice. These bags have very universal compatibility which essentially means you can carry it around no matter what you are wearing. Whether it is about casual shopping in a mall or a formal event, you can pull this bag everywhere without looking odd.

These bags are big in size and therefore have sufficient space to accommodate everything you could hope of carrying with you. The drawstring can be tightened after keeping things inside for safety while carrying.  This also makes it a great option for longer outings as it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. There are many size options available for bucket bag nowadays which you can aptly choose as per your requirement. These bags mostly come with very fancy exteriors and decorative designs on the outside which makes them stylish and appealing.

Cosmetic Bags

Cosmetic Bag

These bags can deceive you if you just adjudge them by the name. These bags are used for carrying a lot of items other than cosmetics and they are built with a very spacious size for carrying bulkier weights too. Though, these bags are not as much large if you compare them to the bucket bags but still, it is meant for carrying more than just cosmetics and makeup items. But on the positive side, this makes the bag very light in weight and effortless to carry. In fact, you would not even feel if it does not contain anything bulky inside it. These bags have a zipper to close and open the pockets.

The actual reason why these bags are named Cosmetic is that they are available in a very extensive variety of colours, designs, patterns and textures. Therefore, you can always find a makeover of it suited to your choice. No matter how contemporary or progressive you are, this bag would always be there for you and you can use as a reflection of your values. This is certainly one of the most trending bags out there in the market and it is so diverse that it spares nobody from choosing it.

Fanny Packs

Fanny Pack

The fanny packs used to be one of the most popular purses a few years ago but it lost the attraction of people with time. This is nothing new as you can witness top fashion trends that have ruled the popularity charts for quite a long period tend to grow old and lose their fervour. But that shall not be treated as any setback or extinction. It is just that people are changing their taste for good. After all, even you can’t keep eating the same thing over and over again for your whole life.

This bag is generally very compact in size that can only carry a very limited amount of things. Although, if you would look out for more spacious fanny packs, you can find them too. You can choose from a very wide range of these fashion accessories on discount prices using the Cotton On Discount Code and fetch them at a cheaper price than the market. In case you are looking for top offers on fashion apparels, you can check out the Seafolly Discount Code to ensure your shopping bills doesn’t leave your wallet empty.

3 Stylish Laptop Bags That Fashionable Men Love to Carry

The need for a carry bag is universal and there is rarely any replacement for the job which a carrying bag is destined to do. There are varieties and variation in shapes, size, colour, fabric and the strap but the inherent idea behind it is the same and will continue to be same until and unless there is something completely out of imagination that would challenge it.

The carry bags have now been customized into a more sober and elegant form which is specially meant for professional men who go out for work each day. The idea of the laptop bag is based upon the advancement that has replaced the use of diaries and noting pads with the digital notebooks i.e. Laptop. Being a digital device, it does require some preemptive precautions to carry it safely which all gave a practical modernistic carry bag which could hold laptops with safety. The average office going people needed something like this and rest it the success story the laptop bags have carved in the market. If you want to get a premium laptop bag, use these Farfetch Promo Code for best deals on top brands by shopping online. If you are looking for a utility bag, you should check out these 3 laptop bags for a stylish storage companion for day to day outings.

The Backpack

Back Pack

This is one of the oldest styles of carrying bag which was commonly called the old-school school bag. The bag certainly n old-school backpack is still the go-to bag for many fellas. No longer just for those with an active lifestyle – though, if you’re the type of man who’s hitting the gym, or walking and cycling fair distances, a backpack will give your shoulders that extra support – it’s also an ideal laptop. These bags represent the people who never hesitate to go out without giving a heck at the task. Such bags usually have a separate section for keeping a laptop which has padding and strap to ensure hefty protection in case of any unforeseen reason that could damage the device. The bag usually has dual shoulder straps which are also padded up to make it convenient for the user even after carrying it for a long period of time in one go. This bag has the most well-parted spaces for keeping small utility items safely inside zipped pouches.

The Messenger Bag

Messenger bag

This is called a messenger bag due to its striking resemblance with those bags that the messengers used to carry for distributing postal letters a few decades ago. These bags are very commuter friendly and are the most reasonable ones to carry along while in the busy streets and crowded areas.  The messenger bags usually come in two different variants one of them has the special partition built for keeping laptops while the second type doesn’t have it and usually carried by college students to their routine classes. The sizes of messenger bags vary a lot and it is very important to consider the size of the bag while buying to make sure that you are getting the one which serves your purpose. When it comes to fabric, Leather is way ahead of the rest as it makes for some of the best quality messenger bags and has an elegant style factor too. The messenger which have a hardened base is usually a bit costlier than the ones that don’t have it but the hardened base makes it’s sturdier, better-shaped and long-lasting. You can buy the leather messenger bags with the lowest price on fashion products using this Farfetch Discount Code so that you can ensure your style without emptying your pocket.

The Soft Briefcase


The briefcase is one of the most common office carry bags which most of us would have seen as many office workers carry it on the streets on a daily basis. But to be honest, the briefcase isn’t only the one that most people would assume it to be. There are a variety of options for briefcase too. Let me make it even more clear by stating it straight away that I am not talking about those hard-shelled briefcases which most people typically expect it to look like. I am talking about those softer fabric made briefcases that are more adjustable and accommodate more than the harder ones. Not only that, the softer ones look really good if you know what you are supposed to find. These softer briefcases have a broad single shoulder strap for carrying around which is detachable if you want it that way. These briefcases look very classy and sober in the black or any other dark colour and the ones built with leather are particularly more attractive than the other two listed above. But one thing that can be a possible let down is the pricing which is usually on a much higher side.  If you do buy it, that will certainly raise your style quotient a notch above the rest.