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Get Your Dose Of Favourite Mughlai Dishes From These 3 Famous Places In Lucknow!

Blessed with varieties of cuisines and flavors, India is a hub to many lip-smacking and delicious dishes. Among the many varieties of delights, ranging from vegetarian to non-vegetarian delight, in this blog post I have compiled a list of top restaurants in Lucknow you can choose to taste some authentic Mughlai food and get them delivered at your doorstep at almost half the price and more (depending on the offer it provides) from Swiggy.

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Now, coming back to the Mughlai dishes of Lucknow, you will be amazed by the endless choices. From the famous Tundey Kababi to the very popular Dastarkhwan to the Urban Dhaba, Lucknow is the best place to explore the North’s Foray of Mughlai Food. Listed below are the top-rated restaurants you can choose to book Mughlai dishes online using Swiggy.

1 # Tundey Kababi!


Tundey Kababi, a famous eating point in Lucknow that needs no introduction. If you are a non-veg lover and visiting Lucknow, then your trip to this “Nawabon Ka Shaher” is incomplete without visiting Tundey Kababi. The legacy has ruled millions of hearts, right from the royal Mughal emperors to the common man to the celebrities of the modern era. The legendary Tundey Kabab and paratha are must eat.

Since it is the most popular Mughlai food specialty eating point in the city, you will find a huge crowd all day long. If you don’t wish to stand in a long queue or face the crowd, then simply order your food online using the Swiggy app and enjoy the delicious kabab paratha within the comfort of your home.

2 # Dastarkhwan!


Yet another widely famous restaurant in Lucknow, best known for offering tasty Mughlai food is Dastarkhwan. Order Galouti Kabab from Dastarkhwan using Swiggy to relish the authentic flavors of aromatic spices. The flavors of Galouti kabab over here are simply beyond perfect and the texture of the dish is simply amazing, it is melting and soft from inside and crispy outside.

Awadji biryani is yet another famous dish which you can order online from Dastarkhwan. Use Swiggy coupon code to enjoy the added benefit of saving huge amounts while getting the quality food delivered at your doorstep.

3 # The Urban Dhaba!


If you are seeking to taste some authentic Awadhi biryani in Lucknow, without leaving the comfort of your home, then simply sign up to Swiggy, a reliable online food ordering portal that helps you garb best deals on food order from the top restaurants. To taste a variety of lip-smacking Biryanis such as Murg Handi Biryani or Hyderabadi Murg Biryani, simply place your order to the Urban Dhaba, one of the best non-veg restaurant in Lucknow that delivers quality food at your doorstep.

These are top three non-vegetarian, Mughlai restaurants you can watch out in Lucknow and can order food online with Swiggy.

Indulge Your Taste Buds In Aromatic Awadhi Cuisine Of Lucknow

Is it Egypt or is it China? Probably, none, it has always been India that has been the cultural and financial magnet of the world. Diversity, vivacity, colorfulness, scriptures and architecture of India has always attracted the world. Among all attractions, what we easily fail to underline is Indian Food, which has always been the talking point of any global citizen visiting or revisiting India.bara-imambara

India has endless tastes to offer; from the east to the west and from the south to the north. In general terms, cuisine in India is halved in south Indian food and North Indian Food. But it is not that simple in North India. No matter what you taste in India, if your tongue hasn’t tasted Awadhi Food, you have never visited India. To taste the best and authentic Awadhi cuisine, you should travel to the Golden City of East, Lucknow.

Also, called as the land of Nawabs, Lucknow is popular for its Nazakat (elegance) and Nafasat (sophistication). Here people have dialect dipped in sugar and heart filled with compassion. The beautiful monuments here narrate the glorious past of this royal city.Chhota_imambara

The city is an amalgamation of various cultures and traditions and makes India great as it is the cradle of the Hindu-Muslim-Sikh symbioses and home of Urdu, Hindustani and Hindi languages.

It would be an injustice to sum up the beauty of this regal city in one article as it has an extensive history but we can definitely let you all know the prime attractions or feature of this city. Tourist in this city can indulge in many activities such as site seeing, shopping or gorging upon the most popular and authentic ‘Awadhi Cuisine’.roomi darwaza

Yeah, no place ever can serve you food like Lucknow, which has a fine taste and offers you the mouth-watering Awadhi Cuisine. Now, wondering what’s Awadhi Cuisine? Well, it’s a cooking style inspired and influenced by Mughals. This cuisine includes both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes prepared with exotic spices, herbs and garnished with dry fruits.

The cuisine evolved when chefs here were asked to cook for the emperors, the Nawabs of Awadh (being inhabitants of Persia). The Nawabs were used to a certain type of diet which comprised of grains, dry fruits, fruits and vegetables available in that part of the country apart from various forms of meat.shahi bawli

To all those who have never been to Lucknow, or have not tasted the appetizing foods of this city, you guys are really missing something important in your life’s chapter as Lucknow is a paradise for foodies.

The diverse city has a mixed bag of delicacies for all. Whether you are a street food lover, a vegetarian or diehard non-vegetarian, you are going to get the best food items in this city.satkhanda

If you are travelling from overseas and have a keen taste of food, then you have a lot to experience in this city. While the heart of the city Hazratganj can let you enjoy tasty street food, the old city of Lucknow will take you back to the Mughlai era with its tasteful Awadhi cuisine.The_Residency,

The city has an elaborate menu consisting of kebabs, kormas, roomali roti, warqi roti, zardi, biryanis and many more.the constantia
We understand that for travellers outside Lucknow city or even from abroad it’s not really easy to locate out the best food joints and gorge upon these delicious foods. Hence, we are here to let you know to where to find the best Lucknowi dishes.

Tundey Kebabstunday_kababi_gurgaon-05You see, Lucknow is also called as ‘Land Of kebabs’ as here foodies can indulge in variety of kebabs such as shami kebabs, kakori k Kebabs, boti kebabs and much more. However, Galouti Kebabs are the most popular ones and you can enjoy them at Lucknow’s century old Tunde Ke Kebab in Aminabad. Tunde incorporates over 160 species (aroma, herbs and spices) to make this mouthwatering delicacy. The popular Tunday Kababi is a corporate entity now with name and style Tunday Kababi Private Limited.

Idris Ki BiryanibiryaniWhen in Lucknow, don’t miss to gorge upon the delicious Dum Biryani at Idris Ki Biryani at Patanala Chowk. The Biryani has the Awadhi flavor and is very different of what you might have tasted in Delhi or Hyderabad. Idris Ki Biryani is about 48-years-old but still has the same flavors. The aroma filled white rice, each grain separated & full length, with a few chunks of mutton soaked in masala will let you say ‘WOW’.

Rahim Ke Kulcha Niharikulcha nihariThe 126-year-old Rahim Ke Kulcha Nihari are assuring foodies to deliver the best and tasteful Nihari and Kulche they could ever had! Yes, the flavorsome Nahari, cooked using various masalas i.e potli masala and garam masala, while Kulcha cooked in tandoor and made up of maida, milk, ghee, etc will make your day. Besides, kulcha Nihari, food lovers can also get sheermal, kakori kabab, parsande, seekh kabab & kheer at the Lucknow city’s one of the most prominent food shop. The shop is located in Chowk, Akbari Gate.

Prakash Ki Malaidaar Famous KulfiprakshNew to Lucknow or planning a trip to the city of Nawabs, you should mention the name of Prakash ki kulfi in your to-do-list. The soft and icy Kulfi at Prakash is another popular food in Lucknow. Indulge your taste buds into delightful treat by visit Prakash Kulfi at Aminabad.

Malai Makkhan3238952506_017139bcb8Another tempting and popular Lucknow delicacy, which you surely can’t get anywhere, is Malai Makkhan. Yes, the soft, creamy mostly found near Gol Darwaza, Chowk is loved by all. The vendors at Gol Darwaza sell it in beautiful round shaped glass-covered carts. The delicacy becomes earthier when served in Donas (plates of dry leaves).

Though, we are ending our list here, but there are lot many foods still left to mention as we have already told you all that Lucknow is a “Paradise for Food Lovers”. So, foodies if you are already tempted and can’t resist anymore then rush down to the beautiful city of Tehzeeb (etiquette), Nawabs and Kebabs !!!