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April Is The Best Time To Travel To Thailand! Do You Know Why?

This is something that, completely depends on the weather!

Before traveling to any type of destination, it is preferred to know well about the weather and all other information that will make your travel pleasant and more likely enjoyable. Thailand is a home destination, that experiences a typical tropical climate because of which you won’t witness any major differences in the temperature.

The average temperature is always between 18°C and 35°C, with the coldest months being from December to February and the warmest being from April to June. Overall, you can enjoy a perfect weather all day long. Now, talking about a perfect travel plan that you can and you should make during this month itself. April month is quite a perfect time to visit Thailand.

Why April is considered a perfect time to travel Thailand?

During the month of April, you can witness a perfect combination of festivals and events that are celebrated with huge excitement. One of The biggest and the most widely declared holiday of the year is the Songkran Thai New Year Water Festival. This festival is celebrated between 13th to 15th April.

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What is Songkran Thai Festival?

This is an annual Thai festival that is celebrated to welcome the traditional Thai New Year, this is one of those events that is appreciated and is a unique festival. Most amazing and adventurous water fights, the partying atmosphere, captures the attention of the tourists and this actually has a great witness of people around the world. Attend this festival and make your summer holidays worth the spending. Use AirAsiaGo Code & enjoy the discounts on your fly.

More Reasons to visit Thailand?

The Street Food

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If you have a bit knowledge about Thailand then, you are also must be aware of the Thailand streets delicious lip-smacking taste. There is a big no of the lists that fall under the eminent food of the country or you can say specialties. But the most famous and widely popular among the travelers are, Thailand’s spiciest, tangiest tom yum soups which you can easily taste at the roadside malls, the hot & sour soup & other street food are also a great retreat to your palate.

Astounding Beach Bars


Do visit the amazing beach bars because Thailand’s beach bars are pretty much a holiday kind of things. You can grapple wide options from driftwood shacks playing Bob Marley, and more swanky places to sip cocktails and dress up for enjoying a perfect serenity and tranquil ambience.

Luxurious Stay

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Despite all the adventures, fun and delicacies, if you don’t grapple a comfortable and luxurious stay your spending and the whole trip goes in vain so, keeping you covered and providing you with the best deals to afford a complete luxurious stay with all the leisure and fun Hotels.com provides you super exciting deals, just get your code ส่วนลด hotels.com

A Spiritual Aura

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Thailand is the perfect destination to experience and witness spiritual aura very closely. The gleaming and the huge Buddha statue that can be found probably everywhere and in many various positions. The country is a perfect collection of the same. People from around the globe come to see the statues and know the related story behind!

Get your experience down the lane and enjoy the best time of the year in Thailand!

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Why Traveling Is The Best Thing To Gift Yourself?

When life gives you lemon make lemonade from it and when you get chance to travel make sure you create history from it!!

Remember this ideology and then continue to read this blog ahead!!

Well, life is a full circle you have to live. The things you have started should get ended in this life only. I remember conversing with a friend a few years ago who mentioned about life and how it has some interesting turn and twist. This person also went on to say about how unexpected things can turn out in life. Initially, I found this interesting but eventually, I realized that how true it can be.

We all have one life and everyone is trying to meet both ends meet but in between if you think about yourself and think about learning new things in life then it won’t be a wrong thing to imagine. Right? Well, the best way to make the best of your life and learn new things is to travel and create history from it.

Travelling is an exercise that actually helps and makes a person mature and independent.  As when you are alone, away from the familiar people then most of us enjoy ourselves. You won’t have asked life more for better adventures.

So if you’re looking for a gift for yourself or your travel-loving friend, then put aside all the plans, scratch-off pictures and the fluffy aeroplane bubble, and start preparing a vacation instead.

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How to plan an ideal vacation?

Now, the first thing you should start from is by booking your flight tickets and hotel rooms. Well, the best place to look for them is at AirAsiaGo, as it is the place where you will get thousands of options to choose from. You will get a large variety of hotel rooms and different class of air tickets, so choose the one that is affordable to you.

If you have set a specified budget and don’t want to exceed it then you can also look for AirAsiaGo promo codes that will let you enjoy the hotels within your budget.

Reasons why travelling is the best thing to gift yourself!


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Being a traveller, if you are travelling alone then the best way out is to plan an adventurous trip that you can count on yourself. When you are travelling alone probably there are lot many chances that you get lost or get to experience many new things. This stage of your life will allow you to speak with other people and know about your life new experiences.


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There is a big chance when you face lot many people and explore different cultured people. Therefore, this allows you to make a decision on your own and learn about many new aspects of life. When you talk to any traveller, you will learn yourself that how experienced and how maturely he talks. Yes, as he has explored many different culture and many countries, he pretty knows well about life and doesn’t take things too seriously.


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This thing is quite obvious, as being alone is equal to be free. You can do whatever you want, explore things and go to places of your choice without thinking of other things. So, basically, you will rule yourself and decide your further activity on your own. You can also set up a place of your choice and decide on the journey by yourself.

Final Lesson

Now, finally, there’s only one thing that you have wished for life is being independent and travelling even lets you enjoy that too. It is also about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and going with the flow. Always remember that you will face some of the other situations while travelling that you just want to escape yourself but actually this cannot be the solution but you should try to face all things in life while travelling.

This can only be possible if you are ready with a plan! Find AirAsia promo code Thailand to get best discount offers on your travel booking. So, make this trip count and create history by pre-planning!!

Top 3 Thai Tours To Choose For An Amazing Vacation!

Traveling to Thailand, mean exploring an arresting assemblage of natural, cultural, culinary,  and entertainment options that will surely leave an everlasting impression on you for lifelong.

From the magnificent Choa Phraya River to the culturally-rich Chiang Mai to the South Phang Nag Bay’s nautical wonderland to floating market’s long-tail speedboat ride of Bangkok, all these incredible memories await you.

While planning a trip Thailand, make sure you choose best Thai tour including all the necessary excursion and trips to major attractions and hotspots of that particular city.

AirAsiaGo, a leading travel agency online that understands you need for buying the best-of-all tour or holiday packages and so it offers you exclusive and customized tour packages to you at unbeatable prices.

Check out some of most popular Thai tours you could choose from for a wonderful trip to be remembered lifelong-

Bangkok Tours!

Discover the gleaming, beautiful temples and notable landmarks such as the majestic Grand Palace, of Bangkok, with incredible Bangkok tours. Be it admiring the ancient Siamese history on a river cruise or experiencing the fun and novelty of the floating markets and showing off your bargaining skills to purchase local merchandises at unbeatable prices, Bangkok tours ensure you discover every nook and corner this bustling city of Thailand.

Top Bangkok Tours You Can Choose From-

1# Half-Day Tour To Emerald Buddha And Grand Palace!


Visit the most iconic temple of Thailand, the famous Grand Palace comprising of the former home of King Siam and several beautifully manicured gardens. While on one hand, you will get to admire the architectural wonders of the city, you will also get to purify your soul by paying a visit to the holistic Emerald Buddha temple on the other hand.

2# Floating Market Tour!


Although no one likes noisy, crowded places; but while you are on your trip Bangkok, you have to visit its famous floating market. Enjoy the not-so-smooth but amazing long-tail boat rides while buying unique artifacts and souvenirs at huge discounted prices.

3# Chao Phraya River Cruise Tour (Dinner Included)!


Cruise along and enjoy an extravagant journey over the magnificent Chao Phraya River that divides modern-day metropolis Bangkok and from ancient Thailand.  Enjoy delight Thai and international cuisine along with the upbeat bands playing in the background.

Pattaya Tours!

Pattaya tours always provide pleasant surprises to the travelers. Ladyboy shows, cultural extravaganzas, excursions and island trips, all these will surely add unforgettable adventures to your trip.

Top Pattaya Tours To Choose From-

1# Flight Of The Gibbon Zipline Adventure!


Feel the thrill of adrenaline as you get the bird’s eye views of the tropical lush landscapes of the Pattaya City. At the Flight of the Gibbon, enjoy the coast over the dense rainforest canopies on the thrilling course with 17 zip lines, wooden stairs and wobbly sky-bridges.

2# Ramayana Water Park Tour!


Dive into the majestic world of aquatic adventures and enjoy thrilling rides with your loved ones to this incredible family-friendly adventure park in Pattaya.

3# Full-Day Coral Island Excursion!


Spend a day full of leisure and enjoy amazing water sports on the idyllic shores of Coral Island. A perfect escape from Pattaya’s crowded beaches and enjoy the true bliss on white sands of Koh Larn.

Phuket Tours!

Jungle trekking, sightseeing or snorkeling, Phuket tours all of these. Whether you want to get flavors of the local island life, or relax your mind and body with some massage therapy or wish to visit remote islands, Phuket tours will ensure fun-filled vacation for sure.

Top Phuket Tours You Can Choose From-

1# Similan Islands Snorkeling Excursion!


Start a wonderful journey to the Andaman Sea’s Similan Islands by hopping onto a cruise boat and reach your destination where you will get to enjoy best-of snorkeling and diving adventures, swim among the vibrant corals, school of tropical fish and blue-spotted stingrays.

2# Phi Phi Island Speedboat Excursion!


Enjoy the breathtaking beauty while riding to the jaw-dropping spot, Phi Phi Island with a speedboat. Nestled in the south-east region of Phuket, Phi Phi Island is an ideal getaway offering picturesque atmosphere with towering cliffs, sparkling lagoons, pristine beaches and verdant hills.

3# John Gray’s Cave Canoeing Tour In Phang Nga Bay!


Discover the otherworldly limestone caves spread throughout Phang Nga Bay. Learn about the caves and their discoveries while you sail in an inflatable canoe over the emerald-green water.

So, these are some popular Thai tour you could choose to make your trip to Thailand worth-memorable.

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5 Scientifically Health Benefits Of Traveling Abroad!

When was the last time you traveled abroad? For the business purpose or for a vacation with family; your reason can be any but there must be one thing that strikes and make you travel in a beautiful abroad.

There are plenty of things and reasons why we love to travel abroad such as to make new friends, to explore the different city, to share a new experience, and stories. All these things count for great reasons why we love to explore a different culture, history, and background.

Also, there are many people who travel abroad for the reason to research, to suggest that it is highly beneficial for mental and physical health.

To make sure you get a healthy travel trip, you must book your accommodations and flight tickets well in advance so that you do not face last minute rush. You can book your flight and hotels from Expedia and AirAsiaGo to get best hotel and flight at competitive prices.

Now, before you plan your trip just make sure you make up a good open schedule and let life impersonate you with the diverse opportunities that are waiting for you.

Check out these few major scientific proven benefits why traveling is helpful for your health.

Improves Social and Communication Skills

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One of the major reason that traveling helps in a person overall-being is it helps you interact and gain a good communication skill. This may not be the major reason why people love to travel but somehow unknowingly this helps in a person and improves his life.

If you are traveling to a new place where your native language is not widely used, therefore you can learn there how to communicate with all different type of people.

Ensures Peace Of Mind

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We all have stress and tension in our lives. By traveling to a different place it helps you in getting some personal time and forces you to tentatively disconnect from your normal routine. Therefore, you can get satisfaction in your life and it helps you to comprehend the people and things you have around.

As by a famous saying “we never know what we have until we lose it.” Therefore, to understand the life you must learn to cherish on new things that make you satisfied.

Travel Enhance Your Creativity

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Foreign trip experience increases your cognitive flexibility and depth of thought and ability to understand about life situations. It is often said that if a person gets out of their comfort zone, their mind tends to be more creative. If you feel the same then this is the time you should start to have a more creative mind.

Someone who lives in abroad and doesn’t communicate with the local culture has most probably a less creative mind than compared to those who travel abroad and really engages with the local culture.

Broadens Your Horizons

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Traveling is a nice process that helps you connect with different people from different culture, mind, and thoughts.  Meeting people from diverse cultures and communities will help you see problems and regular life from many varied perspectives.

This will help you in becoming a better person who has a better understanding of people, and therefore you could have a healthy mind that looks into positivity.

Travel Lowers the Risk Of Depression

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Depression is quite a sensitive subject which many people tend to avoid it. There are many people who may avoid their feeling of being depressed but it is necessary that you may start looking at it serious;y. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 350 million people all around the world suffer from depression.

Luckily, today we have many healthier alternatives available and traveling can be one of them. I don’t know you will agree or not but traveling really helps in diverting your mind and in overcoming the depression.

If you are planning to travel anytime soon, no matter which foreign place you choose. Always make sure to make this your ultimate destination where you can spend in best days of your life and gain many new experiences.

By booking your best travel deal and availing Expedia Code and AirAsiaGo Code you can enjoy more affordable rates of hotels and airfares.

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What To Do During The Chinese New Year? Get To Know The Best Travel Ideas!

Chinese New Year is that auspicious time which is celebrated as the most exhilarating time of the year. This occasion brings in the most joyous time of the year Yaowaraj, which is officially the Chinatown of Bangkok. Get ready to experience a most amazing time of the year that will make you go gaga over the complete holiday season in Bangkok.

Excited to celebrate the year with cheer? Then Thailand is the must visit for you and Expedia will give you an opportunity to grab offers and special occasional deals then your traveling gets more convenient and easy.

How Online Portals Help You A Lot In Grabbing The Best Travel Deals?

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  • Make your holidays safe, smooth, memorable and fun-filled with online travel portal this Chinese New Year and avail best in class services and deals on various holiday packages.
  • While booking online you can make your pockets save by splurging a huge amount.
  • This Chinese New Year will let you enjoy special occasional deals that will make your Bangkok trip affordable and reasonable.
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Now here are some major highlights of the Chinese New Year Traditions in Bangkok.

New Year Traditions

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Although it is not declared as a gazetted holiday, you can definitely take a day off from your work and enjoy the customs and engage yourself in various New Year activities. New Year marks the beginning of the cherishable year in Thailand and also you can enjoy the day and all sort of activities with great cheer and thrill.

Street Sights And Sounds

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As the New Year’s Eve marks the beginning of all celebrations that are expected to continue into the following week. You can experience the complete transformation of the New years eve that will make your New Year an amazing experience whenever you will step down on the streets. Shop do anything because during this time you will experience amazing promotional offers and deals that will make you very happy.

Best Places That Are A Must Visit During The Chinese New Year

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The Chinese New Year means visiting the places that will let you experience an amazing time also, you will enjoy all the different culture and traditions that will make you regret why didn’t you visit the places before so, now no regrets just enjoy the time and make yourself ready for all different sort of experiences.

China Town – An amazing and a definite place that will make you experience the most amazing time of the year. And this place will also make you enjoy the best of the time at the beginning of the year.

Visit Lengnoeiyi Temple on Charoen Krung Street- When the New Year begins it clearly marks with the paying respect to your gods and goddesses also, you can make it really amazing by grabbing the aura of the temple.

Get your AirAsiaGo Voucher Codes and fly to Thailand to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year with great enthusiasm.