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Buy Face Makeup That Doesn’t Look Madeup!

Women of today know how to look glamourous and beautiful. Even being women you tell me, haven’t you tried all beauty hacks to look beautiful naturally. I know, every woman want to look beautiful naturally without applying dark foundation on her skin which bulges out and look as if have putten a lot of heavy makeup.

If talking about to look naturally flawless, it still requires too much doting and sincerity towards the skin and you need to take care of your skin a lot. But when you have to attend any parties or events, to look glamorous you have to apply a certain makeup to compliment your look over your heavy embroidered dress and jewelry.

Well, the right makeup and choosing the right foundation according to your skin type is necessary. You just cannot buy any foundation without going into details.

In this blog, I will share with you best foundation and makeup products that will perfectly suit your skin type without making you look that you have overdone it.

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Checkout some high range of makeup products below.

Artisan Refill UV Foundation 420T SK-II

Experience flawless and radiant skin thanks to this SK-II UV foundation. Its uniquely formulated Lavender Gold Pearl and Pure Oil will boost your skin’s radiance, leaving it feeling comfortably conditioned and velvety smooth.

PONY EFFECT Ultimate Prep Primer Original

Ideal for uneven or oily skin with large pores, this silky and balmy primer fills in large pores so your skin looks smooth like porcelain. The soft, even surface allows makeup to apply seamlessly and stay flawless longer. It even pampers and preps the skin for that perfect “no makeup” look!

LANEIGE Two Tone Tint Lip Bar No.8 Cherry Milk

With the two tone lip bar from Laneige, you can now express natural gradation on the inside of the lips and moisturize the lips at the same time. Combining the features of defining tint and moisturizing lip balm, this will keep your lips moisturized and healthy for long hours.

Luxury Golden Cushion Special Set

Generates noble, shimmering golden glow with 24-hour- Long lasting moisture effect. This cusion keeps the skin radiant with 24-hour-long luxurious glow. Moisturizing cover cushion with highest coverage among Whoo’s makeup products. 3-in-1 (anti-wrinkle, brightening, UV protection) that gives great Value with 3 cushion refill.

3D Face Highlighter Stick W.Lab

Excellent fitting. Skin-friendly amino acid-based powder enhances the adhesiveness on the skin in order to maintain makeup for a long time.
No more visible pore. Ball-shaped powder helps make your face look naturally yet gorgeously lustrous even if applied to T-zone with a lot of curves, such as pore. Easy and fast contour makeup by smoothening face lines as well as chin or cheekbone which can help create a sharp expression.

Buy these cool makeup that doesn’t look madeup.

Do A Perfect Makeup And Feel Confident And Fabulous!

Makeup is really important for a girl’s beauty routine. For giving a perfect glow to your face, dust on some compact, add a liner and put on some mascara with a lipstick to step into the world of beauty. Grace yourself at any party and grab all the attention towards you.

If you have the right outfit and the right footwear so here’s the last step left for perfect finishing, enhance your features by using the right products for your face, you can look glamorous by using the perfect makeup products for your skin. Whether it’s about going to an office or party you always give a little bit touch up to your face to add a charming look to your face and when it comes to a wedding then for sure you wish to do a heavy makeup to look beautiful.

Love to do makeup but always confused about the right product to use?

Get a complete range of makeup products from Groupon and cover all your beauty needs to kill it with different creative style by using the eye shadows and eye liner with the right shade of foundation for your skin tone to look more appealing. All these products are long lasting and will definitely add a glow to your face, shop for makeup products from all your favorite brand of beauty products.

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Here are some must-have makeup products which I have listed for your vanity.

A Set of NOVO Eyebrow Seal


The eyebrow seal blacken eyebrows artifact and 100% natural and easy to use. Each set includes two seals: a Korean eyebrow and a natural eyebrow. The seal on the eyebrow powder, and then cover the eyebrows, you can instantly have an immaculate eyebrow. Natural and easy to use, especially for girls who do not understand how to blacken eyebrows. It is available with 3 color option for eyebrow powder. It will definitely enhance your eyebrow and will make it more focused and appealing.

April Skin Rose Glam Moisture Cover Foundation

This moisture cover foundation is just a perfect makeup thing you can gift to your skin. The moisture settles your skin which allows you to stay in makeup for a longer duration. The makeup does not cracks on your skin making your skin dry. It is available in all-in-one brush, mirror and foundation. It has great adherence and waterproof which makes it long lasting. It gives clean and velvety complexion and brightens up your face.

TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Liner

This inked cushion eyeliner is waterproof, quick-drying and long-lasting. You can move anywhere outside by applying one stroke of it on your eyes and making in appealing to others. The eyeliner comes in feather design, delicate and elegant. You have to buy this unique eyeliner which just not make your eyes attractive but you can flaunt to anyone as it does not get smudged even after a long day.

YSL make up Products

To enhance the skin’s natural radiance and maintain a pretty look throughout the day you need to buy this makeup kit for sure. The highlighter is a must-have pen of makeup artists, the one beauty essential that no woman should ever be without. The primer which has a natural color of the skin interacts with the elements of the blur to give a truly natural glow to the complexion. A blur perfecter compact that perfects the skin while retaining its luminous glow. A fine powder with an illuminating transparency to enhance the skin’s natural radiance and maintain a fresh look throughout the day. The bronzer instantly gives skin effortless, natural-looking radiance without the shine.

Not4U Real Skin Patch

Not4U Real Skin Patch is a transparent liquid, it would only leave a 0.05 mm layer on your face, literally invisible on your face. The film could protect the acne from other substance, you can put your makeup on as usual, the film will block the cosmetic products from worsening the acne issue. Not4U Real Skin Patch is made with natural ingredients, which could effectively reduce acne and prevent further formation of acne. It could also help to stabilize your skin condition.


The Beginner’s Makeup Guide By Products From Sephora

Thinking of trying on the makeup all by yourself? There might be several questions coming to your mind, right? “What should I start with?” “What brand should I shop from?” “Will these products suit me or not?” Cut the drama and bring your questions to hault!  All of them will be solved right here, right now. Yes sweetie pies, don’t you all worry when you got my back. Smile with the world and you’ll dazzle like a diva.

You all might be thinking that everyone who write’s a makeup blog is a professional in makeup or a makeup artist, but let me disclose a secret that we are not, at least for me. Actually the fact is that we all have committed some or the other makeup disasters (if I am not in placing this word) and we still commit some mistakes. So, at some point of time we are also a beginner.

First and foremost thing every doll should keep in mind is that always know your skin type. That is a must. I can understand that since you are a beginner you all must be thinking that spending too much on makeup products wouldn’t be something great, since you all don’t know which shade will look nice on you, right? But as I said leave all your tensions on me. Sephora, South-East Asia’s leading makeup website has got alluring deals on your makeup products and you know what the other news is? If you join your shopping with CollectOfffers and get additional Sephora discount coupon codes and voucher codes.

Yes, this was the smile I wanted to see on your face. Now lemme give you few tips and update you with the products you must use as a beginner:

Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum  bbSince you are a beginner therefore, instead of applying heavy foundations or primers you should go subtle with BB creams. This one from Tarte is a light BB Cream perfect for your makeup base. And let me tell you that you must moisturize your face thoroughly before applying anything.

Long Lasting Kohl kohlKohl is the most essential product in your makeup kit. Always begin with black kohl before you experiment with any other color. And trust me you will always love the black one if you don’t want too much of shimmer on your makeup. This one is from Sephora Collection and is smudge free and long lasting as well. The best part is that you can always use your kohl as a liner and do Smokey eyes too. Well, those are way too much right now but try on.

Sinuosity Lash Mascara mascaraLove voluminous lashes? And I know using a false eyelash at this stage is fussy at times. The best way is to use voluminous mascara. This one from Sigma Beauty is hyper curl and thick mascara perfect for the lashes.

Beach Tint Lip Shimmer Soufflé lip-glossYou know playing with lot of colors for your lips may darken your lip and make the texture spoil. Therefore, whenever you are trying on a lip shade begin with a nude one or lip gloss. Lip glosses are the perfect beginner product. This one from Becca is a shimmery lip gloss whereas it is available in six different shades as well.

Base Duo Kit face-powderTo set everything up, though you had applied everything very light and no layers but still you need to cover your face flawlessly without any patches. Therefore, face powder. Apply this at the end and your good to go!

Hurray! This one was your mini makeup guide I must say, as there are several other products available and hurry up and grab your kit too!