4 Stylish Flooring Trends To Add Luxury To Your Home!

If you are thinking of keeping your home up-to-date, or in other words, thinking of remodeling your house which you’ve been eyeing since ages? Then you must start with flooring. Flooring trends keep on changing throughout the year and homeowner, in order to re-design your home with the latest trends, you need to be aware of the newest innovations and designs. But choosing the most stylish and best flooring design is not easy. In this article, you will get to learn about all the hottest flooring trends to give you an all-new aesthetics and a more fresh feel.

The kind of flooring you select has a crucial influence on the overall atmosphere of the space. Since flooring is the primary aspect of any home decor, you need to always ensure to choose the correct flooring style, not only to re-design your home beautifully but also to avoid remodeling it again and again.

Choose the expert assistance of Wickes, a leading online portal for all your home needs and redesign it in an innovative and trendy way. You can choose Wickes voucher to ensure maximum savings and discount with every purchase. So now, let’s take a look at the top flooring trends of 2018 to inspire your home with class and luxuries-

1 # Fumed Wood Flooring-

Wood flooring banner

While almost all types of wooden flooring styles undergo some or the other type of staining so as to give the desired final finish. It is only fumed wood flooring which does not need to undergo any kind of staining to get its rich color and grain. Instead, it is put to fuming process wherein wooden planks are placed in a chamber in which airborne ammonia is released. The wood then reacts with ammonia and goes through a color change. This reaction does not result in the same changes every time, it might differ depending on factors like the type of wood, atmosphere inside the chamber and the outside environment. But fuming give woods a rich dark tone and also enhances the natural grain of the wood. If you wish to add some luxurious appeal to your home, the fumed wood flooring is an ideal option.

2 # Luxurious Vinyl Flooring-


To create a sophisticated and sleek look in your home, all you need to opt is vinyl flooring trends. The luxurious flooring trends is a great combination of practicality and the realistic look of tines, stones or wood. With an extensive array of vinyl floor plank and tiles flooring, this type of flooring offers stunning designs created to embrace the look to the highest standard. the resilient vinyl flooring trend includes a spectrum of colors, textures, patterns, and styles. These are easy-to-clean, stain-resistance and comfort underfoot.

3 # Textured Tiles Flooring-


Textured tiles flooring is here to stay, and an absolutely stylish flooring trend of 2018. You will not get that polished sheen and glasslike smoothness in textured tiles. Go for porcelain wood grain tile, if you wish to opt flooring style that resembles like wood in terms of grain pattern and color, but actually are tiles. You can install porcelain tiles in almost all aspects to get the look just like a natural stone. All thanks to advanced technology, that you can find a wide range of flooring styles that can be styled and manipulated to produce countless variety to design or style around.

4 # Barn Wood Tiles Flooring-


The barn wood flooring designs of 2018 is actually an extension of faux wood flooring trend of 2016. It is the most loved and preferred flooring trend today, people simply love its color variation and the distressed look it provides. If you are looking for a rustic and warm look then this flooring trend is best to consider. All thanks to the advanced technology that manufacturers are now able to replicate the exact look of real wood on the tiles surfaces. You will find multi-toned tiles which will add character to your space.

So, these are the top four hottest flooring trends every homeowner must consider while renovating or remodeling their home with the latest trends. To choose from the widest selection of flooring styles and purchase the most suitable and finest at pocket-friendly rates, all you need to do is to simply avail Wickes voucher codesthese codes will help you save big while buying quality home essential items.

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