5 Cheeky Fashion Gadgets That You Never Knew About.

Fashion isn’t just about the clothes you wear or the shoes you flaunt, it also includes the accessories that you choose to complement your dressing. The creative fashion has actually evolved out of accessories itself, clothes became a part of it much later. Even in medieval times, you can find mention of vivid kind of jewellery designs prepared for different purposes. Ornaments were crafted for different parts of the body, especially in the Indian region.

Today let’s tell you something simply cool and creative. I am talking about the amalgam of gadgets and fashion accessories. Wouldn’t it be cool if the accessories had something more useful to do rather than just being there to be shown? This is certainly a kind of mashup that would yield amazing gadgets which could serve the purpose of clothing accessories. For best deals on latest fashion accessories, try these Yoox Promo Code.

So here are few such cheeky fashion gadgets that aren’t just fashion accessories, they are useful fashion accessories.


Ringly-Rings (2)It is a beautiful ring which looks elegant in fingers. In fact, it could sell like hot pancakes just for how good it looks. But it’s a gadget too. This ring serves as a Bluetooth device which can be connected to a mobile phone and it is able to receive custom notifications through vibrations. Not just that, it has a coloured light which blinks along to make it even more enticing. This is an awesome way to get notified, Isn’t it?


xl_cropped_Gemio-Holding-hands-1024x680This is a marvellous looking friendship bracelet which serves as a cool gadget too. This light up bracelet uses the light as a medium of connectivity to connect with friends, express personal styles and in concerts to become a part of it. This device uses scant energy to work and has its own network for being used to communicate with bands. The band allows its wearer to customize the colours and set light patterns to communicate with other friends. This also makes it an apt indicator if you and your friends set up different light colours as an indicator.


Ear-O-Smart-third-wave-fashion-dot-com.jpgThis is the world’s first earing that can serve as a gadget. It is really gorgeous to look at. But then, there’s more to it. This earing has been made as a fitness gadget which can monitor the heartbeat, calories, and the activity level of a person. Its battery takes 8 hours to fully discharge after being fully charged. There’s an optional kit which can be bought to customize this earing’s jewellery design.

Hyper Pearl

c700x420If you look at it roughly, it looks like a pocket mirror. Small, compact and folded mirror with a gleamy coating that makes it look expensive. And then on a closer evaluation, you realize it isn’t just a mirror. There’s more to it. It is a power bank in disguise. This on-the-go-power bank has a 3000 mAh storage capacity which is enough to charge mobile once. It is rather compact and saves much of the space which other power banks usually take.

Mondaine bPay

maxresdefaultThis classic watch which has all the attributes of a standard swiss analogue isn’t just a watch. There’s one more addition to this watch and so, it serves a greater purpose too. The watch has a bPay chip inside its strap which makes it a payment device. So you don’t have to take out your wallet while wearing this watch, just hover your hands over the payment machine and it will do.

These were few of the most creative amalgams of fashion gadgets which is an effort to open up a new space of tech-fashion. There is a lot more that is to be done because the space of technology and the creativity of fashion has not been explored to the fullest as of now. With the increasing number of smartwatches coming in, I believe this space will soon try to incorporate other fashion accessories and introduce some more exciting gadget in amalgam with fashion accessories.

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