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5 Cheeky Fashion Gadgets That You Never Knew About.

Fashion isn’t just about the clothes you wear or the shoes you flaunt, it also includes the accessories that you choose to complement your dressing. The creative fashion has actually evolved out of accessories itself, clothes became a part of it much later. Even in medieval times, you can find mention of vivid kind of jewellery designs prepared for different purposes. Ornaments were crafted for different parts of the body, especially in the Indian region.

Today let’s tell you something simply cool and creative. I am talking about the amalgam of gadgets and fashion accessories. Wouldn’t it be cool if the accessories had something more useful to do rather than just being there to be shown? This is certainly a kind of mashup that would yield amazing gadgets which could serve the purpose of clothing accessories. For best deals on latest fashion accessories, try these Yoox Promo Code.

So here are few such cheeky fashion gadgets that aren’t just fashion accessories, they are useful fashion accessories.


Ringly-Rings (2)It is a beautiful ring which looks elegant in fingers. In fact, it could sell like hot pancakes just for how good it looks. But it’s a gadget too. This ring serves as a Bluetooth device which can be connected to a mobile phone and it is able to receive custom notifications through vibrations. Not just that, it has a coloured light which blinks along to make it even more enticing. This is an awesome way to get notified, Isn’t it?


xl_cropped_Gemio-Holding-hands-1024x680This is a marvellous looking friendship bracelet which serves as a cool gadget too. This light up bracelet uses the light as a medium of connectivity to connect with friends, express personal styles and in concerts to become a part of it. This device uses scant energy to work and has its own network for being used to communicate with bands. The band allows its wearer to customize the colours and set light patterns to communicate with other friends. This also makes it an apt indicator if you and your friends set up different light colours as an indicator.


Ear-O-Smart-third-wave-fashion-dot-com.jpgThis is the world’s first earing that can serve as a gadget. It is really gorgeous to look at. But then, there’s more to it. This earing has been made as a fitness gadget which can monitor the heartbeat, calories, and the activity level of a person. Its battery takes 8 hours to fully discharge after being fully charged. There’s an optional kit which can be bought to customize this earing’s jewellery design.

Hyper Pearl

c700x420If you look at it roughly, it looks like a pocket mirror. Small, compact and folded mirror with a gleamy coating that makes it look expensive. And then on a closer evaluation, you realize it isn’t just a mirror. There’s more to it. It is a power bank in disguise. This on-the-go-power bank has a 3000 mAh storage capacity which is enough to charge mobile once. It is rather compact and saves much of the space which other power banks usually take.

Mondaine bPay

maxresdefaultThis classic watch which has all the attributes of a standard swiss analogue isn’t just a watch. There’s one more addition to this watch and so, it serves a greater purpose too. The watch has a bPay chip inside its strap which makes it a payment device. So you don’t have to take out your wallet while wearing this watch, just hover your hands over the payment machine and it will do.

These were few of the most creative amalgams of fashion gadgets which is an effort to open up a new space of tech-fashion. There is a lot more that is to be done because the space of technology and the creativity of fashion has not been explored to the fullest as of now. With the increasing number of smartwatches coming in, I believe this space will soon try to incorporate other fashion accessories and introduce some more exciting gadget in amalgam with fashion accessories.

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4 Helpful Ways To Explore HongKong In Budget!

If you think that travelling is an expensive thing to do, then it is the time that you should change up your mind and plan to travel HongKong in the budget. Yes, there are some helpful and easy ways that help you enjoy in HongKong and explore some beautiful locations within your budget.

Yes, this post is dedicated to all those people who want to travel HongKong in the budget and without putting an extra hole in their pocket.

When you visit HongKong, you will notice some great noteworthy things. Apart from offering the stunning skyline that shines out and dazzles every evening HongKong also has colourful and rich cosmopolitan culture that offers everything in between to make Hong Kong a perfect and most popular travel destination in Asia.

If you have already seen famous things in HongKong like Ocean Park and Disneyland or if it doesn’t tempt you to take a trip to Hong Kong then you can try going at trek in Dragonback Trail and explore sometime in dining and doing shopping along the streets. Therefore, HongKong truly justifies and has something to offer for everyone! However, Hong Kong is the right option and most expensive cities in the world, but to get away there in the budget you just need to plan smart.

Here are few ways that will help you explore the beautiful country HongKong in the budget!

#1: How To Get There?

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The first thing that comes in every travel trip is the expenses of flight tickets. By choosing Agoda you can simply mark your trip budget-friendly. Whether you agree or not, you will be displayed with so many flight ticket options from where you can choose the perfect flight offering discounted prices.

Also, if you need additional discount then you can choose Agoda promo codes that let you enjoy more additional discount while travelling and booking air tickets.

#2: Visa Process for HongKong!

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To plan your adventure to HongKong in a better way then you should make sure that you apply for PAR immediately (at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance). If your PAR application is not successful, or if by chance you intended to travel for more than 2 weeks then you can apply for your Visa with the Hong Kong Immigration Department directly.

Also, do not forget to carry the original copy of the completed application form and the required photographs that need to be sent immediately to the HKSAR Immigration Department through air mail.

#3: Where to Stay?

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Again choosing the location to stay is not difficult through Agoda. You can simply take help of the online booking platform that offers multiple hotel options at any location where you wish to stay. You can find budget accommodations and even can filter your price according to your budget and thereby, it will display hotel rooms within your specified budget.

There are many hotels you can choose at cheap prices like Panda Hotel, Dorsett Tsuen Wan Hotel Hong Kong, Heritage Lodge, Best Western Plus Hotel Hong Kong, and some more options.

#4: Things to do in HongKong in Budget!

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There are some whole lot of options available to explore in HongKong. A country is quite a welcoming place that has everything for every traveller. Thereby, if you plan to travel HongKong in the budget then here are few places options which you can see and visit on your trip without paying extra money.

1. You can witness the famous Hong Kong skyline. It is pretty good looking fro outside and when you see it, it will be a sight to enchant you. Visiting Hongkong skyline should definitely be on top of your list.

2. Explore the city on foot. If you do not have a problem in walking then you can definitely choose to explore the city by walking. You will notice a strong walking culture and can enjoy the colourful and lively city. Probably, it will be the best experience to explore the streets and also saves some bucks on transport!

3. A trip to Hong Kong is incomplete without a trip to Disneyland. You should definitely plan to see Disneyland during this budget trip. You can buy a one day ticket and meet your favourite Disney characters and remember this HongKong trip forever in your life!

Hopefully, this HongKong travel guide will help you make most of your trip in budget!!

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What Are The Rules For Coordinating Your Shoes And Bags?

If you are a woman who thinks having a style is just not enough but to flaunt it perfectly you need to know few fashion tactics that will help you in changing your fashion game.

So, if you think that you have a style and you are proud of it then you should try carrying some fashion assemblances and make it stand out. Often some people might have opinion and comment on your style statement but unless you find it good do not listen to anyone. Trust!! You can seamlessly look great and know perfect outfit for the occasion. But despite being fashionable and stylish, your entire fashion prowess, when getting ready for an event, many of you might fall out from perfection is that whether they should match shoes with a handbag?

For long time ago, many women have thought on this fashion statement and many would have not chosen it as it can be an important thing to have to be in the league of the super-rich. As everyone surely cannot afford matching shoes and bags and even if we could, it would be a big struggle to justify the whole assemblances.

Well, all this struggle can be easily sorted out. Here in this post, we will know about best ways to match your shoe with a bag.

Play with mixing colours, but keep one colour neutral

Start with the basic idea of owning a simple colour shoe and a colourful bag. Yes, you can coordinate grey shoes with a colourful bag and add some fun to your look. This look will look better when you assemble it with the stiffer, dressier bag. The above picture of women can also be taken as a big style example, the brown plain shoe is styled with a blue coloured bag, this works pretty great for both casual look and formals.

To shop some best collection of shoes and bags of good brand at budget prices, you can choose Hijabenka where you will get unlimited option to buy designer bags and shoes. You can also select your coloured style shoe and bag.

A solid coloured outfit will get a lift from a clutch with some colour or texture

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You can choose to wear a solid colour outfit and assemble it with some textured clutch purse or matching colour purse with your dress. This makes the simple outfit look greater is perked up with these purple flats and a python clutch. You can see the above picture, the most enchanting look in the women dress is the clutch purse that is making her look stand out.

You can buy some designer textured clutch by using Kode Voucher Hijabenka. This will let you enjoy your shopping at budget prices.

Carry a baggy purse with a casual outfit

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If you like to wear casual or soft flowing clothes, the make sure you only shop baggy and cool looking bags. If you match it with stiff bags then it will certainly not go with style. The above picture shows a woman wearing a casual outfit and carrying a spacious baggy bag which looks pretty cool.

To flaunt your casual look make sure you choose a right bag that matches your whole look and let you stand out from the crowd.

Even a formal purse can work with casual shoes

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When you are leaving for any causal event than one of the things that matters the most and works best matching the right bag with the outfit and shoes. When you have to try some different look, you may be confused with some of the bag options. This quilted Chanel style bag works with these any footwear even on any sports shoe.

You can try choosing this option and style up your bag to make it look perfect with your whole styling.

You can do your shopping now and make your every look counts. Hopefully, these tips of carrying bag and shoe will help you in enlightening with fashion trend without making a blunder.

5 Bizzare Hotels To Choose In Thailand For Relaxing Holidays!

Blessed with the lush tropical rainforest, vast spread expanse of white sandy beaches, towering mountains, cliffs and magnificent islands, Thailand is bestowed with breathtaking natural beauty that attracts millions of visitors every year. Form the bustling urban epicenters such as Bangkok, to white-sand islands in the South to the majestic mountainous Northern region full of jungles, farmers and hill tribes, this wonderful travel destination has got something to offer to everyone.

Bestowed with thousands of holistic temples, often referred to as Wats, you will find them even in the smallest villages. Besides, there are plenty of iconic landmarks and sightseeing attractions that are worth visiting.

Thus, from a literally penniless backpacker to leisure travel to jet-setting millionaire, everyone prefers to flock to Thailand and the best things about it is that it posses the capacity of accommodating everyone with great ease. You will find plenty of accommodation option over here, i.e. from beachfront bungalows to lavish luxury resorts to cheap hotels.

This holiday season, if you are planning to vacation in Thailand and to make the most of your holidays if you are seeking for best accommodation, then simply read further. Scroll down to get to know about various unique hotels and resorts in Thailand that you must consider for staying in order to make your vacations extra-ordinary-

Sri Panwa Hotel, Phuket!


taken advantage of its beautiful hilltop perch, the Sri Panwa Hotels is a true gem in Phuket. Wrap-around infinity pools surrounding glass-enclosed guestrooms and suites that allow you to step into the water straight from your bedroom.

There are seven on-site restaurants, a cooking school, a full-service spa offering exclusive spa services, and a rooftop bar offering spectacular seaside views and top-notched range of liquor to enjoy.

W Retreat, Koh Samui!


Located at just nine miles away from a beautiful private beach in Koh Samui, the W Retreat is yet another bizarre hotel, which you must consider for accommodation while holidaying in Thailand. With it’s 74 elegantly designed individual villas, the hotel provides its guest their own personal space featured with all modern, on-trend amenities. There are bars offering both smoothie type and alcoholic drinks, fitness center and the on-site restaurant offering lip-smacking delights to its guests.

Banyan Tree, Bangkok!


Banyan Tree is Bangkok’s tallest all-suite luxury hotel offering spectacular views and exclusive facilities. Perfectly poised right in Sathorn, within the close proximity of Silom entertainment and shopping area, the luxurious hotel offers a rooftop bar on its 61st floor offering great views, a modern fitness center, a full-service spa, a ballroom and meeting room.

You can book your favorite suite at best price while availing incredible discounts and offers availed by ส่วนลด Expedia

Lebua Hotel, Bangkok!

Rated as the number 1 hotel in Thailand in the Traveller’s Awards contest of Conde Nast readers, the Lebua Hotel is yet another all-suite luxury hotel in Bangkok, best-known for offering exclusive accommodation facilities to its guests. It offers kitchenette suites that allow it guests to test their Thai cooking skill on their own. Besides the exclusive room amenities, its poolside cafe has earned a reputation for being the best place visit for tasty breakfast in Bangkok. Not only this, if you wish to enjoy an evening out with your partner with some top-shelf drinks, excellent food, and a spectacular, 360 degrees panoramic views of the city, then its rooftop bar is a must.

Six Senses, Yao Noi!

Nestled on a tiny island, the Six Senses Yao Noi hotel is best known for offering spectacular views of vast expansive emerald green water in the Phang Nga Bay and the incredible stone-pillar limestone formations. The hotel offers its guests private hilltop villa, yacht rides, luxury suites with huge private pools and so on.

You can book your favorite suite in the Six Senses hotel at comparatively reasonable rates with ส่วนลด which ensures you huge savings.

And that’s a wrap to the list of top-rated unique hotels in Thailand, you must consider for making your holidays worth-memorable.

5 Stylish Outfits Every Women Must Wear This Eid!

When celebrating the momentous occasion of Eid, it is common for people to dress their best. If you want to be in your best dress this Eid then you probably must consider wearing some designer’s best collection at affordable prices.

Muslim women all over the world have started shopping for their best outfit that they will flaunt this Eid. They are probably owning many nice dresses and wearing it with their own style. Why not! Eid is an important Islamic festival that marks the end of Ramzan month. To celebrate this momentous occasions, it’s quite normal and easy for people to shop for brand new Eid outfits and slay their looks.

Yes, if you haven’t yet shopped your best Eid outfit then by the end of this post, you are buying some bulk of clothes for sure. We picked 5 stunning Eid outfits that every Muslim woman can wear and rock from all over the world.

Printed Anarkali Suits and Looks

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The printed style is never off the trend in any way. No matter when you are shopping, probably printed style always look good on you. Yes, and if the print is on Anarkali suit with vehement printed motifs and floral, then you will certainly look floral beauty and will extract unique and unusual perceptions at the moment of your presentation.

Buy some latest designer Anarkali Suits for Eid online by choosing Namshi coupon codes. Here you will get latest designer apparels which you can pair it with proposed accessories. There is some great jewelery collection too which will look quite stylish on your Anarkali wear outfit. You can spice up your look with classical side maang-tikas and attached jhumkis.

Get Into The Feel With Pakistani Suits

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The Pakistani suits and salwars are even in fashion and are considered top class purity having great royal works. It is a great choice if you choose for Eid online. Souq coupon codes will allow you to shop these designer wear at a discounted price. Go, start your shopping now.

You can choose vehemently collected gems and chikan work are some of the factors which will spruce up the looks of Pakistani suits to celebrate Eid. You can make it more exciting by experimenting it with designer necklines and covers with them.

Elegant Sharara for the Elegant Look coupon codes

To make your Eid elegant and remembered, you can purchase some designer ethnic dress like sharara and short kameez and on the above can assemble it with wear mid-length ethnic kurta to showcase the lovely bottom flash of the sharara.

This type of ethnic dress is mostly worn in a net fabric having minimal traditional works. You can make your look heavy by wearing matching maang-tika, a beautiful pair of jhumkis and stone studded ring to complement the sharara suit like a diva.

Designer Harem Suits

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Harem suits are loved from the ages by everyone who prefers ethnic dresses. This style is quite in fashion and young fashionable women prefer wearing in on casual occasions as well as to make their look comfortable. You can try it on Eid festive as well as it will look great on casual occasions too as it is quite comfortable to hang out throughout the day.

This style dress is commonly fitted at the bottom with little fringes having plaits and ballooned type at the upper portion. It is recommended to wear it with short kurtas or kameez to flaunt the chic style with these Eid ethnic trendy dresses.

Royal Looking Jacket Suits coupon codes

As major Muslims population are staying in India except for the Gulf countries and Pakistan. Thereby, if you stay in any UAE then you can try out these royal looking long jacket suits as they are mixed dressing style of western and ethnic. This style is popular in different looks such as jacket style suits, pant salwars with long kameez etc.

This jacket style suit looks pretty nice when you wear it, the strong appearance of this suit is specially designed to be warm. Choose a light colour jacket suit that looks good on summer season. To make your look more traditional and according to a festive occasion you can combine with maang-tika and antique jhumkas, these will perfectly go with it and you can include a potli bag to make a perfect look from top to bottom.

So, this Eid shop some great designer wear dresses of top-notch quality from best online sites Souq and Namshi!!