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Top Kid’s Fashion Trends For Your Little Fashionistas!

Fashion is something that keeps updating with the newest and the coolest designs, patterns, and styles. And with the ever-changing fashion trends, it is important for everyone to keep themselves updated with the latest fashion. When talking about kid’s fashion, you will find countless options to choose from.

From prince and princess style dressing to cool and funky outfits to cartoon character inspired dressing trends, for kids, there are thousands of options to choose. If you’ve got a fashionable prince or princess at home who loves to flaunt his or her unique style with the latest trend, then simply read this post.

In this, write-up you will learn about to dress-up your kid’s casually but stylishly with the latest-in-trend fashion staples. This summers, shop trendy clothes, footwear, and accessories for your kids at the unmatched price while making huge savings and discounts with Yoox PH. To enjoy incredible offers, all you need is to grab amazing Yoox vouchers.

Check out the list of trendy casual fashion wear for boys and girls given below-

Summer Fashion Trends For Girls!

Polka Dot Dresses!


Get little fashionista a vintage-inspired little dress with a touch of modern pattern. Dress your little princesses like a queen with a cute polka dot dress, which can be paired up with a cute pair of beaded sandals and beautiful headband. The fit & flare silhouette of these dresses are simply perfect for twirling. To make her look cool and classy, you can stylize her look with a denim jacket.

Casual Tees & Blouse!


Get your little girl trendy tees and blouse of vibrant prints, designs, patterns and colors. Embrace the cuteness of your little princess with elegant, pastel tone blouse designed with ruffle, beads or sleeves detailing, let her feel that she is not less than a beautiful angel in her parent’s life

Teach her valuable and easily understood small-small lesson by buying graphic tees that will allow her to do exactly the same. Or choose a crisp shirt to enable her to show off her unique style.

Pastel Tone Shorts!


If your little princess love being casually dressed up with elegant pieces of clothes, footwear, and accessories, then a pastel-shade cute little short can glam up her look more gracefully. Let her tackle her playtime routine in style with these shorts, paired up with trendy slip tops or slogan tees and a casual slip-on.

Summer Fashion Trends For Boys!

Nautical Stripes!


A classic nautical stripes casual T-shirt is a must to any little boy’s wardrobe. Manufactured with soft, quick-absorbing fabric, these nautical stripe T-shirts are super-cool and easy to slip in and can be paired up with denim, khaki pants and shorts. Complete your little boy’s look with trendy boat shoes and he is ready for a day of unlimited fun and joy.

Casual Tees And Shirts!


Let your little one flaunt his own unique style while being absolutely stylish and classy with casual tees and shirts. Casual T-shirts and shirts the most preferred fashion staple when its comes to boy’s fashion. Casual tees can be paired up with denim, shorts and even trousers.

When talking about a shirt, note that it is an extremely important clothing piece in a little boy’s casual wardrobe. If your little-naughty prince had to attend a bday party of his best friend and he desires to look his best, then get him a classy oxford shirt, team it up with a tie and a jacket.

Print Shorts!


Printed shorts are yet another important staple of a Little boy’s closet. Although, if your boy is fashion-conscious and always choose to dress up classy with shirts and tie, then instead of making them wear on trousers of jeans, make then wear on printed shorts, untucked with rolled up sleeves. Even a classic staple can help your little prince tackle his playtime routine in style.

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5 Fashion Tips for Men to Beat The Heat This Summer.

If you believe man’s summer wardrobe collection is just restricted to shorts and T-shirts than you probably don’t know much about men’s summer fashion trends. It is certainly more than just shorts and T-shirts.

Yes, summer has its own way of heating things up but one thing which definitely doesn’t stir with this heat is fashion. You have to be cool with your fashion sense to beat the heat in this sweltering summer or else be ready to get dampened in your routine attires. One has to seek sun friendly and light fabrics for clothes if to keep up with the hot and humid summer. (To buy clothes at best prices this summer, you must use these exciting offers from Kode Voucher Zalora.)

Men’s fashion has gone through swirling changes of late and one thing that we can surely gain out of his fastly changing world of fashion is its tangible approach. So here we bring to you 5 such tangible tips that will set your fashion sense ablaze with coolness and kick off this summer in style.

Maintain Distance From Heavy Suits


Scorching heat and heavy clothing can’t go hand in hand. In fact, it would be the most exasperating combination to be fashionable if, to be honest.  The result as obvious as it is would lead to making one appear like a soppy mess trying to be fashionable when one is clearly not. Irrespective of the occasion for which you are going to dress up, make sure your choice is always the one with lighter breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen. You can try light weighing navy blazers which provide a comfortable and non-clumpy fitting. This kind of suiting is one of the more suitable and comfortable dress which will ooze style and elegance at the same time.

Try Wardrobe Staples


In the blazing hot summer, the most intelligible choice on which you can completely rely upon is a classic white T-shirt and a light wash denim. It has to be the aptest choice when it comes to casual wear and beyond any shred of doubt, is an integral part of every man’s wardrobe.  The combination in itself is very easy to the eye and comfortable for the body.

Going for classic crew neck rather than V-neck T-shirts is a far better alternative for the season. The plain white T-shirt can’t go out of fashion as it’s subtle yet classy undertone matches everything to perfection. This is probably the main reason behind the growing number of production of white shirts by the manufacturers owing to the hype in product demand in the market. The manufacturers themselves have seen a robust growth by doing so.

Sunglasses Go Big and Bold 


The current year has witnessed a very intriguing trend of Sunglasses coming out. These sunglasses use colourful eye catchy patterns, tinted lenses with thick and bold frames. If you really want to give your fashion an added leverage, retro glasses is the perfect choice for this session. Try it to attract people with your trendy round glasses and get some extra brownie points with your style statement. These glasses will definitely soar up the fashion game in your favour.

Keep Your Coolness Intact With Shoes


Now, its time to look at some fashionable summer options for your foot. Beginning with the aesthetics of work, a pair of loafers or light coloured sneakers will be the best option in the relaxed state. And yes, avoid flip flops because they don’t exactly suit the summer season as many wrongly claim. Flip Flops are for beaches and pools, wearing them outside in Sunny afternoons is the most absurd combination, so to say the least.

Be a White Knight


Of late, White has become the colour of diligence and sophistication. If you talked about the same all-white formula a decade back, it would have sounded a fashion blunder in the making, but not today. Try washed white jeans along with a white T-shirt and complement it with the dark sunglasses to give depth to your outfit.

The summer has its own hardships and to dress well is one of the most petrifying tasks at that. Although, one can see things from a brighter perspective and celebrate summer for what it is. So embrace the long bright sunny days with lighter fabrics.  Just follow the basics and beat the heat this summer with your sartorial style and enjoy shopping for your summer outfits at great discounts through the Zalora promo codes at collectoffers.

Best Anti-Aging Health & Beauty Tips Of All Time!

Younger looking skin is a dream of every woman today. Fine lines, wrinkles, laugh lines, dark spots and crow’s feet are the greatest nightmare of every woman. But the fact is, we can’t run from aging, all we can do is to control it by using preventive measures and solutions.

Women above 30 generally spend a lot of money on clinically proven procedures and anti-aging serums and cream in order to get a glowing and youthful skin. Apart from scientifically proven and tested methods there many homemade methods to follow for preventing signs of anti-aging.

In this post, you will learn about various ways to how to prevent and control aging. If you wish to buy popular brand anti-aging beauty products at comparatively unmatched prices, then make sure you grab Lazada voucher, that ensures you great savings and enjoys mesmerizing discounts on every purchase.


Using a right skin care product can not only make a huge difference in your complexion but will also helpful for avoiding signs of agings such as fine lines and wrinkles. In this write-up, we will learn about the same.

Prevent wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, sagging and other visible signs of aging with the following proven health & beauty tips

Use Gentle Face Wash And Cleanser!


Cleansing your skin to remove dead cells and dirt is an absolutely important part of skin care routine. It is always recommended to use a gentle cleanser or face wash so as to preserve natural skin barriers and keep them resistant to damage and dehydration. Face washes and cleansers with a high pH level such as soaps are very harsh as they can lead your skin’s vulnerability to infection and irritation. As a result, your skin will get damaged quickly.

Hence, to preserve the youthfulness and maintain your skin’s optimal balance, always opt a gentle face wash or cleanser. A mild cleanser or face wash uses essential fatty acids to provide major hydration and protection against the damage caused by free radicals.

Use Retinoids!


With time, your skin tends to lose collagen, the essential protein responsible for keeping it looking lifted and smooth. The loss of collagen can result in a wrinkle or creased look. Experts suggest that use of retinoids can help your skin regain the collagen. If you are in your thirties, then you need to use retinoid enriched skin creams to avoid wrinkled or creased look.

Higher SPF Sunscreen!


Remember that sunscreen is important. Make sunscreen your bae and use it regularly. Choose SPF 30 or higher range of sunscreen to prevent discoloration and age spots and keep your skin healthy and glowing. Invest in a more moisturizing sunscreen cream enriched with antioxidants that protect collagen in your skin.

Sun protection is probably one of the best ways to keep your skin look young er and youthful. The harmful UV rays are the major cause of aging. The sun is responsible for breaking down collagen indeed causing abnormalities in the elastin, making your skin thinner and wrinkled. It also causes uneven pigmentation and dark spot. Hence, to prevent skin aging, sunscreen is very important.

Watch Out What You Eat!


Yet another important healthy tip you need to opt for preventing aging is keeping a check on what you’re eating and how healthy it is for your skin? To prevent aging, wrinkles, fine lines and so on you need to infuse food that nourishes your skin with all the goodness of essential proteins and vitamins.

Foods high in white carbohydrates and sugar can age you faster. Thus, you must avoid such food. Instead, infuse protein-rich food such as lean meats, fish, beans, legumes, etc., that build strong collagen.

And that’s all to the effective health & beauty tips you must follow for anti-aging. Also for buying anti-aging products offered by top brands at unbeatable rates by using Lazada Promo Code, it will help save big and enjoy great discounts.

8 Fashion Staples To Pack For Your Summer Holidays!

Packing for holidays can be very stressful and confusing. Whether you are going on a beach holiday or for an exotic international vacation or simply both, all you need is simply amazing outfits, footwear, and accessories to match up all your travel plans. Whether you are a fashionista or a no-frills traveler, looking your best is inevitably important.

After going through all the work of planning, booking, and stalking geo-tags on the Instagram. What comes next is deciding what to pack and what not to pack. Since summers being the peak wanderlust season, during which we plan trips to destinations usually with pleasant weather conditions. And for a wonderful holiday, we need to packs comfortable, easy-going but stylish fashion staples.

If you are wondering what to pack for your summer vacation? Then check out the list of stylish, savvy staples to get an instant inspiration of how to look your best while making the most of your holidays-

Sun Dress!

Rose Wholesale

For walks on the beaches or picnics in parks or simply for sweltering days in the city, invest in fashionable yet simply sundress that will make you feel cool and look stylish.  Such dresses are great because they are comfy and are suitable for almost any situation. While packing for your summer holidays, pack at least one or two elegant sundresses which you can glamourize with different-different accessories.


Rose Wholsale

Great for warm weather holidays, Sarongs are so versatile that you can wear differently almost every day. Wear it as a cover-up to and from pool or beach, team up with a simple tank top for day-time fashion or simply wrap like a dress with a strappy sandal to hit the city at night. A floaty sarong or cover-up is perfect as it protects you from having too much exposure to the sun.

Floaty Skirts!

Rose Wholesale

Your suitcase is incomplete without a floaty skirt. Perfect for warm weather places, a floaty skirt of beautiful design such as pinstripe or floral prints are great to be paired up with a casual T-shirt or button-down blouse and flats. You can shop for the trendiest and coolest floaty skirts at unmatched prices while making great savings with Rose Wholesale Discount Code.

Day-Night Dresses!

Rose Wholsale

A soft linen, light and breezy day & night dress is yet another perfect piece of fashion staple that will not only make you look good but will also keep you cool too. Invest in a day-night dress crafted with a little bit of embroidery and detailing around the neckline or bust, which adds a touch of more luxury to your look.

Watches For That Minimal Load Of Accessories!


While holidaying, if you wish to keep your accessories load minimal, then simply pack at least one or two of your favorite watch in your suitcase. You can even carry your smartwatch that can ease out your work of taking up calls, messages and so on while you’re enjoying your holiday break. You can shop for the trendiest smartwatches at unbeatable offers and deals with Ticwatch Discount Code.

Everyday Sunglasses!

Rose Wholesale

You can change your outfits every day, but one thing that will be going to stay same throughout your vacation is your sunglasses. If you traveling to a destination where the sun is at its peak, then don’t forget to carry your favorite sunglasses along with you to protect yourself from the sun during the day.

All-In-One Stylish Bag!

Rose Wholesale

While you head out to various attractions and landmarks, one thing which is often needed to carry all the important all together at the place is a handbag or the shoulder bag. Invest in a big, classic tote bag, that will let you carry all your important stuff, be the wallet, cards, travel guide, cosmetics, scarves or simply your hotel room’s keys all together in one place.

Gladiator Sandals!

Rose Wholsale

For that comfortable and stress-free walking and roaming around the city, make sure your pack your most comfy sandals. Gladiator sandals are simply perfect for holidays, these strappy sandals can be paired with any piece of stylish outfits. Be it the boho maxi dress or a wrap dress or a jumpsuit, gladiator sandals are super-comfy to be paired up with every outfit.

So, hopefully, by now, your confusion of what to pack and what not to pack is clear. You must have decided and picked up the most suitable and appropriate fashion & accessories for your summer holidays.

5 Things That You Need To Know Before a Trip to HongKong

If you are planning a tour to a place, it is always advised to be a better-informed tourist. This helps any traveller in more than many ways. A knowledgeable person is much better when it comes to managing a problem while on a trip. If you go to a place and you don’t have a clue about the basic administrative setup of that place, you have to face seriously frustrating situations at times. Just booking a hotel doesn’t always comprehend a relaxed trip. There are numerous other aspects knowing which a person can manoeuvre his or her trip to absolute joy. On the other hand, being lost in a place without any knowledge whatsoever can often leave your trip cluttered.

There is a reason why Hong Kong is called ‘New York on Steroids’. The city is an urban sprawl which runs at a frenetic pace and has really tall skyscrapers with glowing neon lights. The city can overwhelm even the most experienced travellers with its unmatched enigma and sensational adventure sports carried out near around. If you are planning a trip to this magnificent place, you can get the best offers for your trip from Ctrip discount coupons and promo codes.

So for those of you who are planning a trip to Hong Kong in near future, this list of 5 things can be really helpful and assistive.

Get an Octopus Card


Hong Kong is a major tourist hub where you can find people from around the globe. To help this huge crowd of tourist, Hong Kong administrative authorities have introduced an Octopus card to make it easier for the tourists. The card is basically a kind of prepaid debit card which is accepted all over the place for making payments. This makes it a pretty organized in terms of financial transactions. All you need to do is just scan your card and the payment gets deducted from the prepaid balance. It is rather advised to buy one card from the Airport itself before you enter the city.

Use MTR for Hassle Free and Cheap Transport


MTR or Hong Kong Metro is easiest and cheapest mode of transportation in the city. The MTR helps you get to the destinations with ease and it is extremely simplified and well articulated for a super easy understanding of routes. This knowledge can be used for better planning. The network of MTR is planned in such a way that it can nonchalantly work as a step by step guide throughout the trip. You can pay for the tickets with the octopus card and yes, it is really cheap too.

Manage Your Expenditures Wisely


Hong Kong is one of the most expensive and lavish cities of the world and it can easily mow down budget travellers if they don’t take care of things as they must. Although the place is expensive, yet there are some cheap places too. Even if you don’t go for shopping, you can still feel troubled with many of the posh restaurants. You can find some of the better and cheaper food junctions in the local areas of the city. So better be careful, or your pocket might suffer a great deal. This is where Octopus Card can turn out really handy and organized.

Taxi Services Are Unexpectedly Cheap


When I said Hong Kong is an expensive city, it could have formulated a perception that everything about the city is higher in cost. But for a pleasant surprise, the Taxi Services in Hong Kong are unexpectedly cheap unlike other big cities of the world. You can understand how reasonably well priced the Taxis are when even Uber looks like twice expensive when compared to local red coloured taxis.

It’s a Rainy City


Hong Kong is very unpredictable when it comes to weather. The city has a very high ratio of Rainy Days in a year than most parts of the world. If you go by an average, Hong Kong has more than 100 rainy days a year and the average rain is also on a pretty higher side. The months from June to September are especially the wettest with an average rainfall of over 8 inches each month. So, if you go out, carry an umbrella with you or else there are really high chances of being caught in the rain.

So these were a few important things that could help you during your trip and allow you ample knowledge about the place before you visit.