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Why Traveling Is The Best Thing To Gift Yourself?

When life gives you lemon make lemonade from it and when you get chance to travel make sure you create history from it!!

Remember this ideology and then continue to read this blog ahead!!

Well, life is a full circle you have to live. The things you have started should get ended in this life only. I remember conversing with a friend a few years ago who mentioned about life and how it has some interesting turn and twist. This person also went on to say about how unexpected things can turn out in life. Initially, I found this interesting but eventually, I realized that how true it can be.

We all have one life and everyone is trying to meet both ends meet but in between if you think about yourself and think about learning new things in life then it won’t be a wrong thing to imagine. Right? Well, the best way to make the best of your life and learn new things is to travel and create history from it.

Travelling is an exercise that actually helps and makes a person mature and independent.  As when you are alone, away from the familiar people then most of us enjoy ourselves. You won’t have asked life more for better adventures.

So if you’re looking for a gift for yourself or your travel-loving friend, then put aside all the plans, scratch-off pictures and the fluffy aeroplane bubble, and start preparing a vacation instead.

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How to plan an ideal vacation?

Now, the first thing you should start from is by booking your flight tickets and hotel rooms. Well, the best place to look for them is at AirAsiaGo, as it is the place where you will get thousands of options to choose from. You will get a large variety of hotel rooms and different class of air tickets, so choose the one that is affordable to you.

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Reasons why travelling is the best thing to gift yourself!


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Being a traveller, if you are travelling alone then the best way out is to plan an adventurous trip that you can count on yourself. When you are travelling alone probably there are lot many chances that you get lost or get to experience many new things. This stage of your life will allow you to speak with other people and know about your life new experiences.


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There is a big chance when you face lot many people and explore different cultured people. Therefore, this allows you to make a decision on your own and learn about many new aspects of life. When you talk to any traveller, you will learn yourself that how experienced and how maturely he talks. Yes, as he has explored many different culture and many countries, he pretty knows well about life and doesn’t take things too seriously.


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This thing is quite obvious, as being alone is equal to be free. You can do whatever you want, explore things and go to places of your choice without thinking of other things. So, basically, you will rule yourself and decide your further activity on your own. You can also set up a place of your choice and decide on the journey by yourself.

Final Lesson

Now, finally, there’s only one thing that you have wished for life is being independent and travelling even lets you enjoy that too. It is also about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and going with the flow. Always remember that you will face some of the other situations while travelling that you just want to escape yourself but actually this cannot be the solution but you should try to face all things in life while travelling.

This can only be possible if you are ready with a plan! Find AirAsia promo code Thailand to get best discount offers on your travel booking. So, make this trip count and create history by pre-planning!!

6 Places In Taiwan That Are Worth-Visiting!

Taiwan is a delightful island which is officially referred as “The Republic Of China”. Nestled on the South-Western coast of China, this exotic travel destination is exactly same in size as Belgium. The island is known for its stunning natural beauty. It is incredibly green and the landscape dramatically changes across this scenic island.

Often regarded as the land of pleasant surprises, Taiwan is a home to magnificent mountain landscapes, white sandy beaches, mega shopping markets, breathtaking natural sights, classical Chinese architectural wonders and mouth-watering food.

Travelers visiting Taiwan will surely get spoiled by the ample of choice or options to choose from when it comes to top things do and spots to visit on this incredibly beautiful island.

Given below is a list of top must-visit places in Taiwan, that you shouldn’t miss while you are on your vacation-

Night Market, Raohe Street, In Taipei City!

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One of the oldest night markets of Taiwan, in this 600 m long Raohe street is filled with snacks, night foods, carnival games and quaint shops.

Loads of surprises waiting to surprise you, this night market at Raohe street is widely famous for its food, antiques, fun games and souvenirs. It is a perfect hotspot if you want to learn about the culture and food of Taiwanese people.

Taipei 101, Taipei!

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One of tallest buildings in the world, Taipei 101 is a must-visit spot. It is one of the most impressive structures, made with 728 tons mass damper that enables it to survive many earthquakes on the island. The mass damper is an amazing piece of engineering that can be seen from different points within the building.

To make your stays in Taipei extra-ordinary and budget, all you need is to simply grab  Trivago discount codes.

Alishan National Scenic Area, Chiayi County!

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Set in the magnificently beautiful Alishan mountains, the Alishan National Scenic Area is base for Tsou aboriginal villages known for tea making. Admire the nature’s beauty, see fallen Alishan Sacred Tree and hop into the ancient Alishan Forest Train to enjoy the beautiful mountains and tropical views.


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Yet another well-known spot in Taipei that you shouldn’t miss to visit is Maokong. Known for its incredible sceneries, a trip to the zoo and Maokong via., a gondola ride is one of the best things you could ever do in Taiwan.

Avail best to package to this magnificent attraction, Maokong, simply using Expedia discount codes.

Guanziling Hot Spring, Tainan City!

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Water and fire cave, Guanziling hot spring in Tainan City is yet another must-visit spot in Taiwan. It is a geological phenomenon that outflows with hot spring water and gas, indeed creating a fire that burns on water.

Guanziling Hot Spring is one of the famous hot spring that attracts thousands of people because visitors get surprised with its naturally released Methane burning for more than three centuries. With this uniqueness, this fascinating place has become one of must-visit attraction for many travelers. The hot spring is a perfect place to spend a relaxing time.

Traveling to this exotic place can be fun and money-saving if you avail Amoma discount code to make stays in Tainan city relaxing.

Fulong Beach, New Taipei City!

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Among the rare golden beaches of Taiwan, Fulong Beach is covered with glittering and beautiful golden sand. A perfect hotspot for families, honeymooners, and couples, the Fulong Beach is local Taiwanese’s favorite especially during special events concerts and during summers. If you really want to explore Taiwan’s beaches, then this Fulong Beach should be on top of your list.

So, hopefully, the above-mentioned attractions must have topped the priority attractions to visit in Taiwan. Hope this list will make your holidays amazing.

What You Should Eat To Get Naturally Shiny Hair Without Treatment?

With the growing times, women are more dependent on treated hair than making effort to make it naturally shiny. Yes, these days they prefer going to the parlour and having a hair spa or smoothening as it is much easy for them. Well, I understand the pressure many women go through in wanting to get better quality hair. But, have you ever thought that how the women many years back use to manage their hair when there were no parlour and treatments available? Didn’t they had smooth and silky hair? Well, they all had beautiful hair naturally as they take care of their diet in a better way as today’s women do.

The best way to get naturally beautiful hair is to take right food full of nutrients, this will help in giving you a naturally beautiful hair.

A good shampoo and conditioner is a good start but also you need to take special attention on what food supplements you take as it all reflects on your hair quality.

Read on to know more about nutritious superfoods and transform your dull hair in a matter of weeks. The added bonus? Most of these foods are also helpful for glowing skin, bright eyes and strong nails, too. These diets will be perfect for providing your body with a vitamin-enriched beauty boost.

How to reach good hair goal?

Good hair is everyone’s dream. Now, to achieve this dream you have to plan your diet schedule nicely and buy some of the efficient healthy beauty products from online. You can choose Lazada Voucher Codes as it can be your companion in shopping budget-friendly products.

By shopping from Lazada you will be ensured that you have started your first step towards your good hair goa. Let’s check out some more healthy hair tips and what diet you should have to achieve right hair.

Salmon for Shine

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To get naturally shiny hair, you should try to increase the intake of fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel. These types of fishes are bound with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats can only get additional supplements. Therefore, with the intake of this fish, you can help your body get these additional supplements.

They also help guard you against disease, but your body also requires them to grow hair and retain it shiny and full.

Eggs provide Protein

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Your hair is so made that it requires protein and therefore it becomes essential to ensure that you have adequate protein in your diet. Yes, by having eggs in your diet you can help provide protein to your hair and result in a healthy growing hair.

Protein is the reason for the hair growth and eggs are one of the valuable natural sources of protein.

Spinach provides Iron

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Green vegetables are a great source to get iron to our body. Being iron a great medium to get beautiful hair, you can choose many vegetables to help you achieve greasy soft hair. Like so many shady green leafy vegetables, spinach is one of them that contains amazing nutrients. It contains tons of vitamin A, plus iron, folate, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. These work together for a healthy scalp and hair.

This vegetable keeps your hair moisturized so it doesn’t break.

Guava prevents hair breakage

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This tropical fruit brims with vitamin C. Therefore, it has the efficiency to help protect your hair from breaking. \you can take guava with various different forms, by making guava juice or can eat it by cutting slices, or making some dessert with it.

One cup of guava contains about 377 milligrams of vitamin C. This amount is more than four times the minimum daily suggested amount.

Inculcate these type of food in your diet and improve your hair quality and its shiness!!

Singapore Travel

Before You Go: Singapore Travel Guide Will Help You Chalk Out A Perfect Travel Plan!

Singapore is undoubtedly an amazing city that provides the travelers with everything they have been dreaming of all throughout the year. From various attractions to food, everything about Singapore is very inexplicable. The country witnesses huge travelers every year.

But, Do you know what makes them travel to this country? We will read about the same here.

Let’s start with the basics

  • Singapore has a total population according to the recent data 5,757,191 that was recorded till 31st Jan 2018
  • The capital city is Singapore itself because Singapore is also known as a country and a city both.
  • People who reside in Singapore religion wise are, 33.2% Buddhism, 11.0% Taoism, 18.8% are Christianity, 14.0% Islam, Hinduism 5.0%, and other religion is 0.6%.
  • The basic languages are Mandarin, English, Malay & Tamil.
  • The currency used in the city is Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Singapore Travel

 The Price Guide

This will help you keep yourself stick to the budget and you won’t be splurging much

  • Beer will cost you around $5-15
  • Coffee will be available to you within $1- 2
  • Restaurant food will exceed $15
  • Same with the bottled water so prefer using the tap water, which is again fresh and clean
  • Planning to buy a sim card? It will cost you around $8-10
  • Street Food will cost you $5-15

Talking about food, every country, city, or a state has a specialty in terms of cuisines or foods in particular. The same way Singapore also has a list of lip-smacking dishes that you must know about, before traveling down to Singapore.

Singapore Food

Wanton Mee

This dish is typically eaten dry, drenched with light sweet sauce, slices of pork char siew & Wanton dumplings that are filled with Pork, with a small bowl of soup.

Curry Fish Head

Either half a head or the full of the red snapper is stewed in curry with the assorted vegetables like Lady Finger & Brinjal


This is a very famous dish, that uses vermicelli, coconut milk, tau pok(beancurd puffs), fish slices, Shrimp & cockles.

Chilli Crab

Chilli Crabs are often eaten along with fried mantous (buns) that are dipped in the luscious chili sauce.

If, you want to enjoy amazing and such delicious food, then visit the site Fave and HungryGoWhere order your variety for your comfort.


If you are planning to travel recently in between the summers then you will experience dry Season that starts from March and remains until August the temp usually is 28-degree Celsius.

If you want to experience somewhat different kind of a weather, which is slightly different then, Wet Season will be suitable for you as it starts from September and lasts till February with 26-degree Celsius.

Top Spots/ Attractions

Marina Bay

Located at the 2 bayfront avenue Singapore. This is a beautiful destination that invites the travelers to witness, an amazing and serene view.

Singapore Zoo

This will definitely attract the kids and even the adults because of the variety of animals that you witness here are super enamoring. This is located at 80 Mandai lake road, Singapore. Visit and experience a beautiful wildlife existence.

 Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is a historical riverside in Singapore, which is located within the Singapore River Planning Area. The quay is situated upstream that gives an astonishing view to the travelers.

There are more attractions that you could even visit but, before that, take a look at Klook & Expedia that will introduce you to the deals and offers and will also, notify you with more must-visit attractions & various activities in Singapore.

Do’s That You Must Follow While In Singapore

  • Always remove your shoes whenever you enter a private home, a temple or a Mosque
  • Leave a napkin on the chairs you intend to sit at in hawker centers
  • Keep the coins with you, in case you need to use a public toilet
  • Always stand on the left-hand side of the escalators or train entrances

Some Dont’s That You Need To Remember

  • Never use your left hand while greeting, gesturing or eating
  • Don’t litter. As this is an offense and is also, against the law. S, beware as you can be charged $1000 for doing so.
  • Never smoke or drink while traveling in the public transport.


5 Indonesian Fashion Trends Widely Loved By All Fashionistas!

Fashion trends are always changing, some trends are growing, some are coming back and some are freshly created. Talking about the Indonesia Fashion Week, the hard work of the designers are widely preferred and loved.

Indonesian designers are just focusing on the uniqueness of cloth modeling, but with their fascinating designs, they aim to spread the spirit of freedom of expression.

For those latest fashion lovers who love to experiment new looks, styles, and trends, Indonesian fashion trends could be a great inspiration for them to create a fresh look like no-one.

Zalora, Asia’s famous online fashion destination, where you will find millions of trendy options to choose from. Not its own brand, Zalora offers fashion staples of other leading brands such as Mango, Levis, Puma, Addidas, Guess, Something Borrowed and so on. Moreover, everything over here is priced competitively at unbeatable rates.

So, shopping with Zalora for top-fashion brands is really convenient and reasonable.

Now, take a look at the compiled list of the most-loved Indonesian fashion trends

Sheer Dress!

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Skin-revealing, sheer fabric dresses are the new image of elegance and sophistication. Translucent, mesh fabric was once rigorously considered for evening gowns & dresses; but today sheer dresses can be found everywhere and every time in 2018. In other words, these fantastically designed sheer dresses are in great demand In Indonesia as they are the new sophisticated representation of confident women playfully revealing their body exposure.

Sequin And Fringes!

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Decorative fringes swinging and shaking from dusk to dawn is yet another stylish invention loved by most of the high-fashion Indonesian women. From party dresses to rugged suede jackets, you will find plenty of options to choose. Many of the sequin and fringed dresses are inspired by the boho fashion look. On sunny summer days, you will look absolutely fab wearing a rocking piece with sequin and fringe details.

Fringed dresses look more glamorous when incorporated into fascinating sequin design. In 2018, the fringe Boho-style trend gets futuristic and festive when rendered in stringy metallic materials and tinsel.

Mash-Up And Artsy Prints!

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Yet another Fashion trend widely famous in Indonesia is the artsy, mix & match prints and patterns. It is yet another Indonesian fashion trend that will dominate the Summer/Spring look greatly this year. This style can be tricky and daring, but a creative mind fashionista will never have any problem putting varied prints all together to get a stunning look.

Mash-up, artsy prints are the perfect solution for those seeking to wear simple yet statement dress. Incised brush effect, graphics, shapes or stripes, you will find plenty of options to choose.

Fascinating Shoulder Game!

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Deconstructed sleeves, off-shoulder, one-shoulder or cold shoulder trends, all these updations to create a dramatic look is the biggest hit this year. In Indonesia, statement shoulder is widely famous among all the high-fashion women who love to reveal their smooth, well-toned shoulders while creating a unique style quotient of their own.

Micro Minis!

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Yet another widely popular Indonesian fashion trend is minis with really short hemlines. In 2018, mini skirts will be even shorter and modern. The Boxy silhouette will make you feel even stylish than ever. Pair them up with off-shoulder tops and a blazer over it.

So, these are few latest Indonesian fashion trends widely preferred by all fashionistas of the country.

Make huge saving while buying your favorite brand trends mentioned-above at discounted rates, by availing Kode voucher Zalora.

UK Travel

United Kingdom Travel Guide: All You Need To Know About United Kingdom!

There are few of the places that have much serene, history, and culture and the one of those place is known as the United Kingdom. Travelling to the UK can be a memorable time as there are a lot of fun activity to do and much to explore. The country is crazy expensive that has a lot to offer. In this travel guide, you will hopefully gain all the information about the country.

Some Of the Essential Key Facts Of UK!

  • The capital city of the United Kingdom is London.
  • It has a population of about 65,791,797 recorded till 9 Feb 2018.
  • The country has different culture people of which 59.5% of people follow Christianity, 4.4% follow Islam, 1.3% follow Hinduism, 0.4% follow Judaism, 1.5% are of other religions, 25.7% are irreligious, and 7.2% is not stated yet.
  • The English language is mostly spoken there.
  • To make the transaction, you must convert your currency into Pound Sterling (GBP)
  • UK has Time Zone of UTC+00:00

UK Travel

Price Guide of Essential Commodities You Should Know!

Here is some price guide whom you can follow when you start your shopping or start expensing.

  • If you want to have a beer then you must make a budget of GBP 0.99 and more.
  • To have Coffee you must possess 1.55 to 3.55 GBP.
  • To drink bottled water you should own 0.45 to 0.75 GBP to buy it.
  • To try out the food in the UK restaurant you should have more than 15 GBP.
  • If you have a liking of street food then you must have of about 0.30 to 10 GBP.
  • If you want to buy a sim card and have a local number then make a budget of about 7.50 to 15 GBP.

Healthy And Famous Food You Should Try In The UK!

Here is a list of food you should definitely eat when you visit the UK.

  • The Sunday Roast

This dish is a quite popular meal in Uk. It contains beef, veggies, and Yorkshire pudding and the whole preparation is served with a selection of vegetables.

  • Have Full English Breakfast

It is really FULL breakfast in every sense as it includes all the essential nutrients food such as fried eggs, sausages, bacon, toast, beans, grilled tomato, fried mushroom, and potatoes.

  • Fish and Chips

This is quite a common street food, made of deep-fried fish and fried potatoes that are served with malt vinegar, lemon, or tartar sauce. It will be quite a delightful meal.

  • Yorkshire Pudding

The dish contains all the variety of a side dish which includes eggs, flour, and milk or water that is served in numerous ways depending on the choice.

You can definitely try all these dishes and can make your trip more adventurous and memorable.

Ideal Weather to Travel to the Country!

If you are planning to travel between Early November to Mid March then you will experience Winter Season where the temperature will be 3.9 degrees Celcius.

If you are planning a vacation from June to Mid September then you will experience the Summer season and temperature of about 19 degrees Celcius.

Or, if you prefer Spring season where the surroundings are at its best then you can choose to travel from late March to late May i.e. this time of the year.

Therefore, based on your preference you can choose the time of your journey.

Top Spots And Places You Can Visit In The UK!

Here are few of the places you must surely visit on your trip to the UK:

  1. Tower of London in London
  2. Westminster Abbey in London
  3. Kew Gardens In England
  4. Stonehenge in Salisbury
  5. St Paul’s Cathedral in London

These five place in United Kindom has a lot of fun things to offer. Travel Uk and visit these beautiful places for an unforgettable experience.

Some Do’s You Must Follow!

  • Always stand in a queue and wait for your turn when it is required.
  • Cover your hand while sneezing, yawning, or coughing at a public place.
  • Always say “Please” or “Thank you” to others when required as it is considered good manners.
  • When you greet someone, shake your right hand with their right hand as this will make you have good interaction with them.
  • Always welcome and see people with a smile on your face.

Some Don’ts You Must Avoid!

  • Do not speak loud in a public place.
  • Never greet people with a kiss as it is used between close friends and relatives only.
  • Don’t throw the cigarette puff on the floor after smoking as you can get charged about $80 for it.
  • Spitting in the street is considered very bad manner so avoid to do this.
  • Cover your mouth while you burp and say “excuse me” afterwards.

These tips and tricks will help you get a nice adventurous trip without worrying about new place ambience and surroundings!