5 Technological Innovations Of 2018 That You Must Be Aware Of!

2018 is all about advancing communication between high-tech home gadgets, the convenience of putting screens anywhere and everywhere, getting 3D prints instantly and so on. In short, this year technology has reached new heights where everything is made easy and simple.

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Check out some of the latest technology products, that are the biggest hit in Singapore-

3D Printers!

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Ideal for both home-base as well as industrial work, 3D printers have been recognized as the future of manufacturing in today’s digitally advanced era. 3D printing is just like a dream come true for all model builder or craft maker.

This high-tech equipment can practically create gewgaws of any imaginable and conceivable size and shape.

Roll-Up Tv!

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Technology these days is reaching new heights, have you ever thought of a tv rolling up and down depending as per your preferences. No! then 2018 will definitely let you see this high-tech innovation. Roll-up televisions, generally of 64 inches, can be rolled up like a newspaper whenever needed. That is, you can lower its display to different heights to change the picture size.

8K Technology Wall TV!

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Yet another high-tech product, gaining immense popularity in Singapore is the 8K technology Wall TV. “The Wall” TVs are basically a 146 inches modular television sets manufactured with MicroLED technology. If you are seeking to get a theatre like an experience at home, consider this leading-edge technology gadget.

Self-Driving Travel Bag!

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Yet another latest technology gadget which is the greatest hit in the recent time is the self-driving travel bag. Self-driving travel bags are basically four-wheeled traveling bags manufactured with High-tech features that allow it to follow their users automatically. Such travel bags are equipped with AI and cameras that avoid crashes. Not only this, the device can also notify its user when its battery is low or when it gets too far from him or her.

3D Face Scanner!

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3D face scanners are yet another latest technology innovations for your mobile phones that use AI feature to create a high-quality 3D model of your face quickly and easily. The images created from these scanners can be used or shared further. You can even create a realistic 3D face mask with these scanners.

So, techies, these are some of the leading edge technology inventions that have recently introduced in the market and are gaining immense popularity in Singapore.

For if wish to cut-short your expenses for high-tech products further, all you need is to simply avail Lazada voucher codes.

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