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Planning For A Five Day Tour Of Paris? Get To Know How To Spend!

Paris, A city of light, a city of love and even a city that captures too many lifetime memories that are spent by the travelers. You can spend a week or two in Paris very easily but definitely not without a proper plan. When you are traveling to this mesmerizing city you need to scratch the surface to dig out the places that are worth your visit and you need to have a proper time for the same.

There are too many attractions that can be visited by the travelers such as, cafe, markets to be explored till the end, Various sites and most importantly the Eiffel Tower that stands tall and is renowned worldwide. Many travelers wander in Paris by taking a 2-3 days tour but they barely get to explore the cores of the city.

Millennium Hotel Voucher Codes

The best way is to plan for a minimum 5 days and make the full utilization of the travel feels. But, the major hindrance can be of the budget because Paris is definitely an expensive city which requires a proper chalked out plan and to assist you with this, Millennium Hotels is all set to give you a sigh of relief as your travel bookings will be managed by the same.

You needn’t worry about the budget because your travel will be sorted at your desired price and you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of luxurious hotels.

Let’s get started with the travel according to your day wise schedule.

Day 1

Spend your complete first day talking a walking tour throughout the city and try to explore the places.

Champs-Élysées & Arc de Triomphe

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Wish to seek a fine and sweeping view then, you got to visit this site as it can give your travel a perfect kick-start and will also make you have a wider look at the whole city. No long ques just a convenient get through.

Latin Quarter

Millennium Hotel Voucher Codes

After grappling an astounding view it’s better to head towards south the Latin Quarter because the area gives the major touristy feel and also will let you lose yourself in the wondrous beauty of the surroundings.

Stop At A Cafe

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By the time you have explored the halfway of the city, you will be tired and, you need a bit relaxation and thus, you can simply rest and move into the cafe and grab some wine to relax in a typical Parisian manner.

Day 2

Begin your day 2 by visiting the 2 most popular museums

The Louvre

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If you are into some artistry then, this place will definitely catch your attention and you can make yourself stay there taking the complete look. The museum has a medieval period art and also has some religious arts that will grab the attention if you wish to seek some knowledge.

Musée d’Orsay

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This is located in a very close proximity to the Louvre and this is one of the best impressionist work in the whole Paris. In this Museum you can find a perfect masterpiece of work done by some renowned artists naming a few is Degas, Monet, Manet. You can easily spend hours looking out through the whole view.


  • If you want to enter the museum and also wish to traverse the same then, you can get the pass for four days that will cost you around 50 Euros and you will spend one complete day saving 50 Euros just hopping around the museum.

Day 3

The Palace of Versailles

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A trip to this palace might acquire a complete day because it is located at a good distance from the city but then, it is a must visit to know about the cultures, traditions and what not. You can spend a whole day and get lost in the old era and also spend a quality time looking through the villages and enjoying the view.

If it’s possible to plan something so, that the crowds can be avoided and you don’t have to pay for the visit, it will be really great because during the weekends you will witness a heavy crowd and you have to pay for your visiting too.

Day 4

Try visiting some interesting parts of the city

Eiffel Tower

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Visiting Paris already makes a view of Eiffel Tower so, why not take the 4th-day tour towards the tower and enjoy the moment. The tower is at its beautiful phase in the morning so, try visiting the same in the early morning.

Visit The Eateries

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You might be hungry as well so, try visiting the eateries that are located at less distance from the Eiffel tower and make yourself taste the best eateries in Paris. The street is filled with some renowned delicacies try grubbing them.

Day 5

Why not keep the last day for shopping?

Boulevard Haussmann and the Grands Boulevards

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The most renowned and the old Parisian department store which is famous for the top designer collections for men and women, gourmet food shopping, home design, jewelry, and even hardware into a labyrinth of consumer delights.

Also, you can visit many streets shop as well because Paris never disappoints you when it comes to shopping!

Don’t take the stress of your stay because Millennium Hotels Voucher Codes will ensure you heavy discounts and let you grab the best deals ever on your stay.

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