How NativeFeeds Has Helped CollectOffers To Be One Of Most Popular Coupon Site!

Associating to the coupon websites is the latest trend in the world of online business that lets you generate more and more revenues. Coupon websites are the best-known source for offering discount coupons for goods, events and services.

Now a day, CollectOffers is one of the most popular coupon website in the world. 2 years back, when CollectOffers was planning to expand its business to some more countries across Asia. At that time, they came to know in the existence of NativeMedia, a premier data content feed provider & native in-text advertising solution across Asia, offering its excellent services in more than seven countries including Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. It’s a big help for those, who are into coupon business and also for the bloggers/publishers to get their content monetised by offering its quality services.

CollectOffers decided to test NativeFeeds (A product of NativeMedia). And after checking its services started to continue taking feeds from them, till date. Since 2 years, CollectOffers is the regular client and proudly announced NativeMedia as one of the best data content feed provider.

Know How Exactly NativeFeeds Has Benefitted CollectOffers?

NativeMedia, being an organisation that excels in offering thousands of coupon codes and discount vouchers for services, events and goods to its client. CollectOffers hold a share of the value of each and every coupon sold.

Mass Exposure


As offering its quality services to hundreds of client. With the help of them, CollectOffers has been successfully reaching out to the masses. The coupon offers generated are visible to everyone who visits CollectOffers website and is sent to numerous of subscribers. This indeed has helped CollectOffers extent its business and reach thousands of customers and subscribers.

Has Helped In Targeted Local Advertising


With the help of customer database, often sorted according to the customer’s location, CollectOffers is able to reach a huge local audience effectively. Since local customers visit local businesses more often, CollectOffers has successfully earned its repeated customers from its native place.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing And Recommendations


Being a highly-effective kind of advertising, NativeMedia with its “Word-Of-Mouth Recommendations” has greatly helped CollectOffers persuade masses of customers.

Word-Of-Mouth recommendation or marketing is free, credible and persuasive. It-

  1. Understands the influencers
  2. Reaches out the potential influencers
  3. And executes cost-effective marketing

Brand Awareness Is Increased Drastically


With the help of superior word-of-mouth promotions and expansive reach, coupon promotion has increased CollectOffer’s brand awareness dramatically, both locally as well as elsewhere. This brand awareness has drastically helped CollectOffers earn a strong street presence.

Helped In Generating New Customers


With its effective NativeFeed services, NativeMedia has greatly helped CollectOffers attract thousands of new customers that had certainly boosted its overall sale rate. Furthermore, the excellent coupon marketing services have greatly increased the opportunity for the new customer turning into the regular customer of CollectOffers.

Cross-Sell And Up-Sell


NativeMedia, along with its team of experienced professionals plans and generates coupons carefully, incorporating opportunities keeping in mind all the factors associated with cross-selling (offering related services or product of the same category) or up-sell (offering higher-priced products of the same category).

So, if there is a 10% discount offer coupon on a lowest-price headphone, your coupon must be drafted in such a way that it should encourage the customer to buy a better-quality and more-expensive range of headphones. If the customer agrees to purchase a better-quality headphone then the profit for the extra service will repent the financial loss of that particular discount offer.

Speedy Sales


NativeFeeds superior service has helped CollectOffers with speedy sales because thousands of coupons offers are sent to millions of subscribers who tend to purchase immediately after reading the coupon offer (if they found coupon offers worth-purchasing). This indeed has increased the sales rate of CollectOffers drastically.

Also, with set time redemption or a particular time redemption, customers make quick decisions that indeed hike the sales rates in that particular time period.

Speedy Promotion

Whenever a subscriber agrees to purchase the coupon, he/she visits the retailer’s website. So, NativeMedia with its expansive reached has helped CollectOffers in its brand promotion greatly. Today, CollectOffers is the leading retail online business in the UK as well as in other countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia and so on.

Measurable Results

Yet another benefit that CollectOffers is greatly witnessing and enjoying with NativeMedia is measurable results. With the help of easy-to-track coupon offers, CollectOffers is able to count the exact number of customers redeeming a particular offer. This indeed allows the company to calculate the exact money every coupon customer is spending.

So, this how, CollectOffers is being benefited by the tremendous services of NativeMedia.

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