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Which Are The Best Halloween Horror Events and Places In Singapore This Year!

Where to celebrate Halloween this year?

Is that you’re thinking about, I think Singapore would be best. here see why…

Halloween, as the name says is a spooky celebration observed before the All Hallows’ Day, i.e., before the holy days of Christians each year in most of the countries of the world.

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Ghouls, ghosts, and goblins are some scary names that instantly pop up into our mind.  During a Halloween event, you will get to find the witches’ brooms, the wonky hats, black cape and find buried treasures and so on. Also, let your little ones face their deepest fear by taking them to family-friendly or kids-friendly Halloween party where they can hunt for magic mummy’s buried treasures, trick or treat the spooky doors and so on.

Singapore is an ideal destination for those who are looking for some most thrilling and the most scariest Halloween events. From universal studios to Kidzania, from Kilo Lounge to The White Rabbit, you will find the most daunting and terrifying Halloween event over here. People from almost all neighbouring countries attend different-different Singapore’s Halloween events.

Halloween Horror Nights 7

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When: 29th September – 29th October 2017

Where: Universal Studios, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Why: With over 500 scare actors from around 15 countries participating in this Halloween event, Universal Studios is all set to set the stage on fire with its-

  • Two scary haunted houses or zones,
  • Live shows
  • Zombie laser tag experience this new year.

Face your deepest fear visiting this horror event organized at world-wide famous venue Universal Studios. Halloween Horror Night is the most-awaited event in which people from neighbouring countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philipines attend this event.

Halloween Family Night Out

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When: 27 – 28 October & 3 – 5 November, 2017

Where: KidZania, Singapore

Why: All those who are looking for a family Halloween night out event must head down to the KidZania Halloween party and get spooked with the thrilling event. Parents, let your kids face their fear by taking them to this family night out Halloween event organized at KidZania where they can take part in-

  • Interactive games
  • Vampi the Candy Forest Hunt
  • Go into the Volcano or under the sea for an immersive storytelling experience
  • Knock on the spooky doors to Trick/Treat
  • Or, hunt for Magic Mummy’s buried treasures

After Dark Halloween Special Presents: The Asylum

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When:  27 – 28 October

Where: Kilo Lounge, Singapore

Why: Venture and gamble through the Kilo Lounge’s concrete walls and enter The Asylum where the distance between our world and the world beyond is just paper-thin.

  • Here nightmarish creatures will torture you like hell.
  • All you need is to survive through all the torture while heading towards the dance floor through the asylum’s sinister corridors.
  • Only the toughest and strongest will survive all the way to the dance floor.

So, all the thrill seekers looking for some thrilling fun and entertainment this new year must attend these Halloween events organized in Singapore.

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How To Plan An Amazing Weekend For Thailand With Less?

The holidays are coming up. Wedding season, three-day weekends, then suddenly you’re booking your last-minute tickets and your travel budget is already stretched to an excessive limit.

No worries! now your Weekend getaways are easy to be found. Thanks to the internet, the search for airline tickets, vacation packages, cruise deals and hotel rooms has never been easier. But now it has become easier to travel in your budget. There is no shortage of websites to help you find Voucher Codes and book your travel.

But, there are also hundreds of sites that only look like a bargain hunter’s dream but could attach added fees, service charges or other strings to your ticket price. SO BEWARE!

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But there’s still time to save money on airfare, cars, and hotels.

When it comes to making online booking easy, takes the cake. A flight recommendation tool, search saver and itinerary sharing options are just a few of the unique features of their website, which is built specifically to help Expedia customers make smart, informed travel decisions.

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Saving Tips

  • Gain exclusive access to travel savings with your mobile device.
  • You’ll discover various travel deals for up to 40% off, but only with the Expedia App.
  • Gain 59% off if you book hotels+flight respectively.
  • It’s free to sign up, all you have to do is sign in for amazing travel savings!

In this handy guide, you will come across with some of the top destinations in Thailand that can be your best weekend getaways.

Koh Similan (Phang Nga Province)

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A chain of nine islands and a shade of over sixty clicks from the mainland. This is the largest of all. This is conveniently also called Koh Similan and is the island that has a place to eat and a campsite.

What makes this beach so special?

  • 30 meters of viewing depth underwater and 5000-year old reefs that make it an ideal location for diving.
  • This place is surrounded with nearly untouched natural beauty and is becoming more popular.

Koh Tarut (Satun Province)

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150 km of stretched land, with a seven hundred meters high mountain at the center, and nestled by the Koh Tarutao Marine National Park, Tarutao has the national park status which means developers are kept at bay.

Why you must visit this place?

  • Koh Tarutao island is the largest island of Tarutao National Marine Park in Satun Province of Thailand, close to Malaysia border.
  • Diamond-shaped Ko Tarutao is located 22 kilometers off the mainland Satun province in far southwestern Thailand.

Koh Lipe

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Located near the Malaysian border,  nestled with nearly deserted Koh Tarutao at the doorstep, Koh Lipe has also seen some major development over the past few years.

Why this is an ideal place for the peaceful weekend?

  • It has thirty-five hotels, two hospitals, and even WiFi. This is not an urban center but, then too these mind-blowing facilities attract the visitants.
  • Bookings are hard to come by between December and March, but if you can grab a place it’s a great island base from where the archipelago is easily explored.

Click here to procure Expedia Voucher Codes and ensure your serene getaway to Thailand!

Smart Electronics You Must Be Knowing And Buying For Smart Living!

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

– Arthur C. Clarke (Author)

Yes, that’s true, in this era of advanced technology, anything which is sufficiently advanced in technological aspect has got immense ability to do wonders to our lives.

Be it a home electronic or workplace electronic or portable electronics, each and every variety of electrical item is highly functional and is equipped with a lot of features & flexibility.

Smart electronics that are handy, portable and small are in great demand these days. In fact, people nowadays are looking for only those doodads or gizmos that are small, portable and highly durable.

Lazada presents you with an exclusive range of smart, leading-edge electronics that not only help you in your day-to-day work but will also make your life easy and simpler.

Mini Smart Plug

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Smart Plugs are some of the most straightforward and simplest home electronics, a smart homemaker must be buying.

  • Simply plug a mini smart plug into the switch
  • Then plug any of your electronic appliances into it,
  • And you will be able to turn that appliance on & off using your phone.

So homemakers, opt for a smarter lifestyle where you can automate your home’s small appliances such as lamps, desk fans, space heaters and so on simply sitting back on your sofa and using your smartphone for the same.

Remote Controlled Shades

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Looking for a smarter home shade option, then go for remote controlled shades offering great flexibility and distinct features. Automated shades are the latest and cool invention meant for providing your living space a smarter look.

  • You can control them remotely via mobile app and even by using Siri.
  • You can schedule them without leaving your comfortable sofa or chair via remote.

Miniature Desk Humidifier

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This miniature doodad will surely change your life by making winter in a dry, hot office bearable without taking up much space. Opt for a miniature portable personal humidifier for your desk to get relief from cold, dry air, flu cracked skin in winters.

You can even use this mini electronic as a mister during hot weather or summer. Furthermore, it can be used as a moisturizer for your hands. this little device delivers a consistent fine mist humidity stream, which is sufficient enough to make you feel comfortable especially during winters.

Travel Steamer

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Don’t let the wrinkly shlub look hamper your image while you travel to different places. A mini travel steamer will definitely be going to become your best friend when traveling as this small device is perfect for keeping your clothes look their best.

The streamer will not only remove wrinkles but will also freshen up and removes odor from your clothes. You can even use this at home for giving a quick touch up to your clothes.

Lazada voucher codes can help you buy these smart, high-tech & miniature electronics at pocket-friendly rates.

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How To Travel Like A Boss: Your Budgeting Hacks!

Traveling to your favorite destination can be quite expensive, especially if you are a budget traveler. So, it’s necessary to carry with yourself some tips on hustling your way into traveling more with less money.

Be it be any season you all have a keen eye for the traveling adventure. If your travel break plans are more about getting the most incredible experiences for a bargain than about splurging on a luxury vacation, then you’re in luck.

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of travel deals online and in person.

  • Browse the best deals available online.
  • Book Packages, as there are enormous flooded packages on your travel bookings that it makes your travel really easy and reasonable.
  • Earn Points, whenever you book from an online travel portal you always earn some points that benefit you and lets you earn extra clinch of discounts.

All it takes is a little digging and patience to save your big amount and let you earn your super astounding deals.

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Throughout the digitization, there are many online travel portals that are striving hard to survive. Corinthia Hotels is standing tall and firm for its authentic and discounted travel bookings.

Reasons you should book your stay with Corinthia hotels

  1. Aims in providing discreet and honest services to the customers.
  2. The hotels are spread across 14 different locations, you can choose any of their hotels.
  3. Corinthia hotel offers you with a collection of luxury accommodation in the most prominent holiday locations of the world.

Let’s focus on some of the traveling hacks

Budget Hacks

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To give you the sigh of relief during traveling, it’s very important to gain knowledge about all the spheres that will save your pockets.

  • Keep a striking eye on all the promotional offers around you, provided by the traveling sites.
  • Book tickets in advance and always book round trips as it’ll be cheaper.
  • Save a huge amount while traveling during an offseason as it is less crowded and will also cost you less.

Transportation Hacks

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While sorting out all your travel budgets, transportation costs if goes high (Scream) this spins all your traveling goals. But, if thought smartly you can definitely secure your ways out of not splurging huge bucks on transportation.

  • Avoid taxis from the airport or railway station. Walk down the road and you will find taxis for half the price.
  • Split your journey by using different modes of transport. After landing at your destination, opt for a train or hitchhike to your destination.


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Here, comes the best part of your complete travel. Plan your stay so smartly that the left out amount can be easily used for shopping and touring around the city.

  • Don’t check-in to the first hotel you arrive at.
  • Better book it beforehand through your online travel portals.
  • Compare prices at different hotels and procure Voucher Codes to earn discounts especially during offseason.

So, with these travel hacks, you can easily keep your eyes on stars and your feet on the ground!

Bon Voyage!