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2017’s Hottest Furnishing Trends!

We all can’t wait to step into an amazing roller coaster of our new beginnings. But before that, why not glance it towards the new decor trends, 2017 brought us, try to and gather some cool predictions for the upcoming years.

Along with the new year beginning and planning!  why not think of taking the trends further than the usual clutter? If you’re considering of revamping your living space &  take a step to redesign it your own way!

In 2017, a complete decor was about creative materials, elegant colors and gorgeous decor items, that metamorphosed you much-predicted trends for the year.

Lazada Voucher Codes

To gain the best redesigning ideas, Lazada is a distinctive home decor destination that will let you procure all your needs and latest trends.

Why Lazada?

  •  Now revamping your living space, will not be splurged as you will be heading with the top interior design trends for 2017 at heavy discounted rates.
  • All your home decor needs will be delivered to you at the comfort in your home.
  • Easy payment options that don’t hustle your pockets.

Some of the lookouts of the designing trends

1. Dark Green

Lazada Voucher Codes

When talking about colors, dark green is a big hit in 2017. To add natures retreat this color will go perfectly well with the current designing trend.

  • This color is perfect for an armchair, sofa or cabinet and it goes great with a retro-themed house.
  • But, also don’t forget to add dark green accents to your living room or bedroom for a more elegant vibe.

2. Terracotta in geometric layout

Lazada Voucher Codes

As a prediction, terracotta is one of the most popular materials you can use in your home.

  • It’s great for any industrial space and also adds warmth to your living space.
  • These bricks make your home looks more natural than ever, pair it with white and your home will be brighter.

3. Cork

Lazada Voucher Codes

This is the wall designing trend, a new kind of wall that’s perfect for creative people. Besides the cool design, it’s also really useful because :

  • You can pin messages or stick photos on it, Hence a cork wall is perfect for an office space.
  • Also, this type of trend adds texture and warmth to your living space.

4. Fancy Beds

Lazada Voucher Codes

Comfort is something that is the ground of leisure and your home is incomplete if a luxurious bed doesn’t occupy the space.

  • The bed with frame replaced by the fancier beds with elegant shapes, made from precious materials like velvet.
  • Many luxurious hotels and celebrity homes have this kind of bed already, so it’s just a small matter of time until you will find them in your lovely home.

5. Marble Coffee Table

Lazada Voucher Codes

To relax your body, coffee is an essential requirement. In the same way, what – if a coffee table adds an elegance to your daily routine?

  • You will love coffee tables, but the marble ones are really the most elegant out of all. So, if you want to make your living room more stylish with just a small things, these are the perfect elements for your home.
  • Also, you can choose any elegant shades that you wish from white, grey, green or blue. Simply gorgeous!

Which one is your favorite?

Choose your distinctive trends by grabbing Lazada Voucher Codes and get the perfect decor ideas at reasonable pricing!

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